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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread - BRAVE BRADFORD/KICKING KIDS

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
You didn't bandwagon PSG when they got rich a bought a ton of players? You didn't bandwagon the Bulls in the mid 90's when they won 6 titles? You didn't bandwagon the Crusaders when they won a record amount of Super Rugby titles? You didn't wagon the Patriots when they won a few titles with Brady? Utter bullshit. You used to support Brisbane in the AFL after they won 3 in a row, was even in an old sig but i guess because they're back to struggling again you dropped them like a bad habit? Face it, you're like a little kid who doesn't actually follow a team but just likes whoevers winning. Its fucking pathetic.

As far as Liverpool goes, yeah we won't win all our next lot of matches. It would be delusional to think we would but lucky to get 3 points? there's a difference between a bit of banter and being a dumbfuck for the sake of being a dumbfuck
If I dropped teams who didn't win you think I'd still be a Tigers supporter?

PSG comes from an old PC game that you could play as them against Juventus. Was fond of fouling Inzaghi and getting 4 reds a game.

Crusaders I don't know how many more times I have to tell you that one, guess you're just caught up on the Waratahs being such failures that it pains you to see other peoples teams gain success. 96-19

Patriots has already been explained. Keep up Sally.

Yes, lucky to get 3 points. Something you couldn't understand in that?
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