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Re: Being the booker

Sunday Night Heat:

Josh Matthews and Todd Grisham present the show, less than an hour away from the joint brand production Nemesis. They announce the pre show main event will be Carlito vs. Booker T.

Todd and Josh quickly run down the card, before talking in depth about the 20 Minute Time Limit match between Triple H and Eddie Guerrero. They then show a video package, hyping the feud up to this point, before cutting to a commercial.

We return with an interview with Roadkill and Danny Doring who face The DX Duo in a Tables Match later on. They talk about DX ducking them for the last two months, but tonight they have no where to run, and no where to hide.

Grisham and Matthews quickly discuss the World Tag Title Match, saying how hyped Doring and Roadkill appear to be.

A video package then plays, highlighting the RVD - Mysterio feud, which culminates tonight in an ECW Rules Match.

We see the arrival of Van Dam in the arena, along with Bill Alfonso, as Todd and Josh discuss that bitter feud ending tonight.

After a commercial, our hosts discuss the bitter rivalry between JBL and Chris Jericho, with the two men meeting tonight in a Stretcher Match for the United States Title. A video package plays showing how the feud reached Nemesis tonight.

Backstage, we see Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg chatting about strategy for their match later, against The Rock and Steve Austin, but we cannot hear what it said.

The hosts discuss that match too, before going to another commercial break.

As soon as the show returns, we move straight to a V.P of the build up to tonight’s 6 Pack Elimination Match for the World Title.

After the video, we have an interview with Randy Orton. The Legend Killer says tonight is his night, and if he needs to eliminate all five men, that’s what he’ll do.

Backstage, we see a funny clip of Rico trying to persuade Ron Simmons to wear a gimp suit for their match tonight.

Back in the arena, Grisham and Matthews run down the card one last time, before we go to our Heat Main Event.

Carlito Cool
w/Stacy Kiebler beats Booker T, with use of the ropes at 08:54

As the pre-show ends, we see a video package, hyping the Benoit - Angle match for the WWE Championship tonight.


WWE Nemesis:

9th October

Freedom Hall; Louisville, Kentucky

Event Music:
Adema, Planets

Opening Video

The video opens with a close up of Shawn Michaels stamping his foot on the ground, as he does to tune up the band.

A shot plays of John Cena executing the FU.

Another shot plays of Michaels stamping his foot.

A clip plays of Christian hitting the Unprettier.

Another shot of Shawn Michaels stamping his foot.

A clip plays of Sting hitting the Stinger Splash.

Another shot of HBK stamping his foot.

A clip plays of Undertaker hitting the Tombstone.

Another shot of The Showstopper stamping his foot.

A clip plays of Randy Orton hitting the RKO.

Finally, we see Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music.

Flashing images play of all six men celebrating in some way…

We cut to a shot of The Rock and Steve Austin working in tandem.

A shot then plays of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar working together.

A number of clips play of The Rock hitting the Rock Bottom.

A number of clips play of Austin hitting the Stunner.

Shots of Goldberg hitting the Spear.

Shots of Lesnar delivering the F5.

Flashing images of the four men brawling against each other.

A clip plays of Ric Flair, winning his first World Title.

A clip of Mick Foley jumping off a garage as a young boy is played.

Clips play of Ric Flair chain wrestling, and applying the figure four.

Shots of Mick Foley falling onto Barbed Wire, and being hit with a chair are shown.

A scene of Foley and Flair face to face is shown.

Cuts to flashing images of men tapping out to the Crossface and Anklelock.

Flashing images of Angle executing a Belly to Belly Suplex.

Flashing images of Chris Benoit knocking opponents down.

Clips of Kurt Angle hitting German Suplexes.

Clips of Chris Benoit hitting German Suplexes.

Shots of Kurt Angle hitting the moonsault.

Shots of Benoit hitting the Headbutt.

Clips of Kurt Angle applying the Anklelock to Chris Benoit.

Clips of Chris Benoit applying the Crossface to Kurt Angle.

Flashing images again of men tapping to both submissions.

The entire video then flashes back at speed, before culminating back at HBK stamping his foot…

Sometimes … actions speak louder, than words …

And now … Castrol GTX presents a Raw and Smackdown Production of WWE NEMESIS!!!


The camera pans around the arena, with shots of signs from fans such as “Triple H spat my water”, “Rico for President”, “Christians Coalition” and “Orton - Next WHC”

Jim Ross:
Freedom Hall has been sold out for weeks, in anticipation for tonight’s blockbuster, Raw and Smackdown production, WWE Nemesis!!! Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Jim Ross, alongside The Coach, Jonathon Coachman.

The Coach:
Listen to the reaction for The Coach from these fanatical fans, J.R!!! They love the Coach in Louisville!!!

Jim Ross:
I’d like to see that put to the test Coach. Needless to say, there is absolutely no time for small talk, because tonight this show is absolutely loaded!!!

The Coach:
It has been for weeks J.R, and tonight, Raw has it all. Mysterio vs. Van Dam, Flair vs. Foley, a Tables match, and a 6 Pack Challenge for the World Title.

Jim Ross:
Of course, that 6 Pack Match will be contested under elimination rules Coach. Can Shawn Michaels overcome the threat of five of Raw’s top stars gunning for his belt??

The Coach:
Remains to be seen J.R.

Jim Ross:
As much as I’d love to talk about the Raw side of things tonight, lets send it over to our Smackdown colleagues…

Michael Cole:
Thank you J.R. Tazz, the time has come, and finally, Nemesis, is here!!!

It doesn’t get much bigger than this Cole. Tonight, titles are decided, and heated rivalries will be coming to an end.

Michael Cole:
Raw thinks it’s got a loaded side?? Well how’s about a Fatal Four Way, a Stretcher Match, the biggest tag match of the year, a twenty minute time limit match, and of course the two greatest wrestlers in the world battling for the title.

Excellent point Cole. Like the opening video eluded to, actions are gonna be speaking louder than words tonight.

Michael Cole:
And as always, we are joined, by our Spanish colleagues, Hugo and Carlos.

The Spaniards talk for a moment, before …

**ONE OF A KIND** Rob Van Dam enters the arena to a positively mixed reaction from the fans, but there is a slight edge with the boo’s. He is accompanied by the whistle blowing Bill Alfonso, who is carrying a steel chair too.

Howard Finkel:
The following will be contested under ECW Rules, and it is for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first, the challenger. From Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing 238 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Bill Alfonso, he is Rob Van Dam!!!

Jim Ross:
If there was ever a more explosive way to kick off the show, Coach, this is it. RVD and Rey Mysterio have been at each others throats for months, RVD has become a loose cannon, and tonight, we gets to go back to his roots, and face Mysterio for the last time in an ECW Rules environment.

The Coach:
Well, lets not forget, both RVD and Mysterio made their names in ECW early in their careers. Rey was the innovator of the extreme lucha libre style we see today, whilst Van Dam held the Television title for nearly two years!!!

**619** Rey Mysterio blasts out to a huge ovation from the hot crowd. Rey salutes the fans, before focusing his attention on the ring, and RVD in particular.

Howard Finkel:
Annnnd, his opponent, from San Diego, California. He is the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Reyyy Myyyysssterio!!!

Jim Ross:
How about this for a fact Coach, the last time that the Intercontinental Title changed hands on Pay Per View was Armageddon, in December 2003. That night, Rob Van Dam LOST the title to a young Randy Orton.

The Coach:
It could well be time for that record to change J.R, because Van Dam looks more focused, and more determined than ever if you ask me.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: ECW Rules:

Rey Mysterio
vs. Rob Van Dam
w/Bill Alfonso

Mysterio hands his title belt over to our official for the contest, while RVD is given a pep talk from Bill Alfonso. Bill drops down from the apron, as Van Dam and Mysterio start to circle the ring, with the bell ringing.

The two men tie up, and right away, Mysterio gets a wristlock on RVD, but this is quickly turned over, and Van Dam applies a wristlock to Mysterio. Rey immediately counters again, turning the tables on RVD, who breaks free, and snap mares Rey. Rey jumps up, runs at RVD, but Van Dam leap frogs Mysterio, before getting a victory roll, 1...2...Kick Out!!
Mysterio pops up, and runs at Van Dam into another lock up. This time, RVD goes behind, before applying a headlock. The I.C Champion pushes Van Dam into the ropes, but as Van Dam comes back, he knocks Mysterio down with a shoulder block.
RVD stands for a split second, before running off the ropes, but before he drops a leg, Mysterio rolls away, with RVD hitting the canvas. Mysterio bounces off the ropes, and goes for a dropkick to the face, but Rob Van Dam uses his flexibility, and does the splits to avoid the dropkick. Both men get up, and bounce off the ropes at separate sides of the ring, with both having a similar idea when running at each other, as Van Dam leap frogs Mysterio, and Rey ducks out of Van Dams way.
They run to the ropes, and both men, again have the same idea, and grab onto the ropes, hoping the other would make a mistake. Each man lets go, and they run at each other in the middle, locking up, once again. Van Dam tries to back Mysterio into the corner, but Rey uses his height disadvantage to his advantage, sliding out of Van Dam’s grip, and bounces into the ropes, coming back for a Hurricanrana, but Van Dam blocks it, and tries to set him up for a power bomb, but Mysterio rolls out, and gets a Sunset Flip on RVD, however, Van Dam is strong enough to block, and kneels down, grabbing Reys leg for the cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Again, both men pop up, and meet in the centre of the ring, but this time, RVD pushes his opponent away, and goes for a heel kick, but Mysterio catches the leg, spins RVD around, and catches him with a short Spear!!! Mysterio hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
RVD rolls away from Mysterio, to the corner, where Bill Alfonso is standing. He gives RVD a quick piece of advice, whilst RVD gets to his feet, nodding at Alfonso’s words. Van Dam slowly moves to the centre of the ring again, trying to low the pace down a little, and challenges Rey to lock up again. Mysterio takes the challenge, and the two men lock up.
RVD quickly backs Mysterio into the corner, before breaking. He taunts Mysterio with the ‘R-V-D’ thumb salute. Mysterio doesn’t look impressed, and he challenges Van Dam to lock up again, which RVD accepts. They tie up, and this time, Mysterio takes Van Dam by surprise, executing a deep arm drag, which takes Van Dam out of his game.
Rob gets up, and looks across at Mysterio, who also does his own thumb salute, this time ‘6-1-9’. Van Dam jumps up, and kicks the ropes in frustration, before attempting to punch Rey, but Mysterio blocks him, and starts teeing off with some heavy forearms of his own, backing RVD into the corner. Rey goes for a whip to the opposite corner, but as RVD reaches, he tips up, with Mysterio running underneath him. Van Dam drops down, but Mysterio catches him with a heel trip. Rey picks up RVD’s legs, and catapults him into the corner, but Rob jumps to the middle turnbuckle, leaps back over Mysterio, and goes for a German Suplex, but Rey elbows himself free, before whipping RVD into the ropes, only for Rob to reverse the whip, and send the champion into the ropes. And as the champion comes back, RVD hit’s a Monkey flip, sending Mysterio landing hard on his head. Van Dam covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Mysterio pops the shoulder up just in time. Van Dam taunts the fans, whilst Alfonso is heard blowing his whistle on the outside. RVD picks Mysterio up, and executes a number of hard forearms, backing the champion into the ropes. RVD whips him off the ropes, and knocks Mysterio down with a side kick, going for another cover immediately, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Mysterio sits up, trying to shake the cobwebs free, but Van Dam is on him right away. He pounds on Mysterio in the corner, before walking to the opposite corner. The challenger points across at Mysterio, before running at Mysterio, but Rey sees him coming, and back body drops him to the outside, only for RVD to land on the apron. Mysterio turns, and sees RVD, who ducks a Mysterio clothesline. Van Dam grabs Rey by the mask, and goes to ram the champions head into the turnbuckle, but Mysterio blocks with his foot, before grabbing RVD by the hair, and ramming the challengers head into the turnbuckle, and quickly follows up with a springboard dropkick, knocking Rob off the apron, and into the barricade!!! The Champion quickly follows, running off the ropes, and dives onto Van Dam with a Plancha!!!
The fans start a ‘619’ chant, as Mysterio slowly crawls back inside the ring. Of course, no count outs in this ECW Rules match, so Van Dam has as long as he wants to re-enter. RVD is helped into the ring by Alfonso, but as he pokes his head through the ropes, Mysterio takes advantage, and jumps up top, hitting a guillotine leg drop, taking RVD back in. Mysterio hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Rey holds up three fingers, as if to say it was three. Mysterio pulls RVD up, but the challenger scores with a few kicks, before whipping Mysterio into the ropes, and as he comes back, Van Dam goes for a hip toss, but Mysterio counters, and manages to execute a bulldog!!! Rey covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Mysterio doesn’t dwell on the kick out, and reaches the apron, climbing up the ropes, and waiting for RVD to get back up. The challenger eventually reaches his feet, with Rey coming off the top with a seated senton … BUT RVD MEETS HIM WITH A DROPKICK!!!
Mysterio is folded up like an accordion, as RVD turns him over, hooking the leg for a pinfall, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Van Dam chases the official around the ring, pissed off with the count again. RVD calms himself, and pulls Rey up from the mat, whipping him into the ropes, but Mysterio leaps on the ropes, and comes back with a moonsault, taking RVD down … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Mysterio looks up at the referee, a little shocked. He backs The Challenger into the corner, and smacks RVD with an open handed chop. The title holder follows up with another open handed chop. Mysterio attempts to whip RVD across the ring, but the challenger, reverses the whip, and sends Mysterio into the corner, running in after him, only to be met with Mysterio’s boot.
RVD staggers out, and Mysterio jumps up top, coming off with a bulldog from the top rope!!!! Mysterio contemplates a cover, but instead, tries to go for a finish now, and leaps to the top rope, waiting for a good six or seven seconds for his opponent to get up, but Bill Alfonso saves RVD, pulling Mysterio’s leg, and Rey straddles the ropes.
Immediately, Bill throws Van Dam a chair, who throws it back at Alfonso right away, instructing him to hold it at Mysterio. Bill does this, but Mysterio grabs the chair, ducks a kick from RVD, and follows up with a chair shot to Van Dam!!!
Mysterio drops the chair, and once again, jumps to the top rope, and once again, looks set to go for the West Coast Pop, but RVD is quicker to react, and kicks MYSTERIO OFF THE ROPES!!! Mysterio lands on the cold floor!!! RVD doesn’t allow Rey any recovery time, and follows out, getting on top of Mysterio right away. RVD whips Mysterio into the barrier, with enough velocity to send the Intercontinental Champion over the barrier, and into the crowd.
Van Dam flips the bird at the fans, sparking some heat, before taking off, and diving over the barrier for a flying clothesline on Mysterio!!! The fans go nuts, as the action picks up once again, with a high risk dive from RVD.
The challenger drags Mysterio over the barrier, and hauls the champion into the ring. Van Dam takes a few seconds to catch his breath before rolling back in, and dragging Mysterio to his feet. He whips the champion off the ropes, but Rey ducks a clothesline, comes off the other side, and takes RVD off his feet, with a dropkick, knocking Van Dam down.
RVD staggers up, with Rey looking to carry out a hurricanrana, but Van Dam has it scouted, and quickly slams Mysterio with a power bomb, bridging for a cover…

……KICK OUT!!!….

RVD is fuming with the referee’s count, claiming it was a three. He doesn’t let out on the pressure, and drags the champion to his feet, hitting a snap suplex to Mysterio. The challenger jumps up, takes a look at the grounded Mysterio, and picks up the dented chair, before running off the ropes, and executing the Rolling Thunder with the chair!!! Van Dam slides the chair away, and hooks the leg again, 1.……2.……KICK OUT!!!
Van Dam pulls at his hair, showing his frustration at being unable to put his personal nemesis away. RVD drags Mysterio up by the mask, and picks him up onto his shoulders, walking to the corner, and places him on the top rope. RVD climbs to the middle rope, and throws rights at Mysterio, but Rey fights back, and gets enough time to flip over RVD, and hit a Sunset Powerbomb!!! Hook of the leg, 1.….2.….KICK OUT!!!
Mysterio shows some emotion, slapping the mat, before rolling out if the ring. He looks under the ring, and pulls out a table, which gets a slight pop. Mysterio unfolds the legs of the table, and sets it up, outside the ring. He spots Alfonso, who for some reason throws him a chair, and instinctively Mysterio catches the weapon, before turning around, and is met with an RVD Van Daminator from the apron, with the chair colliding with Reys head!!!!!!!
The fans come unglued, as RVD turns it up a notch, with his famous use of the chair in ECW. Mysterio falls over the barrier into the crowd again, with RVD following in. Van Dam slams Reys head off a folded chair, before whipping him onto the barrier. He walks towards the champion, but Mysterio fights back, throwing a combination of right and left hands, rocking RVD. Rey rams his challenger into the barrier, before taking a few steps back, and runs at RVD, but the challenger counters, and ducks down, allowing Mysterio’s momentum to take him up, and RVD back body drops Mysterio over the barricade, and through the table!!!
The fans are into this war, for a heck of an opening contest, which is starting to lean to some real ECW style action. Van Dam stands on the barrier, and looks around, before scoring with a corkscrew guillotine leg drop on Mysterio!!!!! He holds his backside for a few seconds, grimacing in pain, before Bill Alfonso inspires him to get up, and fight on. RVD picks Mysterio up, and slides the champion into the ring, immediately hooking the leg…

……KICK OUT!!!….

Van Dam starts to lose his cool, and accuses the official of favouritism, to which the referee obviously denies. Whilst all this goes on, Bill Alfonso sets up another table on the outside. Mr. PPV sets Mysterio into the corner, before having Alfonso throw him another chair. Van Dam then sprints across the ring, and delivers a dropkick with the chair!!!!! Mysterio flops down onto the mat, after taking a devastating chair shot via dropkick. Van Dam drags Rey to the centre of the ring, and hooks the leg,

……KICK OUT!!!….

MYSTERIO POPPED HIS SHOULDER UP!!!!! Van Dam cant believe it. He drops his head on the mat, in sheer frustration. Rob doesn’t allow his opponent to recover, and whips Mysterio to the corner. Van Dam cups his ear to the crowd, and blows them off, before running at Mysterio, only for Rey to move, and Van Dam to run into the corner. He staggers out, and Mysterio immediately nails a springboard, tornado DDT!!! Rey is in trouble though too, and isn’t able to follow up immediately. He crawls over to the flat out challenger, and eventually, hooks the near leg…

……KICK OUT!!!….

ANOTHER NEAR FALL!!! Mysterio places his hands on his face in shock, before pushing himself up to his feet. He picks RVD up, and whips him to the corner, but right now, both men look a little spent. Mysterio takes a few deep breaths, before running to the corner, only to eat Van Dams boot. Rey staggers out, as Alfonso throws a chair at him, which again, Mysterio catches. This time though, Rey swings at Alfonso, but he ducks … RVD goes for a heel kick to Rey, but Rey ducks … Mysterio catches Van Dam in the mid section with the chair … then cracks Alfonso with the steel chair!!!
The fans roar in approval, as Mysterio drops the chair, and takes down his adversary with a head scissors!!! Rey raises his arm to the fans who give him a nice pop back. Mysterio goes up top, but is caught by a quickly recovered Rob Van Dam. RVD picks the chair up, and throws it at Rey, who catches, and throws it back at Van Dam, before coming off the top rope with a scintillating front dropkick, sending the chair into Van Dam’s face!!! Mysterio covers,

……KICK OUT!!!….

The match continues! Mysterio keeps the pressure on, immediately pushing RVD back into the corner, throwing some hard right hands, unrelenting, as his lets off his pent up fury after months of backstabbing from RVD is finally being punished. He eventually backs away, and we see RVD bleeding from the mouth, looking worse for wear. Mysterio lifts RVD to the top rope, and climbs up with him, but Van Dam scores with a low blow, before pushing Mysterio back down to the canvas. RVD now takes advantage, and delivers a beautifully done, split legged moonsault onto Mysterio!!! Cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Mysterio refuses to lose, as Van Dam becomes more aggravated at the inability to finish off his big hearted rival. RVD drags the long reigning champion to his feet, and whips him off the ropes, Mysterio comes back, ducking a clothesline, and waits for Van Dam to turn around, before hitting a drop toe hold, sending RVD into the ropes. The fans know exactly what’s coming next, as Mysterio shouts out ‘619’. He runs off the ropes, and goes for the move, but RVD moves at just the right time, with Rey kicking thin air, swinging back into the ring. Whilst he does, Bill chucks RVD yet another chair, and once again, RVD throws the chair to Mysterio, who doesn’t react quick enough, and is knocked down by a blistering Van Daminator!!! The fans can sense the end of Mysterio’s title reign coming, as RVD effortlessly leaps to the top rope. He plays around for a moment, taunting the fans, before setting himself up, and leaping off the top rope for the Five Star Frog Splash …… BUT NOBODIES HOME …… EXCEPT THE STEEL CHAIR!!!!!
The fans are going nuts, as Mysterio somehow managed to move in time from the Five Star. He is still in a bad way though, and sits himself in the corner, as RVD slowly, painfully crawls to Bill Alfonso who is standing with the umpteenth chair in this match. Mysterio sees an opportunity, and takes it, jumping up, and running to the ropes, and as Alfonso hands RVD the chair, REY MYSTERIO SWINGS AROUND THE ROPES, HITTING THE 619 ONTO THE CHAIR, INTO VAN DAMS FACE!!!! Rob Van Dam staggers back into the ring, falling on his back, whilst Alfonso jumps on the apron to try and stop Mysterio from finishing the match, but Mysterio kicks him in the gut, before pushing him off the apron, and Alfonso falls through the second table!!! The Champion jumps to the top rope, and meets a groggy RVD with a stunning West Coast Pop…


Winner: AND STILL Intercontinental Champion … REY MYSTERIO @ 17:45

Rey Mysterio scores an emphatic win, to finally end his summer-long feud with Rob Van Dam, over coming all the odds to retain the title.

Jim Ross:
Coach, I cant think of a better way to open a show. There is no way, that Smackdown can top that performance.

The Coach:
Mysterio and Van Dam pulled out all the stops here tonight, and then some. RVD can have no complaints J.R. He was out performed, by one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions in history.

Jim Ross:
Damn right Coach. Mysterio is headed into some special territory now, with a near six month reign as Intercontinental Champion.

Backstage, we see the arrival of The Rock to a fit of cheers from the fans. He walks through the backstage area, and pushes through the four members of DX.

Shawn Michaels:
You got some sort of problem, big shot??

Rock continues to walk on.

Shawn Michaels:
HEY!! I’m talking to you De Niro.

Rock turns around, and looks back at DX, pushing his glasses down.

The Rock:
Don’t I know you?? Tell me, what’s your name??

Cade goes to speak, but HBK stops him.

Shawn Michaels:
Don’t fall for that one. He doesn’t want to know your name.

The Rock:
The Rock wasn’t talkin to her. He was talking to you.

Michaels steps into Rocks face

Shawn Michaels:
You should know my name Hollywood. You should know, who I am, and exactly what I do.

The Rock:
(Clicks his finger) That’s it. Now, I remember … you, are the jabroni who tried to ‘invade’ Smackdown back in June, when we where in the UK. The Rock remembers … The Rock remembers taking his size thirteen boot, and sticking it STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!!!

HBK starts to get agitated.

Shawn Michaels:
Listen punk. You better get your ass moving away from us, or wont be making it to your match later.

The Rock:
Are you trying to intimidate The Rock?? Do you think The Rock is scared by your threats??

Shawn Michaels:
Oh, I thi-

The Rock:

Mark Jindrak:
You don’t spea-

Rock puts his hand in Jindraks face, stopping him, then looks at HBK

The Rock:
Are you gonna shut her up, or shall I??

Michaels thinks for a moment, before making a gesture to Jindrak to back up.

The Rock:
Now, if you’ll excuse The Rock, he’s gotta go, and get himself ready for his match later tonight.

Rock storms off, leaving DX fuming. Michaels is seething, after being put down by The Rock.

Commercial for WWE Raw back on the USA Network, with highlights from last weeks homecoming.

Backstage, Maria is standing by with the System Success;

Guys, in just a few moments, you will be in a Fatal Four Way Match, for the Tag Team Titles. Are you scared if you lose this fatal match??

Chris Masters:
Maria, I don’t think you understand the meaning of a Fatal Four Way. It doesn’t mean we’ll die if we lose.

Maria doesn’t appear to understand what he’s saying.

Chris Masters:
We’ll still be alive, we’ll be- Look, it doesn’t matter. Because, tonight, you’re looking at the brand new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Simon Dean:
But lets not forget, that it is all down to the patented Simon System. If it wasn’t for the patented Simon System, Chris here, wouldn’t be a Masterpiece like he is. Remember, not so long ago, this kid was just like the rest of these fat, ugly, out of shape, rollie pollies here in Louisville, Kentucky … fried chicken.

Crowd gives Dean heat.

Simon Dean:
In actual fact, I heard a rumour, that they were gonna rename this state, Kentucky, Fried Chicken.

Crowd gives heat.

Simon Dean:
And as for you Maria, I’ve noticed your cheeks seem to be getting a little puffy recently. So, why don’t you try this Dean-licious Simon System Museli Mover. It moves the calories, and gives you all the goodness that you need. Here, why don-

**Simon System starts to play**

Chris Masters:
C’mon man, we gotta go.

Simon Dean:
I’m on my way!!!

Dean quickly looks around, hoping no one sees him, then scoffs a chocolate bar to get his energy up, before running to catch up with Masters.

**Simon System** The two cocky heels enter the arena, with Simon throwing his products into the crowd. He stops halfway down the aisle, and watches as Masters unrobes, and begins to flex his muscles, before walking down the ramp.

Tony Chimel:
The following, is a Fatal Four Way match, for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 507 pounds, the team of Simon Dean and The Masterpiece, Chris Masters, they are, the System Success!!!

Michael Cole:
They have the arrogance, they have the tactics, but do they have the recipe for success??

The Simon System is a success Cole, and these two becoming tag champions tonight could well be their next big success.

**APA/You Look so Good to me Remix** The Acolyte Fashion Agency enter to a wonderful pop from the fans. Simmons as always looks disgusted with Rico, who is as flamboyant as ever, wearing a pink jump suit, with a purple boa. Simmons is dressed in his street attire, of T-Shirt and jeans.

Tony Chimel:
And, weighing a combined weight of 521 pounds, the team of Rico and Ron Simmons … the A.F.A!!!

Michael Cole:
Without doubt, they are the most unusual pairing in Smackdown history … if not, WWE history.

As unusual a team they are Cole, these two can sure as hell get it done in the ring. Rico has that really hard to combat style, whilst Ron Simmons will break your neck, and get a kick out of it.

**Secretaries of Defence** Danny and Doug Basham enter the arena, to a pretty bland reaction, but still some heat.

Tony Chimel:
Representing the Cabinet, weighing a combined weight of 497 pounds, The Basham Brothers!!!

Michael Cole:
In recent weeks, Danny and Doug Basham have really stepped it up a gear, since aligning themselves with JBL, and becoming a part of The Cabinet. Tonight, will they be bringing gold to JBL??

These two have to tools to do it. Already two time former Tag Team Champions don’t forget Cole.

**Guilty** Harris and Storm make their way out to a great ovation, pumping up the crowd.

Tony Chimel:
And, introducing, the WWE Tag Team Champions the team of Chris Harris and James Storm, AMERICA’S MOST WANNNNNTEDDDD!!!!

Michael Cole:
Oh my!!! What an ovation for the tag champions. Harris and Storm have been on top of the tag mountain for almost five months. They’ve won the titles twice in a four way environment, but tonight, will they lose the gold in the same fashion??

AMW have ruled the roost so to speak in recent months, but tonight they are facing three very different, very hungry teams.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match: Fatal Four Way:

America’s Most Wanted
vs. Basham Brothers vs. A.F.A vs. System Success

The four teams all look around each other, as Chris Harris and Danny Basham look set to kick things off. They circle the ring, before Simon Dean sneakily trips Harris, who now becomes distracted, giving Danny a chance to attack him from behind with a knee.

Danny takes him to the corner and chops him to a big WOOO from the crowd. He chops him three more times to the same response. Danny then picks him up and hit’s a suplex. He gets a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT! Basham picks Wildcat up again, but Harris ducks the punch, and hits one of his own, before he tags in Storm to a good pop.
James Storm hit’s a clothesline on the C-Secretary of Defence, and follows with a Heel kick on Doug, sending him to the floor. He hit’s a dropkick on Danny following up with a knee drop, 1...2...Kick Out. He tags Harris and they hit a double suplex. Both then dropkick Danny, but Doug Basham comes in from behind and hit’s a double clothesline, bringing the champions down. He is warned by the referee, and banished to the apron, whilst we see Simon Dean applaud Dougs efforts.
Danny then hit’s a swinging neckbreaker on Storm. He tags his partner and they begin to double team The Cowboy. Doug hit’s a side suplex and begins to work on the back of James Storm. They look set to continue the pressure on the back, but Chris Masters tags himself in from a blind tag on Doug Basham.
The Masterpiece drops an elbow on Storm, and stomps on his back. He hit’s a quick backbreaker, gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. He then tags in his partner, Simon Dean. Dean goes right to work, with forearms to the back, and whips him hard in the corner, then hit’s a snap mare, before he applies a camel clutch. He poses in front of the AFA, who don’t take too kindly to it, and Faarooq gets in and boots one half of the System Success down.
Storm then tags in Rico, who, like he normally does, plays the eccentric. He slaps Simons ass, and caresses his back, before Dean shoves him off. Rico gets up, and asks for a kiss, but Simon replies with a slap. Rico now turns serious, and takes Simon Dean by surprise with kicks and stomps at the originator or the Simon System. He pounds away at him, then takes him down with a sweet martial arts kick, 1...2...Kick Out. He then tags in Faarooq. Faarooq comes in, and AFA hit’s a reverse elbow on Dean. Rico hugs his partner, before getting back out of the ring. Faarooq is all business, and whips Dean off the ropes and hit’s a stiff clothesline.
He picks up Simon, and goes for a suplex, but Masters holds the tights of Dean, stopping the movement of the suplex, and Faarooq breaks the hold. He then knocks Masters off the apron and as he comes back, he is met with a clothesline from Simon. Dean then sets up Faarooq for a double arm suplex, but Rico breaks it up, in his own unique way, kissing Dean on the forehead. Dean immediately lets go of Simmons, but Rico, once again uses the distraction to his advantage, to get serious. He nails some high kicks to Simon in the corner, as well as a few chops. He and Faarooq whip him off the ropes, and hit’s a double shoulder to Simon, 1...2...Kick Out.
Faarooq then walks around the ring, only Doug Basham takes advantage and makes a blind tag. Simmons is irate, and clotheslines him down in frustration, leaving both legal men down. Simon quickly looks to tag in Harris, but he refuses, and instead tags in his own partner, Chris Masters.
The Masterpiece comes right in and hit’s a Gut wrench on Doug Basham, then goes for another, but Danny holds the arms of his brother, stopping the move from happening. Masters isn’t happy, and pounds on the back of Doug, then whips him off the ropes, but Basham ducks a clothesline, and slaps in James Storm.
Storm hit’s a dropkick to an unsuspecting Masters, then follows right away with a suplex, 1...2...Kick Out. He tags in his partner, and they then hit a double sidewalk slam on one half of the System Success. Storm gets out, whilst a long, delayed vertical suplex from Harris gets, 1...2...Kick Out. Harris makes the tag back to his partner and Storm hits a bulldog immediately. He waits as Masters groggily reaches his feet, before knocking him down again with a running clothesline!!!
Storm bounces off the ropes, but Danny Basham pulls him down by the hair, going unnoticed by the referee, and then, he extends his hand for Masters to tag, which he does, and Danny Basham gets in with a cocky smile all over his face. He hit’s a front slam, following up quickly as he drops an elbow, and gets a quick cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Danny then tags in his partner in order to keep the pressure on AMW.
The Basham Brothers become cocky and play around with Storm. Doug slaps Storm around, before tagging Danny back in. Danny does the same, trying to goad Harris in the ring, to no avail. The Basham Brothers make another tag, and after playing around Doug hit’s a neck breaker. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. He tags his brother back in once again, as the remaining teams start to get frustrated. The Basham Brothers take no notice and they hit a double slam. Danny stomps at Storm, and hit’s a Northern Lights suplex, 1...2...Kick Out. He brings Storm to his corner, and tags Doug back in. They then try and draw AFA into the ring, and as they do get in, the referee cuts them off, giving the Secretaries of Defence the chance to cheat, with an illegal double team move, hitting a double sidewalk slam They then talk trash, as Danny is now the legal man. He talks trash, and slaps Storm around again, and as Cowboy tries to fight back into the match, he is cut off by Doug. Danny hit’s a back suplex, then looks to apply the Figure Four, but Storm kicks him away, with Danny running into Doug knocking him off the apron. Danny then turns around and is met with a superkick from Storm. He crawls to make a tag to Harris, but Doug re-enters just in time and stands in his way, stopping him from tagging Harris. Storm then rolls through, to the opposite corner and tags Rico!!!!
Rico comes in, all guns blazing, and knocks down Danny with a spin kick, then Doug with a Samoan drop, before he kicks Masters, and follows with a back body drop to Dean, and clotheslines Doug over the top rope. He hit’s a swinging neck breaker to Danny Basham, then throws Simon over the top rope, and hit’s a swinging DDT to Masters!!!
He picks up Danny Basham for a martial arts kick, but Doug saves Danny and clubs him from behind stopping Rico from hitting the move. He turns around, and grabs Doug by the NUTS and throws him into the corner. He looks to have enjoyed it, but follows him to the corner, and puts the boots in, wailing at him, showing his mean streak while Danny tags in Simon Dean.
Rico doesn’t notice, and still goes after Danny. He hit’s the spinning heel kick, and gets a cover, but the referee tells him that Danny is not legal, while Simon Dean comes in from behind with a clothesline.
Dean then hit’s a side suplex, and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Simon continues the work, and hit’s the Pumphandle slam, going for a cover again,

Simon isn’t happy, but tags in Masters anyway. Masterpiece hit’s a Belly to Belly suplex to Rico, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Masters doesn’t take long to think about the near fall, and hit’s a T-Bone, but takes too long to cover, flexing his muscles before hooking the leg,

………………KICK OUT………………
The Masterpiece now sets up Rico for the unbreakable Masterlock, but before he can, Rico grabs the ropes. Masters is forced to break the grip, but jaws with the referee, allowing Rico time, which he takes full advantage of, as he bounces off the ropes, but Doug Basham, on the apron, drives his knee into the back of Rico, who staggers out and walks into a sidewalk slam, 1...2...Kick Out. Masters stomps on Rico, then badmouths the crowd and tags in Simon again.
Dean backs Rico into the corner and nails a number of back elbows. He whips him off the ropes, but Rico ducks a clothesline, and comes back with a leg lariat!!!!!
He crawls to his feet, and sees Doug Basham coming off the top rope at him for a cross body, but Rico catches him with a dropkick!!! Rico reaches out his hand … and tags in Faarooq!!!
Faarooq then comes in with a double clothesline to System Success, then a boot to Danny, followed by the Spinebuster slam to the bleary Doug!! He sets him up for the Dominator, but Danny pulls Doug down, and out of the ring. Then, the System Success team up on Faarooq. They whip him off the ropes, but don’t notice that Harris tags himself in. They hit a double slam to Faarooq, but then, both members of AMW take them to the outside with a double clothesline. The match now erupts into a major brawl!!!
On the inside, The Basham Brothers double team Faarooq, thinking he is legal, and go for a double powerbomb, but, out of nowhere, Rico saves his partner, and pulls Doug away, before trying to dance with him!!! Doug immediately is thrown off, and slides out of the ring, whilst Danny is unable to take the weight of Simmons, and buckles.
He rests against the rope, but Rico takes him out with a clothesline, forcing both Rico and Basham out of the ring!!!
System Success then take control over AMW, and bring them inside, and pound the champs down. Masters goes for a clothesline on Harris, however, he ducks, and Wildcat now goes for a Spear on the unsuspecting Masterpiece, but he moves, and Harris Spears Faarooq out of the ring!! Dean and Masters then both take down AMW, and go for a double whip, but both Harris and Storm reverse it, and the System Success collide in the middle of the ring, giving Harris and Storm the chance to capitalise, as Harris hit’s the Catatonic on Dean, while Storm flapjacks Masters. AMW then hit the Death Sentence on Dean, and Harris gets the cover, while Storm blocks anyone off from breaking the count,

Winner: And Still WWE Tag Team Champions, Americas Most Wanted!!! @ 08:23

AMW once again, retain the tag team titles!!! Their incredible run with the belts continues, overcoming three other teams tonight. Harris and Storm embrace, whilst Masters pulls Dean out of the ring, carrying him up the ramp. Meanwhile, The Basham Brothers have already left through the curtain, with Rico in pursuit, and comedically Simmons in pursuit of Rico!!!

Michael Cole:
Even when faced with adversity, America’s Most Wanted are triumphant. Tazz, I see this as the never ending tag team title reign.

AMW overcame three teams here tonight. Three teams who all have looked impressive in recent weeks, but once again, Harris and Storm retain the titles. It will take something special to end their five month reign as the champions.

Michael Cole:
But now switching gears. Up next, twenty minute time limit, Eddie Guerrero faces Triple H. In this past year, the two men have faced on three occasions, with Triple H recording three victories, is it now Guerrero’s time to get one over on The Game??

Guerrero will need to perform like never before tonight, Cole. Triple H aint easy to put away, that’s for sure, and with twenty minutes, Guerrero is gonna need to go right for it from the get go.

Michael Cole:
I just hope Triple H doesn’t chicken his way out of this one, and actually tries to fight Guerrero. Folks, lets take you back, to how this all came about.

Triple H - Eddie Guerrero Video Package:

- HHH / Guerrero showdown four weeks ago on Smackdown, with Eddie challenging Triple H to a match at Nemesis.

- Triple H runs through their past meetings in this last year…
- Clips of Triple H beating Eddie Guerrero at the Royal Rumble
- Clips of Triple H beating Eddie Guerrero at No Way Out.
- Clips of Triple H beating Eddie Guerrero on Smackdown the week before Clash of the Champions.
- The Game accepts, but wants a twenty minute time limit, which Eddie agrees to.
- HHH plays mind games with Guerrero, smashing up his low rider, and sending him clocks as a gift.
- Eddie snaps, playing right into Triple H’s hands.
- Last week on Smackdown, with Eddie calming himself, and Triple H now becoming frustrated.

**Can You Feel The Heat??** Latino Heat’s new music plays, as Eddie Guerrero enters to a HUGE pop, in his low rider. Eddie nods his head to the beat of the music, driving to the ring. He exit’s the vehicle, pounding his chest to the fans, before climbing up the steps, and into the ring.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest, is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from El Paso, Texas, weighing 229 pounds, EDDIE GUERRRRRRERO!!!

Michael Cole:
Eddie Guerrero has faced Triple H three times in one on one competition this year, but on all three occasions, Triple H has dodged the bullet, and walked away the winner each time. Tonight, Guerrero has twenty minutes to defeat The Game. Will those twenty minutes be enough??

Guerrero looks like he is ready for it. He knows Triple H will try and frustrate him, but Eddie needs to keep his temper in check, and look for an opening.

**TIME TO PLAY THE GAME** Triple H enters, with his bottle of water, and brandishes a watch, trying to mock Eddie already about the time limit.

Tony Chimel:
Annnnnd, his opponent, from Grenwich, Connecticut, weighing 265 pounds, ‘The Game’, Triple H!!!

Michael Cole:
Have the mind games played by Triple H in recent weeks been enough to put Guerrero off his game plan?? What will Triple H do in this match?? Will he run and hide, trying to run down the clock, or will he try and win the match within the twenty minutes??

Triple H doesn’t come to the big shows looking to score a time limit draw Cole, that just aint his style. He wants the win, to get himself back in contention for the WWE Title.

20 Minute Time Limit:

Eddie Guerrero
vs. Triple H

The Game stands across from a focused looking, Eddie Guerrero, with a cocky smile across his face. He asks the official to wait until he has his watch set before ringing the bell, which he agrees to. The bell finally rings, as Triple H makes sure he has the time correctly set on his wrist watch. Eddie immediately darts after Triple H, but HHH slides out of the ring.

Wearing a watch with his wrestling gear, Triple H, looks rather silly to say the least, but he is set on riling Eddie Guerrero big time. The referee begins to count him out, with Triple H laughing and counting along. Eddie isn’t prepared to wait, as 15 seconds have passed already, and he gets out of the ring, to come after HHH. Triple H keeps his distance, continuously pointing to his watch, trying to irritate Guerrero, and it appears to be working.
Latino Heat chases, but The Game uses some ring smarts, and slides back into the ring, breaking the count, before sliding back out the opposite side, furthering the distance between him and Eddie. Triple H takes a look at his watch, and gestures to Eddie that he has wasted one minute already. In actual fact, there are 19 minutes and 29 seconds remaining.
The Game strolls around the ring, with Guerrero becoming severely agitated, as are the fans, who want to see the two men spark into action. Triple H argues for a moment with a fan, who calls HHH a ‘Pussy’, which gives Guerrero a chance to chase him down, but The Game spots Eddie just in time, and quickly moves away again, sliding into the ring, and grabs a rope, not allowing Guerrero to attack him. The referee forces him off after the five count, and Triple H immediately slides back out, and the fans, are now becoming restless with his constant chicken shit antics.
An ‘Eddie’ chant starts to ring around Freedom Hall, with Eddie getting the fans to get behind him. Triple H doesn’t appear to be affected by the crowd response for Eddie, and continues to play his own strategy, trying to anger Latino Heat further. Guerrero pushes past the referee, and climbs onto the apron to come after The Game again, but as he drops down from the apron, Eddie starts to limp around ringside, leaning on the Smackdown announce table, and appears to have injured himself after landing awkwardly.
Triple H immediately shows a huge smile, and believes he has Eddie where he wants him now. Triple H starts to walk around to where Eddie is, but the referee stands in between, not allowing The Game to attack. Triple H laughs, as Eddie winces in pain, limping on his leg. HHH backs up a little, raising his hands up at the referee, but then shakes his head, and pushes the official away, and comes after Latino Heat, but as he grabs Eddie, Eddie slugs him with a stiff right hand!!!
Guerrero has just tricked Triple H, and the match is now properly underway, after nearly three minutes of stalling, as Latino Heat unloads on The Game, with a succession of rights and lefts, before whipping him into the steel steps. Triple H tries to stagger away, but Guerrero is on him, and clubs the back of HHH, before sliding him into the ring.
Eddie follows, and Triple H scarpers to the corner to get away, even holding his hands up, begging off, but Eddie doesn’t even contemplate letting him off, after bottling his pent up frustration over the last few weeks, and starts to stomp the chest of the Cerebral Assassin. Guerrero grabs the arm of Triple H and rips off his ridiculous wrist watch, before trying to shove it down The Games throat, which unsurprisingly, he fails to do. Instead, after failing, Eddie takes the watch, and throws it into the crowd.
Guerrero is now fired up, and throws another three right hands, before dragging HHH out of the corner, and whips him off the ropes, before knocking him down with a dropkick, following with a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Guerrero doesn’t waste any time, and drags Triple H up again, sparking off a succession of rights and lefts, before whipping The Game off the ropes once again, and sending him back down with a reverse elbow. Again, Eddie hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out once more!!!
Guerrero wipes his forearm in the face of The Game, before standing up, and stamping Triple H’s face with his foot. HHH tries to roll out to get away from Guerrero, but Eddie laughs, and grabs Triple H’s foot, dragging him back into the ring, as hard as he can, to give Triple H an equivalent of a carpet burn across the canvas. Eddie Guerrero drops an elbow on HHH, and quickly gets a lateral press, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Right now, Guerrero is trying to wear his adversary down, by consistently, and smartly going for a cover, as the clock runs down, now with 4 minutes and 45 seconds gone at this point. Latino Heat keeps on Triple H, aware that HHH will be trying to keep his distance. Guerrero backs The Game into the corner, and executes a chop, bringing a reaction from Triple H, as he clutches his chest, and pushes away from Eddie, and starts walking around the ring.
Eddie is relentless, desperate for the win, and keeps after HHH, but as he turns him around, The Game throws a big right hand in retaliation, taking Eddie by surprise. Triple H goes for a kick, but Guerrero catches his foot, and after a few seconds of Triple H hopping on one leg to stay vertical, Guerrero spins him around, knocking him down with a clothesline. Once again, desperately seeking the win, Eddie attempts a cover, 1...2...Shoulder up!!!
Guerrero slaps the mat, shouting ‘Dammit’, as he picks The Game back up from the mat, slamming him back down right away with a front slam. Guerrero stomps the chest of Triple H, as he tries to think of what to do next. Eventually, Eddie picks Triple H back up, and backs him into the ropes, before whipping him, only for The Game to reverse, sending Guerrero into the ropes, and as he comes back, Triple H attempts a high knee, but Guerrero ducks under, and comes off the opposite side, ducks a clothesline from HHH, comes off the ropes again, and this time, knocks down The Game with a Calf Kick. Eddie scurries, rolls Triple H over, and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Once again, Eddie was a little too over zealous in trying to end the match at this point, with HHH managing to kick out. Eddie drags Triple H up by the hair, but doesn’t expect a knee from Triple H into the sternum. The Game now drives his knee for a second time, before whipping Guerrero, chest first, into the corner, with Eddie hitting at such speed, he bounces back out, and into the path of a clothesline from Triple H.
The Game now looks for a quick win, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Triple H now starts to choke Latino Heat, but is forced to break off via the mandatory five count from the referee. He reluctantly lets go, before dragging Eddie up, and just like moments ago, whips Eddie, chest first, into the corner. And, just as before, Eddie staggers out, with Triple H this time connecting with a Harley Race-like high knee. Guerrero flops to the mat, as Triple H follows up with a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Exactly 14 minutes remain, as Triple H looks to the timer on the big screen, and he looks to be planning what he wants to do now in order to end this match. He pulls his opponent up by the hair, and talks some smack, before attempting a third whip to the corner, but this time, Guerrero reverses, and sends Triple H into the corner, quickly following up, by rolling him up for a school boy … but Triple H rolls out before a count is made, and goes for a clothesline, but Guerrero ducks down, hitting a drop toe hold in the process, and Triple H’s head collides with the top turnbuckle. He staggers out, and Guerrero kicks him in the gut, hooks him up, and goes for a Tornado DDT, only for Triple H to block it at the last moment, and pushes Guerrero away, before knocking him down with a big right hand.
However, Guerrero is flying right now, and manages to get right back up, coming after Triple H, and backs him into the corner, teeing off right hands, only for Triple H to once again, stop Latino Heat’s momentum with a knee to the gut, sending Eddie away. Guerrero turns around, but right away, Triple H is back on the offence, and picks Eddie up, flap jacking him onto the top rope, with Eddie falling over the top to the floor.
Triple H has the chance to go out after him, but takes the easy route, and instructs the official to count Eddie out…

…Eddie crawls up on the apron, as Triple H tries to get the referee to count faster…


…Guerrero climbs back into the ring, much to Triple H‘s chagrin…

The Game meets Eddie as he enters with a knee, perfectly placed, to the back of the head. HHH pulls Eddie into the middle of the ring, and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! The Game looks around the arena, and just by doing so, is given a tonne of heat. He points at Eddie, who is pulling himself up on the ropes, and mouths something, which we cannot make out.
Triple H bears down on Eddie, and tries to whip him off the ropes, but Guerrero holds onto the ropes he’s leaning on, stopping HHH from whipping him. Trips tries again, but again, Eddie blocks, and now kicks HHH in the midsection, and this forces Triple H to let go of his grip on Eddie. Eddie throws some right forearms to HHH, before running off the ropes, but as he comes back, H takes him by surprise, and goes for a big back body drop, although somehow, Eddie manages to land on his feet, and as Triple H turns around, Guerrero hits an arm drag, which sends HHH all the way under the ropes, and to the outside!!!
Triple H looks dazed, as Guerrero climbs to the top rope, awaiting HHH to turn around. The Game turns around, and Latino Heat leaps off the top turnbuckle, hitting The Game with a cross body!!! Both men are down, as the referee begins to count out again …

…Guerrero begins to move first…


…Eddie begins to climb in the ring, but Triple H is not looking good…

…Latino Heat is back in, but he refuses to win by count out, and instead, rolls back out, breaking the count…

Guerrero drags Triple H up, and shouts something at him, before ramming him, back first into the ring apron. Eddie follows with a chop, but before he can do anything more, Triple H stops him, with a direct thumb to the eye. Eddie staggers away, with Triple H wanting more. The Game grabs Eddie, and drives him into the ring post, back first. Eddie drops to his knees holding his lower back, as Triple H tries to finish him off, with a kick to the face. Trips climbs back into the ring, breaking the referee’s count at seven, before rolling out again, to cause more damage to Eddie.
The Game again looks to the big screen, which shows 11:23 remaining. He smiles, knowing that Eddie isn’t getting too far with his goal of beating HHH in this match. Triple H takes Guerrero in a headlock, and drags him to the announce tables, but Eddie elbows free, and bangs Trips head off the Spanish announce table. Eddie rolls Triple H back inside, and follows himself. H tries to keep away, but Eddie refuses to let up. He comes after Triple H, who tries to fight him away, to no avail, with Eddie blocking The Games shots, striking him, with some of his own. Guerrero pulls him up, and goes for a whip into the ropes, and as Triple H hit’s the ropes, Eddie ducks down, expecting him to come back, but HHH grabs the ropes, stopping himself. He then lets go, and kicks Eddie up, before scoring with an Arn Anderson Spinebuster!!!
Triple H hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out from Guerrero. HHH doesn’t look happy, but doesn’t bother to argue the count. Instead, he drags Eddie up, and looks to be going for the Pedigree!!! Triple H hooks Guerrero’s arms, but Eddie starts to fight it, and eventually, counters the deadly finishing move, with a back body drop!!! The Game shoots up, but is met with a Hurricanrana from Eddie, who follows with a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Now, it is Guerrero who looks up at the screen, and the time remaining is 10:12, and counting. Eddie appears to be a little concerned, and looks set to turn it up a notch now. He picks Triple H up from the canvas, and looks set to be going for a suplex, which could lead to the Three Amigo’s, but as he tries to get H up, the move is blocked, and Eddie is rammed into the corner, releasing his grip on The Game.
Triple H goes for a whip to the opposite corner, but as he reaches, Eddie jumps to the top, and comes back off with a cross body, BUT TRIPLE MOVES … AND EDDIE HIT’S THE REFEREE!!! The official goes down, and Triple H takes full advantage, immediately kicking Eddie down south as Latino Heat gets up to his feet. Guerrero drops down to his knees, with Triple H slamming his enemy’s head off the canvas. Triple H climbs through the ropes, and pushes past Lillian Garcia, before picking up a steel chair.
He climbs back into the ring, ready to nail Guerrero with the chair, but Eddie ducks the shot, and the chair ricochets off the ropes, and back into the face of The Game, knocking him silly. Guerrero kicks the chair from his hand, and scores with a Tornado DDT!!! Eddie pounds his chest, and signals for the top rope, but before he goes, he tries to shake the referee loose. Latino Heat wastes no more time, and heads to the top turnbuckle, before leaping off with the Frog Splash!!!!!!!!!! He hooks the leg…


………The referee begins to stir………



Eddie knows right away, as his eye line is directly to the ropes, where Triple H has his foot. 08:04 is left on the clock, as Eddie got his best chance yet to finally beat The Game. Triple H tries to reach the ropes to create space between himself and Eddie, but Guerrero is having none of it, and drags Triple H back to his feet, and whips him off the ropes, but as Triple H comes back, The Game scouts an Eddie Guerrero dropkick, and swipes the leg, with Eddie falling to the mat, landing awkwardly. Triple H falls back into the ropes, trying to shake himself loose, and waits for Guerrero to get up. As he does, Triple H looks to be aiming for the Pedigree, but before he can even try it, Eddie fights back, with shots to the mid section of HHH. Eddie reaches a vertical base, teeing off right hands on his foe, but suddenly, Triple H turns the match on it’s head, quickly taking Latino Heat by surprise, hitting a DDT!!!
Both men are down, as Triple H still seems worse for wear after the Frog Splash moments ago, but he crawls over, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Eddie just manages to kick out in time, as the clock continues to wind down, with little over seven minutes now remaining.
Triple H looks up at the clock as he pulls Guerrero back to his feet, and notices the time ticking away. He doesn’t even look interested in going for a victory, but to just run down the clock, and to prove his point, The Game knocks Guerrero back down with a blistering right hand, but doesn’t bother to follow up.
The Game stands in the corner, and watches Guerrero reach his feet, before kicking Eddie back down. Right now, Triple H seems content with running down the clock. Again, Eddie reaches his knee, but Triple H drops an elbow to the back of Latino Heat, this time following up, dropping a knee, but doesn’t cover, and instead, just gets back up, and waits in the corner, whilst the referee starts to count Guerrero down.

…Guerrero pulls himself up on the ropes…

Triple H grabs Eddie by the hair, whips him off the ropes, and goes for another Spinebuster, but Guerrero counters at just the right moment, hitting an arm drag, taking Triple H down. H gets up, and staggers right into Eddies path, and immediately, Guerrero hooks him, and goes for the Suplex, but Triple H blocks with his foot, and counters, going for his own suplex, but Guerrero lands behind, on his feet, and takes Trips down with a side suplex!!! Eddie hooks the leg, desperate for victory… 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Guerrero now literally jumps up, knowing he has to pick it up a gear in order to finish of Triple H. Eddie backs HHH against the ropes, hitting a chop, before whipping him off the ropes, and delivering a back body drop to The Game. Eddie appears to be fired up now, calling for Triple H to get up, and as he does, Eddie cradles, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Triple H just frees himself in time. Both men are up again, but Eddie ducks a loose clothesline, before taking H down, with a backslide pin, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Triple H manages to free himself again, but as he gets up, Eddie brings him down again, this time with a school boy roll up, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Triple H seems to be a little disorientated by all the quick pinning combinations that Guerrero is throwing out right now. Only 4 minutes and 34 seconds remain in the match, as Latino Heat looks to be getting more eager for the win, and Triple H can sense his opponent is stepping it up a gear. Trips stops Guerrero in his tracks, stopping him from another pin, placing his knee into the abdomen of Latino Heat, and quickly gets his own pinning combination on Eddie, with a bridge … 1...2...GUERRERO POWERS UP, LIFTING HIS SHOULDERS FROM THE MAT. Guerrero breaks the grip of Triple H, and starts teeing off rights and lefts, with Triple H backing into the ropes. Eddie goes for a whip, but Triple H reverses, sending Guerrero into the ropes, and as Eddie comes back, Triple H scores with a Facebuster!!! Guerrero staggers back, off the ropes, and into the path of Triple H again, who sets up for the devastating Pedigree … AND CONNECTS!!!!!!! Eddie is down, with Triple H slowly crawling onto Guerrero …


GUERRERO REFUSES TO STAY DOWN!!!! Triple H’s face is filled with shock, with Guerrero showing his determination to win this match, and finally defeat The Game. Triple H starts to lose control, and decides to try and hook up his opponent once again for the Pedigree. Triple H tries to get Guerrero in position, but Guerrero fights back, and turns the match on its head again, this time scoring with a jawbreaker.
Hunter staggers back, as Eddie quickly takes advantage, hitting a suplex … and Guerrero hangs on, popping his hips … taking Triple H up with him … and executes a second … hanging on … and gives us the third of three amigos!!! Guerrero rises to his feet, and pounds his chest, much to the favour of the fans, who get solidly behind Latino Heat, with an ‘Eddie’ chant. Guerrero climbs to the top rope, looking for a second Frog Splash … but as soon as he reaches the top, Triple H kicks the bottom rope!!! Guerrero straddles the turnbuckle, and yells out in pain, whilst Triple H gets to kill more precious time, as just over two minutes of the twenty remains.
Triple H takes his time getting up, desperately to wind the clock down, knowing Guerrero is capable of beating him. The Game stands to the second turnbuckle, and starts pounding on Guerrero, before trying to hit a superplex, but Eddie holds the ropes, stopping Triple H from nailing the move, before head butting, repeatedly, until Triple H falls from the middle rope, to the mat. Eddie gets his bearings, and leaps off the top rope …… BUT MISSES THE FROG SPLASH!!!!!!!
By inches, The Game has moved just out of the way, leaving Eddie to hit just the mat. Triple H rolls Eddie over, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The Game puts his hands on his head, looking up at the clock with reads 01:08 remaining in the match. Can Triple H survive this last minute???
Hunter thinks for a few seconds, before beginning to stomp Guerrero, trying to just keep him down for the remaining 60 seconds. In a last ditch attempt though, his foot is caught, and Guerrero trips him, getting a bridge cover…

The Game manages to get out, and he immediately scurries to the ropes, forcing Guerrero to back up. HHH laughs, as Eddie is seeing the time waste away, with Triple H taking the easy route out to round out the clock. The referee though, isn’t going to allow it, and kicks Triple H’s feet off the ropes, with The Game selling the kick, distracting him from Eddie long enough for Guerrero to roll him up…

Guerrero is ready to strike Hunter again as he gets up, but Triple H ducks a clothesline, and quickly slides out of the ring, and starts to walk up the ramp, as the clock winds down. The referee begins to count The Game out, but it wont matter, as Eddie realises he wont win as the clock ticks down …

Winner: Time Limit Draw @ 20:00

The fans, rightly piss all over the finish, as Triple H looks back at Guerrero, who stands in the ring, like a defeated man, laughing hysterically, shouting back at Eddie that he told him he couldn’t do it.

Michael Cole:
What an asshole. Triple H, scared of losing this match, has decided to just back out, and leave, knowing the time would run down, before the referee could reach a ten count.

Smart game plan if you ask me Cole. That’s why they call him the Cerebral Assassin, and it’s why he is The Game.

Michael Cole:
Triple H never wanted to win this match, he wanted to run the clock down, and frustrate Latino Heat the entire time, and he succeeded. I hope he’s happy.

I think he is Cole. He sure looks happy.

Michael Cole:
Well I can guarantee you Tazz, that Triple H hasn’t seen the last of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie wont let this slip by. But for now folks, lets send it over to J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross:
I have to agree with Michael Cole on that one Coach. The Game chickened out of that match with Eddie. He knew all along that was what he’d do here tonight.

The Coach:
I don’t see anything wrong with it. Eddie didn’t have to accept the twenty minute time limit, but he did.

Jim Ross:
Aw, c’mon, you know that isn’t accurate at all. The only way The Game would face Eddie Guerrero, was if he got himself a twenty minute time limit strapped on the match.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Christian…

Todd Grisham:
Christian, in just a short space of time, you’ll be in a six pack elimination match for the World Heavyweight Title. In recent weeks, you have been the centre of attention on Raw, having beaten The Undertaker twice in two months, and you have been mixing it up with all of the top names.

You’re wrong Todd. I’ve been the centre of attention on Raw for a long time now, and the big names have been mixing it up with the biggest of all, and that, is Captain Charisma.

Todd Grisham:
Well, this past Monday alone, Joh-

Lets not talk about Raw last Monday. I don’t want to talk about it right now.

Todd Grisham:
I guess not, considering you had a bad night. Losing the First Blood Match to John Cena, thanks to The Undertaker, as well as making a fool of yourself trying to rap.

WHAT!!?? Are you trying to be funny Todd?? Have you seriously just said that??

Christian hears a cough in the background, and sees Steve Austin walk into view.

Steve Austin:
Well son, just for the record, I gotta agree with Todd here. Even though he looks pathetic, and he wears a cheap suit, twenty cent tie, his eyes are too close together, plussed with the fact that he sounds like he oughta be back in the third grade. But, I still agree. You made a fool of yourself CLB. And you got your ass handed to ya for by.

What the hell is your problem Austin, huh? I mean, at Summer Slam, you bored me to death with saying WHAT!! Then last month at Clash of the Champions, when you got in my face, I put you down with the Unprettier, which would’ve won the match, only for Triple H to save your ass.

Austin starts to rub his chin.

Steve Austin:


No, no way. I’m not getting into this crap again. I know you’re old an’ all, but you’re hearing cant be that bad.

Steve Austin:


You tell him Todd.

Todd Grisham:

No reaction from the fans. Austin looks at Todd, staring a hole through him.

Steve Austin:
SHUT UP!! Get outta here Patsy, and don’t come back.

Grisham scurries off, whilst Christian laughs.

Steve Austin:
Don’t you dare laugh you Creepy Little Bastard, or so help me God, I’ll shove your teeth so far down your throat, that you’ll be eating meals up your ass.

Crowd Pops


Steve Austin:
Are you making fun of Stone Cold Steve Austin?? Because if you are, then good ‘ol Stone Cold, is gonna be forced to open a can of whoop ass on ya!!!

Listen Austin, and listen good. I haven’t got time to waste standing around pleasing you, and playing along with your little games. Tonight, you take a nice seat, have someone make you a warm cup of cocoa, and turn the volume up on the television loud enough, then watch as Christian makes history, and becomes the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! … and that … is how I roll.

Christian tries to push past Austin, but Stone Cold doesn’t allow him past, just like at Summer Slam. Christian throws his hands up, then turns around, and walks off in the opposite direction.

**BREAK IT DOWN** Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak enter through the curtain to a lot of jeers, accompanied by Luther Reigns. They look confident enough, especially with the Insurance Policy along with them.

Howard Finkel:
The following contest is for the World Tag Team Championships, and is a sudden death, Tables Match, in which the first team to put an opponent through a table, will be the winners. Introducing first, representing DX, and accompanied by Luther Reigns, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak!!!

Jim Ross:
Jindrak and Cade have been on top of the world for months Coach, but in recent weeks it appears the Roadkill and Danny Doring have had their number. The DX Duo have yet to record a win over the last ever ECW Tag Team Champions, and tonight, they cant get disqualified, nor can they get counted out.

The Coach:
I’ve got faith in them J.R. Cade and Jindrak perform best on the big stage.

**Chickens** Doring and Roadkill enter to a nice pop from the fans. They point to the tag champions, as if to say this is it.

Howard Finkel:
Annnnd, their opponents-

Roadkill and Doring sprint to the ring, and the match immediately begins.

World Tag Team Championships; Sudden Death Tables Match:

The DX Duo
w/Luther Reigns
vs. Roadkill & Danny Doring

The four men start out brawling, with Roadkill pounding down Jindrak, and Doring attacking Cade, whilst Reigns watches on the outside. Doring whips Cade into the path of Roadkill, who hit’s a Samoan drop on one half of the champions!!! Jindrak tries to attack Roadkill, but Danny intercepts, and pulls MJ down by the hair, then stomps on his chest.

The match officially begins with Roadkill and Jindrak the legal men. Roadkill throws a number of rights at MJ, but Jindrak smartly nails a kick to the midsection, slowing Roadkill down. Mark Jindrakthen tries to work on the shoulder, but Roadkill fights back, taking Jindrak into the corner. He goes for a whip to the opposite corner, but Jindrak reverses. He then charges at RK, but Roadkill shows surprising agility, and leapfrogs him, then nails a drop toe hold, followed by a clothesline, which sends Jindrak to the outside.
Jindrak is irate with this start, and his stable mates notice this, before Luther tries to calm things down. They talk on the outside, whilst Roadkill has an idea and decides to take advantage, quickly, and hit’s a baseball slide to both men, with Reigns getting the brunt of the slide. Mark Jindrak is now even more frustrated.
The angry MJ immediately gets back in, but is met with a number of stiff kicks to the body from Roadkill. RK bounces off the ropes, and dropkicks Jindrak, followed by a stiff chop. RK goes for a bulldog, but Jindrak counters, and throws him into the corner. Jindrak then goes for a German suplex, but Roadkill elbows free, and tags in his partner.
DD knocks down Jindrak with a right hand, then knocks Cade off the apron, before elbowing Luther off the apron too. He hit’s a front slam on Jindrak, and tags in Roadkill again. Meanwhile, Reigns and Cade are being restrained on the apron by the referee, and this allows the last ever ECW Tag Champions to hit the favoured move of the Dudley’s … WASSSSUPPP!!!!! Jindrak rolls around in agony from the move, and tries to tag out, but Roadkill drags him back to the centre of the ring, then drops an elbow.
RK picks Jindrak up, and whips him to the corner, before following in, to connect with a big splash. Jindrak staggers out, and is met with a right hand from RK, and another, and another, and a fourth, before Jindrak starts to comedically stagger, allowing Roadkill to hit a winding elbow, knocking one half of the tag champions down.
One half of the challengers picks Jindrak up, and goes for a suplex, but Jindrak holds onto a rope, stopping the move. Roadkill then breaks, and is met with a rake to the eyes by MJ, who quickly tags out to HBCade.
Cade enters the ring, and knocks Roadkill down with a clothesline, before bouncing off the ropes, and dropping a knee. He keeps on him, and chokes Road Kill on the ground, but eventually breaks, before dragging him to the corner, and tagging in Jindrak again.
MJ pounds Roadkill in the corner, then goes for a ten punch, but after six, RK moves, and flapjacks Jindrak into the top turnbuckle. Mark staggers around the ring, as does Roadkill. RK looks to make it to his corner, but Cade stops him, hitting a chop block, taking Roadkill down.
This infuriates Danny Doring who tries to intervene, but is held back by the referee. Meanwhile, Jindrak is helped up by Luther, whilst Cade holds down Roadkill, and thanks to this, Jindrak soon takes control on the opponent once again. He hit’s a few elbows to the back, then picks RK up, and goes for a Belly to Belly, but Roadkill headbutts his way out of the equation, and MJ staggers, before he gets knocked down by a clothesline from Roadkill, who looks to be firing up.
MJ then attempts to get away from Roadkill, crawling through the man’s legs, but Roadkill grabs Jindraks trousers, and ends up going nowhere. He pulls the smaller man back, before he drops an elbow. Roadkill whips Jindrak into the corner, coming in after and hit’s a clothesline, making MJ stagger out. RK follows up with a full nelson slam, squashing Jindrak to the mat. Roadkill then bounces off the ropes, and goes for a leg drop, but MJ rolls out of the way, and looks at RK, who is grabbing his leg, and starts laughing. He points at Roadkill, then looks to the crowd, who boo him, as he shouts out “YEAH!!” Jindrak kicks his opponent in the back, before he bounces off the ropes, and hit’s a short dropkick to the face of the seated opponent. Jindrak then starts to get cocky, slapping RK, but as he tries to slap him a third time, Roadkill catches the arm, and twists it, making Jindrak yell out in agony.
Roadkill gets back up, and whips him off the ropes, hitting a back body drop on MJ. Roadkill finally makes a tag to Doring!!! Danny enters, all guns blazing, knocking Jindrak down, and again, before hitting Cade with a clothesline, but Luther comes from behind, and knocks down Danny Doring. The fans are less than impressed, as the referee tries to get Reigns out of the match, but Luther pushes past the referee, and starts putting the boots to Danny Doring.
Roadkill ploughs through the DX Duo, with a stiff double clothesline, before saving his partner from Luther Reigns. The Challengers whip Reigns off the ropes, before knocking him down with a double reverse elbow. Luther rolls out of the ring, saving himself from any more harm.
As the challengers celebrate, The DX Duo attack from behind, but right now, the contenders are bubbling over with energy, and feed off the crowd to overcome Cade and Jindrak. Doring tees off on Cade, before he and Roadkill make a double whip, sending the champions into each other, before scoring with a dropkick each to both men!!!
Doring and Roadkill give the fans a thumbs up, as if to say its table time. This gets a huge response from the crowd as they chant, “We want tables!!”. RK & DD nod, before they slide out of the ring, looking under the apron for tables, but stopping them, is the Insurance Policy, Luther Reigns.
Reigns nails both men with a steel chair to the back, giving Cade and Jindrak time to recuperate. Reigns shouts into the ring for the champions to give him a hand, with both men very sluggish to react. Roadkill swipes the chair from Reigns, and jabs him with it in the sternum, before executing a swinging neck breaker onto it.
The challengers get a table and carry it into the ring. Roadkill throws Jindrak out of the ring, before the two challengers go for a double suplex on Garrison, but Jindrak pulls the leg of Roadkill as he gets Cade into the air, and Cade counters on Doring into a reverse DDT. Cade, then picks Danny Doring back up, and hit’s a release Northern Lights suplex. HBCade then attempts to hit a T-Bone to Danny Doring through the table, but as he hit’s the move, Roadkill frantically moves the table out of the way.
Now, MJ re-enters and goes for a clothesline on Roadkill, but misses. RK hits a combination of punches on Jindrak, and knocks down Cade in between as he tries to intervene. Roadkill picks up Garrison Cade, and sets him on the table. He reaches the middle rope and goes for a splash through the table, but this time, MJ makes the save with a boot to Roadkill, before pushing him over the top rope, and throwing him out of the ring.
Jindrak helps Cade up, and now the DX Duo take advantage of the man advantage, with Luther holding down Roadkill on the outside. Cade and Jindrak hit a flapjack on Danny Doring, sending him through the table, for the victory!!!

Winners: And still World Tag Team Champions, The DX Duo @ 08:12

Jim Ross:
Wouldn’t you know you it. The DX Duo steal a win. What a shocker.

The Coach:
You cant deny that Cade and Jindrak can get it done. It doesn’t matter how J.R, it just matters that they can.

Jim Ross:
If it hadn’t been for that so-called Insurance Policy, Luther Reigns, it would’ve been 2 on 2, and I’m pretty sure, we’d be looking at new champions right now.

Video Package for next months PPV offering, WWE Survivor Series, being a Raw and Smackdown production, on November 6th, from Manchester, New Hampshire.

Backstage, Batista is standing with a bunch of guys from the Raw locker room - (Carlito, A-Train, Rhyno, Christian, Tyson Tomko, an irate looking RVD, The Brotherhood, and Mark Henry)

It’s official guys. I just got word that there is to be no interference in Rics match later on.

The guys seem angered, and we hear them moan a little.

Dave, das not cool.
(Carlito spits out his apple)

Lets not worry just yet. Flair is still gonna beat Cactus, so, lets not get carried away.

Lets hope he does. Tonight, the balance of power on Raw is switching, and Mick Foleys grip as General Manager will slip tonight. After this, we make sure that Ric gets the job, and Foley gets fired.

Damn right guys. And with the World Champion supporting the movement, you can bet that Vince McMahon will listen. Me and Vinnie go way back.

Slight silence

Listen, no matter what. Win or lose. I just need to know that all you guys are on board??

The group generally signal that they are in agreement.


Batista smiles, as the camera fades out…

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole:
Ladies and Gentlemen, coming up next, is JBL vs. Chris Jericho, for the United States Title.

And as you can see, the stretcher is placed here at ringside, with the object of this match, to wheel your opponent up the ramp, and across that yellow line at the top, to win this match.

Michael Cole:
Here is how we made it to Nemesis here tonight…

United States Championship Match Video Package:

- JBL winning the U.S Title by hook or crook at The Great American Bash.

- JBL on the Highlight Reel, being made of fun of Chris Jericho.
- Leading to a tag match, where Jericho pins JBL.
- Following week, where JBL attacks Jericho, along with The Cabinet, bloodying Y2J, and wheeling him off the Smackdown stage, whilst Jericho is strapped to a stretcher.
- JBL gloats about ending Jericho’s career, even beating a Y2J look-a-like.
- Chris Jericho makes a shocking return, attacking all four members of JBL’s Cabinet.
- Jericho wins a #1 Contenders Match, giving him a title shot at JBL at Nemesis.
- Bret Hart announces that it will be a stretcher match.
- Jericho and JBL have a showdown, with Jericho revealing that he isn’t getting mad, but at Nemesis, he will get even.
- JBL guarantees victory … … but so does Jericho.

**5-4-3-2-1...BOOM!!!** Chris Jericho enters the arena to a huge response from the fans. Y2J walks to the ramp, pumping up the fans, ahead of this huge match.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest, is the STRETCHER match, for the United States Championship. Introducing first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, weighing 235 pounds, CHRIS JERICHOOOOOOO!!!

Michael Cole:
On August 18th, JBL wheeled this man off the Smackdown stage, whilst Jericho was strapped to a stretcher following a brutal assault from Layfield. Chris Jericho has made a remarkable recovery, and is here tonight, to face JBL for the United States Title ironically, in a Stretcher Match.

Jericho has some real pent up aggression Cole. Like he said on Smackdown, he doesn’t get mad, but he gets even.

**Longhorn** JBL’s limo enters the arena to a huge amount of heat, easily the most tonight. The driver opens the door for JBL, who along with his Chief of Staff, Jamie Noble exit’s the vehicle. The two men make their way to the ring, talking strategy. JBL and Noble both look steely faced, with Layfield seemingly worried about the match.

Tony Chimel:
And from New York City, weighing 297 pounds, he is the WWE United States Champion… JOHHHHN, BRADSHAWWWW, LAYFIELD!!!!!

Michael Cole:
JBL has enjoyed so much success this past year. He has become the U.S Champion, and has not lost a singles match since March. Is tonight to be his first one on one loss since his upward movement??

JBL knows he’s in for a rough night, but this guys doesn’t guarantee victory, unless he means it. Two men who have promised a victory, but one will be leaving tonight, very disappointed.

WWE United States Championship; Stretcher Match:

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
w/ Jamie Noble
vs. Chris Jericho

The bell rings, with both men walking to the centre of the ring, exchanging words, back and forth. JBL is mid way through a brief tirade, as Jericho snaps, and begins to unload his pent up aggression on Layfield. JBL retreats away from his opponent, but Jericho is like a rabid dog, thirsty for blood on the U.S Champion.

JBL falls to the mat, with Jericho stomping away at him. Y2J sees Noble jumping onto the apron, and immediately, Jericho knocks him of with a springboard dropkick, much to the pleasure of the fans. Jericho salutes the people, before coming back after JBL, who rakes the eyes, then quickly throws
the challenger into the corner, shoulder first.
The Champion waves the match off, and exit’s the ring, having had enough already. JBL starts walking up the ramp, but Jericho wont allow him to leave, and shakes his shoulder loose, before coming out of the ring after him. Jericho chases JBL up the ramp, and catches him, but Bradshaw stops the momentum, striking Jericho with a knee to the gut, and tries to throw Y2J off the ramp again, but Jericho elbows free from Layfield, and clotheslines his adversary down, with the champions head cracking off the ramp.
Jericho keeps on the offence, and mounts JBL, pounding the head, before slamming his face against the steel. Jericho gets back up, and signals to the fans, who give him a standing ovation. Y2J drags JBL up by the hair, and drags the champion back towards the ring. JBL tries to break away, but Jericho stops him, with a kick to the ribcage. He now whips JBL into the steel steps, back first, with Bradshaw wincing in agony. Jericho doesn’t relent, and gets right on Bradshaw once again.
Y2J pounds at the head of the United States Champion, before rolling him back into the ring. Jamie Noble tries to stop Jericho from getting back in, but is clotheslined down. Y2J looks to be on fire, as he slides back inside, and JBL tries to back off, into the corner, but Y2J is having none of it. He continues to the corner, kicking JBL in the face, before dragging him up, and unleashes a vicious chop across the champions chest. JBL shows the discomfort on his face, but once again, Y2J doesn’t ease up, and strikes a second time with a chop. Jericho whips his opponent off the ropes, immediately knocking him back down with a reverse elbow.
Again, Noble tries to cause a distraction, jumping onto the apron, but Jericho jumps to the top rope, and knocks Noble back off, with a springboard dropkick, taking Jamie by surprise. Jericho goes back after JBL, but Bradshaw quickly rams Jericho into the corner. The Champion drives his shoulder, three times, into the abdomen of Jericho, taking the wind from the challenger. The rough and ready champion starts swinging some major right hands, striking the face of Jericho. JBL whips him across the ring, to the opposite corner, but Jericho jumps to the middle rope, and springboards back with a reverse elbow taking the U.S Champion by surprise.
Jericho gets back to his feet, and pumps up the fans, punching a fist into the air, as JBL begins to pull himself up in the ropes. Y2J sees a chance, and runs off the ropes, coming back with a knee to the back of the Champion, choking him on the ropes.
Y2J slides out of the ring, and looks under the apron for a weapon, pulling out a trash can. He gets back up, but the Chief of Staff jumps on his back from behind, choking Jericho. Chris Jericho though, manages to shake him off quickly, smashing the trash can behind his head, colliding with Noble. Noble drops off the challengers back, and crumples on the mat. Jericho now slides back into the ring, with the trash can, but JBL catches him immediately, with a knee to the gut, which sends Jericho down to one knee.
Bradshaw clubs the back, with perspiration flying off Jericho’s back. Layfield takes the trash can, and smashes it across the forehead of a defenceless Jericho, before throwing the object to the outside. Bradshaw goes for a cover, forgetting for a moment that this is a stretcher match with no pinfalls.
JBL stomps the face of the grounded Jericho, before dragging him to his feet. He throws a chop, but Jericho throws one right back, only for JBL to immediately stop any momentum, with a knee to the gut. Bradshaw backs into the ropes, and runs back out at Jericho, for a Clothesline from Hell … but Jericho leap frogs the Champion, and runs into the ropes himself, but Noble trips him!!!
Jericho turns around, and starts arguing with Noble for a second but as he turns back around, is met with the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! JBL kneels down beside Jericho, smiling at his Chief of Staff, pointing to the stretcher at ringside. Noble quickly wheels the stretcher beside the ring, and for some stupid reason, folds it up, sliding it into the ring. JBL is furious, as Noble has now given him more work to do instead of less. Layfield calls Noble into the ring, and starts berating him for being stupid, before giving him a slight slap to the back of the head, before telling Noble to slide it back out. Jamie nods, and quickly takes the instructions, but as he begins to climb out of the ring, JBL picks up Chris Jericho, but Jericho summons the energy, and kicks JBL in the gut, before grabbing the champion, and cannonballs him into his Chief of Staff, knocking Noble out of the ring. Jericho quickly hooks up Layfield, and delivers a suplex ONTO THE STRETCHER!!!
JBL rolls over, contorting his back after the suplex. Chris Jericho looks around the arena, before grabbing the Stretcher, and sets the object upright in the corner. Jericho chops JBL as Bradshaw pulls himself up on the ropes, before taking the champion, and whipping him across the ring, right into the stretcher set in the corner!!! JBL staggers out, and Jericho knocks him back down with a spinning heel kick. Y2J then talks briefly to the referee, who turns towards the entrance way, signalling for another stretcher. We see the stretcher in the ring looks to have been broken from the impact of the suplex, and whip, with two wheels having come off the bottom.
Jericho stomps on the champion, before mocking JBL’s longhorn taunt, to a nice pop, before dragging Bradshaw to his feet. Jericho hits another few chops, before whipping JBL across the ring towards the stretcher again, but this time, Layfield reverses, and sends Jericho into the upright object. Jericho hits chest first, and immediately falls backwards upon impact. JBL keeps on him, dropping an elbow to the chest. Again, JBL goes for the cover, forgetting the stipulation with no pinfalls. He pounds the mat, frustrated with his own stupidity, forgetting the stipulations.
Bradshaw sets the Stretcher back upright, as officials set a second stretcher at ringside. JBL picks Jericho up, executing a perfect swinging neck breaker, putting the challenger right back down. Layfield sits up, almost as if he’s thinking of what to do next. He pulls Y2J up by the hair, and sets him in the corner, rested against the mangled stretcher, before taking five steps back, almost in the opposite corner. JBL takes a few breaths, before charging across the ring, looking to squash Jericho in the corner, against the stretcher, but as he charges across, Jericho drops down, and JBL runs into the object!!!
Both men are down, but Jericho appears to be more with it, reaching his feet first. He grabs the stretcher, but doesn’t have the energy to lift it, instead, dropping it onto the prone body of JBL. Jericho now hits another level, and snaps for a moment, grabbing one end of the stretcher, and repeatedly slams it across the body of JBL, with the fans popping huge for the Highlight of the Night, taking it to JBL.
Jericho eventually flips the stretcher away, and shakes the ropes, letting out a ‘C’MON!!’ with the fans getting behind him, starting a ‘Y2J’ chant. Jericho, from the corner of his eye, spots Noble trying to sneak into the ring, and quickly snuffs that out, bouncing off the ropes, and hitting a baseball slide, knocking The Chief of Staff out of the ring.
Y2J now takes the stretcher, and sets it in the middle of the ring, still not sat up, but with the legs pushed down. He sees JBL getting up, and runs behind him, bouncing off the ropes, and comes back, taking the U.S Champion down with a bulldog ONTO THE STRETCHER!!! Jericho doesn’t rest for a moment, and now, he cups his ear to the fans, almost like Hulk Hogan, and runs to the ropes, leaping to the middle, and scores with the Lionsault!!!! JBL, on the Stretcher, continues to take a beating, this time with a Lionsault!!!
The Challenger is firing on all cylinders at this point, with JBLs title reign in serious jeopardy. Jericho rolls Bradshaw off the broken down stretcher, and tries to set it up, extending the legs, but barely manages, after the punishment the object has taken. Jericho manages to successfully set it up as best possible, before pounding Bradshaw onto it. Jericho now climbs through the ropes, and begins to scale the ropes, reaching the top, pointing down at the defenceless JBL, signalling for a splash or some sort of move off the top, but once again, Jamie Noble proves his worth to JBL, grabbing Y2Js foot. Jericho struggles with Noble, trying to shake him off. Jamie climbs to the middle rope, exchanging blows with Jericho, but Y2J wins the exchange, and knocks Noble off the middle rope, with The Chief of Staff hitting the barricade!!!
Jericho is set to jump off, but JBL has recovered, and he kicks the ropes, with Y2J straddling the top. Bradshaw starts to climb the ropes, reaching the middle, before throwing some more blistering shots at Jericho. The fans start to rise to their feet, as JBL sets Y2J in position for a Fall Away Slam off the middle rope, but Jericho tries to fight free. JBL though, is too strong, and frees one of his arms to stop Jericho’s fight back, before executing the impressive Fall Away … WITH JERICHO COLLIDING WITH THE STRETCHER!!!!
‘Holy Shit, Holy Shit’ is the chants from the fans, as Jericho kicks his legs around, grabbing his chest area, showing his discomfort. JBL takes his time to get back up, looking around for Jamie Noble, but Noble is still down after being pushed off the middle rope a few moments ago. Bradshaw gets up, and sees the collapsed Stretcher in the ring still. He tries to set it back up, but the object is by this stage, dilapidated. He gives up, and lets it stand as it is, before grabbing Chris Jericho once again.
Layfield grabs the barely conscious Jericho, and sets him in position for a power bomb, seemingly onto the Stretcher, but in an act of desperation, Jericho has to go low, and scores with a low blow, sending JBL down to his knees too. Y2J pushes himself to his feet, and immediately starts to climb the ropes again, reaching the top. Jericho waits as Bradshaw gets up, and jumps off, hitting a missile dropkick, knocking JBL down again.
Jericho appears to have another idea, and sets the distorted Stretcher upright, next to JBL, as the Champion rises to his feet. Jericho patiently waits, as JBL rises up, and as he does, Jericho runs at him, scoring with a standing enziguri, and Bradshaw’s head collides with the upright stretcher!!!!!
The Champion is down, and Jericho immediately slides out of the ring, going for the second stretcher. He wheels it right beside the ring, close enough to roll JBL onto it, but before he can crawl back into the ring, Jamie Noble, like a little terrier, attacks Y2J with a chair shot to the back. Noble once again, smashes the chair across the back, looking to put Jericho down for good this time. The Chief of Staff drops the chair, and lowers the stretcher once again, and slides it into the ring, for no known reason, which comes as a surprise, especially after being told off by Bradshaw before. Noble re-enters the ring, and helps JBL up, giving him the idea to go for the Power bomb a second time, this time, onto an elevated Stretcher. Layfields eyes widen in excitement, and tells Noble to get Jericho back into the ring. Noble slides out, as JBL starts to set the Stretcher up, as Noble rolls Jericho into the ring.
Layfield stomps the head of Jericho, before picking him up, trying to get Y2J in position for the Powerbomb again, but as he gets him in the air, Jericho punches free, and drops back to his feet, connecting with a chop to the chest of JBL, only for the Champion to fire back with a right hand, and a second, but Jericho strikes back with another chop, before whipping JBL to the corner. Jericho comes at him, but JBL moves out of the way, with Jericho hitting the corner, JBL races off the ropes, and charges at Jericho for a second Clothesline from Hell, but Jericho ducks, gets a double leg take down, and applies the Walls of Jericho!!!
Like an idiot, JBL taps out, but Jericho knows he doesn’t have to break the hold, with submissions not counting for the victory in this match. Jamie Noble, always the pest, jumps onto the apron, shouting abuse at Jericho. The Challenger lets go of the submission, and runs at Noble, yanking the ropes, with Noble being taken into the ring. Noble struggles up, and is immediately clotheslined back over the top rope by Jericho, with Noble thudding against the floor.
Jericho shouts something to the fallen Chief of Staff, before turning back around, and seeing JBL getting back to his feet. Jericho jumps to the second turnbuckle, and waits for JBL to turn around, before jumping off, knocking the U.S Champion down with a reverse elbow. Y2J lowers the height of the stretcher, and places the beaten down Champion onto the object. He pounds JBL down, with Layfield unable to answer the punches. Jericho sees Noble AGAIN climbing onto the apron, and smiles. Jericho bounces off the ropes, and comes back pushing the stretcher, with JBL wheeling, headfirst, into Nobles groin, knocking Noble off once again!!!
Y2J stands at the ropes, looking to the fans, proud of that spot, before wheeling JBL back towards the centre of the ring. He pounds the battered champion down, before pushing him off the stretcher. Jericho now tries to tip it over onto the Champion, but Layfield moves just in time. Jericho continues to try and keep on top of JBL, stomping his back. The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla drags Bradshaw up, and whips him off the ropes, but Jericho misses a clothesline, and as the Champion comes back off the ropes, he knocks the challenger down with a big boot to the face!!!
JBL staggers around the ring taking a few moments to regain his bearings, before striking Jericho with a kick to the rib cage. JBL drags his opponent up, throwing another few right hands, at Jericho, before whipping him off the ropes, and knocks him right back down with a shoulder block. The Champion now, one more time, elevates the stretcher, before kicking the ruined one out of the ring, to create more space.
Layfield stomps the head of Jericho, dragging him up once more, but Jericho fights away, scoring with kicks to the stomach region, before running into the ropes coming back at Layfield, jumping up, going for a Hurricanrana - BUT Bradshaw fights it, turns around … AND POWERBOMBS JERICHO ONTO THE STRETCHER!!!!!
The stretcher collapses from the velocity at which Jericho came crashing down onto it. The fans come alive, as JBL sits by the ropes, hardly believing the spot himself, as the referee asks for another stretcher, possibly to wheel Jericho out right now!!
Officials are quick to run down with a THIRD stretcher, in this match, and immediately slide it into the ring, but JBL kicks the officials away, and slides the third stretcher from the ring. He rolls Jericho from the second flattened Stretcher, and sets the object back upright again, before lifting Jericho up, and placing his lifeless body against the stretcher. Bradshaw now swings his arm loose, as if to signal he is going to hit the Clothesline From Hell. He lines it up, and moves toward Jericho, but Y2J slides away. Layfield stops himself before hitting the stretcher. He turns around, and sees Jericho trying to regain his bearings on the ropes, and waits for Y2J to turn around, and as he does … JBL runs at him for the Clothesline … BUT JERICHO LEAPS OUT OF THE WAY … AND JBL HIT’S THE REFEREE … WHO GOES FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!!!
Layfields face is a picture, with the referee knocked out. He turns around, but is met with a flying forearm from Jericho!!! The Challenger rolls out of the ring, still suffering from back pain, and sets the third stretcher up. Noble thinks about attacking, but Jericho spots him, and tells the Chief of Staff to stay were he is, with Noble walking around the ring trying to think of what to do.
Bradshaw rolls out, and tries to get at Jericho again, but Y2J is ready for the champion, and rams him into the steel ring post. Jericho now tries to load the carcass of Bradshaw onto the stretcher, but there is too much life left in JBL to do so. JBL gets back off, going blow for blow with his opponent, but is helped by the chief of staff once more, with Noble attacking Jericho from behind, with the U.S Title belt. JBL gives Noble some instructions, and Bradshaw holds up Y2J, for Noble to strike with the title, but the plan goes pear shaped, as Noble runs at the restrained Jericho, but Y2J kicks him in the gut, and mule kicks the champion, in an act of desperation!!!
Jericho frees himself, with Bradshaw dropping to his knees in agony. Noble freezes, as Jericho now stands over him. The Chief of Staff starts to crawl away, up the ramp from Jericho, who shakes his head, laughing at this useless attempt to escape. Jericho stalks Noble down as he crawls away, clinging the title belt, and eventually, Y2J grabs him by the trouser waist, comedically, but unintentionally ripping the trousers of Noble!!!
Noble has been exposed in his wyfronts, with Jericho almost hysterically laughing, before getting serious again, and dropping an elbow on him. He now, grabs the pasty white legs, and locks in the Walls of Jericho on Noble!!! Y2J cranks back, making Noble pay for his interference throughout the match, humiliating him.
Jericho’s revenge doesn’t last long, as from behind, JBL rams the stretcher into the back of Jericho!!! Jericho releases the hold, as Layfield, once again takes control of this see saw battle. JBL drags the challenger to his vertical base, and starts bad mouthing, until Jericho hit’s a drop toe hold, with JBLs head colliding with Nobles crotch!!!!!
Layfield, in his horror, realizes where his face is at, and quickly gets up, whilst Noble rolls around the steel. JBLs attention has been taken away from the challenger, for now, but not for long, as Jericho comes from behind, and executes a devastating BREAKDOWN ON THE RAMP!!!!!
Jericho realizes that the time is now to win the match, and scarpers to lower the stretcher in order to roll JBL on. Jericho is quick to do this, and has Bradshaw on the stretcher in no time. Jericho, with all his energy starts to wheel towards the finish line at the top of the ramp … Jericho pushes … further … and further … he nears the finish line … one more push …


We have a NEW United States Champion!!! Chris Jericho makes good of his promise, having won the match, but something appears to be odd, as the music hasn’t hit, and there has been no official bell …


Jericho looks around, wondering why he hasn’t been announced as the champion yet, with his arms in the air, before noticing, that the referee is sprawled on the outside!!! Chris Jericho starts to walk back down the aisle, but is attacked by a will not die Jamie Noble. Noble fires right hands at Jericho, but Y2J drives a knee to the mid section, before clotheslining Noble down. Jericho stands over Noble, before grinning sadistically. He grabs Noble by the hair, and drags him back up the ramp, passing JBL, who is now trying to free himself from the straps of the stretcher, but wont free himself in time, as JERICHO THROWS NOBLE OFF THE STAGE!!!!!
The fans once again, chant ‘HOLY SH!T … HOLY SH!T’ as Noble goes crashing through a stack of tables and wires. Jericho looks down for a second, before seeing JBL still desperately trying to get himself freed, but cant!!! Jericho walks toward the stretcher, smiling madly, with JBL pleading. Jericho walks behind the stretcher, and looks set to try and wheel it off the stage … BUT DANNY BASHAM ATTACKS JERICHO!!! Doug Basham follows behind him, and helps his brother to attack Jericho. Doug puts the boots to Jericho, whilst his brother frees JBL from the stretcher.
Doug drags Jericho up, with he and Danny going for a double suplex, but Jericho shows his tenacity, and wriggles free, clothes lining both men down!!! Y2J turns back around, but is met with the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE SKULL!!!!!!!!!!
JBL falls over too, showing how much he put behind the belt shot. The Bashams begin to stir, and roll Jericho onto the stretcher. JBL looks worse for wear, but instructs Danny to revive the referee. Danny sprints down the aisle, and swipes a bottle of water from a fan on his way, sprinkling the official. At the top of the ramp, JBL and Doug Basham strap Jericho onto the stretcher, tightly enough that he wont escape, but he is flattened anyway. JBL reclaims his U.S Title, and clutches it to his chest, as Danny shows the official the top of the ramp with Jericho beaten, which is enough evidence for the referee.

Winner: And still United States Champion, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield @ 20:45

The familiar music of JBL fills the arena, but to more heat than ever before, having been conclusively beaten in the match. The Bashams helps JBL leave the arena, with them not bothering to put a final exclamation point on Jericho, as we hear JBL asking where Noble is.

Michael Cole:
This is not acceptable. Not at all. Chris Jericho clearly wheeled his adversary over the line for victory, but thanks to his Cabinet, and them alone, JBL retains the United States Title.

A masterstroke from JBL here tonight Cole. No doubt about it. Whichever way you look at it, JBL will do anything, and I mean, anything to keep a hold of that precious United States Title.

Michael Cole:
Well, I have to say, right now, JBL is the luckiest man in Kentucky. He and Triple H better thank their lucky stars here tonight, because something somewhere has went right for them tonight.

Cant you just be happy for someone who enjoys a little success??

Michael Cole:
Gimme a break Tazz. JBL didn’t earn this win tonight, Chris Jericho clearly did. Absolutely sickening.

Shopzone Commercial

In their locker room, DX watch as Michaels makes some last second preparations for his upcoming Championship defence.

Shawn Michaels:
That oughta do it. Like I say, you cant improve on perfection.

Luther Reigns:
Good luck Shawn.

Garrison Cade:
Yeah, good luck man. Stick it to them. You can do it Shawn.

Mark Jindrak:
Yeah, if you need us HBK, just make the signal.

HBK nods, then places the title around his waist. He opens the door to leave the room, then turns back.

Shawn Michaels:
You guys know what you have to do.

Michaels winks at his friends, who nod, as he exit’s the room.

We cut to the backstage area, as The Basham Brothers help JBL out of the arena, with Josh Matthews catching up with Danny.

Josh Matthews:
Danny, Danny, has JBL got anything to say about the fashion in which he retained the U.S Title here tonight??

Danny Basham:
What does it look like to you brainiac??

Josh Matthews:
It looks like JBL got extremely lucky here tonight. And if it wasn’t for you and your co- Secretary of Defence, he wouldn’t have the title right now.

Danny Basham:
Well, for your information Josh, no one cares what you think, especially not my boss. The fact of the matter remains that JBL is the United States Champion. He proved tonight he wanted it more, by out planning Chris Jericho. He went to any lengths to make sure was retained the title, something Jericho didn’t do to try and capture it. Now, get the hell out of his breathing space, and let us get him to a hospital.

The Bashams help JBL into his limo, whilst Danny leans in the front window to give some instructions to the driver. Jamie Noble though, is nowhere to be seen.

World Heavyweight Championship Video Package:

- HBK with the help of DX becomes World Champion at Summer Slam.

- Christian defeats Undertaker CLEANLY at Summer Slam.
- Orton, Christian, and Cena all make it known they want a title shot, with all having good reason for wanting one.
- Randy Orton scores the fall in the Raw vs. Smackdown 10 Man Tag at Clash of the Champions which allows him a title shot against Shawn Michaels.
- Orton is screwed out of the title by DX the following night.
- The following week, Sting wins a highly disputed #1 Contenders match against The Undertaker, John Cena and Edge.
- Sting wins, thanks to DX interfering to cost Cena, and Christian costs Taker, leaving Sting to win.
- The following week, Mr. McMahon changes the HBK - Sting match, to a six pack challenge, featuring HBK, Sting, Orton, Christian, Undertaker and John Cena.
- Sting overcomes three mystery opponents, picked by HBK, whilst Michaels beats Sting’s mystery opponent for him.
- Christian for the second time, defeats The Undertaker.
- Cena and Orton team up to get revenge on the other three members of DX, scoring an important victory.
- Cena defeats Christian in a 1st Blood Match last week on Raw, thanks to The Undertaker.
- HBK manages to beat Sting last week on Raw.
- Tension between all six men, finally exploding last week on Raw, with Undertaker ending the show standing tall.

**H-B-K** Shawn Michaels music hits in the arena, and the World Heavyweight Champion enters to a enormous chorus of boo’s. He laughs them off, making his way to the ring, dancing and strutting.

Howard Finkel:
The following contest, is a six pack, elimination match, and is for the WORLD, HEAVYWEIGHT, CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Introducing first, the current World Heavyweight Champion, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing 230 pounds, the Heart Break Kid, SHAWWWWWWN MICCCCCCHAELSSSSSSS!!!!

Jim Ross:
Shawn Michaels is the World Champion, but Coach, lets face it, if it wasn’t for DX, Michaels would never have been champion at Summer Slam, and again, if it wasn’t for his three friends, he wouldn’t have beaten Randy Orton to keep it five weeks ago!!

The Coach:
Michaels looks confident J.R. By hook or crook he has held onto the title, including this past Monday Night on Raw. Shawn Michaels is a survivor, J.R, and tonight, I’m confident that the Showstopper will once again keep the title.

**Seek and Destroy** The original number one contender’s music hits, and we see Sting fly down from the rafters to great ovation from the fans.

Howard Finkel:
And the challengers, first, from Venice Beach California, weighing 252 pounds, STINNNNNNNNNG!!!!

Jim Ross:
On September 12th, Sting won a Fatal Four Way, which should’ve guaranteed him a one on one match here tonight against Shawn Michaels, but due to heavy interference, the match had to be changed, to allow everyone else into the match.

The Coach:
Sting had his match though with Michaels last Monday Night, and came up just short against The Showstopper. Can he go one better tonight??

**Burn in my light** Randy Orton enters to a booming cheer from Freedom Hall. The Legend Killer looks ready for a war, staring straight at his other two opponents so far, who wait in the ring for the third generation superstar.

Howard Finkel:
From St Louis, Missouri, weighing 247 pounds, RANNNNNNDY ORRRRRRRTON!!!!

Jim Ross:
It is do or die for Orton. He has a second chance at glory, after being screwed over by DX on Raw nearly five weeks ago from becoming World Champion.

The Coach:
Orton looks more focused than ever if you ask me J.R. His mind set is on one thing, and that’s becoming the World Champion for a third time.

**GONG…GONG…GONG** The Undertaker’s music plays, and the Deadman makes his way to the ring, slowly, as always.

Howard Finkel:
From Death Valley, weighing 305 pounds, THEEE UNNNNDERTAKERRRR!!!!

Jim Ross:
Freedom Hall has been taken to the dark side, as we watch The Undertaker make his way to the ring, bidding to become the World Champion for the fifth time!!!

The Coach:
Can he recover though from two straight defeats to Captain Charisma?? The Undertaker as of late has shown he isn’t quite as indestructible as you’d expect.

**Just Close Your Eyes** Christian enters the arena, backed up by Tyson Tomko. Captain Charisma doesn’t look to worried as he walks to the ring rather confident, posing to the fans. However, as he walks up the steps, the official tells him that Tomko isn’t allowed at ringside with him. Christian is furious, as is Tomko, who begins to storm back up the ramp in a sulk.

Howard Finkel:
Weighing 245 pounds, being accompanied by Tyson Tomko…… CHRISSSSTIAN!!!!

However, as he walks up the steps, the official tells him that Tomko isn’t allowed at ringside with him. Christian is furious, as is Tomko, who begins to storm back up the ramp in a sulk.

Jim Ross:
Well even without Tomko by his side, Coach, no one could ever say that this man has a lack of self confidence.

The Coach:
Listen to the Peeps J.R. I think we might just be looking at the next World Champion.

**MY TIME IS NOW** John Cena enters the arena to a MASSIVE response. The Dr. of Thuganomics plays to the crowd for a few moments, before locking eyes with HBK, who stands in the ring, motioning for Cena to bring it on.

Howard Finkel:
And from West Newberry, Massachusetts, weighing 253 pounds, JOHHHHHNNNNNN CENNNNNNNNNNA!!!!

Jim Ross:
The time for talking is over Co-

J.R is cut off, as Luther Reigns, Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak attack John Cena from behind, with Cade using a chair, Reigns holding a pipe, and Jindrak wearing a chain around his fist. They beat down Cena at the top of the entrance way, whilst the rest in the ring watch. Michaels has a broad smile across his face, witnessing his plan come together.

Orton tries to get out of the ring to help Cena, but the referee stops him. The DX members have now busted Cena wide open with the weapons. Reigns ends the assault, with a pump handle slam on the steel ramp way, before giving HBK a thumbs up, having done the task required.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: 6 Pack Elimination Match:

Shawn Michaels
vs. Sting vs. Randy Orton vs. Undertaker vs. John Cena vs. Christian

In the ring, Sting and Orton look disgusted as to what has happened, with Christian even showing some surprise, but that doesn’t last too long, as he attacks Orton from behind, signalling the match to have officially begun.

Christian pounds Orton by the back, with clubbing blows, as the remaining three men (HBK, Sting and Taker) are ushered to the outside in their respective corners. Captain Charisma backs Orton into the ropes, whipping him off the opposite side, but misses with a clothesline, with Orton coming off the other side again, knocking Christian down with a shoulder block. Orton goes for a quick cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!
Randy Orton drags Christian up, not giving him a moment to recover, backing the opponent into the corner, before delivering a stunning forearm to the chest, with Christian gasping for air. Orton keeps on him, delivers an uppercut forearm, before whipping Captain Charisma off the ropes, and knocks him back down with a dropkick. Orton again covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
The Legend Killer picks Christian up, and sends him to the corner, but before he can run at him, The Undertaker makes a blind tag on Orton. Orton isn’t too pleased, but reluctantly exit’s the ring. Taker sizes Christian up in the corner, but before Taker runs at him, Christian sees Taker is the legal man, and quickly slaps the arm of Shawn Michaels, tagging himself out.
Michaels, like Orton, isn’t too pleased, but for opposite reasons. He warily steps in between the ropes, taking a quick look up the ramp to see the whereabouts of Cena, before getting inside. Both Taker and HBK slowly move around the ring, with Michaels not wanting to make any mistakes, and Taker trying to corner the champion.
Taker lunges forward at Michaels, but Michaels slips under, and throws three consecutive right hands to the face of The Deadman, which stagger Taker a little, as HBK bounces off the ropes for a big clothesline, but Taker catches him by the throat!!! Undertaker looks to be going for the Chokeslam, but HBK struggles, and eventually, after trying to elbow and kick himself free, a knee to the gut is enough for Michaels to break free. He bends down for a second, in order to get his breath back, before lining up to chop Taker, but The Phenom grabs HBK hand, and again goes for The Chokeslam, but Michaels grabs the top rope, which help him beat the move.
Undertaker lets go, and throws a soupbone to the head of HBK, knocking him right down to the mat. Taker drops an elbow on the Champion, following up with a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Michaels. Taker gets back to his feet, dragging Michaels up to, whipping him into the corner. Taker follows in, and beats at the body of Michaels, before tagging himself out, to Sting.
Sting steps in to a big pop from the fans, and is quick to get to work on HBK in the corner, picking up from where Undertaker left off. He starts to pound the head, getting the fans to count along, up to ten, with Sting finishing off the beat down with a round house punch, which sends Michaels crumpling in the corner, looking a little dizzy.
Meanwhile, the camera cuts to the entrance way, where we see John Cena starting to stagger to his feet, busted open badly. He starts to walk down the aisle, looking possibly concussed, after the vicious 3 on 1 assault just a few minutes ago.
In the ring, Sting is stomping Michaels down in the corner, choking the Heart Break Kid with his boot, eventually letting go due to the mandatory five count in place. Sting drags Michaels up, and delivers a perfect vertical suplex, floating into a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! HBK pops his shoulder up, with Sting immediately pounding the face of the Champion. Cena is still staggering down the ramp, bloody and all, whilst Sting takes it to Michaels in the corner. HBK comes back with a kick to the gut, before knocking down the Stinger with a clothesline. Michaels goes looking for a tag, and sees John Cena climbing up the steps to his corner. Michaels looks like he’s seen a ghost, and freezes, with Sting rolling him up, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Michaels just kicks out, and again looks around for a tag, with no one wanting to help out HBK. Sting meanwhile, sees Cena holding his hand out for a tag, to which he accepts, which gets a huge pop from the fans.
Michaels gets back to his feet, and is expecting to see Sting in the ring with him, but as he turns around, we see the bloody and battered John Cena bursting out, from the ropes, and knocks down Michaels with a shoulder block. Michaels gets back up, but Cena puts him right back down with a simple front slam. John Cena then pumps up the crowd, getting them involved in the match, before he bounces off the ropes, knocking Shawn down with a clothesline. He bounces off again, knocking HBK down again with the clothesline. He wait’s a second, before bouncing off the ropes, again, and AGAIN hit’s a running clothesline, which gets the crowd roaring, with a ‘Cena’ chant!!! Michaels bounces into the ropes, hanging through the middle, trying to get his breath, but instead leaves himself open for Cena, who bounces off the ropes, and hit’s a knee to the back of Michaels, with HBK choking on the ropes.
John Cena takes a moment to pull himself together, running on adrenaline right now, before he pulls Michaels out from the ropes, and gets him up, hitting his side suplex into a powerbomb move, with a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Cena stomps on Michaels, telling HBK to get up. Shawn gets to his feet, but Cena whips him off the ropes, hitting a sidewalk slam upon his return. He hooks the leg for another count, 1...2...Kick Out. John Cena continues to show his aggression, with stiff shots to Michaels face, and whips him off the ropes once more, but this time, we get a glimpse of the real HBK, as the Showstopper comes back with a flying forearm!!!
Michaels, gets an arm over the battered Cena, and has a chance to eliminate him, with a simple forearm right now, 1.….2.….KICK OUT!!! Cena gets his shoulder up just in time. Michaels looks a little frustrated, and drags Cena to the corner, before connecting with a chop, and a second, before going for a whip to the opposite corner, which Cena counters, sending Michaels into the corner instead, following in with a body splash. Michaels staggers out, with John Cena getting another burst, hitting the throw back. Cena immediately hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
John Cena puts his hands over his bloodied face, in disappointment from being unable to put the Champion away. Cena doesn’t appear to have much gas left in the tank, after losing a terrific amount of blood. Michaels tries to escape from Cena, rolling out of the ring, and we see him motion to the back, wanting DX to come and help him. Cena is after him though, and nails him from behind, before pounding HBK down. Suddenly, we see Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns and Garrison Cade sprint down the aisle, to aid their leader, but as the three run down, Cena knocks each down.
Orton, Sting and Taker jump off the apron, and begin to attack DX too, whilst Christian stands around, watching the fight unfold. Cena manages to keep on Michaels, and kicks him around the ringside area. The referee though, appears to be distracted by all the brawling, and is too busy trying to order DX from ringside.
Michaels tries to get away from Cena, sliding back inside the ring, and as John Cena rolls in, HBK stomps him down. The Showstopper, slaps the bloody face of Cena, three times, which only infuriates the Dr. of Thuganomics, who spears Michaels down, before unloading with a flurry of right hands. Cena gets up, but staggers around the ring, seemingly light headed from the blood loss. Christian tries to attack Cena, but Cena catches him, and throws him into the ring, getting him set up for an FU. Cena gets Captain Charisma up, but struggles around the ring a little, as Cade slides a chair into the ring for Michaels, who picks the weapon up, and without hesitation, nails Cena, before he can hit the FU.
Cena collapses to the mat, with HBK sliding the chair back out, as Christian gets the referees attention, for the cover, as HBK hooks the leg…




Eliminated: John Cena by Shawn Michaels - Steel Chair - 07:54

DX has screwed John Cena out of the World Title once again!!! HBK gets the first elimination, with John Cena gone. The fans sit in shock, as the referee rolls John Cena out of the ring. DX are banished to the back by a number of backstage officials, but they appear to be happy, after doing their job, of getting Cena eliminated.
Christian quickly shows his true colours, having just helped get Cena out of the match, he immediately attacks HBK, pounding HBK down. On the outside, the extra officials help Cena up the ramp, who definitely looks to be concussed, if he wasn’t before.
Michaels takes the punishment from Christian, before striking back with chops to the chest of Christian. Michaels runs off the ropes, but as he comes back, Christian tries to put him back down with a back body drop, only for HBK to land on his feet. He turns around, and Michaels connects with an inverted atomic drop, which sends Christian backing into the ropes. He bounces back out, and into a short arm clothesline from Michaels. HBK makes a tag to Taker, who looks desperate for a piece of Captain Charisma.
Taker waits as Christian pulls himself up in the corner, getting his bearings together, but doesn’t get long to recover, as Undertaker comes steaming in, with a big clothesline in the corner. Christian staggers out, with Taker bouncing off the ropes, knocking Christian down with a big boot to the face, which sends Christian out of the ring, through the middle ropes.
With CC asking for help, the time keeper helps Christian up, whilst not noticing Taker in the ring. Undertaker runs off the ropes, and hits his rarely seen big dive to the outside onto both the time keeper and his most recent adversary. The crowd pops for the move, as Taker begins to stir first. He uses the apron to get up, and waits as Christian gets to his feet, but as he turns around, he is met by Undertakers right hand. The Deadman whips Christian into the steel steps, before breaking the ten count. He rolls back out, and throws some more shots to the smaller opponent, before rolling Christian back in.
Taker climbs back in, but is met by the referee, who tells The Phenom to keep the action in the ring. Taker just stares at the referee, not acknowledging him at all, before turning around, but is met by Christian, who now has recovered. He clubs Taker’s back, then whips him off the ropes, ducking his head down, expecting Taker to come back, but instead, as the Undertaker returns, he executes a running DDT!!! Taker rolls into a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Christian shows his heart, kicking out of an impact move. Taker gets to his feet, and holds his hand up high, signalling for the Chokeslam. Christian walks right into Taker’s path, but desperately fights out, eventually breaking his grip. Christian bounces off the ropes, but is knocked down with a big boot. Taker then drops down, and appears to be going for a triangle choke, only for Christian to quickly break free before it is locked on. He goes for a DDT, but Undertaker counters, ramming Christian into the corner. He rams his shoulder into Christian’s sternum, before whipping him off the ropes. Christian ducks a clothesline, then comes back off the ropes again, and knocks down The Phenom with an excellently placed spinning heel kick. Christian doesn’t take time to pose, or taunt, instead, getting a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!
Christian kicks Taker, three times in the ribs as Undertaker tries to get up. He then runs off the ropes, but Taker catches him, and runs him, on his shoulder with Snake Eyes on the top turnbuckle!! Christian bounces out, into Takers path again, with Undertaker hitting the STO type move he usually hits. Taker covers, 1...2...Kick Out. The Deadman drags Christian up by his hair, before putting him back down, with a strong right hand soup bone, with Captain Charisma sprawling across the mat.
Undertaker covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Christian tries to get away, but Taker grabs him by the tights, and drags him back towards the centre of the ring, unloading a number of shots to the head. The Phenom drags Christian up by the hair, and whips him off the ropes, but Christian ducks under a clothesline, and quickly slaps Stings arm, tagging out of the match.
Sting gets into the ring, not wanting to make any mistakes against a fired up Undertaker. The two men lock up, with the bigger man, The Undertaker, backing Sting against the ropes, but as he lets go, Sting slips under the Deadman, and rolls him up, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Taker slides out, but Sting takes him down with a snap mare, before bouncing off the ropes, and scoring with a dropkick to the back.
He covers, 1...2...Taker powers out!! Sting is tenacious with his attack on the bigger opponent, knowing he cant let him get in any offence. Sting backs Taker into the ropes, pounding at his chest, before whipping him into the ropes, knocking him down with a reverse elbow. He covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Sting watches as Undertaker pulls himself up in the corner. Sting lets out a big time ‘WOOO’ to the fans, before running across the ring, and connecting with a patented Stinger Splash. Taker staggers out, and into the path of Sting, who goes for the Scorpion Death drop … AND GETS IT!!!! Sting hooks the near leg,


………………FOOT ON THE ROPE………………

Undertaker just survives, getting his foot on the rope. Sting gets to his feet, and looks to be thinking of what to do next, before Orton calls him for a tag. Sting accepts, and tags in the Legend Killer. Orton leaps into the ring knocking Taker down with a dropkick, immediately covering, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Orton pounds the chest of Taker, before dragging him to his feet, whipping him off the ropes, and as The Deadman comes back, Orton applies a sleeper.
Taker doesn’t stay in the hold too long, almost immediately, back dropping out of the submission. He bounces off the ropes, but Christian catches him with a knee to the back. Taker staggers out, as Orton jumps up, and hit’s a modified backbreaker, taking The Undertaker back down. Orton tries to keep on The Undertaker, climbing through the ropes to go up top, but as he does, Christian makes a blind tag, wanting a piece of Taker, now that he is down.
Christian stomps on the Deadman, whilst Orton is pointed to his corner, rightly upset that he has been tagged out. Christian chokes The Phenom during the distraction, getting longer than he should have, eventually breaking at four once the referee is back at the action. Christian now applies a chinlock, on Taker, looking to wear him down.
Taker struggles in the hold, with Christian cranking back, taking the life from the bigger opponent. The crowd get behind Taker, whilst Christian tells them to shut up. Taker starts to come to life again, stamping his leg on the ground, and eventually begins to fight, back up to his feet, with Christian starting to worry, about the comeback. Taker elbows free, and sends Christian off the ropes. He comes back, and gets booted down by the Phenom. Taker holds his arm in the air, signalling for the choke slam, as Christian rolls around the mat. Eventually, Captain Charisma gets back to his feet, and catches him. Christian has nowhere to go, and The Deadman nails the Chokeslam!!! Undertaker hooks the leg,

……KICK OUT!!!…

The crowd look to be shocked, as does Taker, with Christian somehow managing to kick out of the Chokeslam!!! Undertaker gets Christian up, and goes for the Tombstone to definitely end it, but Christian slides out, and takes down The Deadman with a inverted backbreaker!!! Christian gets the cover, and puts his feet on the ropes…


……KICK OUT!!!…

Christian looks up at the official, holding three fingers up, telling him what he thought the count should’ve been. Christian starts to get desperate, and climbs the turnbuckles, heading up top. Captain Charisma jumps off, for an axe handle, but is met with a boot to the sternum. Christian falls into the ropes, and comes back out, into the path of Taker, who executes a side walk slam!!! Taker is set to cover, but Michaels makes a blind tag on Taker!!!
Michaels enters the ring, cocky as ever, stomping the back of Christian, but is attacked from behind by a disgruntled Undertaker, who grabs him by the tights, and rams him, shoulder first into the ring post. Taker is ushered out of the ring, as we now have both legal men down. Christian is the first to reach a vertical base, and immediately sees Michaels struggling. CC sprints to the corner for a splash, but Michaels moves, and Christian hits hard. He staggers out, with HBK attempting Sweet Chin Music, but Captain Charisma is quick to catch the foot, spinning Michaels around, and goes for a clothesline, but Michaels ducks, and puts Christian down with a DDT!!! HBK covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Michaels gets back to his feet, not bothering to do any more with Christian, tagging in Sting. Sting enters, and comes after CC, but Christian rolls out of the ring, to give himself a break for a moment. Sting comes after him though, and chases Christian around the ring, forcing him back in. Sting doesn’t slide in, knowing Christian is waiting, and instead, walks up the steps, and slowly re-enters.
The two men tie up, but immediately, Captain Charisma backs away and complains to the referee that Sting stinks. Sting isn’t happy, and neither are the crowd. He looks to the fans and charges at CC into the corner. He rounds off a number of punches and kicks and stomps. Sting whips him to the opposite corner, but Christian reverses and whips Sting into the corner, then hit’s a clothesline. He goes for a cover, 1...2...Sting kicks out.
Christian keeps the pressure on, with a neck breaker, and goes for another cover, 1...2...Sting kicks out again. Captain Charisma drags the legend to the corner and unloads with a number of chops, but Sting reverses and begins to tee off right hands and chops at CC, but Christian then rakes the eyes, and follows up with a double arm suplex. He goes for a cover, 1...2...Sting kicks out.
Christian refuses to let up, and pulls Sting over to the corner, for more chops but Sting punches himself out of danger, whipping Christian off the ropes, and knocking him down with a reverse elbow. Sting now, tries to take CC by surprise, going for a Scorpion Deathlock, but Christian kicks away, before jumping up to his feet, tagging the man nearest to him, The Undertaker.
Taker enters the ring, and meets Sting in the centre of the ring, punch for punch, but Taker’s size gives him the advantage, before whipping Sting into the ropes, and goes for a big boot, only for Sting to duck under, and comes back with a cross body, but Taker catches him, and nails a power slam!!! Hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Undertaker gets back up, and applies his wristlock, before climbing to the top rope, with the fans giving the call for ‘Old School’. Taker nails the move getting a great pop from the fans. Undertaker now stands up, and slices his throat for the Tombstone. Taker drags Sting up, and places him onto his shoulders, but Sting slides out, and as the Deadman turns around, Sting nails a DDT!!!
Both men are down, as the referee begins the ten count … 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … TAKER SITS UP!!! ... The Undertaker gets to his feet, as does Sting. Sting pounds at Taker, but to no avail. Sting bounces off the ropes, but HBK trips him!!!!! Sting trips into the path of The Undertaker, but as he gets him up for the Tombstone, Sting slides out, and immediately runs at Michaels, knocking him off the apron, as a mark of revenge. Sting though, makes a classic mistake, and as he turns around, Taker meets him, quickly getting the legend up, and delivering the devastating Tombstone!!!! Taker covers …


Eliminated: Sting by The Undertaker - Tombstone - 17:11

Sting has been eliminated!!! Taker gets up, as the referee begins to help Sting out of the ring. HBK begins to pound on the defeated Sting, with the referee having trouble pulling them apart. Randy Orton has to get involved, forcing Michaels away, to allow Sting to be helped from the ring.
Christian sees the referee has his back turned, and notices Shawn Michaels distracting him, with Takers attention alerted to outside the ring. Captain Charisma quickly grabs the ring bell, and slides back in, slamming the ring bell against the back of The Undertaker!!! Christian slides the ring bell out, and instantly hooks Taker up, HITTING THE UNPRETTIER!!! Christian gets the attention of the official, and hooks the leg…



Eliminated: The Undertaker by Christian - Unprettier - 17:46

Christian has eliminated Undertaker, and suddenly we are down to the final three men. Christian, Randy Orton and the World Champion himself, Shawn Michaels. The referee calls for more officials to help him restore order, and they usher Sting and Taker to the back, with neither putting up a fight, more down hearted after losing out in controversial fashion.
Shawn Michaels and Christian lock up, and struggle around the ring, with neither getting a decisive advantage over the other. Michaels in the end gets the best, delivering an arm drag, taking Christian down. Christian isn’t happy, and waves Michaels away, before holding his arm out for Orton to tag, but Orton just smiles, and shakes his head. Christian is furious, and starts arguing with Orton, which gives HBK a chance to roll him up from behind, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Captain Charisma is livid, and tells the referee about Orton not tagging, with the referee shrugging his shoulders. Christian continues to argue, as HBK comes up behind him, tapping on his shoulder, and as CC turns around, Michaels delivers a thunderous slap across the face. HBK backs Christian into the corner, and lets rip with a number of chops, which light up the chest of Christian.
HBK goes for a whip, but Christian reverses, and sends Michaels into the corner, only for Shawn to jump to the middle rope, coming back off with a moonsault, for a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Michaels is up first, and waits for CC to reach his feet, before attempting a chop, but Christian ducks, and kicks his opponent in the gut, before knocking him down with a spinning heel kick. Christian gets back up, and surprises Orton, by moving quickly, and tagging his arm, making Orton the legal man.
Orton doesn’t seem bothered, and enters the ring, to a generous pop. Orton stalks in the corner waiting for HBK to get up, but from behind, Christian dropkicks the Legend Killer!!! Captain Charisma shouts to Michaels to get up, as HBK looks over. CC motions for he and Michaels to team up, and eliminate Orton, with Michaels giving a thumbs up, nodding his head.
HBK pounds Orton in the corner, eventually dropping down, whipping Orton across the ring, hard into the turnbuckle. Michaels runs in at him, but Orton gets a foot up, knocking HBK away. Orton runs at HBK, but Michaels catches Orton with a power slam, hooking the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Michaels gets to his feet, trying to keep Orton down, before making a tag to Christian.
Captain Charisma immediately picks Orton up, but is caught with a right, and a second, but Christian stops the momentum for Randy, with a hard knee to the sternum of the Legend Killer. He whips Orton to the corner, and follows in with a corner splash, which has Randy stagger out, allowing Captain Charisma to hit a reverse DDT to the 3rd Generation superstar. He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! He places Ortons head on the middle rope, and chokes him with his knee, until the official gives him the five count. Christian lets go at four, then Christian bounces off the ropes, and scores with a knee to the back of the head of the Legend Killer. Christian drags Orton back to Michaels for a tag.
HBK enters, looking ready to unload some pent up aggression. He backs Randy into the corner, and delivers a flurry of right hands, and chops before whipping Orton off the ropes, and hitting him with a dropkick. HBK scrambles and makes the cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! He instantly drags Orton back to his feet, and whips him off the ropes, to go for another dropkick, but this time, Orton holds onto the ropes, and Shawn gets nothing but canvas!!
Orton quickly reacts, and attempts to apply a Figure Four, but Michaels is too wriggly to get the submission applied, and he kicks Orton back into the ropes, spinning him around as he comes back, and hit’s an Inverted Atomic Drop, followed by a neckbreaker!!! He covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Michaels appears to be losing his temperament now, with his face turning red with fury. Christian notices, and makes the decision to make a blind tag, before Michaels does something that could affect them eliminating Orton. Michaels isn’t happy, but Christian tries to reassure him.
Christian drags Orton up, and hit’s a front slam, before he hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! CC looks up, disappointed that that didn’t get the job done this time. He waits as Randy reaches his feet, then charges at him, knocking him down with a flying shoulder.
Captain Charisma makes his way back over to his corner, and makes a tag to Michaels, who has now fully recovered from the near loss of temper moments ago. Shawn backs Orton into the corner, and hits a hat trick of chops, all of which receiving a ‘WOOOOO’ from the on looking fans. He whips Randy to the opposite corner, and runs in after him, but Randy gets a foot up, which sends Shawn staggering away, for the second time in the match. Randy then goes for a Suplex, but Michaels, counters, and gets a victory roll, 1...2...Kick Out from the Legend Killer!!!
Randy shoots up, but is clotheslined back down by HBK, giving the two heels the advantage once again. Shawn makes a tag to Christian, who enters the ring, and boots Orton in the face, before quickly tagging back out to HBK, who looks a little surprised by the quick tag. Michaels gets in the ring, bounces off the ropes, and knocks down Randy Orton with a clothesline, almost turning him inside out!!!! Hooks the leg, 1...2...Orton Kicks out!!!
Shawn Michaels isn’t ready to stop the attack, and drags Orton up again, going for a suplex, but Randy blocks it. Orton frees himself after pounding at the rib cage of Michaels, then bounces off the ropes, but Michaels is ready for him, swinging his right hand, only for Orton to side step it, and come off the opposite side, going for the flying clothesline, but both men have the same idea, and hit each other!!!!
Both men go down, with the fans rising to their feet, in anticipation for what may happen next. Both men begin to crawl to their corners, but Orton knows he has no one to tag in. Christian enters the ring, and drops an elbow on Orton, not allowing him to his feet. The fans are livid, whilst Christian looks proud of himself.
Christian gets back out, to officially tag in with Michaels. Christian grabs Orton and stomps him down in the corner, before hitting a reverse DDT. He hooks the leg, for what should be a victory


Christian cant believe Orton is still in this!!! He calls Michaels, and tells him to help him out. Christian slaps the face of Orton, then holds him up for Michaels to hit. HBK pounds at the mid section, and the face, with Christian telling him to hit him harder, eventually giving him the idea to hit Sweet Chin Music. HBK tunes up the band, and goes for Sweet Chin Music … BUT ORTON DUCKS … AND MICHAELS HITS CHRISTIAN!!!!!
Christian falls into the corner, as Michaels stands over him in shock. HBK now runs at Randy, but the Legend Killer low bridges the Champion, and Michaels flies out of the ring. Christian staggers up, and Orton races across the ring, planting him with the RKO!!! Orton hooks the leg …


Eliminated: Christian by Randy Orton - RKO - 22:17

We are down to two men. Randy Orton, a former two time World Champion, and the current champion, Shawn Michaels. HBK pulls himself back into the ring, after being dropped out moments ago by Orton. He sees that Christian has been eliminated, leaving it to just him and Orton.
He climbs in, and Orton reaches his feet, and Christian is ushered up the ramp, after being defeated. Orton gestures to Michaels to bring it on, with HBK nodding, wanting the same. The two lock horns in the middle, with the bigger man, Randy Orton backing the champion into the corner. The referee steps in, forcing the two to break. Orton breaks clean, but HBK takes the low road, slapping Orton.
Michaels immediately follows with a chop then goes for a kick to the gut, but Orton catches the foot, and quick as a flash, hooks HBK, and nails a Fisherman suplex, bridging back…



………KICK OUT!!!!!………

Orton sits up, with his hands around the back of his head, in shock over the kick out. He crawls to the ropes, in order to pull himself up, whilst Shawn Michaels begins crawling to the opposite side to pull himself up. Both men look to have little gas left in the tank at this point, especially Orton, after having taken a tremendous beating for a sustained amount of time.
Michaels pulls himself up, but doesn’t expect anything from Orton right away, but HBK finds himself mistaken, as the Legend Killer takes advantage, and takes Michaels down for a victory roll, … …1…2…KICK OUT!!! Orton though, looks to have been spurred on, with a new lease of life. Randy fires at Michaels in the corner, whipping him into the corner, and running after, but Michaels puts his boot up. Orton scouts it, and catches the boot!! Michaels starts to hop on one leg from the corner with Orton holding the other, until surprising Orton with an enziguri!!! Michaels hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Michaels picks Orton up, and throws a right, before running off the ropes, but as he comes back, Orton has the same idea, and both men knock each other down with a dropkick each!!! Both men are down, flat out, with the referee beginning to make the ten count.

Michaels looks both shocked and insulted that Orton nipped up, and runs at his challenger, but Orton leap frogs him, before hitting a hip toss as HBK comes back towards him. Orton quickly hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Orton rolls over, laying on the mat in shock, before punching in frustration. He gets back to his feet, as does Michaels, although Orton looks to be more in control of his legs, whilst HBK looks a little wobbly.
Orton tries to take HBK by surprise, and goes for the RKO, but Michaels sees it coming, and pushes Orton into the middle rope, with Orton straddling!!! HBK follows up, delivering a stunning side suplex off the middle rope!!!! Michaels nips back up, and points up to the top, signalling for the Elbow drop!!!
The Showstopper climbs to the top, taking a moment to catch his breath whilst at the top, before flying through the air, connecting with the Picture Perfect Elbow to the heart of Orton!!!!!!! Michaels covers…


………………KICK OUT………………

ORTON KICKS OUT!!! Michaels is astonished with Ortons kick out, after thinking he had the match in the bag. HBK gets back up, shaking his head in annoyance, before starting to tune up the band for Sweet Chin Music. HBK looks determined to put Randy down and out with Sweet Chin Music, and continues to stamp his foot, as Orton gets to his feet. Michaels goes for it, but Orton ducks, and ducks a second time, before landing with the RKO!!!!!! He hooks the leg,




Orton sits up, holding his arms in the air, thinking he has won, but the official points out, that Michaels had his foot on the rope. Orton shakes his head, and pleads with the referee that it was three. Orton gets up, and begins to climb the ropes. Orton waits for Michaels as he gets back up, and as HBK reaches his feet, Orton jumps off the ropes, going for the cross body, but MICHAELS MOVES!!!!!
The Legend Killer holds his ribs, having crashed and burned moments ago, missing the cross body. Michaels is standing in the corner, waiting for Orton to get to his feet, in order to hit Sweet Chin Music. Orton is up to his feet, and turns around … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!
Orton is down!!!! Michaels kneels down, and thinks about the cover, but shakes his head. He decides to get back up, and walks to the corner once more, and again, begins to stomp his foot. The fans cant believe HBK is setting up for a second Sweet Chin Music, showing how much he wants to put Orton away, as Michaels patiently waits, and waits, until Orton is only half up. Michaels comes at him … and strikes!!!!!!!! Michaels falls on top of Orton, even putting his feet on the ropes, away from the referees sight to make sure of the victory …


Eliminated: Randy Orton by Shawn Michaels - Sweet Chin Music - 27:07

Winner: And Still World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels

Michaels is jubilant in celebration, grasping the World Title for all it’s worth, knowing how close he came to defeat tonight. He leaves the ring, getting paper cups thrown in his direction, as Orton is helped up to his feet in the ring, still holding onto his rib cage, after missing the cross body, which led to his down fall.

Jim Ross:
Once again, DX have escaped this night, with all it’s gold in tact. Randy Orton came this close to victory, but in the end, he took too much out of himself during the match, which led to his downfall. Shawn Michaels retains the title.

The Coach:
I love it J.R. DX, the most successful group in the history of this business, once again, show it on the big stage. Cena and Orton can get all the cheers they want, but when push comes to shove, they cant match up to the Heart Break Kid.

Jim Ross:
Don’t even get me started on that sickening attack on John Cena, Coach. Shawn Michaels, and his cronies, DX should be ashamed of themselves. Cena never even got out of the blocks this evening.

The Coach:
Quit making excuses J.R. Cena lost to Michaels at Summer Slam, and he lost again tonight. He’s a loser. Case closed. Orton lost to Michaels on September 5th, and he lost again tonight. He’s a loser too. Case closed!!!

A green screen then appears, with the writing “The following preview is to advertise the PPV event, WWE WrestleMania XXII. The event advertised is to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 26th 2006”…

The video opens with Christian and Tyson Tomko stopping at a seedy Las Vegas strip joint…

Here we are then… the famous Las Vegas strip.

Tyson Tomko:
Erm… This isn’t the Las Vegas strip. This, is a Las Vegas strip joint.

Uh?? Hold on. Strip joint huh??

Tyson Tomko:
Yeah, the strip is about three miles back that way…

Shut up. I like the look of this place Tomko…

Tyson Tomko:
Yeah, very professional looking.

C’mon, we’re goin in…

Christian and Tomko exit the car, and walk into the club. They open the front door, and the door falls off it’s hinges… Christian turns to Tomko, looking quite embarrassed…

I don’t know my own strength.

Tomko laughs, but as Christian turns around, Tomko’s face turns to worry, at the prospect of the club…

They take a seat, right next to the stage, where some pretty attractive, but cheap looking women are pole dancing. The time on the clock behind them says 11:30.

(hands Tomko a $50) Go get some drinks. C’mon honey, TAKE IT OFFFF!!! Captain Charisma is in the HOUSSSE!!! Gimme a PEEP SHOW!!!

The scene cuts, and we go to a few hours later, with the clock showing 02:45... Christian’s head is rested on the table, whilst Tomko is still enjoying the show…

(Very drunk) Ohhh.

Tyson Tomko:
You wanna go Christian?? I think the best is over.

Let’s wait and see who’s next…

We then see the next two ladies come onto the stage, and we watch from Christian’s point of view. The two women HE sees are extremely attractive.

(Mouth wide open) I’m in love.

Tyson Tomko:
You have to be kidding me??

If you aren’t attracted to those beauties, you gotta bat for the other team.

Tyson Tomko:
I think you’ve had too much to drink man.

No way. You can go, I’m staying right here.

Tyson Tomko:
No problem. I’m out man. No way am I getting involved in this.

More for me baby.

Christian continues to watch, and we only see the women from his view…

The scene cuts again, and we come back, in the parking lot of the strip joint, with Christian’s car in view, rocking side to side, with groans coming from the vehicle.

The scene cuts to the next morning, and we look into the car, with Christian waking up, looking rough.

Oh…what the hell happened last night??
(Remembers) YES!!! I scored!!! One for me. Notch it up for Captain Charisma!!!

Christian then looks to his side, and sees that it was TWO women.

HA!! Double dose of Vitamin C. Tomko is gonna hear about this. Whoa. Wait a minute…

Christian then looks over at the two women, and we see his eyes widen in shock. He throws his hands into his face…


The women then turn over, and we see it is MAE YOUNG and MOOLAH!!!!!

Mae Young:
Mornin’ tiger.

We didn’t??

Mae Young:
Oh… we did.


Mae Young:
In fact… we did more than that…

Mae Young then shows Christian a WEDDING RING!!! Christian freezes in amazement, as we see Tyson Tomko standing outside the car, laughing at Christian.

I think I’m gonna be sick…

Outside the car, we see Tomko take out a note book, with the title, ‘Places never to visit again’. He quickly jots down Las Vegas, whilst laughing his ass off.

The WrestleMania XXII logo then flashes across the screen, whilst in the background, we hear Christian throwing up, and then we see Mae looking at a wedding photo of her and Christian, at a 24 Hour chapel as the preview comes to an end…

Michael Cole:
Well folks, get ready, because next month at the Survivor Series, the WWE will premiere the latest Wrestle Mania preview video, and from what I hear, it’ll be a hoot.

Well, if it’s anything like Christian and Mae Young, I don’t know if I want to see it!!!

Michael Cole:
But coming up next, is something I know you’ll definitely want to see, and that is the dream tag team match, pitting the behemoths in Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, who in two tag team outings together have beaten Eddie Guerrero & Triple H, as well as this past Thursday, they defeated Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. But tonight, they face The Rock and Steve Austin, who ten days ago, made his huge return, to save The People’s Champion.

Rocketbuster time Cole. Rocketbuster!!!

Austin/Rock vs. Goldberg/Lesnar Video Package:

- Goldberg defeats The Rock to become WWE Champion at The Great American Bash, and injures him afterwards.

- The Rock makes a surprise appearance at Summer Slam, and costs Goldberg the title.
- Rock returns again at Clash of the Champions, and costs Goldberg another match.
- This infuriates Brock Lesnar, who accuses Rock of trying to sabotage Smackdown’s chances of winning the entire competition between Raw and Smackdown.
- Lesnar and Goldberg join forces, and make The Rock’s life miserable.
- Rock announces he and a partner of his choosing, will face Lesnar and Goldberg at Nemesis, and he asks for his partner to be Austin.
- We cut to clips from the previous week, of Austin announcing his retirement.
- For the next two weeks, The Rock finds himself in a number of two on one situations, with no help from anywhere.
- Eventually, Austin returns, and saves The Rock from another two on one assault, announcing he’s back.
- Recap of the history between Lesnar and Austin.
- Recap of the history between Rock and Austin.
- Rock and Austin share a bit of time in the ring on Smackdown, until Goldberg and Lesnar attack, but Austin and Rock run them off, leading into tonight’s match.

**Goldberg‘s march** We see Goldberg make his way out from the backstage area surrounded by security, as he confidently walks out to the curtain, looking focused and ready for a war.

Tony Chimel:
The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 282 pounds, GOLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDBERRRRRGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Cole:
This man, along with Brock Lesnar has made The Rock’s life a misery for the last few weeks, and lets not forget, Goldberg also put The Rock out of action a few months ago too, but ten days ago, The Rock found himself an ally in this war, in the shape of Steve Austin, resulting in tonight’s match.

This is literally a dream match Cole. Goldberg, Lesnar, Austin & Rock all in the same ring, at the same time. It’s gonna be a rocket buster.

**HERE COMES THE PAIN** Brock Lesnar enters the arena, along with Heyman to a batch of heat.

Tony Chimel:
And his partner, accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman, from Minneapolis Minnesota, weighing 295 pounds, BROCK LESNARRRR!!!!!

Michael Cole:
Brock Lesnar has a history with every man in this match. He and his partner Goldberg, fought all over the country, just last year over the WWE Championship, Brock Lesnar won his first title from The Rock three years ago, and of course, who can forget the Austin - Lesnar saga earlier this year.

Brock Lesnar looks ready to take someone’s head off Cole!

**IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLL…….WHAT THE ROCK…IS COOKIN!!!!** The Rock enters to a thunderous ovation. He waits at the top of the ramp, for Austin.

Tony Chimel:
And their opponents, first from Miami Florida, weighing 275 pounds, THE RRRRRRROCKKKK!!!

Michael Cole:
The Rock makes his return to Pay Per View, for the first time since the Great American Bash. He is after one thing, and that folks, is revenge.

Lets hope he keeps his cool though Cole. The Rock cant afford to make any silly mistakes here tonight.

**GLASS SHATTERS** Steve Austin strolls to the ring, to the biggest pop of the night, as he nods at The Rock, then walks to the ring with a purpose.

Tony Chimel:
And his partner, from Victoria, Texas, weighing in at 256 pounds, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!!!

**Austin and Rock walk around the ring, then get in and goes to each turnbuckle, hyping the fans, whilst Goldberg and Lesnar slide out of the ring**

Michael Cole:
Just five weeks ago, we thought we had seen Steve Austins last match, but thanks to The Rock, and the awesome fan response, The Texas Rattlesnake is back, and he looks better and badder than ever.

This thing is ready to explode Cole. Listen to these fans. The roof is ready to blow!!!

Unfinished Business:

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin & The Rock
vs. Goldberg & Brock Lesnar
w/ Paul Heyman

The fans come alive, as Austin and Rock slide into the ring, but are met by the boots of Goldberg and Lesnar, who don’t give Austin or Rock a chance to get to their feet. The Rock and Austin get kicked out of the ring, with their two opponents following them out.

Goldberg goes after Rock, and Lesnar goes after Austin, with the match still not officially under way, therefore no count outs at this point. Lesnar tries to bounce Austins head off the steel steps, but The Rattlesnake blocks, and reverses, bashing Brocks head off the steps instead. Meanwhile, Rock makes a comeback on Goldberg, teeing off with right hands, before whipping Goldberg into the ring post.
The Rock knocks Goldberg down with a clothesline, but on the other side, a distraction from Paul Heyman, has led to Lesnar gaining the advantage over Stone Cold. Brock rams Austin into the barricade, and rolls the Rattlesnake into the ring, with the bell ringing for the match to officially begin.
Lesnar stomps Austin down in the corner, choking him with his boot, eventually being forced off by the referee. By this time, Goldberg and Rock have made their way to their respective corners, and Brock gets in the face of The Great One, and the two share some words. Lesnar turns around, but walks into a headlock takedown from Stone Cold. He gets up again, but this time, is taken down by a hip toss from the Rattlesnake. Austin takes a few steps back into the ropes, and bounces back out and drops the Fukc you elbow on Brock, and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!! Lesnar backs into a neutral corner, asking for a time out, but Austin laughs it off, and kicks Lesnar in the chest repeatedly, stomping a mudhole, and walking it dry. Austin pulls Brock up, and whips him to the opposite corner, following in with a knee to the sternum. Lesnar slides down in the corner, and tries to crawl to make a tag, but Steve grabs him by the leg, and drags him towards his corner, and tags in Rock, which gets a pretty big pop from the fans.
Rock steps into the ring, and backs The Big Thing into the ropes, whipping him off, and scoring with a reverse elbow. Rock stands over Lesnar, and sniffs the air, before dropping a knee, and hooking the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!! Brock again tries to crawl to his corner, but Rock, just like Austin, drags him back, and begins to stomp the spine. Rocky picks Lesnar up, and applies a headlock, as he tags in Austin, who gets another big cheer from the fans.
Austin kicks Brock in the chest, as Rock lets go of the headlock, and Stone Cold knocks Lesnar down with a clothesline. He runs off the ropes, and comes back for another clothesline, knocking Lesnar down again. Brock rolls to the corner, trying to get away for a few moments, but The Rattlesnake follows in after him, only to be suckered with a kick from Brock. Lesnar quickly pulls Austin to his corner, and tags in Goldberg.
Goldberg is legal for the first time in the match, and for the first time ever, is officially in a match against Steve Austin. Goldberg slams The Rattlesnake onto the canvas, before running off the ropes, dropping a knee to the head. He hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out. Goldberg remains tight on Austin, not giving him much room to breathe, and runs him into the corner, scoring with a knee to the mid section … and again, before tagging back out.
Lesnar pulls Austin out of the corner, but drives Austin to the opposite corner, delivering sharp shoulders to the gut, taking the wind from The Rattlesnake, before whipping him into the ropes, and scoring with a strong clothesline, knocking Austin down. Lateral press, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Stone Cold rolls over to his side, but Lesnar doesn’t let him get away, and pulls him up by the head, driving him to the corner again, scoring with some major shoulders to the gut. He steps back, before hitting Austin in the face with a reverse elbow. Austin staggers around the ring, holding the ropes, trying to get his bearings, as Lesnar tags in Goldberg again.
Bill drags Austin to the corner, and without hesitation, strikes with a forearm to the jaw … and another … and a third … a fourth … and a fifth, with Stone Cold pushing Goldberg away to try and get away himself, but cant get to his corner, with Goldberg taking him down with a knee to the back. He then tries to apply a Camel Clutch, but Stone Cold manages to scramble free, and quickly tags The Rock.
Rock is quick to enter, wanting a piece of Goldberg, and the two men collide right in the centre of the ring, neither wanting to back up an inch. Rock throws a right, which is answered immediately by Goldberg, who throws one of his own, but Rock fires back with a right … goes for a second, but is blocked, and Goldberg scores with a right, knocking Rock into the corner. Rock comes right back out, but Goldberg ducks a clothesline, and sends The Peoples Champion down with one of his own.
Goldberg then picks up the Great One, and hoists him up in the air, posing, and mouthing at Austin, before he delivers a Military Press Slam. He gets a cover on the fallen Rock, 1.….2.….Rock kicks out!!! Goldberg quickly drops on elbow on the back of The Rock, and covers again, 1...2...Kick Out.
Goldberg, looking a little frustrated, picks up his opponent again, and goes for the Military Press again, but Rock this time rolls through, and rolls up Goldberg, 1...2...Kick Out from Goldberg. The Rock gets up, and runs at Goldberg, but Goldberg meets him with a sidewalk slam!!! He covers, 1.….2.….Kick Out again from Rock!! Goldberg stands over The Rock, who shows the pain in his face from the Sidewalk Slam, before dragging Rock up, and whips him off the ropes, into a Bearhug!!!
Rock doesn’t allow himself to get worn down so early, and manages to cause his opponent enough trouble by wriggling, he gets close enough to his corner, and tags in Austin!! Stone Cold quickly enters, and clubs the back of Goldberg, forcing him to let The Rock go. Goldberg stumbles to the corner, and Austin follows in, chopping Goldberg, with some vicious knife edge chops. He whips Bill off the ropes, but misses with a clothesline. Goldberg comes off the other side, but doesn’t expect to be taken down with the Lou Thesz Press!!!
Austin tees off right hands, after taking Goldberg down from the press. Bill tries to block, but Austin manages to catch him, and again, scoring with a dozen shots, eventually getting off, and giving Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar the double bird!!! Lesnar is livid, and is forced back by Heyman, who stops him from getting into the ring. Austin laughs, and backs Goldberg into his corner, tagging The Rock back in.
Rock and Austin whip Goldberg into the ropes, and team up, with a double reverse elbow, to knock him back down. They then grab each others arm, and drop a double elbow into the heart of Goldberg. Austin to escorted out of the ring by the official, as Rock gets a cover, with the referee eventually turning back around, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
The Rock gets up, and stomps the face of Bill Goldberg, before he walks to Lesnar, giving him the ’Just Bring It’ hand taunt, which further infuriates the already highly annoyed Brock Lesnar. Rock picks up Goldberg, whipping him into the ropes, and takes Goldberg by surprise, executing a Spinebuster!!!
The Peoples Champion moves to the head of Goldberg, and begins to pull down his elbow pad … but Brock Lesnar stops any momentum, with a clothesline to the side of the head!!!
Steve Austin is furious, and tries to enter, but the referee holds him back, before the official admonishes Lesnar for interfering. Goldberg gets a cover on The Rock, but Austin immediately enters, and pulls Goldberg off Rock, which is a stupid move, as he takes the officials attention.
The referee gets Austin back out of the ring, but while his back is turned, Brock decides to take advantage, and nails The Rock with a Belly to Belly!!! He smiles, and quickly gets back out of the ring, as Goldberg makes the cover once again, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Lesnar shouts at the referee to count properly next time, and this is a stupid move, as Austin now, just like Lesnar a moment ago took advantage, he gets in the ring, and nails Goldberg with a Spinebuster!!!
This time, Austin hurries out of the ring, and allows his partner to get a cover, eventually, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Brock points across the ring at Stone Cold, with Austin answering with his usual bird flipping. Rock is back to his feet, and bounces off the ropes, but Brock Lesnar scores with a knee as he comes back off the ropes, and walks into the path of Goldberg, who takes Rock down with a flapjack.
Goldberg doesn’t cover, but instead gets up, making his way to the corner, looking to hit the Spear, but as he crouches down to lay in wait, as The Rock gets up, Steve Austin drops down off the apron, and races to that corner, taking an unsuspecting Goldberg, tripping him, and dragging him by the legs, crotch first into the ring post!!!
Austin laughs, and mouths at Brock that they are even once again, with Steve having got revenge for Lesnars knee to the back of The Rock. Paul Heyman though, makes sure the referee tells off Austin for the illegal move, which he does, and this gives Lesnar, another opportunity to interfere, but as he bears down on The Rock, The Peoples Champion takes him by surprise, and scores with a Rock Bottom!!!!!
Rock gets back to his feet, as Lesnar rolls out of the ring, thanks to Heyman, and Rock tags in The Rattlesnake!!! Austin gets into the ring, and knocks down Goldberg with a clothesline … and a second, before executing a front slam, following with a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Goldberg looks to make a tag to his corner, but Lesnar isn’t there, still being nursed to his feet by Heyman. Austin laughs as Goldberg has nowhere to go. Goldberg pulls himself up in the corner, but Austin is right on him, with a succession of right hands, eventually mounting onto the second turnbuckle, and tells the fans to count along, as he begins what appears to be a set of ten … one punch …(fans reply with a WHAT) … two …(WHAT) … three …(WHAT)… four …(WHAT)… five …(WHAT)… six …(WHAT)… seven …(WHAT)… eight …(WHAT)… nine …(WHAT)… Austin goes for number ten, but Brock jumps onto the apron, and drops Steve across the ropes, with Austin dropping back, landing back on the mat.
Goldberg quickly makes a tag, and Lesnar enters.
Brock takes a few seconds to shake himself loose, before he kicks Austin in the corner, and begins to stomp the star, before dragging him up, grabbing him by the face, bad mouthing before nailing a few forearm shots, then whips him into the ropes, taking him down with a back body drop. Lesnar tries to quickly drop the elbow, but Austin spins out of the way. Austin gets up, and starts unloading right hands on Brock, before bouncing off the ropes, but runs into Lesnar, and a Belly to Belly Suplex!!!!!
Lesnar drags Austin to his corner, and tags in Goldberg. Immediately, he stomps Austin in the corner, before stepping to the middle ropes, and begins teeing off on Stone Cold, mockingly with the ten punches on the ropes, but the joke is on Bill, as after seven, Austin manages to push himself out, with Goldberg smacking the top turnbuckle!!!
The Rattlesnake begins to crawl towards his corner, but as he nears, the sneaky Paul Heyman pulls The Rock off the apron, leaving no one in the corner to tag in!!!!!! Austin reaches his corner, but Rock has been pulled down, and distracted by Heyman. From behind, Brock Lesnar runs in, and executes a German Suplex on the Rattlesnake!!!
Lesnar steps out onto the apron, and drops a double axe handle onto The Rock, taking him out of the equation for the time being. Goldberg drags Austin back to the centre, and hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Austin still wont go down, no matter how much Lesnar and Goldberg cheat!!!!
Goldberg drags Austin to his teams corner, and backs Stone Cold into the corner, before tagging in Lesnar. Goldberg holds Stone Cold, allowing Lesnar to pound at the rib area of the Rattlesnake. Eventually, the referee instructs Goldberg out of the ring, leaving just Lesnar and Austin. Brock whips Austin off the ropes, and catches him on the way back, hitting a Belly to Belly Suplex, immediately getting a cover,



…………KICK OUT…………

Lesnar stomps the face of Austin, before dragging him to his feet, and picking the rattlesnake up into position for a rib breaker, eventually, after some stalling, he does hit one … and a second, before dropping Steve Austin to the mat. Cover again, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Austin looks to his corner, and sees The Rock just rising back up, after being assaulted moments ago.
Brock backs Austin into the corner, and whips him off the ropes, but misses with a clothesline, allowing Austin to come back, and hit him with a clothesline instead!!!!! Austin pulls himself up on the ropes, and as Paul Heyman tries to punch him, he blocks, and throws Heymans cap off his head, before throwing him into Goldberg, knocking Goldberg off the apron!!! Austin now reaches across the ring, and TAGS IN THE ROCK!!!!
The Rock leaps into the ring, knocking Lesnar down with a clothesline, and a second, before hitting a hip toss, sending Brock right across the ring. Rock sees Heyman back on the apron, and quickly runs across, grabbing him by the jacket, and throwing him into the ring!!!
Goldberg runs in, but Rock blocks a punch, and knocks Goldberg down with one of his own. Lesnar now runs at The Rock, but The Great One side steps him, and Brock runs right into Paul Heyman, squashing him in the corner!!! Lesnar turns back around, and is knocked down with a right hand from The Rock!!! Now, Bill runs at The Rock again, but gets kicked in the face, before Rock kicks him again, and hit’s a DDT!!! The Rock nips up to a marvellous reaction, before beginning to stalk Goldberg, for the Rock Bottom, but Brock Lesnar grips him from behind, and scores with a German Suplex!!!
Lesnar gets a cover, 1...2...AUSTIN BREAKS THE COUNT!!! The referee quickly gets to Austin, forcing him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Lesnar dips into his trunks, and pulls out Brass Knucks!!! He looks around, making sure the referee is not looking, before SCORING WITH THE BRASS KNUCKS TO THE ROCK!!!! Lesnar throws away the evidence, and hooks the leg …



Brock Lesnar is furious!!! He looks to the outside for the Knucks again, but cant seem to find them. He gives up, and drags The Rock up once again, scoring with forearms to the face, before whipping Rock into the opposite corner. Lesnar charges towards The Rock … but Rock storms out of the corner with a devastating clothesline, turning Lesnar inside out!!!! The Rock now crawls to his corner, nearing Austin … AND MAKES A TAG!!!!!
Austin charges into the ring, knocking down Goldberg who runs in at him, before sending Lesnar down, and clotheslines Goldberg over the top rope, all the way to the floor!!! Austin now looks to be setting up for a Stunner … but the referee gets in his way!!! Austin looks puzzled, with the referee telling him he isn’t the legal man. Austin motions he made a tag, but the official points out to Austin he wasn’t holding the tag rope!!!
The Rattlesnake holds his arms up, as if saying ‘You’re Kidding me’, with the referee escorting him back to the corner. The Rock also doesn’t know what’s going on, but soon finds out, with Brock Lesnar attacking him from behind!! He quickly sends Rock into the ropes, and sends him flying upon his return, with a knee to the stomach. He turns Rock over, hooking the leg, 1...2...Kick Out at two!!!!
Brock drags Rock to the corner, and makes a tag to Goldberg. Goldberg enters and immediately chokes The Rock in the ropes, breaking at the count of four, but choking again, right after, until the count of four. Goldberg releases, and whips Rock off the ropes, and as he comes back, Goldberg gets him up, in position for a Press Slam, and taunts Austin, before switching in mid air into a spine buster on The Rock. Hooks the leg, 1...2...AUSTIN BREAKS THE COUNT!!!
Austin doesn’t care, as the referee instructs him back out of the ring, sending him to the apron. Goldberg meanwhile, drags Rock back to his feet, and puts Rock onto his shoulders, looking for Snake Eyes into the corner, but Rock slides out, and pushes Bill into the corner, before nailing a Samoan Drop!!!
Both men are down, and both look to make a tag. Both inch closer, and closer, but from nowhere, Rock finds a burst of energy, AND TAGS IN AUSTIN … LEGALLY!!!! Austin sprints into the ring, and immediately, knocks Lesnar off the apron, leaving Goldberg no one to tag. Austin pounds Goldberg into oblivion in the corner, stomping a mudhole, and walking it dry. Brock Lesnar slides in, but is caught by Austin, who hits an Atomic Drop … and a second … (WHAT) …a 3rd … (WHAT) …4th … (WHAT) … 5th … (WHAT) … 6th … (WHAT) …7th … (WHAT) …8th … (WHAT) …9th … (WHAT) …AND A TENTH … (WHAT) … Austin lets go, and Lesnar drops to his knees, rolling around, all the way to the outside. Goldberg now walks into the path of Austin, and straight into position for an Atomic Drop …(WHAT) … and a 2nd … (WHAT) …a 3rd … (WHAT) …4th … (WHAT) … 5th … (WHAT) … 6th … (WHAT) …7th … (WHAT) …8th … (WHAT) …9th … (WHAT) …AND A TENTH … (WHAT) … Austin lets go, and Goldberg drops to his knees, rolling around the ring!!!
Austin signals to the fans, before calling in The Rock. The Rock enters the ring, and the two men hook up Goldberg, hitting a double suplex!!! Rock begins to get back out of the ring, but is kicked out by Lesnar!!! Meanwhile, Stone Cold has his back turned, and is waiting for Goldberg to get up, in order to hit a Stunner … but as Goldberg gets up … Austin kicks him in the gut … but Goldberg pushes him away, into the path of Brock Lesnar … he gets him up for an F5 … but we see Austin reach his hand down, and makes a tag to The Rock!!! Lesnar executed the F5, having missed the tag, but as Goldberg hooks the leg, the official informs him that Rock now is the legal man!!!!
Rock aids Austin, knocking down Brock Lesnar, and gets a double leg take down on Goldberg, going for a Sharpshooter … AND GETS IT!!! Goldberg is locked in the Sharpshooter, with him no where near the ropes!!! He tries to crawl, but in the end, doesn’t need to, as Lesnar almost beheads The Rock with a clothesline. Brock quickly scoops The Rock up, for the F5 … but as he swings around, The Rock lands on his feet, and starts to throw out the right hands, knocking Lesnar back, eventually, knocking him down the spit punch!!! Brock falls to the mat, and Rock turns around, AND GOLDBERG HIT’S THE SPEAR!!!!! Goldberg hooks the leg…


The Rock survives!!! Goldberg snaps, and starts pounding the mat in fury, venting his anger, before getting to his knees and pushing himself up. He grabs Rock by the head, and drags him up too. Goldberg slaps The Rock, which does him more harm than good, as The Rock makes a comeback. He tees off right hands, getting back at Goldberg, but not for long, as Brock Lesnar helps his partner, and nails The Rock, with a low blow, which somehow the lame official misses. Goldberg smiles, as does Lesnar, with Rock crouched down, holding his crown jewels.
Goldberg takes a step back, and starts sizes The Rock up for another Spear, whilst on the other side of the ring, we see Austin on the apron, drop Lesnars throat across the ropes, just like Brock did earlier in the match, and he starts to stagger back … Goldberg sprints at The Rock, but Rock MOVES OUT OF THE WAY … AND GOLDBERG SPEARS LESNAR OUT OF THE RING!!!
Goldberg is in shock, as he watches Brock go right through the ropes, landing on the ground. He turns back around, and swings for a clothesline at The Rock … but the Peoples Champion ducks … and Goldberg runs into Steve Austin … STUNNER!!!!!!! Goldberg eats a stunner from Austin!!! The Rock quickly regains his bearings, and throws his elbow pad out of the ring, signalling for the Peoples Elbow. Austin meanwhile, sees a groggy Heyman trying to climb onto the apron, but knocks him off. Rock runs off the ropes, and the opposite side … AND CONNECTS WITH THE PEOPLES ELBOW!!!! Rock hooks the leg …



Winners: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin & The Rock @ 17:26

The Rock and Austin are victorious!!! The two men hug, and share a meaningful handshake, with the fans in attendance going berserk. We see Brock Lesnar getting up, and helping Heyman to his feet too. He looks to the ring, and waves it off, irate with the loss, before heading up the ramp.

In the ring, Austin calls for a beer, handing two to The Rock, and throwing three into the crowd, before taking two himself, with he and Rock toasting each other, and share a beer!!! Rock starts to pour one of his beers onto Goldberg, which wakens the loser up slightly. Goldberg doesn’t appear to know where he is, as he starts to rolls out of the ring. Austin and Rock celebrate at each corner, giving the fans a great spectacle.

Michael Cole:
What a team. Austin and The Rock, a dream team, have defeated the bigger, stronger team of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, in a hellacious tag team war!!! The Rock finally has revenge on Goldberg, but y’know Tazz, I have a feeling that Goldberg wont be done with The Peoples Champion just yet.

Definitely not. Goldberg wants a piece of The Rock in the worst way possible.

Michael Cole:
Well, Tazz, the fans have seen it all tonight already. However, now, it is time for the most personal rivalry in years to come to a head.

Cactus Jack is back Cole. And that can mean only bad things for Ric Flair.

Michael Cole:
I would suggest that you send the kids to bed folks, because this upcoming match will be anything but pretty. Blood will be shed, bodies will be broken. Lets send it back over to J.R.

Jim Ross:
There is no doubt in my mind Michael, that this will be gruesome. Cactus Jack is back Coach, for one night only. The question remains, can Ric Flair handle the Hardcore Legend??

The Coach:
Ric Flair has faced the best, and beaten the best. Cactus Jack, J.R, isn’t the best, but he is the most insane, son of a bitch you’ll ever encounter, and tonight, he may just end The Nature Boy’s career.

Streetfight Video Package:

- Sound bites of Mick Foley talking about his problems with Ric Flair, as well as shots from his book, about Flair.

- Sound bites of Ric Flair talking about his problems with Mick Foley, as well as shots from his book, about Foley.
- Their real life animosity boils over on screen, with a number of showdowns, with Flair accusing Foley of being biased against him and Batista.
- Batista and Flair helping Team Raw win a ten man tag at COTC, to try and tell Foley he needed them on the team.
- Bitter showdown between Foley and Flair with some very raw shoot comments, leading to a 2 on 1 assault from Batista and Flair to Foley, resulting in a Batista Bomb off the stage.
- Mr. McMahon announces Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley at Nemesis in a Streetfight.
- Foley returns, but is no longer Mick Foley for the next few weeks … but Cactus Jack.
- Cactus Jack’s eerie promo last Monday Night on Raw, with clips of his glory days in Japan.

In the Raw locker room, we see a number of faces gather, likely in support of Mick Foley, around a monitor, whilst on the other side of the room, the majority of heels are sat around another, likely in support of Flair.

Fanatix Series Commercial - This Month - ‘The Hart Foundation, A Family Tradition’

**Space Odyssey 3000** Ric Flair enters the arena to a huge amount of ‘WOOOO’ chants from the Kentucky crowd. He struts down the aisle, looking very confident, with nerves not showing.

Howard Finkel:
The following contest, is the Streetfight, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Charlotte North Carolina, weighing 245 pounds, the NATURE BOYYY, RIC, FLAIRRRR!!!!

Jim Ross:
There is no doubt in my mind, that this match has to be the most personal, bitter hatred filled rivalry, and I do believe that Flair and Foley truly hate each other. This wont be pretty folks, it will be a fight, and by gawd, I know who it favours.

The Coach:
Ric Flair has transcended this industry J.R. He’s the only 16 time World Champion ever, and in my opinion, he doesn’t need to tarnish his legacy by competing in a match, no, a fight, like this.

**Dead or Alive** The familiar music of Cactus Jack plays into the arena to a huge pop. Mick Foley enters the arena, with the classic ‘Wanted’ Shirt, carrying a dust bin full of weapons. He makes the ‘Bang Bang’ signal, with the fans responding, as if it were a WOOO.

Jim Ross:
Lets get this straight folks. Right now, you might think that you are looking at Mick Foley, but believe me, that is a man possessed, and his name, is Cactus Jack!!!

The Coach:
Ric Flair forced Mick Foley to become something he never thought he would ever be again, and that, is Cactus Jack.


Mick Foley (Cactus Jack)
vs. Ric Flair

Foley stands on the outside, and starts lifting objects from the trash can, first, a stop sign, which he throws into the ring, at Flairs direction, then a kendo stick, also throwing in Flairs direction, before lifting out his trusty 2x4 wrapped in Barbed Wire to a massive response. He holds it high in the air, for all to see, getting a huge pop, before looking to Flair, and smiling. Cactus places the weapon back into the trash can, before rolling into the ring, and asking Flair to bring it on.

The bell rings officially starting the match, with Cactus staring across at Flair, smiling at him, having waited for this moment for quite some time. Foley holds his hands behind his head, offering Flair a free shot to kick the match off, with Flair looking around, not sure what to do. Slowly, Flair moves forward, inching closer, with Cactus shouting at him to ‘DO IT’ Ric Flair takes a swing, but Cactus catches his arm, with Flairs face dropping in shock. Foley mouths something, before sending Flair sprawling across the mat, with a stunning right hand.
Ric Flair rolls to the corner, to try and get himself up, but is met by Mick Foley, who comes charges in, firing off a succession of right hands, which gets a big roar from the fans, with Foley finishing of the pounding with his signature ‘BANG BANG!!’ Cactus walks around the ring, with the double gun salute, and the fans roaring in approval for him.
He turns around, and sprints into the corner, driving his knee into the face of the nature boy!!! Jack drags Flair out, and quickly bounces off the ropes, dropping a leg across the neck of the 16 time champion. He contemplates a cover, but shakes his head instead, wanting to continue the punishment. He drags Flair up to his feet, by the hair, before pushing him into the corner, and unloading with another series of right hands, and once he stops, Flair staggers out of the corner, eventually flopping to the mat, which gets a huge pop from the fans, but brings no emotion from the stone cold face of the possessed Raw GM.
Foley kneels beside Flair, and starts pounding with more fury, unloading more stiff right hands, letting out all of his frustration over the face of his opponent, talking to him at the same time, playing mind games. Foley gets to his feet, and picks up the stop sign he threw in the ring earlier. He stands over Flair with the weapon, ready to strike, but Ric Flair plays dirty … albeit legal in this match, scoring with a low blow, sending Foley down to his knees.
The Nature Boy takes the Stop Sign, and cracks it across the back of his enemy, with Foley grabbing his back from the pain. Flair again smacks him with the metal object, forcing Foley to roll over. Ric throws the weapon to the outside, and places an elbow to the heart of the Hardcore Legend, hooking the leg,


Flair doesn’t allow Cactus Jack back up, and starts to place his boot directly at the kidney area of Foley, as Cactus climbs up the ropes to reach his feet. The GM reaches up, but is backed into the corner by Flair, who chops Foley, first with a knife edge chop, then an open handed chop, before reverting to a knife edge chop, and finally an open handed chop. Flair grabs Foley by the hair, throwing a right hand, and a second, but Foley blocks a third, and strikes back, sending Flair back, into the ropes. Foley fires piston like shots, before whipping Flair into the ropes, but as Flair hits, he grabs the ropes, stopping himself from coming back. Cactus though, is able to think quick, and runs at the Nature Boy, sending him over the top rope, going over himself, with a stunning Cactus clothesline!!!
Cactus Jack is first to his feet, and gives the fans another ‘BANG BANG’ which they respond to kindly with the same quote. Foley drags Naitch up to his feet, and drags him to the steps, bouncing his foes head off them, with Flair snapping back, falling to the mat. Foley looks around, and points toward the trash can he brought to the ring earlier, but before he can walk towards it, Flair grabs him, and as Foley turns around, the 16 Time Champion, throws three shots to the stomach.
Flair gets up, and strikes Foley with a chop, followed by a right hand to the jaw, and a second chop, before bouncing Micks face off the steps ... and a second time … but as he goes for a third, Foley blocks … Flair tries again … Foley blocks … one more time … Foley blocks, and elbows Flair away. The Nature Boy walks away, but as soon as he turns around, Foley knocks him right down with a clothesline!!!
Cactus Jack reaches onto the apron, pulling himself up. He grabs Flair by the hair, and rolls him back inside the ring. Foley follows in, and watches as Ric backs into the corner, begging off from Foley. The General Manager doesn’t fall for the trick, and kicks Flair in the face. He drags Naitch up to his feet, and whips him hard into the corner, with Flair tumbling onto the top, before falling back off, staggering around the ring, before getting knocked down with a vicious right hand from Foley!!!
Cactus Jack looks around the arena, with some ‘Bang, Bang’ chants ringing around Freedom Hall. Flair is slow to his feet, and is met with a kick to the gut, from his opponent, with Cactus following up with his pulling piledriver!!! That could do it right now, with the official pleading with Foley to end it, but instead he smiles, and shakes his head, not done yet. Foley rolls out of the ring, towards his trash can again. He dips into it, and pulls out the trusty 2x4 Wrapped in Barbed Wire to a raucous ovation. Cactus grabs the trash can, and flings it into the ring, just missing Flair, before he rolls back inside, carrying the 2x4.
Flair sees one glimpse of the weapon, and immediately, rolls right out of the ring, but as he walks away, he doesn’t see Foley jump off the apron with a double axe handle, knocking the 16 time Champion to the floor. Foley stays on him, and hit’s a suplex, with Flair having convulsions as he takes the move. Foley’s face seems to show him thinking on over drive, as he sees Flair flat on the mats. He slides back inside the ring, lifting the 2x4, and walking around the ring, getting a big reaction from the fans.
Mick climbs onto the apron, and sets himself on the second turnbuckle, looking down at his fallen, bitter rival, before giving the middle finger, and then, without hesitation, leaps off the middle turnbuckle, driving the 2x4 onto the face of Ric Flair!!!!!
Immediately, Flair is busted open. Cactus reaches his feet, shaking his leg loose, having possibly hurt it after the leap off the apron, but doesn’t look set to let up on Flair. The referee tells Foley to calm it down, fearing for Flairs safety, but Cactus ignores him, pushing our official out of the way. Naitch, dripping with claret, crawls up the steel ramp, trying to leave the match. Cactus is right after him, stomping the legend. He drags Flair up, onto his knees, looking deep into the 16 time champions eyes, which appear to have a far away look, and begins to pound at the open wound, further busting him open. Foley winds back, for one more shot, but Ric Flair … LOW BLOWS CACTUS!!!
For the second time, Ric Flair has had to low blow Foley in order to keep himself in the match. Naitch grabs the 2x4, and rams the wood into Foleys groin area, sending Cactus onto his knees. Ric Flair pulls back, and crashes the 2x4 across the back of his adversary, and a second time, before throwing the weapon to the bottom of the ramp. Flair now drags Foley back up, slowly, eventually dropping back down, with a vicious reverse neck breaker. Flair looks to be running low already, struggling back up, having lost a terrific amount of blood in such a short time span.
Flair shoves the referee to the side, as he stumbles down the ramp, towards the apron. He kneels down, and searches under the ring, eventually pulling something out, in a small velvet black bag. Flair smiles, as he uses the apron to help himself up. He opens the bag up, and reveals a shiny new pair of HANDCUFFS!!!!!
Flair holds the cuffs high, for all to see, with Naitch looking up the ramp, still smiling evilly, with Foley trying to get up, at the mid point of the ramp. Ric tucks the cuffs into the back of his trunks, before walking up the ramp, stalking Cactus Jack. Flair runs his fingers through his now blood red hair, as he closes in behind Cactus. He turns Foley around, and goes to sucker punch him … BUT CACTUS APPLIES THE MANDIBLE CLAW!!!!!
Flair throws his arms wildly in the air, as Foley looks around the audience, driving his fingers down the pressure points of Flairs mouth … but doesn’t see as Flair reaches into his trunks … and NAILS FOLEY WITH THE HAND CUFFS!!!!!
Foley falls backward, knocked out from the punch, with Flair taking a couple of seconds to breathe, before grabbing the arms of Mick Foley, and locks him in the handcuffs!!!!! Flair, now more confident, stands over Foley, and exclaims that ‘Now, we go to school’. He slaps Foley, not once, not twice, but three times, with Cactus finally beginning to come to. Foley tries to sit up, and almost in an instant he realizes that he has been handcuffed.
Cactus looks up at the smiling Flair, and shouts to him ‘Is that all you got?? I’ll give you a free shot Flair, go ahead. Hit me!!!’ Flair is furious with Foley, and kicks him in the face, sending over to his side. Naitch now begins to kick his opponent all the way down the ramp, with Foley unable to stop the assault from his enemy. Cactus gets to his knees, and bad mouths Flair again, with Flair answering his comments with a right hand to the temple, sending Foley over once again.
The crazy SOB soon pushes back to his knees, and asks Flair for more, with a now irate Nature Boy replying with another kick to the face. Foley tumbles over, and Ric follows, dropping a knee to the unguarded head of Mick. Ric Flair now pushes past a camera man, and walks toward the timekeepers table, and pushes the ring announcers out of the way, swiping a chair. Flair throws the chair into the ring, before unsuccessfully trying to lift the steel steps. On his second attempt, Flair does manage to lift the steps, and slides them into the ring also, along with the chair.
Flair walks back around ringside, and meets Foley again, but this time, Foley tries to fight back, with head butts to the stomach region of Flair. He winds Ric the first time, but second time, Flair blocks it, and slaps the taste out of his nemesis mouth. Flair drags Foley up, and rolls him back into the ring, before climbing back in himself. Flair immediately makes a beeline for the steel chair, and picks the weapon up, looking around the arena. He then switches his focus to Foley, who has managed to get to a vertical base, but as Foley turns around to walks towards Flair … BAM! … Flair with the chair, sends Foley down like a crash test dummy!!!
Mick Foley doesn’t move for a second, but SOMEHOW, The Hardcore Legend begins to move, much to the horror of his opponent. A ’Foley’ chant rings through Freedom Hall, with the fans coming alive for Mick, who starts to stir, and sits upright, only for Flair to knock him back down … BAM! … With a second, unprotected chair shot, which is beginning to seem eerily reminiscent to the Royal Rumble in 1999, when Foley was handcuffed, and battered with a steel chair by The Rock.
Flair shouts to Foley to stay down, and stomps his head, before rolling Mick over, and going for a cover, but Foley AGAIN begins to move!!! Flair looks at Foley in shock, and we see now, Mick Foley bleeding from the mouth, coughing up a little blood. Flair grabs the chair again, and lays in wait, as Foley pushes himself to his feet, but as soon as he turns around … CACTUS WALKS INTO CHAIR SHOT #3!!!
This time, Foley has been busted open - ear to ear - almost as bad as Flairs laceration is. Flair shakes his head, not satisfied, and drags Foleys lifeless body up, and rests it against the ropes, eventually setting Foley into the corner. Ric looks around the arena, bad mouthing the fans, and pointing to Foley, before steaming across the ring … CONNECTING WITH A 4TH CHAIR SHOT TO THE UNPROTECTED SKULL!!! Foley begins to fall down, but before he can, Flair swings back, scoring WITH A 5TH CHAIR SHOT!!!!
Flair drops the chair, and lets out a big ‘WOOOO’, with the fans, as always responding to the classic call. We see a close up of the chair, with a massive dent, showing the impact of Mick Foleys cranium, as well as the spattered blood all over the weapon. Flair drops down, and covers,


CACTUS JACK KICKS OUT!!!! He refuses to stay down, despite five unanswered chair shots from Ric Flair. Flair is livid, and rolls out of the ring, pushing past the time keeper again, grabbing another steel chair. Ric slides back in, and lines up another shot on Foley … AND SCORES!!!! Flair stands over Mick, and starts screaming down at him, but to his shock, Foley starts to move again!!!! Cactus turns himself over, and begins to get onto his knees, he looks up at a shocked Naitch, and begins to yell at him … “Is that all you got Nature Boy?? Dammit, you can do better than that. Hit me for real this time!!! C’MON!!! Hit me!!!” Foley continues to try and get in the head of an astounded Nature Boy, but Flair snaps, and NAILS FOLEY FOR THE SEVENTH STRAIGHT CHAIR SHOT!!!
Naitch looks around the arena, standing right over the broken down body of the maniacal Cactus Jack, berating the fans, and telling them he is going to end his mythical legend. Flair looks down at a lifeless Foley … and sees Cactus Jack beginning to stamp his foot!!!! Flair looks up, and to the referee, as if to ask, is this for real?? The referee now steps in, and tries to take the chair from Ric Flair, but to no avail, with Flair jabbing the chair into the officials sternum, before throwing him out of the ring.
Ric Flair looks out of the ring, at the fallen official, before turning around, and seeing the body of Mick Foley rising to it’s feet. Flair looks at the chair, and runs toward Foley, but the GM this time sees him coming, and hit’s a drop tope hold, AND FLAIR FALLS ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!
The steps have backfired on Flair, with him coming into contact with the steel, following a Foley drop toe hold. Mick Foley is cut from his forehead, mouth, cheek and possibly has a broken nose after taking so many unprotected chair shots from Flair. Ric Flair rolls out to the outside, whilst a camera man takes it upon himself to grab the keys for the handcuffs that Flair had thrown down earlier, and HE FREES MICK FOLEY!!!!
We see Cactus nod at the camera man, then he looks toward the direction of his nemesis, Ric Flair, who is on the outside. He realizes that Flair hasn’t seen him be freed, and decides to pretend he still is. Foley slides out of the ring, and holds his arms behind his back, still staggering, towards Flair, and the two men eventually lock eyes. Flair mouths at Foley, and begins to walk towards him, but is taken aback, when Foley strikes him!!! Flair tries to fight back, but Foley has hit another level, now running on adrenaline!!! Cactus pounds at Flair, relentlessly, before taking a few steps back, and running at Flair, nailing an awesome swinging neck breaker!!!
Mick Foley sits right up, and starts slapping his mangled face, showing he isn’t quite ‘normal’ tonight. He gets back to his feet, and sees Flair laying on the mat, on his front. Cactus bends down on one knee, and looks under the ring, and now pulls something out from under the ring … A BED OF BARBED WIRE!!! (As seen at Backlash 2004)
The crowd sits in a stunned silence, as Foley drags the impressive looking object from under the apron, and tries to drop it onto Flair, but The Nature Boy is able to roll away, just in time!!! Cactus is like a crazed animal, going after Flair, who tries to crawl away, but he is unable to. Foley grabs him by the trunks, and drags Flair to his feet, before whipping him, back first, into the steel ring steps, making a huge thud.
Cactus again, picks Flair up, this time by the hair, and sets Flair onto the Barbed Wire Board, with Flairs face screwing up, feeling the barbed wire cut into his back immediately. Foley now wastes no time, and climbs the apron again, and makes his way to the second turnbuckle, looks around the arena … AND FLIES THROUGH THE AIR … BUT FLAIR MOVES … AND FOLEY LANDS DIRECTLY ON THE BARBED WIRE!!!!!
Freedom Hall groans seeing Foley writhe around the barbed wire, cutting through his shirt, piercing his skin. The Hardcore Legend rolls off the board, whilst Flair looks on, having had a near escape. The Nature Boy spots the 2x4, and immediately makes a move towards it, picking the weapon up. He takes a look at the razor sharp wire, before diverting his attention towards Foley. Mick is now back to his feet, using the barricade to help himself up, but as soon as he turns around, Flair is right there, with the 2x4 to the gut!!! Foley bends down … CRACK … a shot to the back with the 2x4. Foley drops to his knees, and again, Ric Flair strikes him with the 2x4.
Mick Foley grabs his back, as the camera zooms in on his deformed arm, which has been ripped apart by razor wire, from the barbed wire board. Meanwhile, Flair has slid the Barbed Wire Board, inside the ring, and has thrown the 2x4 in there too. He grabs Cactus by the hair, rolling his enemy inside the ring, following in himself.
Flair starts to stomp on Foley, before beginning to strut around the ring, getting a less than welcoming response from the fans. Flair shakes his head around, and we see blood fall from his hair, and face, like water. He drags Foley up, and begins to throw some right hands, staggering Foley some more. He lines up one big shot, but Foley catches Flair in the breadbasket, before running himself off the ropes, and comes at Flair, but Naitch plays possum … and HIP TOSSES FOLEY ONTO THE BARBED WIRE BOARD!!!!!! Again, Foley writhes around the mat in agony, with Flair nodding, before dropping to his knees, rolling his opponent over for a cover …



Mick Foley refuses to die!!! Flair appears to be astonished, shaking his head relentlessly in disbelief, before rising back to his feet, dragging Cactus Jack up with him. Flair backs Foley into the corner, and delivers a stiff chop. He pulls back, and strikes with a right hand. Pulls back again, and another chop. Ric drags Foley out, and goes for a whip into the corner, but somehow, Cactus manages to reverse, and sends Flair instead. Ric hit’s the turnbuckle, and Cactus follows in with him, scoring with a clothesline in the corner. Naitch staggers out, and looks set to flop down, but Foley doesn’t wait, and runs, knocking him down with a running clothesline!!!
Cactus once again, gives the fans a ‘BANG BANG’ before turning to Flair. He starts to drag him up, but as he reaches his vertical base, Flair dots the Micks eye. Foley immediately puts his hand to his face, and Flair sends him down, using the trash can that Foley threw into the ring earlier!!! Now, Ric Flair starts to climb the ropes, pointing at the fans, telling them ‘Its over’. Flair looks a little unsteady as he goes up top … and takes a few moments trying to catch his balance … which is too long, as Foley gets back to his feet, and catches Naitch up top, and throws him from the top … DIRECTLY ONTO THE BARBED WIRE BOARD!!!
The fans start a ‘Holy Sh!t’ chant, as Flairs bare back connects with the razor wire. Foley starts to smile, and sticks his tongue through his toothless gap, in true Cactus fashion, before having another idea, and rolls out of the ring, searching under the apron once again … eventually, he emerges, and holds up a black bag. J.R and Coach speculate what it could be inside … sand … or more likely with Foley … thumbtacks.
Cactus slides back into the ring, looking around, before kicking the trashcan to the outside, and opens up his black bag … EMPTYING OUT HUNDREDS … THOUSANDS OF THUMBTACKS!!!! Freedom Hall begins to shake from the rafters, with Foley introducing one of his trademark weapons to the action, which can only mean bad things for someone.
Flair sees the tacks, and tries to run for his life exiting the ring, only for Foley to cut him off, on the outside. Flair backs away from Cactus, and again, tries to run, but doesn’t have the energy, with Foley catching him almost immediately, once Ric tries to run. Cactus whips his nemesis into the timekeepers position, with Flair colliding with the ring announcers. Mick continues to stay on him, and grabs Flair by the hair, dragging him back, rolling him into the ring … but we see that Flair has something in his hand … THE RING BELL!!!
Cactus has yet to spot the weapon, and as he steps inside the ring, he hauls Naitch to his vertical base … but gets struck with the RING BELL!!! Foley falls right into the corner, not falling down, with Flairs shot not fully connecting. Ric bends down, right beside the thumbtacks, and waits as Foley comes back out of the corner … and as he does … FLAIR THROWS A HANDFUL OF TACKS INTO FOLEYS FACE!!!!!!!
Foley immediately puts his hands to his face, trying to get the tacks away, which gives Flair a perfect chance to score … and he nails a DROP TOE HOLD … WITH FOLEY HITTING THE TACKS FACE FIRST!!!!! Immediately, Ric clears his path from tacks, and reaches for the legs, and with Foley almost incapacitated, Flair has no problems applying the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!!!
Cactus is locked in the submission hold, whilst he lays on the thumbtacks. He screams out in pain, from both the submission, and the hundreds of tacks digging into his back!!! Mick looks to the ropes, which are a mile away at this point … and not even necessary, with rope breaks not counted in this match. Micks only chance of survival is to turn the hold over, and reverse the pain. Cactus begins to try and turn Flair over, with Naitch swinging his arms, trying to keep the momentum with him, but Foley digs deep, AND BEGINS TO TURN FLAIR OVER … BUT FLAIR BREAKS THE HOLD!!!!
Flair gets back to his feet, and goes for the Figure Four again, but as he turns around, Foley kicks Flair away, into the ropes. Cactus fights back to his feet, knocking Flair for six, with Foley starting to get a wild look in his eyes, reaching down, and moving up another gear. He backs Flair into the corner, with blistering right hands, at least 15, possibly 20 right hands in a row, with Flair sliding down, being literally pummelled into the ground.
Foley lays by the head of Flair, and starts mouthing, going berserk, with Flair literally lifeless on the canvas. Foley gets back up, and grabs the 2x4 once again, running off the ropes, and dropping down, with the weapon, using it like an elbow. Foley hooks the leg …


Foley releases the cover, and shakes his head, signalling he wants to inflict more damage to Flair. The referee tries to reason with him, but its to no use, as Foley backs the referee into the corner, yelling at him ‘This son of a b!tch isn’t done yet. I’m not even yet.’ He gestures, putting his hands behind his back, reminding the referee about being handcuffed earlier, before pointing to his bloody face, reminding the referee about the unanswered chair shots, before turning back around, and grabbing the Barbed Wire Board, setting it upright in the corner, then points to Flair, who is still laying out cold.
Cactus lifts Flair up, and mouths something again, before whipping him across the ring, right into the BARBED WIRE BOARD!!! Flair literally bounces out … into Mick Foleys path, falling onto him. Cactus is forced to hold Flair up, and drags him towards the thumbtacks, before hooking Flairs arms. Foley stands for a moment, and looks around the arena, before dropping … A DOUBLE ARM DDT ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!!!!!! (Foley takes the majority of the bump, in order to protect Flairs face) Foley this time, simple covers Flair, and the referee makes the count …


Winner: Mick Foley (Cactus Jack) @ 20:58

Foley lays on top of Ric Flair for a few seconds, as much as ten, before rolling off him, and sliding to the outside. Meanwhile, EMTs rush to the ring, in order to help Ric Flair.

Officials stop Mick Foley as he stumbles up the ramp, unable to catch his bearings, but he assures them he is okay. We see Dean Malenko, and Michael Hayes take an arm each of Foley, and help him up the ramp, with Foleys adrenaline gone now, with him reverting to what seems a state of shock.
In the ring, Ric Flair appears to be awake, but the EMT still place him onto a stretcher as a precaution. They get him out of the ring, and start to wheel him up the ramp, as the fans begins to give both men a standing ovation.

Jim Ross:
Mercifully, it’s over. Cactus Jack, Mick Foley, whichever way you want to call him, has been to hell and back tonight, and by gawd, he took the legendary Ric Flair with him. Cactus Jack gains his revenge on Flair, but not without a fight.

The Coach:
I counted seven chair shots to Mick Foleys cranium alone. J.R, these two men gave up their bodies tonight. Their hatred stepped into the limelight, and no one can doubt that the bad blood was on show tonight.

Jim Ross:
This wasn’t about gold, this wasn’t about success, it was deeply, deeply personal, and Coach, I thank god that its mercifully over.

The Coach:
It’s not quite over yet though J.R. I would doubt either man will sleep easily tonight, or for the next few weeks. And at their ages, I don’t expect either man to be the same again. Don’t expect Ric Flair or Mick Foley to show up tomorrow night in Lexington.

Jim Ross:
No doubt about it Coach. It’d be a miracle if either one of these men showed up tomorrow night in the Rupp Arena. Mick Foley appears to have a broken nose, more than likely a concussion, possible brain damage somewhere down the road, his back is a human pin cushion, and his entire body, has been shredded to pieces.

The Coach:
And the exact same goes for Ric Flair. I wouldn’t be surprised, if one of these two men was gone for a LONG time.

Jim Ross:
That remains to be seen, but I suspect that we’ll get more information tomorrow night on Raw.

WWE Fantasy Commercial

We return, and see workers in the ring, clearing up the mess, before cutting to a number of replays from the Streetfight moments ago.

Jim Ross:
Unreal. In all my years, I’ve never seen so much blood shed in one match, EVER. But folks, from one extreme to another. Right now, we’re handing it back over to Michael Cole and Tazz, to round out this evening for what has to be the most eagerly anticipated WRESTLING match, on this show. Chris Benoit has the chance to finally fulfil his twenty year dream, and become WWE Champion, whilst Kurt Angle has the chance to etch his name, as one of the greatest champions of all time.

The Coach:
It’s goodbye from the Coach too.

Michael Cole:
J.R summed it all up Tazz. It’s a case of now or never for Chris Benoit.

Benoit has been wrestling for twenty years Cole. And he has never been a world champion. Time is damn sure running out on the Wolverine, and Cole, he aint gonna be getting many more chances.

Michael Cole:
So much riding on this match Tazz, so much. Kurt Angle wants to prove he is the greatest champion in WWE history, and he will not be taking the challenge of Benoit lightly.

Damn right. These two know each other inside and out. They have wrestled each other in so many classic matches, but I don’t remember a time when the stakes where this high.

Michael Cole:
Well, they have met for the WWE Title in the past, but although then, the winner was on his way to Wrestle Mania, this one just seems more important. As we said, time is running short for Benoit, and chances like this will be soon drying up for the veteran…

Cut back to the ring, and we see the workers leaving the ring, having cleaned the mess up, as the bell rings three times…

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

**Whatever** Chris Benoit enters the arena, to a huge home pop. He has a face of stone, and looks extremely focused, going into this main event.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing first the challenger, from Edmonton, Alberta, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 227 pounds, CHRIS BENOIIIIIIT!!!!!!

**Benoit loosens himself up, then gives himself a quick slap before strolling right up the steps, and into the ring**

Michael Cole:
Is this the night that Chris Benoit finally realises his dream of becoming the WWE Champion. No one deserves it any more than this man, who has battled for nearly twenty years, all over the world. What an achievement it would be for the rabid wolverine.

He is prepared to go through hell to become a WWE Champion, but to do it, he must beat his biggest nemesis of his career.

**Medal** Kurt Angle enters the arena, to a magnificent pop from Louisville. Angle sets off his pyro and continues down the ramp.

Tony Chimel:
And his opponent, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 238 pounds, he is the WWE Champion, KURT ANGLEEEEE!!!!

**Angle takes a moment outside the ring, and walks around the ringside area, before taking a deep breath, and jogging up the steps**

Michael Cole:
Last month, Kurt Angle scored two decisions in ten minutes over Shawn Michaels to win the Clash of the Champions for Smackdown. Tonight, he only needs one, but can he beat the determined Wolverine.

Kurt Angle has been on a roll in 2005. A great showing at the Royal Rumble, he made Goldberg tap out for the first time in his career at Wrestlemania, and since WrestleMania, he has went 40 minutes inside the Elimination Chamber, before winning the belt at Summer Slam, and then he went sixty minutes against HBK but he needs to have the performance of a life time once again if he is to keep the title tonight.

WWE Championship Match:

Kurt Angle
vs. Chris Benoit

The fans hush as Benoit and Angle intensely stare across the ring at one another, both anxiously waiting what is sure to follow. The two men start to move closer to the centre of the ring, trash talking each other, as they eventually go head to head, still mouthing at each other. The two men both start to raise the intensity up, shouting in each others face, until Kurt Angle snaps, and slaps his opponent, right across the face.

Benoit is taken aback for a second, before looking right back into Kurts face, boiling over with fury. The Wolverine quickly steps back into Angles face, and shoves the champion by the chest, pushing Kurt into the ropes. Angle doesn’t look too pleased, and takes his frustration, getting back up straight, walking right at Benoit, but is taken by surprise, with The Wolverine connecting with a slap to the face, which sends Angle staggering into the corner.
Angle holds his mouth, checking for blood, before pushing himself from the corner, staring at Benoit again. The Champion comes at Benoit again, and shoves the challenger by the chest, into the ropes. Benoit doesn’t look happy, and pushes off the ropes, before going face to face with his ultimate adversary, and the trash talking starts again.
The Wolverine pushes Kurt, with Angle pushing back, and once again, until both men have the same idea, and go for the lock up. Benoit is quick to put the pressure on, and backs the Olympian into the corner, which forces the referee to step in, and break the hold. Slowly, Benoit releases, but guards himself, as does Angle, in case either goes for a cheap shot, but neither do.
The two men circle the ring, and tie up again. Both men try to gain the leverage, but the Champion gets the advantage. He backs Benoit into the corner, but just like moments ago, with the roles reversed, the referee tells Angle to break it his hold. Gradually, and warily, Kurt steps away, and both men, slowly, make their way out, and circle the ring again.
Swiftly, Kurt and Benoit tie up again, and struggle around the ring, but the challenger gets the best of the situation this time, and backs Angle into the corner, with the same result as before, with Benoit being forced to release, with both men once again keeping their guard, but with neither man going for a cheap shot.
One more time, both men then circle the ring, and tie up yet again. This time, The Crippler takes Angle down with a headlock takedown quickly, and smartly, applies an armbar, knowing the champions troubles with the joint last month against Shawn Michaels. Angle immediately rolls over for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Benoit. Both jump up, but Kurt takes control, with a snap mare on the challenger, followed by a headlock.
The Wolverine counters the headlock, and applies one of his own. Kurt Angle is quick to his feet though, and pushes Benoit off the ropes, but the challenger comes right back off the ropes, and nails a clothesline knocking down the Gold Medallist. Benoit jumps over Angle, bouncing off the ropes, but as he comes back off, Angle hit’s a drop toe hold, and tries to get the ankle lock early on, but Benoit manages to scramble to the safety of the ropes.
Angle smiles, and knells down beside the Crippler, clicking his fingers, telling Benoit he can end it just like that. Benoit pushes Angles arm away, as he pulls himself up on the ropes. Immediately, Angle and Benoit tie up again, this time with Angle getting the go behind, but instead of going for a German Suplex, he pushes the Wolverine off, into the ropes. As Benoit comes back, he ducks a clothesline from Kurt Angle, comes off the opposite side, but doesn’t expect a knee from Angle, which turns the Wolverine inside out.
The Crippler takes his time getting up, shaking his head loose, whilst Angle poses, doing his twirly spin, to a very mixed reaction from the deadly split fans in attendance.
Eventually, Benoit gets to his feet, and immediately raises his hand in the air for a test of strength, and without hesitation, Angle accepts. Kurt slowly lifts his hand toward the challenger, trying not to fall for any tricks, and they lock up for the test of strength. Benoit gets the best of the strength battle, and brings Angle to his knees, but Benoit breaks the hold with a quickly manoeuvred headlock takedown, keeping the headlock applied.
Angle soon breaks free, dropping his free leg across the head of the Rabid Wolverine. Kurt gets up and chops Benoit HARD, gathering a WOOOO from the fans. The Challenger grasps his chest, and drops to one knee, before getting back up, and then delivers a chop back, HARD to his opponent, again getting a WOOOOO. Angle drops to a knee, then gets up and chops Benoit back, with another WOOOO from Louisville. Benoit clutches his chest again, but fires back with another chop of his own. Angle’s chest is starting to become beet red, but this doesn’t stops the champion, and Kurt hit’s a chop in retaliation, which sends his challenger staggering away, before coming back, with an almighty chop, with such velocity that the Olympian falls down.
As Angle pulls himself up in the corner, Benoit closes in for the kill, and begins to open up on Kurt with a series of deafening chops, which really light up the already raw chest of Angle. The crowd counts along, up to eight chops … nine … and finally, one HUGE chop, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Angle staggers around the ring, holding onto the ropes, sucking up air trying to regain his composure.
Benoit isn’t set to let up, and hounds down on Angle, coming to get more of the weakened Champion, but as he closes in, Angle meets him with a swift right hand, sending him backward, and a second to take control of the situation, which sends Benoit into the corner. Now, it is Angles turn to become the aggressor, teeing off right hands at the cranium of the challenger.
Benoit fights back, with his favourite weapon right now … the dreaded knife edge chop. This fends off Angle, as Benoit fights out of the corner, scoring with a kick to the midsection, before firing a tough right hand to the temple. Benoit straightens Kurt up, and goes for another chop, but Angle catches his arm, and tries to take Benoit down, seemingly for Benoits own Crossface!!!
The Wolverine fights it, and breaks Angles grip, ramming him into the corner, and a second time, with Angle letting go. Benoit now whips Angle across the ring to the opposite corner, and runs in after him, but Angle moves out of the way, with The Crippler running into the turnbuckle. The Champion quickly tries to take control, gripping behind Benoit for a German Suplex, but Benoit blocks it, and hit’s a drop toe hold, with Angle hitting the turnbuckle. Angle staggers out of the corner, and now, Benoit grips behind Angle, going for a German Suplex, but Angle grabs the top rope, stopping Benoit, despite his best efforts.
Benoit lets go, and starts clubbing the back of the Champion to make him break from the ropes, which he does, and Benoit tries to go for a German Suplex once again, but this time, Angle fends him off with a string of elbows to the jaw, forcing Benoit to lose his grip. The Wolverine backs up a little, and Angle immediately comes after him, but Benoit scouts him coming, and back body drops the champion over the top rope to the floor.
Angle holds the small of his back, wincing in pain, as Benoit is held back in the ring. The referee begins to count Angle out, with the champion trying to get to his feet, but looking clearly woozy, still holding his back, as Benoit looks around for a moment, before running off the ropes, and dives through the middle rope, with a suicide dive at Angle, BUT ANGLE MOVES ... BENOIT CRASHES AND BURNS!!!!
The crowd come alive, as Angle quickly tries to make the best of the situation, dragging Benoit, and rolling him into the ring. Angle follows in, and hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Angle shakes his head, looking at the referee asking if he’s for real. The Champion pulls Benoit up to a vertical base, and right away, knocks him back down, connecting with a big uppercut forearm. Angle stands over the challenger, who is in a world of hurt right now, with a slight smile on his face. The Champion drags the Wolverine to his feet again, and goes for a second uppercut forearm, but this time, Benoit catches the arm, and tries to take Angle down by surprise for the Crossface, but the Gold Medallist manages to stay on his feet, turning Benoit around, and gets a backslide, 1...2...KICK OUT!!
Benoit slides out of the pinning combination, with both of men quickly getting to their feet, but both go for the same move, running for a clothesline, and catch each other, both going down!! The referee begins a ten count, although with both men moving already, its safe to say they’ll make it up quickly.

…Both men reach their feet at the same time, ending the mandatory ten count…

Benoit is quickest to strike, knocking down Angle with a stiff forearm. He stands over Angle for a moment, then quickly bounces off the ropes, and meets Kurt, who is back to his knees, with a basement dropkick, quickly following with a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from the champion.
The Wolverine then picks Angle up, but the Olympic Gold Medal winner takes Chris by surprise with a cradle, 1...2…… Benoit rolls over, getting the opponents shoulders down, 1...2...Kick Out. Angle breaks the pin, and as soon as the two men are up, he rolls up Benoit, 1...2…… Benoit rolls through, 1...2...Kick Out!!!!!!!
Both get to their feet again, with Angle getting a bridge, 1...2…… Benoit uses his strength to power out of the bridge, which gets a good pop, then backslides Angle, 1...2...Kick Out. Kurt Angle flips out, and rolls up The Crippler, 1...2...Kick Out!! Both men jump to their feet, and get a massive ovation from the on looking fans. Angle and Benoit stare across the ring at each other intensely, as this war is set to pick up a notch by the looks of things.
Kurt Angle walks around the ring, as does Benoit, with neither taking their eyes off the other, knowing the capabilities of his opponent. Eventually, they walk toward each other for a test of strength, but as they near the full lock of fingers, both pull away, not wanting to take any unnecessary risks.
The fans boo the pull away, with both men noticing the reaction. Angle fires himself up, slapping his face, before shouting over at his opponent to get it on, with Benoit nodding in agreement. The two men walk into a tie up, but right away, Angle takes the low road, with a knee to the gut of the unsuspecting challenger.
A few boos are heard for the short cut from Angle, but many don’t take offence, with the move not being illegal. Angle clubs the back of Benoit, before backing him into the ropes. Angle chops Benoit once, before going for a whip across the opposite side of the ring, but The Wolverine reverses the whip, and pulls Angle into him, delivering an arm breaker to Angle.
Tazz and Cole remark on how smart Benoit is to go after the arm, after the trouble it caused Angle last month at Clash of the Champions, with Shawn Michaels having worn the body part down for the majority of the match, almost to the point of a break, or at least a submission.
Benoit is relentless right away, sensing a weakness, and kicking the arm of Angle, and dropping to his knees to get to work on the champion. Benoit stomps Angles arm, even dropping a knee to the joint
Angle grasps his arm, showing that his arm is damaged, having not recovered 100% since COTC. Benoit allows Angle to crawl away for a moment, before pulling Angle back by his arm a little, and Benoit quickly drops his knee right to the tricep, forcing a deep groan from the WWE Champion. The Wolverine keeps the arm levelled out, before dropping his knee to the point of the tricep again, with Angle again groaning from the pain. One more time, The challenger rams his knee into Angle’s left arm, forcing Angle to yell out loud, with the anguish showing from distressed champion.
Angle rolls away, whilst Benoit starts to go in for the kill. He closes in on the WWE Champion, who is trying to buy time to recover, but cant. Benoit takes a shot at the arm, trying to get in position for the Crossface, but Kurt manages to pull away with the camera showing Angle’s face in excruciating pain.
Benoit stays on top, and takes the arm, draping it over the top rope, before pounding at the bicep and tricep, with Angle dropping to his knee in torture from the incessant attack. The wounded Angle tries to pull away, but Benoit holds on, and continues to pound at the weakened body part of the Olympian.
Eventually, the referee steps in, and forces Benoit to let go, not being allowed to use the ropes to help him. Benoit reluctantly pulls away, deciding to play by the rules. Angle tries to shake his arm loose, but the determined Benoit doesn’t give Kurt any restbite, and strikes the tricep again, before quickly turning up the pressure, applying a hammerlock. Angle tries to fight free, but Benoit trips the leg, before dropping down, and despite some struggle from the Olympian, the challenger applies an arm breaker.
Kurt grits his teeth, and appears to be in a world of trouble, with his suspect arm once again taking the strain. Benoit pulls wildly at the arm of the WWE Champion, yanking at the contorted body part. Angle tries to get his feet onto the ropes in order to break the hold, but cant reach. Benoit appears to be in total control right now, and doesn’t look to be ready to let off the pressure. Angle continues to struggle, but cant reach the ropes. Angle continues to adjust his body closer to the ropes, and after some shuffling, manages to wrap his feet around the bottom rope, forcing the break.
The Rabid Wolverine is forced to release the hold. Benoit is restrained by the referee, after wanting to get right back on Angle, immediately after creating a little breathing space. Angle makes the most of the break, to loosen his arm, and shake some life back into it. Chris bears down on Kurt, but the Olympian catches him in the breadbasket. This forces Benoit to move back for a moment, but the challenger shakes the shot off, and bears down on Angle again, but again, is kept away with a shot to the gut. Angle reaches his feet, and strikes Benoit with a good right hand to the temple, before taking the Crippler by surprise, going for a Belly to Belly suplex … but Benoit blocks, head butting free, before once again taking control, with the arm drag!!!
Kurt immediately grabs his arm in pain, with Benoit showing no remorse in going for the body part. He bears down on Angle, and drags him back to his feet, connecting with some right forearms to the face, before going for a whip into the corner by the bad arm, but instead of letting go, Benoit whips Angle, but holds on, dragging him back by the injured body part, whipping him the opposite way, but still hanging on, and pulling him back, hyper-extending once again. This time, Benoit does let go, whipping Angle into the corner. Benoit follows in, nailing a knee to the mid section. Angle staggers out, and Benoit applies a wristlock, on the bad arm of Angle once more. Angle tries to break free, but is unable to break Benoit away.
The Wolverine cranks back with more pressure, before Angle starts to throw his free hand, catching Benoit with some stiff right hands, which eventually break Benoits hold. Angle bounces off the ropes, but as he comes back, Benoit sends him right back down with a forearm to the face.
The Wolverine looks up, looking around the arena, before slicing his thumb across his neck, signalling for the Headbutt. The Crippler climbs up to the top rope, but, as he leaps off the top rope … Kurt Angle rolls out of the way, with Benoit colliding against the mat!!!!!!
Both men are down, as Angle takes a few moments to recover, before noticing an opening, and quickly tries to slap on the Anklelock, but cant get a perfect hold, with his damaged arm causing him problems. The Olympian is forced to let go, showing the excruciating pain in his left arm, and steps back, shaking it loose again. Benoit, meanwhile gets back to his feet, after being let off the hook from the Anklelock in a dangerous position, just like Michaels did last month.
Benoit quickly gets to Kurt Angle, and throws a hard right hand to the upper section of the bad arm, taking full control once again. The Crippler follows up, with a simple body slam, but has the bad arm tucked in, with Angle landing on the body part with the majority of his weight, causing yet more pain!!!
Benoit quickly takes Angle by the arm, and roughly drags him, before dropping a well placed elbow to the tricep. Angle shoots up, again showing his discomfort, with Benoit wrestling a perfect match to this point.
Benoit pulls Angle down, and covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Benoit hooks the leg again, holding Kurt Angles right arm down, 1...2...Angle uses his left arm to get his shoulder up!!! The Wolverine appears to be using a smart gameplan, forcing Angle to kick out using his bad arm, therefore causing more distress for that particular body part.
Kurt Angle rolls to the outside, with Benoit in pursuit. Angle tries to keep some distance, but The Canadian refuses to allow Angle to recover. He grabs the air, and shakes off any Angle attacks to stop his attack on the arm, blocking with his free arm. Benoit slams Angles left arm against the ring apron, to which Angle responds with a slight moan. Benoit isn’t finished yet, and grabs the arm again, this time, whipping it against the ringpost. Angle drops to his knees, wincing from the agony his arm has been put through.
Benoit doesn’t ease up, grabbing the arm once more, and dragging Kurt to his feet. Benoit pounds the arm a few times, before going for a whip into the steps, but somehow, Kurt Angle manages to muster the energy to reverse, and he whips Benoit, knee first, into the steel steps!!! Benoit falls over the steps, immediately grabbing his knee.
Right now, both men seem worse for wear, with Angle trying to get the feeling back into his arm, and Benoit holding his knee tightly. Kurt Angle fights through the pain barrier, and quickly, breaks the referees count, before rolling back out, to get onto a weakened Benoit. Angle begins to stomp at the knee, still trying to shake his arm loose, after a huge amount of punishment for the second month in a row.
The Champion drags Benoit to his feet, and rolls the challenger back into the ring, climbing back in himself. Angle sizes Benoit up, as Benoit crawls around the ring, with Angle picking his spot, and dropping his knee to the knee of Benoit, getting a major groan out of the challenger. Angle drags Benoit, by the leg towards the ropes, setting his leg onto the middle rope, before climbing them himself, dropping down, placing his weight onto the knee of the Crippler, further contorting the knee.
Benoit grabs his knee, showing the brute pain he is feeling, with Kurt Angle incessantly looking to cause further damage. He stomps, before dropping down, and drags Benoit across the ring, with Angle sliding out himself. He drags Benoit, by the leg, towards the ring post, and wraps the bad knee right across the ring post. Benoit tries to get away, but Angle holds onto the knee, once again, slamming it against the steel post.
Still, Angle holds on, and now, begins to try and fix his position, eventually managing to apply a Figure Four around the ringpost!!! Benoit puts his hands to his face, yelling as Angle keeps the submission hold on. The referee gives Angle a five count to break, which he does at the count of three. Benoit rolls away, grabbing his injured body part. Kurt Angle slides back into the ring, and begins to stomp once again at the knee of Chris Benoit. He yanks the leg, and tries to apply a Figure Four in the ring, but Benoit punches himself free, knocking Angle down.
Angle quickly shoots back up to his feet, and tries to apply the Figure Four a second time, but again, Benoit relentlessly fights free, knocking Kurt Angle back down again. Chris Benoit reaches his feet, and hobbles toward Angle, keeping his bad protected, away from Angle. Kurt tries to swipe the leg, but misses, and Benoit is quick to react, taking a shot at the arm of Angle. Angle immediately moves back, but has shown weakness, allowing Benoit to strike.
The Crippler moves toward Angle, but is kept at arms length, with Kurt throwing an overhand right. Benoit takes a step back, as Angle throws a second, before taking a kick at Benoits leg, sending the Canadian onto one knee. Angle bounces off the ropes, but as he comes back, Benoit side steps him, grasping the waist … GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! Benoit hangs on, and brings Angle back up, and goes for a second, but Angle blocks the attempt, elbowing free. Benoit moves a little, but Angle takes control, grasping behind Chris Benoit … GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! This time, Angle holds on, and goes for a second too, but Benoit stops the momentum, wrapping his foot around Angles leg. Kurt lets go, and clubs the back, but Benoit reverses, and goes behind Angle, quickly popping off a GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! Now, once again, Benoit holds on, tenacious as always, going for a second, but once more, Angle blocks, reverses, and quickly scores with a GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Now, for the second time, Kurt Angle attempts to hit a second German, but just as before, Benoit blocks, and elbows free, quickly taking Kurt Angle down with a cross arm breaker!!!
Both men go down, and take their time to recover, but Angle looks to be in a world of hurt, trying to loosen his bad arm once again, whilst Benoit pushes himself up to his feet, quickly getting on the Champion again. Benoit drops the elbow on the left arm again, then stamps, before again, holding down the right arm, and covering, 1...2...left shoulder goes up. Angle uses his weakened body part to stay away from losing the championship. The Wolverine gets up, and quickly drops, yet another elbow to the bad arm.
Benoit quickly gets up, immediately dropping the knee. Angle is unable to catch a break in the match at all, with Benoit continuously at him like a rabid dog, consistently wearing down the broken down arm of Angle. Benoit raises the arm into the air, and drops down, applying the arm bar. Kurt Angle is finding himself is big trouble, trying to use his legs in order to get nearer to the ropes, but Benoit sinches in. Angle digs down deep, showing the true heart of a champion, and continues to move closer … WRAPPING HIS LEGS AROUND THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!
Benoit is forced to break the submission. He looks to the referee, holding his arms up in an apologetic fashion, having not realised Angle was in the ropes from the submission. Benoit gets to his feet, dragging Angle up, but Kurt stops him, with a shot to the bread basket, winding The Wolverine. Angle reaches the ropes to pull himself up, and charges towards Benoit, but The Crippler turns the tide, and tries to take down Angle for the Crossface … but Angle tries to block it, and eventually kicks the knee of Benoit, breaking the challengers grip. Instantly, the champion takes down Benoit with a double leg, and turns the crippler over, applying a single leg crab!!!
Angle pulls back, using just one arm … his good arm, as Benoit is heard on the mat, screaming from the agony of the submission, wearing down his bad knee, with the Olympian cranking back, looking for the submission. Angle pulls Benoit further to the middle of the ring, getting the Canadian away from the ropes, before dropping down to try and apply an STF, BUT BENOIT COUNTERS … INTO THE CROSSFACE!!!!!
Angle scrambles, not allowing Benoit to get the submission applied, and spins free, grabbing the ankle … ANKLE LOCK!!!!! Benoit takes the punishment for a split second, before using his leg strength to almost throw Angle away, releasing the ankle. Benoit takes the chance, and HE APPLIES THE ANKLELOCK!!!! Angle instantaneously spins around, and cradles the challenger, but doesn’t got for a pinning combination, but instead, hooks Benoit’s arm, breaks free … ANGLE APPLIES THE CROSSFACE!!!!!
Benoit is locked in his own submission hold, but despite Angles best efforts, he cannot cause the submission, with Benoit too close to the ropes in this instance, and forces the break. Angle releases, and backs off, as Benoit gets to a vertical base. The two men receive a standing ovation from the appreciative fans, before circling the ring, shaking their injured body parts loose, before simultaneously centring and locking up. Angle strikes first, applying a headlock, before tripping Benoit down, and floats over into a front face lock. Benoit tries to get onto his side, but Angle applies enough pressure to hold the submission in. However, the champion doesn’t expect Benoit to be as strong as he is, with the challenger starting to push up, beginning to take Angle with him!!! Angle notices, and quickly releases the hold, before clubbing the back, and tries to apply the front face lock again, but Benoit swivels free, and goes for the Crossface again, but Angle fights it, bouncing off the ropes, running straight into a kick to the gut from the Wolverine. Benoit quickly adjusts his body, and floats Angle over, scoring with a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging for a cover…


………………KICK OUT………………
The Champion pops a shoulder just in time, keeping the match alive. Slowly, Angle makes it back to his feet, but Benoit is already waiting, and switches behind Angle, gripping his waist … GERMAN!!!! Benoit pulls Angle back up, still holding onto the waist, but Angle runs backward, ramming Benoit, back first into the corner, and a second time, breaking the Cripplers grip.
Angle now switches behind, and quickly connects … GERMAN!!! The Olympian pops back up, still gripping Benoits waist, attempting a second German, but Benoit counters, with a snap mare. Kurt quickly jumps up, but Benoit slips under him, grips Angle from behind … GERMAN!!! The fans come alive, for the display of German Suplexes for the second time in this match, as Benoit, drags Angle up, still gripping his waist, but Kurt quickly reverses, and goes behind the challenger … GERMAN SUPLEX!!!! Once more, Angle brings Benoit up, and releases for a moment, pounding the back, trying to soften up Benoit in order to deliver a second German … but as he goes for it, Benoit leaps, hooks his legs around Angles arms … VICTORY ROLL …

………………KICK OUT………………
Both men are quick to reach their feet, and Benoit runs at Angle, but Angle moves out of his way, with Benoit hitting the ropes, coming back, right into Angle … BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! … Angle hooks the leg, 1.….2.….KICK OUT!!!!! Angle looks to have the edge now, still shaking his suspect arm loose, but almost looking excited as he watches Benoit fumble to his feet. Benoit pulls up on the ropes, pushes himself off, into the path of Kurt Angle … BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX … NO!!! Benoit elbows free, sending Kurt into the ropes, and as Angle comes back, Benoit grabs the arm … takes down Angle … CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!!!!!
Angle realises the danger, and tries to push himself into the direction of the ropes, but Benoit yanks back!!! Angle back is badly contorted, and the Champion could well be in major league trouble right now … but as always, Angle digs deep, to another level, and begins to crawl, using his free arm, nearing the ropes … nearing the ropes …


1…2…3…4… BENOIT BREAKS …
The Challenger releases the submission, but tries dragging Angle back to the centre, of the ring, to lock the submission in again, but Angle kicks Benoit in the knee, sending Benoit on the defence, backing into his corner. Kurt Angle takes the break to get back to his feet, and sees Benoit not quite 100%, and decides to charge at him, but The Crippler moves from the corner, and Angle hits hard into the turnbuckle.
Kurt staggers out, and into the path of Benoit … he grips Angle from behind … GERMAN SUPLEX!!! The Challenger holds tight, and hauls Angle up … keeping his grip … this time … EXECUTES A SECOND GERMAN!!! For the first time in the match, a second German prevails. Benoit continues to hold on, and brings Angle back up, with the Champion looking dazed. Benoit takes a second, before … HITTING A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX!!!
The fans pop, as Benoit finally manages to execute three consecutive Germans, leaving the Champion flat out on the canvas. Benoit reaches his feet, holding the back of his head, still limping on his bad leg, before looking around, seeing the fans on their feet, and giving his cut throat taunt, before making his way through the ropes, and begins to climb the turnbuckles. The fans roar in approval, as Benoit slowly climbs, still hurting from the knee assault earlier, which makes the ascension longer. Benoit finally reaches the top, and gains his balance, before standing tall, until suddenly, Kurt Angle darts up, and shoots up the ropes, taking Benoit by surprise, ARM DRAG OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!!
Both men crash to the mat, as Freedom Hall begins to literally rock. The match now is finally starting to sky rocket, after a cagey opening session, and the fans show their appreciation for it. Kurt Angle stirs first, and claws his way towards the challenger, draping an arm over …



A duelling ‘Benoit’ and ‘Angle’ chant starts up, as both men begin to crawl around the mat, already soaked in blood from the previous bout, a total contrast to this wrestling match. Angle is first to rise up, and begins to get his bearings back, leaning against the ropes, watching Benoit use the ropes to reach up onto his feet. Angle stamps the mat, desperate for Benoit to get up. The Olympian gets too impatient, and runs to behind, gripping him from behind, looking for an Angle Slam … but Benoit lands on his feet!!! The Crippler grips Angle in the Full Nelson, before exploding with a Dragon Suplex … bridging for a cover …



………KICK OUT………

Angle just manages to elevate his shoulder, breaking the count, and saving his WWE Championship. Once again, both men are slow to their feet, and both need the ropes to aide them on their way, before finally reaching their feet, breaking the referees count at six. Benoit runs at Angle looking for a clothesline, but Angle side steps him. Benoit bounces off the ropes, and as Kurt Angle tries to kick him, Benoit catches the foot … Angle hops on one leg, possibly setting up for an enziguri, but Benoit is too quick, and swipes Angle with a dragon screw, taking the Champion down. Benoit now tries to place his foot between Angles legs, and despite some struggle from the Olympian, manages to do so, and grips the legs, crossing them apart … Benoit manages to turn Kurt Angle over … SHARPSHOOTER!!!!!
Angle is locked in the famous finishing hold of Bret Hart!!! The fans come alive, as Angle faces the possibility of tapping out to the submission hold, made famous by the man he has pestered in recent weeks!!!!!!!! Benoit sits back, cranking on more pressure … Can Angle reach the ropes??? The Champion lifts his arm in the air … to possibly tap … NO … Angle puts his hand down slowly, and digs into the canvas trying to reach the ropes!!! The fans are on their feet, with Angle suffering exactly what may happen if he ever stepped into the ring with Hart … he claws … and pulls … and nears … but BENOIT PULLS HIM BACK TO THE CENTRE OF THE RING!!!!!
Angle shuts his eyes, almost crying out in the excruciating pain, before one more time, showing his fight, and grit, and determination, possibly buoyed on by the fact, this was Bret Harts finishing move … and begins to reach again … scratching the surface of the ring … crawling across the mat … digging his nails to move across … and nears … AND GRABS THE ROPES!!!!
Benoit is given the mandatory five count, releasing at three, whilst Kurt Angle still holds onto the ropes, for dear life. Benoit points this out to the official, who eventually issues Angle with a five count too, with Angle needing to let go of the bottom rope. Kurt Angle, feeling the small of his back gets to his feet, and timidly reaches the centre of the ring, right into a chop from Benoit!!! Angle appears to be on his last legs right now, as Benoit kicks him in the gut, immediately following up with a snap suplex. He floats over into the cover, 1...2...Angle elevates his shoulder.
The Challenger is firing on all cylinders right now, whilst Angle appears to be suffering from fatigue, ever since the Sharpshooter, which appears to have taken Kurt out of his game. Benoit pulls Angle up, and goes for a snap suplex again, but this time, Angle floats over, and rolls up Benoit, taking him by surprise, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The two men rise to the feet, but Benoit underestimates Angles level of alertness right now, and walks into his path … BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!! Angle now appears to have found form again, kneeling down, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!
Kurt Angle gets back up, pulling Benoit to his feet by the hair, and takes him up a little, driving him back down with a backbreaker. Kurt Angle looks around the arena, pointing, and turning around, nodding to the crowd, before walking towards the corner. Angle starts to climb, and reaches the top rope, getting into position for a moonsault … but he slips a little, and needs to re-adjust himself, before standing upright on the top rope, but then, Benoit from nowhere, shoots up, and quickly hit’s the middle turnbuckle, gripping The Olympian from behind, AND SCORES WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!!!
Freedom Hall erupts!!! Both men are down, sucking in wind, leaving the official no option, but to count both men out … …
1 … 2 … 3
Benoit lifts his head, and sees Angle out flat. He begins to crawl towards him
… 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 …
… Benoit drops an arm over Angle …



Chris Benoit is caught, centre ring, locked into his own submission hold!!! There is no way he can get to the ropes, and in an act of desperation, Benoit rolls over, into a cradle … 1...2...ANGLE RELEASES THE HOLD TO KICK OUT!!! Both men, immediately shoot up, and both have the same idea, with both scoring, hitting each other with a clothesline!!! These two warriors hit the mat, and leave the official no choice once again, but to make a count…

1 … 2 … 3
The two men collectively start to crawl towards the ropes
… 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 …
… Kurt Angle is first to his feet …
… 8 …
… Benoit finally gets to a vertical base …

The Champion attacks Benoit, clubbing the back, before gripping the waist, and pops off a German Suplex!!! Kurt takes a few moments, and some deep breaths, before hoisting up Benoit with him … Benoit tries to break free, but Angle over powers him … second German Suplex!!! Once again, Kurt Angle takes his time reaching his feet, keeping his tight hold around the waist of Chris Benoit, but this time, as he gets up, Angle lets go, but instantly follows up, with AN ANGLE SLAM!!!!! The Champion hooks the leg …



Angle sits up, looking at the referee in shock. In complete amazement that Benoit had the where-with-all to find a rope. The Champion gets up to his feet, and now throws down his straps, which can mean only one thing … ANKLELOCK!!! He reaches for the ankle, but as he grabs it, Benoit turns over, and in a flash, with everything he’s got, cradles Angle … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Kurt Angle reaches his feet right away, and waits as Benoit struggles up. Once he reaches his vertical base, Angle charges toward the challenger, but The Wolverine takes Angle by surprise, taking the arm … and taking Kurt Angle down!!! The Champ struggles for a few moments, but after wriggling, BENOIT APPLIES THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!!!!!
Kurt Angle is caught, but finds himself near the ropes … he tries to push toward them, but Benoit rolls over, but manages to keep the hold locked in, but better still, has Angle in the centre of the ring!!!! The Champion is in no mans land, with the ropes a world away at this point. In an act of desperation, Angle takes his locked arm, and tries to grab the ankle of Benoit, successfully doing so. Now, the champion contorts his body. To leverage his free arm to the ankle too … AND GETS IT … ANKLELOCK!!!!
Benoit, in the agony, releases any grip of the crossface he had, with Angle now leveraging with the Ankle lock!!! Angle reaches back to his feet, still holding the ankle, twisting, and cranking, and wrenching the body part. Benoit reaches towards the ropes, but Kurt Angle pulls him back … AND ANGLE LAYS DOWN, GRAPEVINING THE ANKLE!!!!
Benoit is in a world of trouble, as Angle piles on more pressure, surely on the verge of snapping the ankle. Benoit, in one last surge, starts to move, and with everything he’s got claws towards the ropes, getting closer … and looks set to grab the ropes, until Angle gets back up … AND DRAGS BENOIT BACK TO THE CENTRE, ONCE AGAIN APPLYING THE ANKLELOCK!!!
This time though, Benoit, before Angle sits back, thrusts forward, and Angle is thrown, shoulder first into the ringpost, releasing the hold on his way!!! Angle is left stuck through the ropes, not moving since being thrust there. Both men are slow to move, with Benoit needing to use the referee to help him to his feet. He hobbles towards the corner, favouring his ankle, and pulls Angle out, whipping him, with everything he’s got, into the opposite corner. Angle bounces out, and right into Benoits path. The Crippler boots Angle in the midsection, before getting the Olympian up, in position for a Tombstone, but hit’s a Shoulder breaker instead!!!
The Wolverine still limps around the ring, and motions with his arms that its over now. He climbs out through the ropes, and begins to climb the turnbuckles, and once he reaches the top, looks down at Angle, not hesitating for a second, before FLYING THROUGH THE AIR, CONNECTING WITH THE HEADBUTT!!!!! Benoit rolls around the squared circle selling the move himself, whilst Angle lays prone, not moving a muscle. The Crippler shakes his head loose, and moves towards the Champion, eventually covering …


Benoit gets onto his knees, and looks at the referee, slapping his arm three times, and holding three fingers up in the air, asking where the three was. The referee points to Benoit that Angle had a foot on the ropes, with Benoit livid, having come so close to the victory, and his first ever WWE Championship. Benoit vents his frustration some more, which gives Angle a perfect opportunity, and the Champion, still grounded, swipes the leg of Benoit, and grabs the ankle … ANKLELOCK!!!!!
Benoit is caught again in the vicious submission hold, but this time, has his own idea, and with Angle standing so close to him, The Wolverine is able to grab the ankle of Kurt Angle, and swipes it too … AND TAKES A HOLD OF THE ANKLE … ANKLELOCK!!!!
Now, Angle finds himself caught in his own finishing hold, with Benoit trying to turn him over, but cant. Angle is on his back, and throws his leg in the air, trying to kick Benoit away, but the Wolverine is relentless, and sees the finish line now, with the Anklelock, and refuses to let go, eventually dropping down, to get a better hold of the submission!!!! But, by doing this, he leaves himself open to getting the move applied on himself, leaving on leg free, and Angle spots this right away, and goes for the ankle … ONLY BENOIT SEES IT, AND LETS GO … BUT IMMEDIATELY, TRIES TO TURN ANGLE OVER FOR THE CROSSFACE!!!!!
Kurt Angle throws his arms wildly, struggling as much as possible to get Benoit away from him. Eventually, Benoit is pushed, away, and Angle takes a hold of the ropes. The official steps in between Benoit and Angle, forcing Benoit back, as Kurt Angle takes him time to get back up. One more time, Freedom Hall gives the two men a standing ovation, and duelling ‘Benoit’ and ‘Angle’ chants. Both men eyes the other, and they come face to face, centre of the ring, and right away, Benoit wastes no time, striking with a chop. Angle staggers back, gripping his chest, holding the ropes in pain. He takes a moment, and comes back at Benoit, with a right hand, but Benoit tries to fire back with a chop, only for the champion to duck under. Benoit turns back around, into Angle, who goes for a Belly to Belly, but the challenger fights it, and in an act of desperation to break Angles grip, begins to head butt the champion, eventually making Angle break from the challenger. Benoit immediately grips Angle from behind, and nails a GERMAN SUPLEX, TURNING KURT ANGLE INSIDE OUT!!! The crippler rolls Angle to the centre of the ring, hooking the leg …



………KICK OUT………
Benoit shakes his head in despair, but keeps on Angle, dragging him up immediately, giving him no restbite. Benoit backs Angle into the ropes, and chops the champion, three times, with no reply from Angle. Benoit throws him off the ropes, but as Angle hit’s the opposite side, he grabs onto them, stopping himself, but Benoit is already in flight, expecting Angle to come back, and attempts a front dropkick, but hits thin air, and lands square on his back … Angle sees the opportunity, and grabs the legs of a helpless Chris Benoit, but he actually doesn’t go for the Anklelock though, and instead, manages to apply the SHARPSHOOTER!!!!
Kurt cranks back on Benoit, almost expertly applying Bret Harts legendary finishing move. The audience looks to be astonished with Angle using the Sharpshooter, a submission he has never used before, but they appear to understand why, given his recent hounding of Hart. Benoit looks in jeopardy of tapping out, trying to crawl to the ropes, but doesn’t have the strength to move towards them. The Wolverine is just inches away from making the ropes, trying to crawl towards them, fighting through the pain barrier, in order to realise his dream. Kurt tries to apply more pressure, but Benoit is now starting to edge closer, and closer, and closer….he reaches out…but Angle lets the grip go, hanging onto the ankle…ANKLELOCK!!!!
Kurt Angle drags Chris Benoit back to the centre of the ring, with the Anklelock locked in. He torques at the body part, and a huge groan comes from Benoit, as Freedom Hall goes berserk, half desperate for him to make it, and half urging the tap out, as Angle yanks at the limb, with The Crippler trying to push himself to the ropes, he crawls…and is soooo close….but ANGLE PULLS HIM BACK TO THE CENTRE OF THE RING!!!!
The reaction from the crowd becomes deafening, willing Benoit on to reach the ropes, as he puts his head down, and hand up, looking set to tap out. He once again fights the crippling pain, and crawls his way to the ropes, and is again one stretch away…..but ANGLE PULLS HIM BACK AGAIN!!!!!
The Wolverine yells out in agony, his hands around his head, and Angle then clamps down with the GRAPEVINE!!! Benoit is in REAL trouble now, nowhere to go. The official lies in front of Benoit and asks if he wants to give it in, with Benoit grabbing the referee by the shirt, almost showing his pain, and desperation, then

……………TAPS OUT……………

Winner: And Still WWE Champion, Kurt Angle @ 37:11

Angle immediately releases the hold, putting his hands over his face, knowing the war he has been through. He lies on the mat, relieved to have won the gruelling, near forty minute classic, overcoming Benoit, on this night, proving to be the better man.

Angle is handed the WWE Championship, and holds it in the air to a great ovation, and a show of respect from the fans. The Champion looks across the ring at a battered Chris Benoit, and sees Benoit, extending his hand.
The Champion looks around the arena, and nods, before stepping towards Benoit, looking deep into the eyes of his long time adversary, and shakes his hand. The fans give the two athletes a standing ovation, and a huge show of respect, as Angle and Benoit share some words. Angle now opens the ropes for Benoit, with Benoit taking a look around the arena, before taking the offer, and stepping out of the ring.

Michael Cole:
The Ankle lock has decided this thrilling contest. Kurt Angle, has pushed away the challenge of Chris Benoit here tonight at Nemesis, to once again, shatter the dream of the Rabid Wolverine.

Benoit has absolutely nothing to be ashamed about Cole. No man in this company can withstand that type of pressure in the Anklelock. Just this year alone, Goldberg, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels are some of the names to have tapped out to Kurt Angle.

Michael Cole:
We may have just witnessed the match of the year Tazz. Benoit and Angle turned it up here tonight, and undoubtedly stole the show.

In my mind, this was always gonna be the show stealer, and Cole, it certainly didn’t disappoint. These two men didn’t need gimmicks, didn’t need any weapons, didn’t need any cheap pops, they just let it all hang out in the ring, and gave us something, that I know I’ll never forget.

Michael Cole:
And lets make this point, Kurt Angle, has proved that he has the most deadly submission move in the world today. He didn’t tap to the Sharpshooter, he didn’t tap to the Crossface, but Benoit tapped to the Anklelock.

Angle proved it to himself at least Cole. As we saw at the end of the match, Benoit was caught in the Sharpshooter from Angle, but the win ended up coming from the Ankle lock. And you can bet your ass that Angle will be letting our General Manager know about it.

Michael Cole:
Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for inviting us into your home this evening, and we hope you have enjoyed this block buster show, in which Kurt Angle has etched his legacy once again, STILL the WWE Champion. Good night everybody.

In the ring, we see Angle celebrating, on the middle rope, raising the title belt to the fans, as the show fades to black.


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