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Re: 1/28 Raw Discussion: Fallout from the Rumble

Gimmick Raws are usually pretty bad, especially when you factor in that you're watching a PG show w/a Vegas theme. Kind of an oxymoron. When I think of Vegas, I think of strippers, booze, clubs and cocaine, not a 7-foot Punjabi karaoke singer. :StephenA2

Once you're able to get over that:

Orton/Cesaro was a solid TV match that furthers the midcard storyline between Miz and Cesaro. Nothing to complain about here, as long as Cesaro doesn't take too many clean losses.

Comedy stuff was bad. That's what DVR is for.

Sheamus/Sandow had a pretty entertaining Tables match. It's odd how Rhodes Scholars can look like jobbers on PPV then the following night Sandow goes toe to toe w/Sheamus in a physical gimmick match.

Punk was awesome last night. Another great exchange between him and Rock.

Segment of the night was obviously the final segment. Heyman is GOAT material on the mic. His facial expressions and conviction are second to none. BROCK returning had me marking out like a 10 year old, and I already knew it was coming since I read the spoilers. The guy just has an entire different aura about him. When that music plays and he walks out, you know something BADASS is about to happen and someone is going to get fucked up. Vince nearly died on that F5. He's fucking insane to be bumping like that at his age.

What this means going forward:

Cena seemed to hint at a triple threat w/Rock and Punk since he couldn't beat either of them. I could see him going over in a triple threat @ Mania, maybe w/Rock taking the pin so that Cena can say he pinned Rock but Punk can continue their one-on-one feud by claiming that Cena still hasn't pinned him.

If we get a BROCK/GAME rematch, so be it, but I have a feeling HHH will call upon Taker to do his bidding, and we'll get BROCK/Taker @ Mania. At least I hope that's what happens.


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