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Re: Being the booker

Start time – 5:13 pm

Wolfy, you said that you would post this on Saturday. You ruined my reviewing schedule!!!

Here are my predictions

Benoit def. Angle
Christian wins the title
AFA win tag titles
SCSA and the Rock
HHH def. Eddie
RVD def. Rey
Jericho def. JBL for title
Foley annihilates Flair

Sunday Night Heat
Just the regular run down the card and have a match sort of thing. Sets the tone for Nemesis!

Opening video
You always shine in this aspect! You are spectacular when it comes to making these. The first title match was done excellently with all six men nailing their finishers. Lesnar/ Goldberg and SCSA/ Rock got their share of time. I like how you had the evolution of Foley and Flair. Thanks for spending time on Angle and Benoit as you did not hype it on SD! The BIG matches had their share of time! Another splendid job, but it does not even touch GAB or Wrestlemania. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar
I cannot understand how ninety three pages could be spotless. This is the thesis that you would want to hand into a P.H.d professor, ala me. HA! 10/10
EDIT – you spelled kneeled, knelled. Do not worry.

Are you kidding me????? Ninety – three pages!!!!!! Wrestlemania was ninety four and Summerslam was ninety one!!!! You truly are a bookaholic!!!! Just fantastic, I do not know what to say. Those two PPV had four more matches than this. I am just flabbergasted, you never cease to amaze thee. Yes, you are reading correctly, I just administered a one hundred out of ten. 100/10

“Orton - Next WHC”
You better believe that!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: ECW Rules:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso
I am genuinely surprised that this match starts the proceedings even though I think it is a great move as you do not want this and Foley near each other. This better not be the same match that you placed in the tournament.
Certainly a good idea to have the beginning with the two doing the same thing. I just remembered that Rey began COTC as well. The thumb salute angle is pretty funny, they did that when they were tagging together. Here we go, springboard dropkick and the plancha. Here comes the real ECW stuff, but now I want blood! That is right, I am Dracula from Transylvania. O man, A springboard into a dropkick, almost reminiscent to HBK and Shelton.
And here is Bill’s influence, throwing Rey off his game, and straddling him on the ropes. Mysterio grabs the chair from Alfonso? Sort of questionable in my mind. At least we see some ECW action.
Yup, Rey catches a chair and RVD connects with the Van Daminator! What is that anyway? Rey is being demolished but he is still kicking out of everything!!!
I see that Rey is garnering the advantage again. I guess that Billie boy is gone now that he has tasted the chair shots! Even with Bill gone, RVD plays heel and hits a low blow.
Rey goes 619, but Bill throws RVD a chair, RVD moves, and another Van Daminator!!! Holy cow!!!! RVD hits the chair on the FIVE STAR!!!! Rey will win it now.
Rey hits the 619 on the chair as Bill tries to hand it to RVD. Hmm, where have I seen this before, uhh BTB tournament! West Coast Pop wins it!
I am terribly upset that this match was posted in the BTB tournament. You have made millions of fantastic matches before. I really do not see the need for you posting this there and here. This causes a large discrepancy in the grade you should have and will have. 7/10

I think that the DX and Rock segment will lead to a feud between these two.

A nice promo to hype up the tag match with one team, once again, Maria is stupid!

WWE Tag Team Championships Match: Fatal Four Way:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Basham Brothers vs. A.F.A vs. System Success
I like that you had tags made to both partners and adversaries. Rico gets a hug in. And you get the aspect of both tag team and fatal four way matches, breaking up of counts. I must say that even though I hate Masters, he looks very impressive in this match. AMW get in at the end and get the shocking win. I am very surprised that they retained with the stipulation and the long reign of theirs. Nice match, but I am not a reviewing mood at the moment. This seemed like a filler match to me. 8/10

20 Minute Time Limit:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H
I am weary, I am going to take a break. 5:47.

I am back at 6:18, but I am going to skip ahead to the last four matches as they are the ones I want to give my best review for.

I am back after reviewing the last four matches and missing half of SD already. Hopefully, I can make it for the main event.
I am sorry Wolfy, but I cannot review anymore. My eyes are burning. I read the whole match, but I will only leave a few comments.
Certainly, the twenty minute time limit came to haunt Eddie. It technically counts as a win for the Game. This should definitely advance the Game’s feud with Eddie. I look for a match at Survivor Series possibly with one team against the other. I was very surprised to see that HHH kicked out of a frog splash. I am just horrid on my predictions tonight. A typical win for the Game as Eddie is sure to burn a hole in his chest next week. 9/10

Christian and SCSA have a nice showdown. Feud to come soon?

World Tag Team Championships; Sudden Death Tables Match:
The DX Duo w/Luther Reignsvs. Roadkill & Danny Doring
DX have the titles a while and they have the insurance man. I am sorry, but once again, just some very short comments.

This was nice length for a tag match. You do not want to overdo these by having them by twenty minute long classics. The tables added the ECW touch which I have seen twice. The flap jack wins it and DX still have the belts and HBK still has his. DX seems like it will be a successful group for a long time in this thread. 8/10

Survivor Series, the final PPV in your entourage of joint brand PPVS.

Batista and the heels have a nice conversation. Ha, Vinnie and I go back a while.

WWE United States Championship; Stretcher Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield w/ Jamie Noblevs. Chris Jericho
Certainly, this is a great stipulation as the way Jericho was injured was via pushed off the stage on a stretcher. I think that there has been too much brutality already, but whatever! I hope Jericho pushes JBL off the stage. Some comments,

Jericho used the stretches as a second ally and that always works well. He then did a bulldog and Lionsualt on the stretcher. JBL then used the stretcher well. A great touch to this match. The stretcher has collapsed, what to become of this? Another stretcher! Jericho wheels JBL across the finish line but it does not count. That sucks!!! There goes that piece of trash as Noble falls off the stage. The Bashams intervene and have Jericho in trouble. This helps JBL pick up another US title win as he has had it since GAB, which would make three months. 9/10

You guys know what you have to do. I read that so I know!

World Heavyweight Championship Match: 6 Pack Elimination Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Sting vs. Randy Orton vs. Undertaker vs. John Cena vs. Christian
Very interesting to see that DX takes out Cena before the match is underway. I think that he will be back in later as it is elimination and he has not been “eliminated”. I thought that all the men are in the ring at the same time, my bad.
Oh no! I hate this kind of match. Blind tags are sure to be a factor. Undertaker tags Orton blindly as he wants some of Christian after the past two months. Christian does the usual and tags in HBK who is sure to be upset.
Taker fails with the chokeslam and tags in Sting. I like how the faces looks strong while the heels look bad with the exception of Cena.
Here we go, Sting tags in Cena and Cena FINALLY has his chance to lay revenge upon the man who stole his belt. Cena is on fire until vintage HBK hits the famous shoulder block. Nope, the glycogen in Cena’s liver is in tact as he is on a roll. What is this? Tomko is banned but DX is not??? Could you make this lucid to me?? Typical Christian as he stands on the sidelines while the rest fight DX. Okay, nevermind, the referee rids of DX.
Christian attacks Cena and HBK nails Cena with a chair!! I thought that DX had left!!!! I am authentically shocked that Cena is the first to leave the match as I thought that he would fight his way back from the pre match. I think that this is a premonition of another Cena and HBK showdown and it will NOT be for the title.
Another feud is in the ring as it is now Christian and Undertaker. Never thought that a three hundred pound and forty two year old man could do a suicide dive, but I guess I am wrong. I love the running DDT, classic Undertaker move!!!
A showdown between Sting and Undertaker now. Sting is certainly in the drivers seat. The Stinger Splash and the Scorpion Death Drop, but Undertaker still kicks out!!! THAT is the Deadman for you!
YEA!! Randy Orton is in the match against Undertaker. Undertaker will have to make a tag soon as he has been here too long for this kind of match. Christian gets a cheap shot in and Orton connects with an inverted headlock to rotating inverted backbreaker.
Christian and Undertaker, part II! WOW!!! Christian uses the distraction to his advantage, but I would have never expected Taker to hit the chokeslam like that. AND CHRISTIAN KICKS OUT!!!! WOW! Undertaker cannot connect with the Tombstone and he pays for it, but he still kicks out. I think that this could be the end for Taker. Undertaker regains the momentum, but HBK makes the blind tag. Undertaker is finally out and maybe the champion can be eliminated now.
Taker is too upset about being tagged. Sting and Christian and Christian takes a run for it! Ha! Sting stinks! Hmm, after a long exchange of right hands, Christian tags in his adversary, Undertaker!
Sorry again, time to take another dinner break. Do not fear, I will be back soon as my parents are heading to a party. 6:38
7:08, Okay, I am back and I want to do this in one sitting.
Undertaker hits the old school and goes for the Tombstone, but Sting reverses, and UNDERTAKER SITS UP!! This is insane! Nevermind, he hits the TOMBSTONE TO STING!!! Sting falls to the almighty move. I knew he would not win, but a very interesting guy to go second as he was the original contender.
There is a humongous moment of complete chaos and Christian nails the UNPRETTIER!! He beats the Undertaker yet again. This has got to be a record! It is now down to CHRISTIAN, HBK, AND ORTON! Nice little moment to rid of Taker.
Christian almost loses the match due to Orton’s reluctance. He does tag in Orton and it is time for domination! HBK gets some damage done before tagging Christian again.
I have a feeling that this is the point of the match where Orton will be isolated with the two heels. Hmm, two heels, I think I will fairly assume that Orton will eliminate at least one of them. Imagine if he eliminated both. Orton has HBK eat canvas so my previous idea may have been stupid. Yup, Orton is still isolated. Orton kicks out of Christian’s DDT after he could not tag anyone. WOW!!! BIG BANG!! HBK misses Orton and nails SWEET CHIN MUSIC to Christian!!!!! Major turning point in this match! HBK flies out of the ring and ORTON NAILS THE RKO on Christian. It is down to HBK and Orton. WOlfie, you are this close to being a diving being. You know what has to happen to actually be one. Let me hope that my week is made as this has been an inordinately great week.
The two time champ against the five time champ. How about Orton gaining some ground? Either way, I will be very happy. Here is why; Orton and HBK are the last two and we are ending on in to Mania. I think that a major match could be set up via screw job. Just some food for thought. But what about Orton as a FACE champion!!
Both men hit dropkicks and both men nip at the same time!!! Do you see Orton as a reincarnation of HBK? I remember that Shelton did that. Orton kicks out of the elbow drop and a few seconds later, he hits the RKO!!!!! IF THIS IS IT, I WILL PUT A FRAME OF THIS MOMENT ON MY WALL, 1, 2, SON OF A MONKEY!!!! I should have known that was coming.
Wolf, my heart is beating erratically. I think I have to have my dad check me out. This cannot be good, I cannot even type straight. I might die if Orton does not win. I heed, the thing is that I have never seen Orton crowned champion on BTB. I have read some of your PPVs, but I have never actually been able to type a review where he becomes champion.
Oh no, Mr. Orton misses the crossbody and he “crashes and burns”. Oh no, HBK nails Sweet Chin Music and he cheats in the mean while. I am crying, Orton does not win. This is a shame. A tragedy! A travesty! Preposterous! Okay, I am done.
In all seriousness, this was one of the best matches I have read of yours. I had one problem, I do not know if this was your judgment or not, the match that Smackdown had for the “Smackdown championship” in the summer was forty minutes and you claim this was twenty seven. Just want to let you know. This is why I am not an advocate on time in BTB.
I once again shocked that HBK retained. I thought that he had the title solely for the showdown between him and Angle.
Now that my favorite wrestler did not win the title, it is time to see if my second favorite pulls through later. But I will review the main event last.
There were a few minor flaws with this match, but there is no way that this match deserves anything less than a ten out of ten. 10/10

Another Christian and Tomko commercial?? C’mon! I refuse to vote for this. I am voting for Christian’s speech or the Rock and SCSA.

Unfinished Business:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin & The Rock vs. Goldberg & Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
Goldberg and Lesnar get on the fast track as they should want to do. SCSA eventually regains the momentum back for the face team. I look for Paul E to be a factor in this match until the Rock shoves him through a table hopefully. Time out?? Brock, this is the WWE, not the NFL!!! Ha! I am funny! Just kidding, I am back to the match. Here is the Rock.
What I want to know is who will be the man that is isolated so that one face can come in and kick the hell out of the heels? It will be something that I look forward to. SCSA comes in and Goldberg takes advantage. Stone Cold escapes the camel clutch and tags in the Rock. My guess is that the Rock will be isolated for the next five minutes, then he will tag in SCSA, and he will rip the roof off baseball city, USA.
YES! Gillberg vs. the Rock! A long feud! WOW, Goldberg has the strength to military press Rock. Here is an interesting fact, my friend from school for the past four years father owns much land. On that land is a gym. When the WCW was in Rochester, he got to meet Goldberg. He showed me a picture.
Bearhug is a way to slow the match down although I would have expected Lesnar to utilize this. That was a short episode as SCSA is here again.
SCSA is his usual self with the fingers and the Lou Thesz press. Uh oh, Rocky has the momentum, but Lesnar breaks up any chance of the People’s elbow.
WHOA! SCSA makes a bad move and Brock nails a sneaky belly – to – belly. I hope that Lesnar has ameliorated this move as he is always dangerously close to breaking someone’s neck. Now SCSA takes advantage of a stupid move by nailing a spinebuster! Stone Cold Steve Austin puts Goldberg crotch first into the ring post!!! This is something that I could envision him doing. I just realized something, Lesnar and SCSA had a year long feud in this thread.
Rock nails the Rock Bottom but it is to no avail as Heyman is cheating. SCSA nails the ten punches which has become a trademark of his since Summerslam. This adds a comedic affect. Goldberg tries to steal the punches but he eats turnbuckle. Lesnar takes advantage of SCSA as he connects with some devastating suplexes. I do not expect this match to end on a suplex though. I think it will come down to a third stunner.
The Rock is in the ring!!!! Rock has the momentum but Brock is cheater! Good thing Austin breaks the count as it is an element that you need. Lesnar cheats again with the brass knuckles but KICKOUT AS AUSTIN SAVES ROCKY!
I am guessing that this tag is the HOT tag. What???? The referee says that SCSA was not holding the tag rope when he was going for a stunner. Surprised that he did not flick the referee off. After some domination on Rocky, Stone Cold is IN!!!!!!!! Here is the denoument of this match.
The ten atomic drops now!!!! That is sure to send the reproductive organs up a notch!!!! SCSA tags in the Rock before the F – 5!!! Here is the drama. Rocky locks in the SHARPSHOOTER!!! Uh oh, here comes the Spear! The Rock survives!! The finishing moves are in full effect! Here is the end, I guarantee it!! Lesnar is speared by Goldberg out of the ring!!!!! Maybe a break in this short relationship???
Yet another excellent five star classic match. You know that I am too soft to give less than a ten though. This match flowed well, but I had a problem. I would have thought that we would have seen some more finisher attempts. It was all at the end with the exception of the Rock Bottom. Goldberg did not even attempt a jackhammer. Nonetheless, the dream team pull it off!! Two more of my favorites win!! I finally get a prediction correct!!!! 10/10


Mick Foley (Cactus Jack)39 vs. Ric Flair 56
Please elaborate on the difference between a streetfight, hardcore, NO DQ, and no holds barred.
BARBIE!!!!!! Foley is fired up, bang bang!!! There we go, Flair is the dirtiest player in the game and he displays that with a low blow. Foley is taking some shots early with the stop sign. How does Foley kick out at one?? Certainly adds to the factor that he is a hardcore legend. Start using the barbies, I cannot wait for Naitch to bleed!! I am reading Dracula presently, so I am intrigued by blood.
Yes, Barbie to the wrinkled and decrepit face of Flair!! Uh oh, another low blow from Naitch. Flair has asserted control and he even brings handcuffs. This should be interesting. Last time I saw these, Undertaker was nailed with a chair eleven times by the one and only, Randy Orton! CACTUS APPLIES THE MANDIBLE CLAW!!!!! Too bad that Flair knocks Foley down. The handcuffs are applied and I am interested to see what occurs. Foley is asking for a licking??? There is no chance that he loses this match. Steel chair and steel steps are congruent to trouble! Foley almost absorbs the blow. I did not see one match of Cactus Jack (Orton at Backlash does not count) but I think that this is vintage Jack.
Wolf, you are doing the same thing that you did at the Royal Rumble, the handcuffed man is taking chair blows!! Foley is somehow not affected by any of them. Foley must have a laceration the size of a baseball bat! Flair covers and Foley kicks out!!
More chair, but Foley is asking for it!!! This is incredible Wolfy!! I am amazed! Flair rids of the official. Nice touch! Now explain to me why a cameraman would free Foley??? If you do not explain, there will be a deduction. Foley plays possum and it works out!!
Thanks for bringing out the bed of barbed wire. I remember that Orton powerslammed Foley onto that. Flair’s back suffers, but Foley suffers the brunt!!!! What a turn of events!!! I thought Foley had it in the bag.
Flair uses Barbie to his advantage as he strikes Foley many times. Now Niatch plays possum and Foley flies on the bed of wire!!! Foley is not dead!!! I am going to examine him. There is not a chance that he is alive. The fall he took three weeks a go and this should have killed him by now. Foley somehow has the advantage. Are you kidding! Flair falls on the razor wire!!! This is too insane. This is the first match multiplied by 10 to the hundredth power. Here is true Cactus, THUMBTACKS. The image of Orton missing the RKO just flashed my mind. Flair hits the ringbell and tacks!!!! Then a drop toe hold into the tacks!!!! Now the legendary figure – four!!! IF a human being could do this, it is Mick Foley. Foley is in the tacks simultaneously!!!!! OUCH!!! Foley has the momentum somehow and he nails a Barbie shot! Foley moves off??? That is a question mark. Ah, he wants to inflict some more damage. Flair goes into the bed of wire again and then a double arm DDT on the THUMBTACKS!!! It is finally over. I knew that Foley would win but how was an agonizing question! This is certainly on the of the best brutal matches ever.
(Foley takes the majority of the bump, in order to protect Flairs face)
Thanks for pointing that out, that is Foley for you!
You know what the hommartia was, the camera man! 9.5/10


It is okay, only the commentating.

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
Time for the fourth main event in a row. Hopefully Benoit can pull through as Orton could not.
Holy crap, I pasted this to Word for the fun of it and it was fourteen pages. How the hell do you do that!! That is unreal!!
Slapping is an interesting way to start the match after the confrontation on SD! This is sure to be the match of the month, the two best, in the same ring, for the title! I really hope that Benoit wins! Early on, after the slapping thing, I can see that Angle and Benoit are both resorting to mat wrestling. Now we are to the chops, which I am sure that I have not seen Angle do. It is one of Benoit’s ™ though. Angle attempts a crossface. I really hope that I seen both men attempt both men’s finishers.
This match is so good that I am not even going to watch Smackdown. Take pride!
Benoit is smart for sure after going after the arm. Angle cannot get anything going. Benoit keeps injuring Angle further and he even reverses a belly – to – belly into an arm drag. Never seen that one before.
Oh no, Benoit misses from the top! This better not lead to the demise of Benoit. Benoit is just unrelenting in his attack of the arm. Angle may not have a joint there after this one. I do not see the steel stairs as a good move as they have been used in the brutal matches and Angle and Benoit can make a classic match inside the ring. It does however make a strong way for Angle to gain respite.
Figure – four around the ringpost is creative for sure. Benoit at least escapes a figure four in the middle of the ring. Great episode of the tadeing of German suplexes as they are both mens classic move. Here we go again, Benoit grabs the arm. Angle makes it to the ropes. I want to see the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE and Angle NOT making it the ropes.
YES! Crossface is locked in, but it is then an Ankle lock! Everything is being reversed in this match. Now Benoit has the Angle lock and now Angle has the crossface!!! What an episode!!!
We are back to the suplexes again, each man’s ™. We see the reversals of the German for yet another time!!!
I want to let you know that I have not seen the first hour of Smackdown because this match is that good!
Benoit finally has the crossface for real, but Angle makes the ropes! Shucks! Here we go, Benoit nails the three German suplexes. But before he connects with the headbutt, Angle connects with an arm drag. I was expecting an Angle Slam, or a belly – to – belly or a German, but this works fine! Keeps me on my toes.
Dragon Suplex? What is that?
YES!! Can you say Sharpshooter! Benoit may make Angle tap here and a move that Hart may make Angle tap too soon. Benoit pulls Angle back to the center of the ring, but Angle makes the ropes.
Angle has found his touch. He nails a Belly – to – belly. May I add that he can actually perform this. WHOA!! This is what I expected previously. Benoit nails A GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE TOP!!!!!!!!! Freedom Hall does not deserve to see this, the Blue Cross Arena does!! WHAT?? Angle turns around and has the crossface on Benoit!!!! You are pulling out all the stops! Angle has to release though.
Now Angle connects with the Angle Slam, no win!! This is an epic match. Should go into history as one of the best. The Angle lock does not work well as it is not Crossface time! Angle reverses this and CHANGES IT INTO AN ANGLE LOCK AND THEN A GRAPEVINE!!!!! Benoit does not reach the ropes!! Benoit somehow relinquishes Angle! That scared me.
Yes, the best aerial move in connected with, but Angle kicks out!! WOW! A double ANGLE LOCK. I SAW THIS AT SUMMERSLAM!! Benoit then as the crossface locked in!! You are making this one of the best moments ever!!! The German suplex does not work. This is one helluva match. Kurt Angle goes for the Sharpshooter and it is locked in!! Will we see this against Hart?
What the heck?? Angle has the angle lock again!! He pulls Benoit to the center of the ring and has the grapevine!!! NO!!!!!!! Benoit taps!!! HOW DO MY TWO FAVORITES FALTER AT THE END???? THIS CANNOT BE!!!

Winner: And Still WWE Champion, Kurt Angle @ 37:11

You put a sad face there when you have full control of the match?? Just have Benoit win.
This was by far the best one on one match I have ever read. This can be used in the BTB tournament and it would garner a 60/60 from me. You should pat yourself on the back for producing this. 10/10

Here is the hard part, go back and review the other matches that I skipped.

I sat in this chair for a very long time. It was well worth the time as you had me enthralled at every second. The promos were not what you do on regular shows, but the matches were second to none.
10/10 – AMAZING!

Can you say best opus ever? I used the word best too much, but I meant it. The six pack match was stellar, the streetfight was brilliant, the Rock and SCSA match was a dream, and the fourth main event was the best one on one match ever. I think I will say that this is even better than Wrestlemania. It even passes the namesake. Wolf, you have evolved to new heights tonight.

This was the best thing to ever hit this site. Send this to Vinnie Mac, PLEASE! You are a diving being. You must have spent two hours making the modifications of color and bold and what not.

I am out of adjectives.

Overall Score = 203.5/130 = 154% - You now have a P.H.d
This review has just made ten pages and it is now 9:30. Minus 65 minutes = 8:25. Start time was 5:13. It took three hours and twelve minutes. Please be grateful.
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