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Re: Rock convinces me that Austin should Never..Ever.wrestle again.....

Originally Posted by rockstar4lifee View Post
Let me clarify one thing at the outset ,that I am huge fan of both Austin and Rock .They are the faces that come to my mind when I think about Wrestling.I grew up watching both of them and honestly believe that in his prime "The Rock" was the most entertaining and electrifying superstar of all time.

However, watching Rock wrestle again has made me reconsider my wish to see my favorite wrestler (Austin) lace up his boots for one last time.Its no longer on my prayer list.

The name Rock was synonymous with entertainment and was argubly he best talker in the business.He had the ability to obliterate almost anyone with a single promo.

As entertaining the Rock is today, he is a shadow of his former self. His promos are still good,but not Gold as they used to be .All rock marks like me will take up the cudgels for our childhood hero,but deep down in our hearts we know that he has lost his magical touch.Watching him wrestle against CM Punk was the final nail in the coffin.He was struggling and gasping for breath within 10 minutes . It paints a very poor picture of the great one in the minds of the new generation. He had a 4 star iron match with triple h in his prime.God know what happened to his stamina..

The match against CM Punk had no story and ended with a single people's elbow.No intrigue,no kickouts .no in ring psychology. What perplexes me is that Undertaker who is completely out of shape can put a 5 star match at wrestlemania and the rock who works out religiously , hardly has the stamina to last through a match.

I have already seen one of my childhood heroes (Bret Hart) make a fool of himself in his match with Vince Mcmahon at wrestlemaina .It was blasphemous to see the excellence of execution wrestle that pathetic match.I dont want to see my fav superstar (Austin) repeat the same mistake.

Now the millior dollar question in my mind is what if Austin with all his injuries ,puts on a terrible match at wrestlemaina. Wont it be a bad ending for the most popular superstar of all time..

Just curious to know if there are any Austin fans like me who have sealed their lips about a final match after seeing how rocks faring...
lol at this post.

First off Rock was gasping for breath in the first 10 min?

It must be me because i didn't notice it or was he just selling the beat down he was getting or maybe people are just looking for some shit to talk about idk.

Also about his promos like someone said he's still the same old Rock it's just your perception of him has changed since you've become older, smarky & more nitpicky lol.

And a major

You said the Rock/Punk match had no storytelling, but a man who is on a mission and will stop at nothing to regain the WWE title after 10 years & also end CM Punk's 434 day title reign is enough of a story to tell idk what you were expecting.


Oh yeah there's a difference between being in ring shape & just being in shape.

Also Undertaker works 1 match every year & his matches are based off the same thing which is his streak, easy peasy nothing new nothing all that interesting just say you want to end the streak & boom you've got a story.

Yep & agreed with Clique.

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