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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

[QUOTE=nevereveragainu;13304545]i guess i should explain how Yellow is flawed

1. needing pokemon stadium to unlock the surfing mini game, thats great "try to find our nice suprise by buying more of our s**t" not saying Stadium is s**t, for the most part, just sayin'[quote]

Not really a flaw, it's more just them looking for money.

2.dispite what you saw in the anime pikachu is still under the limitations as every other pokemon and thats definately not good news when the first gym is ground based, i know there are other pokemon around to help you with that but unless you had prior knowledge you probably wouldnt be prepared for the moveset changes without needing to level grind your life away
Pikachu in the anime is like Cena in WWE. Loses once or twice, gets a little angry, trains some more and then comes back to destroy the big bad Pokemon. If Pikachu was like that in the games, Gen 1 wouldn't be anywhere near as difficult as it was which would be pretty boring.

Not having Prior knowledge is part of the fun when it comes to the games. Going into a gym battle not knowing whether you are going to struggle or just destroy everything..

3. the oppdents are more linient than in the other versions when their pokemon have stat or status effecting moves, they spam the heck out of them giving you plenty of free hits and like i said earlier this is game that revolves around as little moves as needed to get the ko.

Pokemon isn't that hard of a game to begin with and this kind of liniency just makes me feel bad for completing the game without properly earning it

at least in the anime it makes sense that a pokemon who is frozen solid or asleep would be considered ko'ed even if it is just freaking cheap
You really need to stop trying to compare the Anime and the Game. The Anime battles are made to be exciting and showcase as many of the pokemon's moves as possible and show random effects and weird combinations. (Check Ash using some weird counter shield thing against Fantina in the Hearthome Gym Battles) The game is meant to be the basics. No weird combos, no "Pikachu, Dodge!".. The Anime makes as little sense battling wise at the best of times anyways.. (Pikachu using Thunder on itself and Swellow which, instead of knocking Swellow out, raised their Speed & Attack!

pokemon is grind tastic anyway and the game world is pretty big with a lot of unused space, increased speed from the running shoes and or bikes makes it more fun because level grinding and the slow walking is just work
Where's the fun in playing a game where you Level up quickly or just wipe out gyms with ease.. Leveling up to face someone like Red in Gen 2 and the remakes was irritating, but really worth it in the end. You don't want to grind? Stock up on Revives & Potions.. Pretty simple in the end.
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