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Re: X division could do with a revamp

Originally Posted by TNAmarkFromIndia View Post
A good idea for the X-Division is to hopefully have a talent sharing deal with DGUSA. Guys like Gargano, Chuck Taylor, Rich Swann, Ricochet etc. can wrestle a few matches on Impact and in return TNA will send some of their talent like RVD, Kenny King, Zema Ion, Christian York etc. to wrestle a few matches in DGUSA. Maybe some interpromotional feuds from Impact can carry over to DGUSA and vice versa. Gabe Sapolsky can suggest how to go about booking the X-Division feuds.
1- Dave Lagana does not require pointers or advice from Gabe about how to book the XD. Nothing against Gabe, but Dave could book the XD feuds if given the chance. Both he and Conway can pitch ideas until they are blue in the face but everything comes down to BP and whether he will go forward with the ideas being pitched.

2- DGUSA isn't likely to work a talent share deal as TNA would have to allow their talent to appear on iPPV and DVD releases. If TNA wants DGUSA talent they will have to outright sign them to their roster.

We can likely forget Gargano as he opted not to go to the E and stay on the indies for the time being so I doubt TNA has a chance. As for who TNA should look at :

-Chuck Taylor : X-division or Tag division perhaps paired with a TNA vet like Eric Young.

-AR Fox : X-Division

-Rich Swann : X-Division or pair him with Willie Mack for the Tag division.

-Samuray Del Sol : Perfect XD talent. Gives them a masked luchador whom they can market as well.

-Uhaa Nation : Perfect for Gut Check and can and should be sent to OVW for a short stint before making a main roster debut.

Outside of DGUSA they should also be looking at ACH and obviously Scorpio Sky.

Originally Posted by HayleySabin View Post
You can have all of the young hybrid talent in the world on your roster. Means nothing if the booking for the division is crap. Until that improves, the roster - current or fantasy - is moot.

Sabin was there in 2012. Let us not forget this, people. They did nothing with him then. Maybe I'm jaded, but I don't see why they would do something with him now.
One would have to think BP is the problem not the writers. As TV had not been given to the division to allow for characters and stories to develop and grow. But I could be wrong.

As for Sabin, I think you are forgetting how his 2012 went down. He came back from his injury and started back with MCMG before Alex left. Then he got a TV match with Aries after being shelved for a month (some rumors he had tweaked his knee unsure of the validity of that) before being placed in the 3way UX match where he tore his other ACL. Never really got a chance to get anything done with him.

But Bischoff did call him a pro's pro on Twitter after the Roode segment. Perhaps creative will have a new found respect for Chris once he is ready to go in 2013.

I think if they kept Kenny, Ryan, Zema and Sabin plus added SDS plus 1-2 of the following ACH/Swann/Fox/Scorpio Sky/Chuck Taylor they'd be set. The XD likely can't be bigger than 6-7 permanent guys or else there will be too many guys getting paid to sit at home. You have Robbie E, Doug Williams and Kaz as guys who can be worked in both the XD and TV Title mixes. I don

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