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Re: Champions League Mafia - Game Thread

your case was ridiculous. you`re accusing me of being scum because I can catch a player without info, which you evidently cannot do. that doesn`t mean I made a gigantic plot to buss shepard for absolutely no reason at 3 am after a night of doing shrooms. or you know, I was just following a read I had since day 2 when he fucked up with mclovin. :bosh

considering no other scum that has flipped so far has a duplicate role with town why exactly do you assume big man would put two busdrivers in a game? that`s just a clusterfuck and seems random to do when every to other has been given to one alignment thus far.

I`ll claim too, if the players that are actually town want me to, but I`m not going to listen to your shit as you are just scum trying to get a mislynch done. you`re honestly accusing me of bussing shepard and then bussing lawls? so im taking out my whole team is what you`re saying as that really makes a shit ton of sense.

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