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Re: As a TNA fan...it hurts me to say this

Originally Posted by boozeco2005 View Post
TNA will never get much bigger or successful than they are now if they don't pony up some dough and sign a BIG name. As a fan of TNA i am not happy with where they are right now...i want them to get bigger and better and all of the above. I just can't see it happening wouthout them making a big splash or a couple of large splashes. I just wish they would really really really try to push this thing to the next level and go after a Punk/Cena...or Miz/Orton/Sheamus/Ziggler/Bryan...some TNA fans might not want this but TNA hasn't made a big splash since Angle...some might count Hardy simply because of his fans but i don't. I would just like to see what would happen if they pulled something like this off. I love AJ/Joe/Roode/Aries...but the painful truth is those guys will never pull like WWE guys do. I'm tired of the bobby lashleys and seeing them horribly mismanage guys with potential like the elijah burke...i dont give a crap about king mo and rampage jackson...now theres rumors of goldberg being the leader of aces and eights...give me the miz and dolph ziggler or orton and sheamus...quit shoving hogan and sting down our throats...let them retire and go hang out at their country clubs...we need some new blood...tna is going to be stuck here for decades(if they last that long) if they dont try to really go for it at some point...just some thoughts...please everybody pitch in and let me know what you think...
Right, fuck that jobber Hulk Hogan, ZIGGLER AND MIZ = RATINGZ GODZ!!!!!!!!!!!

The sad part is you might actually have a valid point to make if you took some time to think about what you're saying before you just blurt crap out like this.
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