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That Facebook Thread (No, I don't want to be your fucking friend)

Let's just talk about it, alright? Stuff happens there. Outrageous stuff.

You can: bury the site itself and its sickeningly offensive privacy policy. Post pictures of Jurk Zuckerlake's smug face. Wish horrible death on people who like their own status. Share your stupid friends' stupid shit that needs to go public. It's all good here.

I first joined Facebook in 2009 as a try-hard teenager, and nowadays whenever I recall any status updates written in that time period, I get really angry. Sometimes I'll create a mental image of myself kicking the shit out of my then-self. I deactivated and deleted my account in late 2011 because of my general angst at the time. I told myself and everybody how I "just got pissed at it and people's dependancy on it". Well, I did. This lead to a social deprivation in the real world. COMEDY HUH.

Last August I moved to a different town for school (so far my most life-altering and best decision ever made) and decided to make the comeback. Mostly because my new classmates had a group and all the need-to-know was there. And they pressured me. Since then I've rediscovered the convenience of Facebook. In many ways it's still kinda rubbish, but the best way of keeping up with my many interests. Then there's the chatting and stalking of the female sex I also enjoy. I'm also a giant hypocrite of a person and it applies to my use of Facebook.
So that's my story and nobody cares.

tl;dr - you don't have real friends. Like this if you're a turd.

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