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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

February 4, 2013

Phillips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia

Before Monday Night Raw officially begins, a video package airs hyping up the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay per view, showing all of the destruction and carnage that can be produced by the superstars who participate in it. Then highlights are shown of the superstars who all earned entry into Raw’s Elimination Chamber match, before fading to a live shot of the Phillips Arena, fireworks going off as Michael Cole welcomes the television audience to the show. Cole announces that there will be a huge Main Event this evening, but before he can tell the television audience what that main event is…


The sold out crowd is absolutely stunned as the theme music for Shane McMahon hits the public address system and out struts Shane O’Mac himself. He receives a huge ovation from the Atlanta crowd, showing off his smug smirk as he heads down to the ring and climbs inside. Once inside, he tells the crowd to hold their applause, because he feels that they may change their stance in a couple of moments. That’s when he explains that he has been keeping an eye on the WWE ever since he left, way back when and he felt that now was a good time to return and…shake things up. McMahon then asked John Cena to, please, make his way down to the squared circle, because he had something he needed to tell him, man to man.


After a few seconds, John Cena’s music hit and out he came, looking around as confused as everyone else in attendance, not quite sure what was going on. Once inside the ring, Shane McMahon told Cena to keep calm, because he knew how Cena was going to react to what he was going to say. John continued to eye Shane with confusion, as McMahon then told John Cena that he knew who was behind the attacks on Cena these past couple of weeks. Shane looked around, nodding his head as the crowd reacted with mixed emotions, John Cena then asking Shane various questions, like ‘who was it?’ and ‘how do you know?’. Shane started with the last question Cena asked, telling him that the reason he knew was because, he put the man up too it. This sent a chorus of boo’s ringing out from the Atlanta crowd, a shockwave of emotions seemingly hitting John Cena as he turned away, still somewhat confused, but growing angrier by the moment. He managed to calm himself down, asking Shane who was behind it. However, Shane did not answer him, instead telling Cena the reason he did it; strictly being that he knew it would light a fire under Cena. For months he watched as John Cena kept falling short of everything he tried to accomplish, so this was a way of getting trying to bring the old John Cena back; Shane essentially telling him, that he was doing him a favor! When Cena fired back telling Shane that he cost him the Royal Rumble and his chance at being inside the Elimination Chamber and that John Cena would make him and whoever he hired pay for this, that’s when Shane’s tone and mood took a turn. Since Cena was not grateful for what he had done, he was going to allow Cena to know the identity of the man…RIGHT NOW!


Several moments passed with the arena completely covered in darkness and once they turned back on, John Cena was laid flat-out in the middle of the ring, Shane McMahon standing over him and smirking. However, he was not alone, as the mystery man stood next to him, the crowd boo’ing and jeering as Shane O’Mac looked over at the man, who slowly pulled down his hoodie and took off a ski mask to reveal himself to be…Kurt Angle! He has his arm slowly raised into the air by Shane McMahon, the commentators not believing what they are seeing, or what they just witnessed as the cameras fade.

—Commercial Break—

Back from the break and the whole arena is still buzzing at the return of Kurt Angle as Josh Matthews stands backstage with Vince McMahon and Vickie Guerrero. He asks Vince about what everyone had just witnessed and Vince says that he knew nothing about that, but that there was certainly going to have to be some explaining. Matthews’ next question had to do with the result last week, when two members of The Shield pinned John Cena, what was to happen with that? Vince looked toward Vickie who had an arrogant smirk on her face and Vince said that while he did not completely like this decision, the rules stated that whomever pinned John Cena would get a spot inside the Elimination Chamber, so since both Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns pinned Cena, both men were to be included making it the first ever seven-man Elimination Chamber!

Opening Contest – Singles Match
Kane w/ Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase
-The return of Ted DiBiase saw him face a stiff challenge in one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Kane took advantage of DiBiase’s ring rust in the early stages, delivering multiple throat thrusts as well several huge slams. But Ted got back into things, showing off his versatility and quickness, dropping Kane with an assortment of moves, using his technical skills to ground the larger man. Late on in the contest, Kane was battling back, Bryan on the outside getting the crowd into it to will Kane on, as suddenly Titus O’Neil and Darren Young hit the scene, attacking Daniel Bryan from behind! They continued to stomp and pound away at him and distracted the Big Red Machine long enough as DiBiase hooked in the Million Dollar Dream before delivering Dream Street! He crawled on-top of Kane, hooking the leg and getting the victory.-
Winner – Ted DiBiase

Young and O’Neil leave the scene, laughing and grinning at the work they’ve done, DiBiase climbing to his feet having his arm raised in victory. Backstage Matt Striker caught up with Brodus Clay and asked him about his actions last week on Santino; Clay responded by saying that CM Punk was right all along, he’s a three hundred pound monster and it was about time he started showing people that he was. It started last week and it will continue all the way to the Elimination Chamber and then at WrestleMania when he becomes the next WWE Champion.

—Commercial Break—

Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle were shown laughing and chatting as they headed through the backstage area. That is where Josh Matthews caught up with them, wanting to try and get some explanation as to what happened. Shane told Josh that everything would be explained in due time, everyone just needed to have a bit of patience. Then, Vince McMahon stepped into the picture, telling Shane that he better give an explanation right now or this little celebratory return would be cut off before it even got started. The mood of both Shane and Angle changed to that of a serious nature, Kurt stepping in and telling Vince that while he was away he watched as this company gave John Cena every chance in the world to get back on top…and he failed. Now, he was back to light a fire under Cena, see what he was really made of and if he failed again, which he clearly has, then he and Shane were going to put John Cena down once and for all. This brought a slight chuckle to Vince who then said that if he wanted to finish Cena off, do so at the Elimination Chamber. Kurt replied saying he would do so with pleasure, but Vince wasn’t talking to Angle, he then turned towards Shane who didn’t seem to thrilled with the idea, however Vince’s mind was clearly made up.

—Commercial Break—

Before the next scheduled contest, Michael Cole took the time to promote tonight’s Main Event, which pitted Brock Lesnar and CM Punk against The Rock and The Miz. Surely it would be quite an entertaining and interesting main event, with a lot of drama and action.

Match Two – Singles Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio
-The second contest of the evening pitted two versatile, high flyers against one another and two men that would square off inside the Elimination Chamber in a couple of weeks. Kofi and Mysterio both came out firing, countering one-another’s attacks, the first few exchanges ending in stalemates to the applause of the sold out crowd. What could’ve been a potential high-flying and thrilling contest was abruptly cut short as Justice hit the P.A System, signaling the arrival of The Shield. The three men came through the crowd and ambushed both Mysterio and Kingston, beating them to the ground viciously. As the boo’s rang out, first they picked up Mysterio, lifting him into the waiting arms of Roman Reigns as they delivered the first Triple Powerbomb! Next it was Kofi’s turn, the three men doing the exact same thing, before sending him violently into the canvas. Both Kofi and Rey lie motionless in the middle of the ring, The Shield climbing out and heading back into the backstage area, admiring their work.-
Winner – No Contest

CM Punk stood backstage with Paul Heyman, Punk telling the cameras that he was WWE Champion for four hundred and thirty four days, the longest reign of this generation. While he may not have the title right now, there is no denying who the best in the world is and that is him. Week-in and week-out he proved that nobody on the roster could beat him and it took Vince McMahon to reach out and go fetch a legend to come in and take the title off of him. Punk says that this may sit well with the WWE Universe, but it doesn’t sit well with him, which is why he plans on doing whatever it takes to get his WWE Championship back.

Matt Striker was shown sitting in the locker-room of John Cena, who seemed to still be recovering from the attack earlier. Striker wanted to know Cena’s thoughts on the whole situation and finally Cena seemed to show some cracking. He didn’t have much to say during the interview, just that if Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon wanted to light a fire under him, they succeeded. When asked how he felt about getting to take on Shane McMahon one on one at Elimination Chamber, John Cena just shook his head and told Striker that it wasn’t enough, not until both men paid.

The United States Champion stood inside the ring, microphone in hand, telling everyone that the greatest United States Champion was set to show everyone why he was just that. It didn’t matter who they put in front of him, because nobody could match his overall abilities and soon he would be recognized for all he had done. Just then, an unfamiliar theme hit the P.A System, Cesaro turning to look who his opponent would be. Out came the young and exciting Xavier Woods, the crowd cheering loudly for the young man from just down the road in Marietta.

Match Three – United States Championship – Singles Match
Antonio Cesaro© vs. Xavier Woods
-The two men stood toe to toe in the middle of the ring, Cesaro dwarfing the smaller Woods and he just chuckled, pushing the smaller superstar around. Xavier Woods proceeded to take it too the champion, catching him off-guard at the speed of the young man, forcing him to the outside to regroup. However, he couldn’t regroup for long as Woods landed a huge plancha over the top rope, before sending Cesaro back into the ring, continuing his high-octane, high risk style. That style was eventually halted by the powerful Cesaro, who caught Woods in midair, before delivering a huge backbreaker too him. From there, the US Champion grounded his challenger, anytime Woods would start to fight back that’s when Cesaro would show off his brute force to beat down the challenger. Antonio couldn’t quite put him away, gaining several near falls as Woods kept managing to kick out and then he fought back. They both battled back and forth, each gaining near fall after near fall, the crowd thinking Woods had it won one minute, then Cesaro the next. Finally, it was Cesaro who booted Woods in the gut and set him up for The Neutralizer, only to see him break out of it and roll the US Champion, One…Two…Three!-
Winner & NEW United States Champion – Xavier Woods

The Phillips Arena crowd exploded into a frenzy of cheers, Xavier Woods popping to his feet, stumbling around and celebrating the monumental upset. Cesaro sat on his knees, arguing with the referee, not believing that the young kid got the three count. Woods was handed his title belt and was immediately blindsided by an angry Antonio Cesaro. He got in a couple of small stomps as Woods rolled out of the ring, Cesaro stomping around the ring in utter frustration, Woods continuing to celebrate as the commentators still couldn’t believe that we have a new US Champion.

—Commercial Break—

It had been a tremendous night so far on Monday Night Raw, several surprises had already happened, a new champion had been crowned and there was still plenty more action to come. Backstage, Antonio Cesaro was still livid at losing his United States Championship, storming down the hallways before chasing down Vickie Guerrero, the Raw General Manager. He demanded his rematch with Xavier Woods, not even wanting to wait another day, demanding that she give it to him tonight. She obviously declined and told him that he was so worked up, that his frustration would only lead to another let down if she gave him his rematch even next week. So, with that being said, Vickie decided that he would get his rematch at the Elimination Chamber!

Match Four – Singles Match
Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth
-As soon as the bell sounded the monster Brodus Clay went straight after R-Truth, planting him with several scoop slams as well as sending all of his weight down on top of Truth with multiple splashes. The referee warned Clay on several occasions regarding his antics, R-Truth finally managing some offense with a few right hands, followed by a flying spinning forearm. Brodus rolled out of the ring of the ring and when Truth followed him to the outside Clay sent a knee into his midsection, before sending him crashing into the barricade. The announce table was then taken apart, the referee trying to stop Clay but he wasn’t listening, dragging R-Truth to his feet, before sending him crashing through the announce table with a thunderous G-Grip, the referee calling for the bell!-
Winner By Disqualification – R-Truth

R-Truth laid out cold on the broken announce table, Brodus Clay staring down coldly at him, the commentators plugging just how violent Clay has become over recent weeks, perhaps at just the right time heading towards the Elimination Chamber. In the back, The Rock was shown bouncing back and forth, loosening up for his match later tonight, Josh Matthews standing at his side. When asked about tonight’s main event, The Rock stopped and looked toward Matthews, going into his usual catchphrases before explaining that tonight was nothing more than CM Punk not having enough of an ass-whooping from the Royal Rumble. When he was asked about Brock Lesnar, The Rock said he had plenty of history with Brock and that if he decided he wanted to step to The Rock, then he’d get an ass-whooping too. That’s when The Miz showed up, asking The Rock if he was ready for tonight, the two men shaking hands as they headed off screen.

—Commercial Break—

Main Event – Tag Team Match
Brock Lesnar & CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Miz & The Rock
-This star-studded contest never even got underway, as soon as The Miz and The Rock entered the squared circle, the four men stood toe to toe in the middle of the ring and then proceeded to brawl to separate corners. The Miz and Lesnar, Rock and Punk…they traded punches, the action spilling to the outside as Lesnar sent Miz into the ring post, Punk doing the same to Rock on the other side of the ring. Eventually the referee just called for the bell, the fighting spilling into the crowd, to the delight of everyone in the Phillips Arena, it would seem.-
Winner – No Contest

The Miz and Lesnar managed to get back to the staging area as Punk and Rock continued to do battle all throughout the sold-out crowd. The Miz seemed to have Lesnar reeling, until Brock ducked an attempt by Miz, lifting him onto his shoulders and delivering an F-5 into the video board on the stage! Brock delivered several more stomps to a now prone Miz, Heyman dragging him away as the cameras returned to Rock and Punk who continued to trade punches as Monday Night Raw faded off the air.

—End Of Show—

WWE Elimination Chamber Card

WWE Championship – Singles Match
The Rock© vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship – Elimination Chamber
Alberto Del Rio© vs. Big E Langston vs. Big Show vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

WWE Title #1 Contendership – Elimination Chamber
Brock Lesnar vs. Brodus Clay vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio vs. The Shield

United States Championship – Singles Match
Xavier Woods© vs. Antonio Cesaro

WWE Tag Team Championships – Tag Team Match
Team Hell No© vs. PrimeTime Players

Grudge Match – Singles Match
John Cena vs. Shane McMahon w/ Kurt Angle


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