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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
Oh jesus. When will people learn the difference between selling and bumping. He's a great BUMPER. He's average at SELLING. Just because he BUMPS well and pointlessly kills himself for a clothesline, doesn't make him a good worker. He's average at best, has very little character other than "typical cocky heel" and isn't anything groundbreaking on the mic.

Is he a solid worker, yes. Is he overrated, hugely. I'd struggle to put him in the top 10 workers of the company;

Cena, Cesaro, Bryan, Punk, Henry, Big Show, Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, possibly Alberto Del Rio, possibly Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (based on their indy work and FCW work). All of whom are much more captivating workers and stand out a hell of a lot more than Ziggler. As soon as Ziggler learns how to work an interesting control period of a match, then I'd consider him, but he's just so bland and boring when in control it frustrates me. Turning him face, may solve the problem, but there's far too many faces at the minute.
Great bumper? What??? What does that even mean? Selling is either making the opponents move look devastating or selling an injury. I.e ziggler takes a brogue kick, and sells the move as a devastating finisher with his theatrics. Even cena has admitted that ziggler is one of the best workers he's ever worked with, half those people in your list aren't even good workers forget being better than ziggler. HBK back in the attitude era when he started his heel run was considered a 'cocky heel' and look how he evolved. Ziggler character will evolve too with time, just like all top stars have done. He might not be groundbreaking on the mic but he only recently has started to get mic time. CM punk was not dropping pipe bombs as soon as he started wwe...
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