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How About A War Games Style Elimination Chamber?

Last night on Raw, The Shield interrupted Cena's great promo (after an unnecessary dominating win over Rhodes) to attack him. Sheamus and Ryack tried to save him, but both were defeated. So now, Cena has a reason to fight The Shield.

WWE has already announced Punk vs. Rock II for EC and, since Cena said he's going after the WWE Championship, there is no reason to have a #1 Contenders Chamber match either.

So instead of just having one Chamber match for the WHC, why not have a 6 Man Tag Chamber match for the first time ever (unless you count video games, lol). It gives an exciting match and another reason for fans to want to buy the show, as if Punk vs. Rock and the other Chamber match wasn't enough.

You have The Shield on one side obviously. Then you have Cena looking for revenge. His partners are the tricky part. Sheamus and Ryback are both viable options to compete in the WHC Chamber. But b/c Ryback has been screwed several times by The Shield, I'll add him in. Finally, I'll throw in Brad Maddox since he now has a beef w/ The Shield. Plus, if WWE is serious about Maddox, it would be great for him get that rub from Cena and Ryback. Plus, the storytelling of Ryback having to work and co exist w/ Maddox after what Maddox did to him would be great.

So it would be The Shield vs. Cena, Ryback Maddox.

The rules would be that one member of each team stars, 5 minutes go by, another team member enters. Another 5 minutes go by, and a member of the opposite enters. Repeat the cycle and all six men have entered. Any man can be eliminated by pin fall or submission at any time. Meaning one man could enter a 2 on 1 or even a 3 on 1 situation if their partners were eliminated. It goes until all members of a team have been eliminated.

I would have Rollins and Cena start out. Then Ambrose and they double team Cena. Then Ryback evens the odds. Then Reigns turns the tide in the Shield's favor. Maddox comes in, gets a quick furry of offense, getting the crowd behind him only to be eliminated shortly after that.

Not sure how it would go from there, but I would have Shield winning in a close contest.

What do you think? It wouldn't exactly fit the War Games mold w/ the eliminations, but it's close enough.

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