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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by WOOLCOCK View Post
Watched this, the Cage match in ROH and the Fifth Year Festival fight. Would put the I Quit and the FYF matches over the cage match, which dipped for me near the end with the nearfalls as well as the assistance in getting weapons. Final spot was pretty impressive and Jacobs sold the shit out of the effort needed to hit the decisive move, but I preferred the chaotic FYF atmosphere which felt like a 2000s take on a Mid South brawl and this I Quit match over the cage.

I know they have a Barbed Wire match in IWA-MS, but that doesn't really interest me atm (got to watch the rest of the links Seabs was kind enough to provide for me) and I watched one other match from them in ROH ages back (the one with the Powerbomb into the crowd finish).
Powerbomb into the crowd from In Your Face is fucking absurd. Probably my favorite of all of their over the top spots. Which says a lot.

Ooooh, you saw their excellent Falls Count Anywhere match from FYF: Finale. Have to go out and claim that as my favorite of their matches. What they capture in 12 1/2 minutes is both equally brutal and brilliant. Adrenaline Spike (inverted piledriver) & the brainbuster on the entrance ramp make me cringe. Don't even get me started on the graphic railroad spike shots to the head.

Cage is pretty boss imo. Jimmy finishing that match with his gone knee is mad impressive. He's such a tough guy. Both are. Goes without saying. But, wow. Jacobs is a warrior. Tbhayley I loved all of their matches together. Including the Barbed Wire match. It's a long one and I haven't watched it since about 2008 (which was the year it happened iirc), but it has a nice lingering effect on me. Remember the finish vividly. Ironically, I feel it's nothing compared to a different BJ Whitmer barbed wire match though. (vs Necro Butcher. So, that should clue you in on why I could have preferred it.)

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