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Re: Jericho should put Barrett over

Originally Posted by Mr.Cricket View Post
He also lost clean to JTG and Heath Slater...

Anyways, Punk and Ziggler didn't gain anything from getting put over by Jericho, so Barrett won't either.
This pretty much. I had to do some research, but Y2J also had a little feud with Sheamus last year lol... the reason I had to do the research was because I couldn't remember for the life of me whom he was feuding with, despite watching the matches. Goes to show how memorable it was.

That being said, it seems like Vince and HHH and other have forgotten the art of booking. Back in the day with someone like Austin and Bret Hart, the build up to the match was incredible because of Austin's promo's, I remember watching the match and it was brilliant, Austin really had the edge on Hart almost the whole time, despite the Hitman's legendary status. At the very end, the Hitman gets the pin on Austin by rolling him up, despite being in the million dollar dream, so in essence, Austin trying to win so hard cost him the match... brilliant stuff. Hart put Austin over, without even losing the match!

The difference is, with someone like Jericho, he cuts interesting promo's and the matches themselves are good, but the fact that he goes into them on a losing streak already and then loses those matches has left him with very little stock value.

Really though, a whole thread about who you wanna see Jericho lose to makes lose faith in the IWC. Whatever happened to watching a heated feud, one with an unpredictable ending? People really wanna watch this stuff just so they can see popular old guys job?
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