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Re: As a TNA fan...it hurts me to say this

What you think and what is are two different things. Hulk Hogan, though I no longer like him, is the biggest name there ever was in wrestling. Given that that has not given them the edge like they thought it would, the problem is not that they need a big(ger) name (which doesn't exist). They've also had Flair and other wrestling legends come through and it has not put them over the top. The two bigger issues are promotion and the state of wrestling in general. They could get John Cena and I don't think it would make much difference because, 1. wrestling ratings in general are down, 2. promotional issues make it so some people don't even know that Hulk Hogan is in TNA.

Also, one of the things people love to hate about TNA is that they hire talent that have been in other promotions even though every promotion does this.

I like WWE wrestlers, but a lot of them that we care about are actually not strong enough to draw without the WWE machine behind them telling us who to like and why we should like them. And finally, I do not want to see current WWE wrestlers in TNA. What will John Cena or Dolph Ziggler add to my viewing experience? When wrestlers are in a company for a time they become (or are originally) a product of their environment. Some WWE wrestlers are so synonymous with WWE that their fans would not be able to accept them elsewhere. And most importantly, please do not discount the fact that some people are WWE fans, not wrestling fans in general. They will not jump ship to watch the wrestlers they like in another promotion because they don't want to watch another promotion.

I think I should take a break from wrestling forums for a while because the topics are like an ouroboros. 毎日、毎日同じことだろう。まったく!
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