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Re: Being the booker

RAW Homecoming; October 3rd 2005: Cleveland, Ohio;


We open with a video, with classic clips from Raw in the past from the USA Network

All new Opening Video, with new theme, Remedy by Seether.
HUGE pyro, and we see Raw has a brand new set, which looks extremely impressive.

Jim Ross:
Raw, has finally come home, to the USA Network!!! The Gund Arena, has been sold out for weeks Coach, in anticipation, for the biggest Raw in WWE history!!!

The Coach: J.R, I’ve never felt an atmosphere like this, in my short career, and I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find a more raucous set of fans, in attendance, in your career either.

Jim Ross: Indeed, this arena is set to explode, and we haven’t even got started yet. Get ready fans across the world, because for the next three hours, Raw is about to take the USA Network, by STORM!!!

The Coach: What a line up we have too J.R.

Jim Ross: By Gawd, Coach, it’s the biggest line up in Raw history. Rey Mysterio, six days from an ECW Rules match at Nemesis, takes on Rhyno, in ECW Rules, as a tune up for this Sunday, Shaniqua defends her Womens Championship…

The Coach: Not forgetting the debut, of Carlito’s Cabana, with Carlitos first guest being none other, than the immortal HULK HOGAN!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, and so much more, including Randy Orton vs. Luther Reigns in a Steel Cage Match, and just announced over the weekend, John Cena takes on Christian in a first blood match, an-

The Coach: Christian deserves the night off if you ask me J.R. He’s six days away from fulfilling his destiny, and just last week, he was in a war with The Deadman.

Jim Ross: Whether or not you make a valid point Coach, the fact remains, it’ll be first blood between Cena and Christian tonight, and of course, the main event. The legend, Sting, takes on the World Champion, Shawn Michaels for the first time EVER!!!

The Coach: It’s a main event, fitting of the biggest Raw ever!!

**Just Close Your Eyes** Christian enters the arena, to a mixed reaction, with the fans absolutely rocking this evening. Captain Charisma walks to the ring, looking worse for wear after his match last week, but is still smiling proudly, having beaten Undertaker twice.

He enters the ring, and takes a mic from Lillian Garcia. He stands for a few moments, soaking up the mixture of cheers and boo’s, before speaking…

Christian: Isn’t this ironic?? I mean, last week, the last face from the WWE that you people saw on Blunt TV, was my beautiful features … one week later … the first you see on the USA Network, is my stunning looks.

Crowd start an ass hole chant

Christian: Don’t start with me people. I’m not out here right now to gage your reactions, okay?? In actual fact, I’m out here, to let all our new viewers, who haven’t watched Raw in five years, since we went on ‘vacation’ know that in the past five years, things have changed.

Crowd gives heat.

Christian: Please, have some respect Cleveland. If not for yourselves, have some for our viewers at home.

Crowd gives more heat. Christian winks into the camera, at the fans watching at home.

Christian: Now, as I was saying, in the past five years, things have changed somewhat. Lets call it a changing of the guard, shall we??
Since Raw last aired here, you viewers will be used to the likes of … The Rock.

Crowd pops

Christian: Triple H.

Crowd boo

Christian: And that other guy, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Crowd erupt, whilst Christian fakes a yawn at the camera.

Christian: Nowadays, you’ll find those guys in a retirement home, that we refer to as Thursday Night Smackdown.

Some laughs from the fans.

Christian: Raw has moved on, and nowadays, this show is led by ME, Captain Charisma, and … a bunch of other guys, but they’re not important right now.

Crowd starts another ass hole chant.

Christian: But, just in case you people need more information on yours truly, I am the only man, to defeat The Undertaker two straight times by pinfall … not just this year, but EVER!!!

Crowd gives Christian heat, until…

**MY TIME IS NOW** John Cena enters the arena to a thunderous ovation from the fervent audience. Cena plays to the fans, as he makes his way to the ring, climbing up the steps, and entering the ring, throwing his hands up, to another almighty pop. Cena is handed a mic, with Christian looking less than impressed.

John Cena: So, Christian, is the face of Raw, huh?? Folks, please don’t adjust your set, the only reason he says he’s the main attraction here, is cause he CAAAAANT SEEEE MEEE!!!

Crowd pops

Christian: Whoa, that’s not accurate at all Corey Haim. I can see you perfectly, but there is something about you that I cant see.

John Cena: Oh yeah?? What’s that then??

Christian: I cant see the World Title around your waist!!!

Crowd ‘Ooooos’

John Cena: Christian, buddy. Don’t worry, you’ll never see the World Title.

Crowd Pops

Christian: Well. Cena, lets face facts. Very few people expected me to defeat The Undertaker at Summer Slam. Even less predicted me to beat him fair and square, but I did.

Crowd gives a mixed reaction.

Christian: And just last week, fewer thought I could do it again, if any. But, Cena, I bled, from every pore on my body, but I still beat The Undertaker, and I did it ALONE!!!

Crowd gives another mixed reaction.

Christian: So now, maybe you, Michaels, Sting, Orton and Taker will be taking me seriously this Sunday, when I hand out Unprettiers for free, on route to becoming the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Crowd leans towards more heat than cheers

Christian: So next time you question me as the face of Raw, think again. I can do anything that Undertaker can, I can do anything Orton can, I can do anything Michaels can do, as well as Sting, and especially, YOU!!!

Christian steps up into Cena’s face, with Cena smiling.

John Cena: If you can do everything I can Chief Charm, then why don’t you rap, for all these fans!!!

Crowd Pops, whilst Christian steps back. He thinks for a moment before nodding.

Christian: You’re on Cena. And I’ll show you just how easy it is. Hear me now…
(Christian starts bobbing his head, trying to think of what to say)

Christian: Alright, here we go … at Summer Slam The Undertaker fell to the Unprettier…
… And right now John Cena, my lines a wittier …
… Peeps don’t worry, please don’t fret …
… Because Captain Charisma aint done yet …
… Sting is a legend, that’s for sure …
… But these days he’s nothing but an insomnia cure …
… HBK might have the World Title Belt …
… But once I take it from him, his hearts gonna melt …
… Randy Orton calls himself the Legend Killer …
… At Nemesis he meets the Lady Thriller …
… You Cena, you’re just white trash …
… With one Unprettier, I’ll take you out in a flash …
… And none of you have Christian’s class …
… This Sunday I’m gonna kick some -

**BREAK IT DOWN** Shawn Michaels enters the arena, already dressed for action tonight, looking extremely angry. He walks to the ring with a purpose, climbing in through the ropes, and taking a mic.

Shawn Michaels: Stop this charade already Christian. You’re as much a rapper, as John Cena is.

Crowd gives heat, whilst Cena shows some anger in his face.

Shawn Michaels: Last week, you got in the Heart Break Kid’s grill, and you said you were coming for MY title, and now tonight, you’re rapping about me, and you’re telling these imbeciles that you are the face of Raw?? Christian, you’re not the face, but more like the ass.

Crowd gives a mixed response

Shawn Michaels: As for you John Cena?? You had your fun in the sun, but with one kick, I took away all your dreams, and this title. And on Sunday, it’ll be take two, when Sweet Chin Music stops your show, Christian’s rapping, Orton’s legend killing, and The Undertaker’s heartbeat.

Crowd gives heat

Shawn Michaels: And as for you Sting. Tonight, I’m kicking your teeth down your throat, six days before I do it again at Nemesis.

John Cena: Hold it up, one minute Michaels. Back it up a step. You even dare come to this ring, and get in my face?? Shawn, we haven’t crossed paths since Summer Slam, and I’m still hungry for revenge.

Crowd pops

John Cena: So instead of handing out empty promises, why don’t you start thinking about the possibility of John Cena kicking your ass all over Ohio right now.

**Burn in my Light** Randy Orton’s music hits in the arena to a memorable pop from the fans. The Legend Killer poses at the top of the ramp, dressed in his ring gear also, before walking down the ramp, and walks around ringside, picking up a mic. Orton jumps onto the apron, and steps into the ring.

Randy Orton: I’m sick of listening to all this crap out here. Christian claims to be the face of Raw?? Not in this lifetime. Oh, and Christian, as for you being a lady thriller?? After that WrestleMania video, I’d say you’re more of a dinosaur thriller!!

Crowd Pops

Randy Orton: John Cena claims to be the face of Raw, and so does Shawn Michaels. Well I’m out here to tell each of you, that all of you can be the face of Raw, but Randy Orton is the face of the WWE!!

Crowd pops, whilst HBK becomes agitated.

Shawn Michaels: I don’t think so boy. This right here (points to title) makes me the face of Raw, and the face of this company. Not you, not Christian, not Cena, not anyone, but the Shoooowstopper!!

Randy Orton: Well Shawn, prepare to be disappointed. This Sunday, you’re looking at the next Wor-

Christian: World Heavyweight Champion, Chris-

John Cena: JOHN CENA!!!

Crowd pops

John Cena: And right now, I’ve been standing beside Shawn Michaels for too long not to lay a beating on his ass, so Michaels, I’m sick of the talking, because the REAL Champ is Here … and this Sunday, I’m taking my belt back too.

Cena drops his mic, and tackles Michaels down, pounding the Champion, whilst Christian takes a cheap shot at Orton. DX run to the ring, to save HBK. Orton and Cena team up, to take on DX and Christian, low bridging Christian out of the ring, before throwing Cade and Jindrak out after him. Michaels leaves the ring, whilst Cena and Orton beat on Reigns, before Orton clotheslines him out.

DX and Christian start to walk up the ramp, looking back at Cena and Orton, until…

**No Chance** The Boss, Vince McMahon enters the arena, with a mic in hand.

Mr. McMahon: Dammit, I’m in charge tonight, and I’ll be damned if there isn’t gonna be some action right from the get go. LOWER THAT CAGE!!! Luther Reigns, you look ready for action. GET YOUR ASS TO THE RING. That’s right, Randy Orton vs. Luther Reigns … RIGHT NOW!!!

Jim Ross: Oh my!!! Reigns vs. Orton, Steel cage, when we come back!!!


1st Match: Steel Cage Match:
Randy Orton vs. Luther Reigns
Match is joined in progress, with Orton having dominated the early going, despite his bigger opponent. Orton scores a few near falls, before Reigns reverses a whip, and sends Orton, hard, into the steel!!!
Reigns follows up with a short clothesline, and this begins his spell of dominance in the match. Luther wears down Orton, before Orton fires up, fighting back into the match. The comeback is short lived, as Luther blocks an RKO, then smashes Ortons skull into the steel, four consecutive times, busting the Legend Killer open.
Orton is a bloody mess, with Reigns beginning to dominate the match. He uses his massive power advantage to full effect, coming close to victory with a Pumphandle Slam. Luther tries to exit the cage for the win, but Orton stops him at the last second, forcing Reigns to come back in.
The Insurance Policy continues his power game, pounding Orton in the corner, but as he goes for a Military Press, He stumbles, and Orton crashes into the referee!!! The Insurance Policy quickly regains his footing, and comes after Orton, but Randy ducks a boot, and out of nowhere, CONNECTS WITH AN RKO!!!
Orton has the leg hooked, as the referee on the outside, opens the cage door, to get in and make a count, eventually doing so … 1...2...MARK JINDRAK BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Orton cant believe it!!! Cade enters the ring too, and DX begin to double team Orton, as Luther recovers, but Roadkill and Danny Doring sprint down the aisle, and even things up for Orton. Cade and Jindrak escape, climbing over the cage, whilst Reigns goes for the Reigns of Terror on Orton, but Orton blocks it, fights free, ducks a clothesline, and SCORES WITH A SECOND RKO!!! Orton hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton
Orton is victorious after taking a tremendous beating at the hands of Luther Reigns in this contest. The Legend Killer has been deeply lacerated, and struggles to walk out of the ring, as the cage rises up again. Orton raises his arm as he walks up the ramp, to a big reaction from the fans.


Raw on USA Moment - Mick Foley visits Mr. McMahon in the hospital, introducing the world to Mr. Socko for the first time ever.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Raw, finally back on the USA Network, and what a homecoming it’s shaping up to be tonight. As you saw, just a few seconds ago on a classic clip, Mick Foley, as Mankind, having some fun with Mr. Socko, but folks, don’t expect that Mick Foley this Sunday at Nemesis. Expect a total opposite of that in fact. Ric Flair has forced a re-incarnation of the man known simply, as Cactus Jack. And in the past few days, Mick Foley has taped this special message for Ric Flair this Sunday…

**Cut to video**

The video opens in a dimly lit room, likely to be a motel. In the corner, we see the figure of Mick Foley, sat in a chair…

Mick Foley: Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky, exactly one week from the World Wrestling Entertainment Pay Per View, named Nemesis, which will emanate from just down the road at Freedom Hall.
Now, some of you may be asking, Mick Foley, what are you doing in Kentucky, a full week before Nemesis?? Well, I’ll answer that question. On September 12th, Ric Flair and Batista bludgeoned Mick Foley in front of a world wide audience, and sent him to a hospital for a little over a week. In that time, Mick Foley spat up blood, couldn’t bear to look his children, nor could they recognize their own father. Mick Foley didn’t have the strength to hug his own wife, and brought a tear to the eye of his friends and other family members when they saw first hand, the state of his mangled body.

So, typically, over that week, depression kicked in, and once the Chairman of the WWE board visited Mick Foley, there was no other option as to what he had to do, and that, was to make sure he was to face Ric Flair. Only by this time, Mick Foleys state of depression had risen to a new level. Mick Foley was no longer …… in control. In actual fact, the man running the ship, was now someone he didn’t want to be, but it was something he couldn’t stop.
Cactus Jack was in control of Mick Foley, and not vice versa, and right now, this message comes to you from the mouth of Cactus Jack, and not the loveable Mick Foley.
Why am I here?? Well, despite Cactus Jack not having a conscience, I wont subject Mick Foley’s children, and his wife to the world of Cactus Jack. They couldn’t handle what Cactus Jack brings to the table … no one can. So Ric Flair, you listen to this right now, because this affects you greatly. You see, you have taken not just the one week that Mick Foley lost with his family, whilst in hospital … you have taken the following three with it, leading to October 9th. That’s a full month Ric Flair. In a month, Mick Foleys children may grow a couple inches. The hair on their head will grow, they’ll learn new things at school, and they’ll do all this without their father by their side!!!

Ric Flair, that eats Mick Foley alive. That eats any father alive. Mick Foley doesn’t want to wrestle any more. He doesn’t want to fight. Mick Foley wants a simple life, but for the time being, you’ve taken it away. You’ve taken away the walks in the park with his family. You’ve taken away the nights by the fire telling stories, and you’ve left a family without a father.
You may sit there and say, ‘But it’s only a month, you’ll get over it’. But that’s not my point. My point is that, although, yes, Mick Foley will return to his family, and yes, he will go for those walks in the park, but what you fail to realise, is that he’ll never get September 2005 back, ever again.
The Foley family wont be watching Raw on Monday Night, and they wont be watching Nemesis on Pay Per View this Sunday, because they know what to expect from Cactus Jack, and although it’s mentally Cactus Jack, on the outside, the Foley family see Mick Foley. And they don’t want to see the disturbing footage, which you will all see. It disturbs Mick Foley, it will disturb the audience in the arena and at home, when blood sprays into the crowd, and IT WONT BE MINE!!!

Which leads us to this Sunday. Flair, you may think you’re facing Mick Foley, dressed as Cactus Jack, but make no mistake. For the time being, Mick Foley isn’t here anymore. There is no remorse in these eyes, and this brain is running on overload, with images of your bloody corpse, leaving Louisville on Sunday, in a little brown box. And I can say that as if I’m talking about the weather, because I don’t care what happens to you at Nemesis. Mick Foley couldn’t talk about ending your life, in the same way he’d talk about the weather. Mick Foley would be disturbed by this, as I’m sure everyone sitting at home watching this is too, but like I said, Cactus Jack doesn’t care. In fact, let me show you something.

(Foley picks up the camera, and points in in direction of the wall, where a number of sheets, with writing scribbled on is shown. He turns the camera back, before speaking again)

On that wall, is just some of the idea’s I have for Nemesis on October 9th. They don’t include eating a healthy breakfast. They don’t include signing autographs, but instead, it includes what I plan to do to the Nature Boy. That’s you Flair. And your future, is written on this wall in Louisville.

Now Ric Flair, I hope you realise what you have gotten yourself into, because now there is no turning back … there is no form of time travel, and apologies wont fly with me. You made your fate, now you’re going to face your fear.
I hope you realise that you are looking at a man with absolutely no control, no feelings, no principles, no barriers.
I hope you realise that your dealing with the King of the Deathmatch, a man that lost his ear, a man than near blew himself up on a C4 explosive, a man who doesn’t even care about winning or losing, but instead, cares about creating a much destruction, and brutality as the human body can endure, and then some!!!

Ric Flair, I’m taking you to hell on earth, whether you like it or not, whether you’re kicking and screaming, I will take you there Ric, and I will introduce you to my world. There wont be anything, and there wont be anyone who can stop me, I promise you that. I will dissect your body, and I will mutilate your face. I’ve done it to other men, and I’ll do it again … with pleasure. You call yourself the Dirtiest Player in the Game, but be ready to go head to head, with the Most Vicious Bastard in the World!!!
Your issue started with Mick Foley. But Ric Flair, your career, and possibly … your life, will end with Cactus Jack. (Cactus starts to laugh) BANG BANG!!!

Back to ringside:

Jim Ross: Disturbing footage, to say the least. This Sunday, Mick Foley, sorry, Cactus Jack, will take on Ric Flair, in a Streetfight. Lock the kids away folks, because I can guarantee you there will be bloodshed, and so much more. It will not be pretty.

The Coach: I’m scared for Flair, J.R. He may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Jim Ross: I would think so Coach. Ric Flair is in deep, deep trouble in Louisville at Nemesis.

We cut to the ring, where a wrestler, likely to be a jobber is waiting for a match, as **Hello Ladies** hits, and Val Venis enters the arena.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing 245 pounds, Val Venis. And in the ring, his opponent, fr-

The wrestler snatches the microphone, and shoo’s Lillian out of the ring, before speaking.

Wrestler: And, his opponent, in the ring, hailing from Greeeen Bay, Wisssssconsin, weighing an astounding 242 pounds, Misssssssterrrr Kennnnnnnnnedddyyyyyyyy … … … Kennedy!!!

Kennedy throws the mic to the outside, as Venis enters the ring.

2nd Match:
Val Venis vs. Ken Kennedy
The fans get more into the match as it progresses, with Mr. Kennedy doing much more than a ‘jobber’ is usually seen doing. Venis gets in a short amount of offence, before heading up top for the Money Shot, but KK kicks the ropes, and Val straddles the top turnbuckle. Kennedy nips up, and climbs up the ropes, getting Val onto his shoulders, and coming off with an Inverted Samoan Drop!!!! The fans come alive for the awesome move, as Kennedy hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Ken Kennedy
Kennedy is victorious, coming as a major shock to the fans. He jumps out of the ring, and stops Garcia as she begins to speak, snatching her mic, and speaking…

Ken Kennedy: The winner of the match, at an impressive, four minutes, nineteen seconds … MISSSSSSSSTERRRRRRRRR KENNNNNNEDDYYYYYY … … KENNEDYYYY!!!

Kennedy drops the mic, and walks up the ramp, to no music, with him not expected to actually win, although the fans seem impressed.


Raw on USA Moment - Stone Cold Steve Austin confronts Mike Tyson, leading to a brawl, being broken up by dozens of security.

Backstage, we see Carlito preparing himself for the Cabana, coming up later on.

Jim Ross: The party is just getting started folks, Raw’s Homecoming still has so much to offer. A First Blood Match, Michaels vs. Sting for the first time ever, and lets not forget, an appearance from the immortal Hulk Hogan!!!

The Coach: Indeed, all that to come J.R. A mix of the new, and the old, with Hogan being here. But right now, Smackdown looks to steal some of Raws spotlight, by somehow managing to squeeze itself in on the biggest Raw of all time.

Jim Ross: It’s gonna be Triple H & Eddie Guerrero, who meet this Sunday at Nemesis, taking on Brock Lesnar & Goldberg, who team this Sunday, to face The Rock & Steve Austin!!!

The Coach: Big time match this J.R, but if you ask me, the writing is on the wall for this one. Lesnar and Goldberg are on the same page, but Guerrero and The game aren’t even reading the same book!!

3rd Match: Smackdown Showcase:
Triple H & Eddie Guerrero vs. Brock Lesnar & Goldberg
Smackdown undoubtedly showcases four of it’s biggest stars, with Eddie and Triple H being forced to team together. Neither want to be in the same team, and both show that during the match, with some forceful tags.
Lesnar and Goldberg perform like a well oiled machine, both still seething over Steve Austins return to Smackdown last week, and take their frustration out on their opponents, who cant seem to get along. Lesnar and Goldberg make Eddie their main point of attack, singling him out from his partner, who doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it.
Eddie begins to fight back, and reaches out for a tag, but Triple H barely makes an effort to reach Eddie, and this leads to Goldberg and Lesnar being able to go on the attack again. Lesnar and Goldberg wear down Guerrero, with some illegal double teams, with HHH barely showing any emotion.
After a commercial, we return, and see once again, Guerrero manages a fight back, but as he crawls to his corner, Triple H purposely drops down from the apron, and begins walking up the ramp, leaving Eddie like a deer caught in the headlights. Guerrero is furious, and tries to get out of the ring to go after Triple H, but Goldberg drags Guerrero back in, and whips him into the direction of Lesnar, who gets Eddie up and delivers the devastating F5. Goldberg scoops Eddie up, like road kill, and takes the limp body up in the air, driving it down with the Jackhammer!!! Goldberg covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Goldberg & Brock Lesnar
Lesnar and Goldberg are victorious, with Triple H leaving Guerrero for dead. They look into the camera, sending a message for Rock and Austin who they face this Sunday, before leaving the ring.

Jim Ross: Damn that Triple H!!! Damn him!!! I hope Eddie Guerrero puts him through twenty minutes of sheer hell this Sunday!!!

The Coach: But J.R, it doesn’t matter. Guerrero could easily beat up The Game for twenty minutes this Sunday, but he’ll never be able to put Triple H away!!!

Jim Ross: Oh, we’ll find out this Sunday, Coach!!

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Roadkill & Danny Doring;

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, moments ago, I watched as you both left Mr. McMahon’s office, looking rather pleased. May I ask what was said??

Danny Doring: Todd, Mr. McMahon just made our day. In six days time, at Nemesis, Roadkill and I, finally get our hands on the scrawny necks of the DX Duo, and better still, we get it on our terms. Cade and Jindrak cant run, cant hide, cant get disqualified, cant get counted out.

Roadkill: Wanna know why Todd?? Because this Sunday, we’re challenging Cade and Jindrak for the tag titles, and Mr. McMahon had the perfect idea, for it to be a TABLES MATCH!!!

Danny Doring: Todd, you’re looking at the last ECW Tag Team Champions …

Roadkill: And the next, World Tag Team Champions!!!

Roadkill and Doring walk off, looking confident of their chances.

Jim Ross: OH MY!!! What an announcement, just six days away from Nemesis. Roadkill and Doring to challenge The DX Duo this Sunday, in a Tables Match!!!

The Coach: This is bad news for my boys. Cade and Jindrak deserve better than to be treated like this. They’ve been champions for four months dammit!!!

Jim Ross: In any event, folks, when we come back, it’s the debut, of Carlito’s Cabana!!! And I cannot wait to see his guest … the immortal Hulk Hogan!!!


Raw on USA Moment - Chris Jericho debuts, having a war of words with The Rock.

**Spit in the Face** Carlito enters the arena, with Stacey Kiebler, who looks as lovely as ever. CCC walks to the ring, chewing on his apple, looking genuinely excited about his guest this evening for the first ever Cabana.

Carlito is handed a mic, and begins to speak, whilst looking around, pleased with his set.

Carlito: Welcome … to Carlito’s Cabana!!!

Crowd gives CCC some heat.

Carlito: And welcome to the dawning of a new era on Raw.

Crowd pops a little

Carlito: C’mon Cleveland, you can do better than that … actually, on second thoughts, you probably cant. You people suck as much as the Browns, and that’s saying something.

Crowd gives Heat

Carlito: The colour brown?? Das not cool.

Crowd gives heat.

Carlito: But let me tell you what is cool … and dat … das the first ever guest on the Cabana.

The fans start a Hogan chant.

Carlito: And ladies and gentlemen, that first guest, technically, is the host … ME!!!

The fans boo, whilst Carlito smiles.

Carlito: But, without further ado, let me introduce, MY first guest on the Cabana … for the first time in the WWE in over two years … and for the first time on Raw in over three years … the legend … the great … the immortal … HULK HOGAN!!!!

The fans go apeshit, as **Real American** blasts into the arena. However, the fans start to boo immediately, as they see a midget enter the arena, dressed up as the Hulkster. Carlito tries to pretend it’s the real thing, clapping, as the midget does the Hogan posing all the way down the ramp, eventually getting in the ring, being pelted with cups, and other objects.

Carlito: WOW!!! Hulk Hogan. I always knew people got smaller as they got older, but seriously, you’ve shrunk!!

Fans are genuinely pissed off, with not seeing Hulk Hogan.

Carlito: Hulkster, I’d like to thank you for appearing on the Cabana tonight. I mean, this means a lot to you I’m sure. But the question I’d like to ask is … who is your favourite WWE superstar?? And why is it Carlito???

Midget Hogan: Well brother, I’ll you why dude. It’s because Carlito, you’re like a brother to me, brother. And I want you to run wild here on Raw for the rest of your career, because dude, you say your prayers, you take your vitamins, and you train a lot.

Carlito: Well, thank you Hulkster. I can call you Hulkster right??
Midget Hogan: You can call me anything you want, Carlito, brother.
Carlito: Well, in tha-

**Bagpipes** Rowdy Roddy Piper enters the arena, to a huge ovation. He walks to the ring, pointing at Carlito, who looks a little worried about what Piper might have to say.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: You know Carlito, I have to say, that … I agree. Hulk Hogan has shrunk in the wash!!!

Crowd gives heat, whilst Carlito smiles with relief.

Carlito: You know, Piper … you’re cool!!

Rowdy Roddy Piper: That I am Carlito.

Carlito takes an apple from the keg, and gives it as a gift to Piper.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: Why thank you. Y’know, I was hoping that the real Hogan would be here tonight, so I could personally spit an apple in his face, but Carlito, this freak here will do just fine.

Piper chews on the apple, and gets ready to spit until …

**Childs Play** Eugene enters the arena, looking sad, and runs to the ring, whilst Piper and Carlito look as if they don’t want Eugene around.

Eugene: You cant do that Roddy Rowdy Piper!! That’s Hulk Hogan!!! You cant do that!!!

Piper spit’s the apple in Eugene’s face right away. Eugene screws his face up, trying not to cry, then knocks Piper down with a right hand. Eugene starts to stomp on Piper, until Carlito attacks Eugene, and a two on one beat down ensues. Eugene gets beaten down for a few seconds, until …

**Real American** The roof nearly blows off the arena, as HULK HOGAN enters the arena to an amazing reaction from the fans. Hogan poses to the fans, as Carlito and Piper see the Immortal one walks down the aisle, quickly jumping out, getting away from the Hulkster.

Hogan helps up Eugene in the ring, and takes a mic.


Crowd Pops

Hulk Hogan: Last week, brother, I was sitting at home watching Raw, as I always do, and low and behold dudes, I see Carlito, saying that Hulk Hogan is gonna be the guest on his Cabana. Now Carlito, to be truthful, I’d never want to be your guest dude, but I wanted to make the trip to Cleveland, and see all the Hulkamaniacs in Ohio, tonight on Raw!!!

Crowd Pops

Hulk Hogan: And now that I’m here, I see you trying to put Hulk Hogan, and all the Hulkamaniacs down, with that clown, Roddy Piper by your side!!! Well brother, as you would say Carlito … that’s not cool.

Crowd Pops. On the outside, Carlito shouts ’You cant say that’

Hulk Hogan: But dudes, I have a way to work this out. Carlito, you and Piper, can go get dressed, and later on, you two muppets, can face Hulk Hogan, and his newest Hulkamaniac, Eugene!!

Crowd Pops. Eugene takes the mic from Hogan.

Eugene: So what are you gonna do when Eugene and Hulk Hogan …

The fans go nuts, as Hogan and an overly excited Eugene pose in the ring. Carlito and Piper walk up the ramp, arguing about what just happened, as we cut to a commercial.


Raw on USA Moment - DX imitate the Nation of Domination in 1998

4th Match: ECW Rules; Non - Title Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rhyno
Fairly brief hardcore action, with Rhyno controlling the early going, bringing trash cans, a stop sign, and a kendo stick into the match. He whacks Rey with some stiff cracks to the back with the kendo stick. RVD enters the arena, and sits with the announcers, to watch the action unfold, with Mysterio being dominated at this point of the match.
Rhyno continues to be the aggressor, as Rey’s offence becomes limited to some right hands trying to defend himself. Rhyno now attempts a Gore, with Rey directly in front of a trash can in the corner, but Mysterio leapfrogs the Man Beast, who runs into the trashcan!!! Mysterio rolls him up, managing only a two count though.
From here, the Intercontinental Champion gets back into the match, using the trash cans, and the stop sign. The two men go back and forth, with Rhyno looking a little worse for wear after running into the trash can earlier. For the finish, Rhyno runs at Rey, who ducks him, with Rhyno falling into the ropes. Mysterio immediately scores with 619.
Mysterio doesn’t jump up top though, but instead, places a trash can on Rhynos head!!! Rey now leaps to the top rope, and comes off, dropping the dime, smashing the trash can on Rhyno!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio
Mysterio wins!!! Reys music hits, and the fans gives Mysterio plenty of adulation for another great performance. Meanwhile, RVD stands up on the announce table, and starts to speak…

Rob Van Dam: Rey, congratulations. You beat Rhyno. Don’t forget though, he may be a big, bad son of a bitch, but right now, I’m a loose cannon. I’m The Whole F-

Rey Mysterio: Shut up Rob!!

Crowd Pops

Rey Mysterio: I’ve had to listen to you moan for the last two months. I’ve heard you bitch, whine, complain, and frankly, I’m sure everyone will agree when we say that we’re sick of it!!

Crowd Pops

Rey Mysterio: I trusted you like a true friend Rob, and you betrayed me, yet you complain?? You’ve got what you want. ANOTHER Intercontinental Title shot this Sunday. It’s obvious the title means more to you than a friendship, and I hope it’s worth it. So now Rob, it’s time for you to put up … or shut up!!!

Crowd Pops

Rey Mysterio: What’s it to be??

RVD jumps down from the announce table to walk to the ring, but Alfonso stands in his way, talking to him, calming Van Dam down. Alfonso points for RVD to leave, and takes the mic.

Bill Alfonso: Mysterio, Rob will do all his talking in the ring this Sunday at Nemesis. But just for the record, RVD and the Manager of Champions, Bill Alfonso, are gonna be blowing full time on your Intercontinental Title reign!!! (Alfonso blows his whistle to make his point) Just, like, that!!

Alfonso leads RVD out of the arena, whilst Mysterio nods, ready for the challenge ahead this Sunday.

Backstage, we see John Cena getting prepared for the first blood match later on tonight.


Raw on USA Moment - Mick Foley wins his first ever WWE Championship, defeating The Rock.

5th Match: Womens Championship Match:
Shaniqua vs. Local Jobber
Not quite the squash, as expected, with the challenger showing some grit and determination, kicking out of some high impact moves, and putting together a brief comeback, before Shaniqua steps it up a gear, and delivers a power bomb for a sure win, but instead, she decides to pick her up again, and delivers a second power bomb for good measure, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Shaniqua
Once again, Shaniqua retains her title, with now just two weeks until she reaches a full year with the title. She raises the belt in the air when…

**Time to Rock and Roll** Trish Stratus enters the arena to a nice ovation, and a few wolf whistles.

Trish Stratus: Well, Shaniqua honey, you just defeated another hometown challenger. Well done. But right now, I wanted to make an announcement … or should I say … challenge. Everyone knows that you are just two weeks away from being Womens Champion for a year, especially me, since it was me you beat for the belt.

Shaniqua nods, then slaps the belt.

Trish Stratus: And I know you’ve given me half a dozen rematches since, so why any different now?? Well, for one, it’s a hometown challenge, and in two weeks, Raw will be emanating from Toronto, Canada … that’s my hometown.

Crowd gives a small pop for Trish

Trish Stratus: So Shaniqua, think of your challenge … accepted!!!

Crowd pops, as Trish exit’s the arena, whilst Shaniqua tells her to bring it

The Coach: Is Trish Stratus out of her mind?? She cant beat Shaniqua!!! I’m concerned. Trish is too beautiful to be mangled by Shaniqua.

Jim Ross: Then why don’t you face Shaniqua??

The Coach: No way. I’m not a woman for a start, but even if I was, I wouldn’t want any of that.

Jim Ross: It could be a very disappointing Homecoming for Trish in two weeks, I have to admit, but tonight, Raw’s homecoming has been anything but a disappointment!!! So much more still to come.

Smackdown Rebound:
- JBL is the guest on the Highlight Reel
- The mind games continue between Triple H & Eddie Guerrero
- The tension between Benoit and Angle heats up.
- Steve Austin returns, saving The Rock from a 2 on 1 beating.


Jim Ross: Folks, it’s been a heck of a show, but don’t leave, because this is a three hour special episode of Raw, marking the homecoming to the USA Network, and still to come, three HUGE matches. Hulk Hogan, back for one night only, teams with Eugene, against Carlito and Rowdy Roddy Piper!!!

The Coach: Of course, tonights main event too, for the first time ever, Sting takes on our World Champion, Shawn Michaels. Title isn’t on the line, but pride is at stake!!!

Jim Ross: This is without doubt, the biggest Raw, of all time!!!

6th Match: 1st Blood Match:
Christian vs. John Cena
Very intense affair, with both men giving their all, showing their intense dislike for one another. Early on, they wrestle the match, with neither looking for blood right away. But once Cena takes control, Captain Charisma starts to take short cuts in order to win the match, gaining control with a low blow, followed by an inverted back breaker.
Christian immediately tries to undo the top turnbuckle, but takes too long with the padding, and John Cena recovers, to fight back with Christian still busy trying to take off the padding. Cena takes control again, knocking down CC a number of times, but Christian again gets the advantage back, pulling Cena down by the hair. This time, Christian does manage to take the padding off the turnbuckle, and he tries to ram Cena’s head into it, but John blocks it, and fights back against his opponent, with both men going down, trying to clothesline each other, as the match goes to a commercial.
Following the commercial, Christian is dominant, wearing down Cena, choking him in the corner. Christian puts Cena down with a reverse DDT, before rolling out of the ring, picking up the ring bell. He slides back in, and swings at Cena, but John Cena ducks, then kicks the bell from his hand, before getting him up for the FU … but Christian fights out, and knocks Cena down with a clothesline.
Captain Charisma slides out again, and takes a CHEESE GRATER from under the ring, smiling broadly. He gets back in, and tries to grate the face of Cena, but the former champion blocks it, and fights for his life to push Christian away, eventually doing so. Christian runs at Cena, but is caught by surprise with a dropkick. Now, Cena picks up the weapon, and he and Christian struggle, trying to bust the other open, with both eventually slipping.
The match breaks down again, back and forth, with the fight hitting the outside of the ring. The two men take control at various times, with both having the same idea, to bust the other open, bouncing each others head off the steps, whips into the ringpost, head first, but to no avail.
Eventually, they get back inside, with Christian poking Cenas eye. He goes for the Unprettier, but Cena pushes him away, into the ropes, before knocking him down with a shoulder tackle. Both men are down … AND THE LIGHTS GO OUT …
Demonic music plays for a few seconds, as much as twenty, with the arena in darkness, before the lights come back on, and in the ring, we see Christian flat out … AND BUSTED OPEN!!! John Cena looks around in shock, as the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: John Cena
The lights go out again, as Cena’s music is cut off, and a graphic image comes up on the screen, with clips of The Undertaker beating the hell out of Christian last week, before the lights come back, and we see The Undertaker at the top of the ramp, on one knee, with his chest covered in blood, likely to be Christians. Captain Charisma starts to recover in the ring, and realises what has happened. He looks to be in fear of The Deadman, with Cena also looking a little perplexed by the entire situation.

Backstage, we see Shawn Michaels stretching for the main event, later tonight.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are hotly anticipating the main event this evening. The legendary Sting, takes on Shawn Michaels, for the first time ever, before the two men are joined by John Cena, Christian, Randy Orton and The Undertaker this Sunday, for a Six Pack Challenge, elimination rules match, with The World Title on the line!!!

**Spit in the face**

The Coach: But are you ready for some tag team action!!! Hulk Hogan and Eugene, to go toe to toe with Roddy Piper, and this man, Carlito!!!
Jim Ross: That to come, right after this commercial break!!!

7th Match:
Carlito & Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Hulk Hogan & Eugene
Pretty short, bland match, but the crowd is hot throughout. Eugene and Carlito spend the most time in the ring, after the opening few minutes of all four getting in on the action, with Hogan mainly in charge.
The heel team begin to dominate Eugene, leaving Hogan to get fired up on the outside. Piper doesn’t do too much, even on the attack, with Carlito again doing the brunt of the work on Eugene. Eventually, Piper makes a wrong move, slapping Eugene, which gets Eugene fired up. Eugene starts to ‘Hulk Up’ like his idol, and starts the classic finger pointing taunt, which spooks out Piper. Eugene hit’s the big boot, as well as the Junk Yard Dog head butts, before tagging in Hogan to a massive ovation.
Hulkster clears the ring, and eventually, it comes down to Piper and Hogan in the ring alone, whilst CCC and Eugene battle on the outside. Rowdy goes for his patented sleeper, but Hogan elbows free, does his classic taunts, ‘hulking up’, before pounding Piper, hitting the big boot, and dropping the immortal leg drop, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Hulk Hogan & Eugene
CCC doesn’t bother with Piper, and gets out of the arena right away, whilst Eugene and Hogan celebrate. The two men celebrate for quite a bit, eventually, leading into a commercial.


We return in the ring, with a group of special guest legends, such as Harley Race, Ted DiBiase, Moolah, Mae Young, Jimmy Snuka, Dusty Rhodes, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Ricky Steamboat, Road Warrior Animal, Don Muraco, Sgt. Slaughter, Tito Santana, Greg Valentine, and a couple of others, receiving a standing ovation from the fans. They wave to the appreciative fans for the reaction, until…

**Space Odyssey 3000** Ric Flair enters the arena, along with Batista, to a tonne of heat from the fans.

Jim Ross: What?? Coach, I was under the impression that Flair and Batista had the night off, in preparation for this Sunday.

The Coach: Well, do did I J.R, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. And I’m glad they are here.

Flair and Batista enter the ring, with Flair ignoring some of the legends offering handshakes, much to the fans dislike.

Ric Flair: Every single one of you should be ashamed. Ashamed of the shell of a man each and every one of you used to be. Not one of you, could hold my jock nowadays.

Crowd gives heat.

Ric Flair: Harley Race, you can barely stand without feeling crippled with pain, and that brings a tear to my eye. To see you, barely able to walk, after being one of, if not, the second greatest wrestler ever, after the Nature Boy.

Crowd gives more heat.

Ric Flair: And to see you decrepit as you are now … it makes me want to take you out the back, take a gun to your head, and put you out of your misery.

Race looks genuinely upset at Flairs comment, as the fans start a ‘We Want Foley’ chant, which Flair, for the time being, ignores.

Ric Flair: Steamboat. To look at you now, and think you were one of the greatest in ring performers just 15 or 16 years ago, you’d think I was lying through my teeth. I’d doubt Ricky, that you could even jump out of bed in the mornings, let alone, jump to that top rope.

Steamboat shakes his head in disgust, as the fans give more heat.

Ric Flair: Dusty Rhodes. Dusty, Dusty, Dusty. I would never have thought you could look any worse, but it appears to me ’Dweem’, that you can. (Fans give heat, but Flair continues to speak) Ted DiBiase, in many peoples opinion, you are probably the greatest wrestler, never to have won a World Title, and rightly so. Ted, you should have been a world champion at some point, but for the love of god, why let yourself go because of it. (More heat, but Flair continues) Snuka?? Whatever it is your on, I don’t want any, if it means I’ll end up as crazy as you are … Why the hell are you here Duggan?? You’re not a legend, nor is Slaughter, or Santana. You guys, make me sick. Every last one of ya. (Crowd continues to get louder with heat for Flair, with another ‘We Want Foley’ chant breaking out) You see, all of you, are riding on my coat tails. If it wasn’t for Ric Flair, none of you would even be remembered, never mind be here tonight, appreciated. And yet, you’re all too deluded to realize it. And if I hear one more chant for Mick Foley, I think I’ll go crazy.

Fans give heat.

Ric Flair: You see, I’m the legendary icon, that can still go. In one way or another, father time has crept up, and tapped each and every one of you on the shoulder, and told you that your time was up, and you accepted it. Me?? When I feel that finger tap me on the shoulder, I turn around, and slap Father Time in the face.
And this Sunday, at Nemesis, Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, I will enter your world, and slap you in the face too.

Crowd gives heat.

Ric Flair: This Sunday, I’ll prove that this old man can still go. I can still mix it with the best of them, no matter what age I am. Because, as the saying goes, you’re only as old as you feel, and WOOOO … The Nature Boy still feels like he did twenty years ago. Cactus, this Sunday, I will finish what I started three weeks ago.
Then, in ten years down the road, you can join Road Warrior Animal, Harley Race, Greg Valentine, and the rest of the broken down has beens, as one of them … a broken down has been, whilst I, Ric Flair, defy logic, and remain, The Nature Boy … WOOOOOOOO!!!!

Flairs music hits again, and the 16 Time Champion exit’s the ring, smiling broadly, seemingly confident of his chances this Sunday, whilst the legends stand in the ring, disgusted with Flairs comments.


Raw on USA Moment - Steve Austin stuns McMahon for the first time.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw folks. It’s been an emotional, roller coaster of a ride here tonight in Cleveland. We’ve witnessed Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Cactus Jack, 1st Blood, a Cage Match, and so much more.

The Coach: Indeed we have J.R, but it doesn’t get much bigger than tonight’s main event.

Jim Ross: It’s a dream match, waiting to happen, and tonight, on the USA Network, it does. Sting and Shawn Michaels, lock horns, for the first time ever, tonight, as a pre-cursor to this Sunday at Nemesis.

The Coach: And speaking of Nemesis, the card is loaded from top to bottom. Just announced tonight, The World Tag Titles are on the line, with Roadkill and Doring challenging my boys, the DX Duo, in a tables match!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, but as far as the rest of the card, rather than Coach and I running through it, how about, we show you this video…

**Nemesis Preview Video, runs down all the matches, with the theme music playing in the background**

Official Card for WWE Nemesis:
Date: 9th October
Location: Freedom Hall; Louisville, Kentucky
Event Music: Adema, Planets

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match: 6 Pack Elimination Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Sting vs. Randy Orton vs. Undertaker vs. John Cena vs. Christian

WWE United States Championship; Stretcher Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield w/ Jamie Noblevs. Chris Jericho

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: ECW Rules:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam

WWE Tag Team Championships Match: Fatal Four Way:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Basham Brothers vs. A.F.A vs. System Success

World Tag Team Championships; Sudden Death Tables Match:
Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak w/Luther Reignsvs. Roadkill & Danny Doring

20 Minute Time Limit:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Unfinished Business:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin & The Rock vs. Goldberg & Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

Jim Ross: We urge you all to purchase this event, as for one month only, the WWE presents a PPV at the cost of a regular three hour event, but this will run for approximately three and a half hours. Don’t miss this bargain.

The Coach: I’m sure even a cheapskate like you would purchase with that type of offer, wouldn’t you J.R??

Jim Ross: I’m not a cheap skate Coach.

The Coach: Yeah you are.

Jim Ross: Oh, what are you?? In the third grade?? Folks, coming up next, is Shawn Michaels facing Sting, for the first time ever!!! Don’t go anywhere!!!

Main Event: Non - Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Sting
The two men kick off with a good old fashioned slug fest, before Sting gets the best of the action. Michaels decides to try and slow it down, after losing the opening exchange. The two men lock up, and struggle around the ring a number of times, with breaks being forced each time.
After a number of struggles, HBK takes the low road, and rakes the eyes, before taking Sting down, and wrestles him on the mat for a few moments, before trying to apply a sleeper, to no avail, as Sting fights back up, and knocks Shawn down three times, before HBK once again leaves the ring to gather his thoughts, and the match cuts to a commercial.
We return, with Sting still causing Michaels problems, managing to be too much for the Heart Break Kid at this point. HBK comes back with chops, but Sting strikes back with some of his own too. The match goes back and forth for a brief period, but nothing is going Shawn Michaels way at this point. HBK then slides out of the ring, waving the match off, and starts to walk up the ramp, getting himself counted out, with the referee eventually reaching ten.
Winner: Sting - Via Countout

Michaels is set to walk behind the curtain when…

**No Chance** Mr. McMahon enters for the second time tonight, to an equally huge ovation from the fans.

Mr. McMahon: Cut the music!!!

Music stops.

Mr. McMahon: Shawn Michaels, I’m not letting you ruin this edition of Raw, no way. Michaels, turn around, and get your ass back to that ring. Referee, restart this match, only this time, I want THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE ON THE LINE!!!!

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: Oh, and before I forget, if Shawn Michaels gets counted out, or disqualified, he will LOSE the World Heavyweight Championship!!!

Crowd Pops

Michaels is furious as the bell sounds to restart the match. The referee starts to count Michaels out, and HBK is left with no choice but to run back to the ring for the match.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Sting
Sting once again dominates the lacklustre HBK, teeing off with vertical suplexes, side suplexes, and a Northern Lights, all for near falls, as we cut to another commercial break, the last of the evening.
We return, with Michaels now in control, wearing down the back of Sting, hitting three consecutive back breakers, for three two counts. Michaels continues to take out Sting, and applies a Surfboard, with Sting showing the pain on his face, but as Michaels synches in, his shoulders are down … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! HBK pushed up just in time, almost not realising the count.
He argues with the official, which gives Sting time to recover. Sting nails an inverted atomic drop on Michaels, before going for the Stinger Splash, but Michaels moves out of the way. Sting staggers out and Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music, only for Sting to catch the foot get a heel trip, and, apply THE SCORPION DEATHLOCK!!!
HBK looks set to tap, but digs deep, and claws his way to the ropes, forcing the break!!! Sting reluctantly lets go, but as soon as Michaels is up, Sting goes for the Scorpion death drop … but Michaels blocks it, and fights free, taking down Sting with a DDT!!!
The Showstopper doesn’t pin, but goes up top, posing to the fans, before taking off, and scoring with a Elbow!!! Cover, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! The Heart Break Kid cant believe it!!! He starts to tune up the band, wanting to end the match now for sure, and as Sting gets up, Michaels goes for it, but Stinger ducks, then looks for a clothesline, but Michaels ducks, and SCORES WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels
HBK is the winner, but as soon as his hand is raised, Michaels starts laying the boots to the fallen legend, until JOHN CENA AND RANDY ORTON sprint down the aisle into the ring, with both taking HBK down!!! The two men beat the hell out of the World Champion, but then running down the aisle comes DX with Christian and Tomko following down.

Sting, Orton and Cena are unable to fight the odds of six men, but then, Roadkill and Doring come through the crowd to help, only to be cut off by Cade and Jindrak. The 6 on 5 odds, are too much for the faces to take, with the heels dominating thanks to the extra man. Suddenly …

Lights go out


The lights come back, and THE UNDERTAKER is in the ring. Tomko is booted down, whilst Reigns is thrown straight out of the ring for his troubles!!! Cade and Jindrak try to double team The Deadman, but both get caught, and get put down with a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM!!!!

Christian thinks about going for Taker, but instead, takes the safe option, and slides out of the ring, getting up the ramp as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Orton and Cena throw Michaels out of the ring, leaving the six faces standing tall. But Taker isn’t done yet!! As Orton turns around, he is gripped by Taker, and immediately Chokeslammed!!! Roadkill tries to stop him, but is clotheslined out of the ring, with Doring following. The Deadman has snapped, as Cena tries to take him down, to no avail, getting the big boot, followed by a devastating Last Ride!!!

Sting now tries to intervene, but after already wrestling a gruelling match, he is no match for The Phenom, and is easily disposed of to the outside.

Orton staggers up, as Undertaker does his cut throat taunt, then takes Orton up, into position, and delivers THE TOMBSTONE!!!

The Undertaker’s music hits again, with him on one knee, his eyes rolled back, having just wiped out all the competition for Nemesis in one fail swoop.

End of Show


Smackdown; October 6th; Dayton:

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Seventy Two hours separate us from WWE Nemesis this Sunday, and tonight marks the last stop, as Smackdown hit’s the screens, live as always, and as always, I’m Michael Cole, joined by Tazz.

Tazz: Dayton better be ready Cole, because tonight, we have ourselves a rocket buster of a line up.

Michael Cole: Indeed we do. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are in action, once again, as a tune up for this Sunday, once again, facing two opponents for this Sundays event, in the shape of Chris Benoit & WWE Champion, Kurt Angle!!!

Tazz: That’s gonna blow the roof off this arena. Monday Night on Raw, Goldberg and Lesnar defeated Eddie Guerrero and Triple H, after The Game walked out on Guerrero.

Michael Cole: And both Guerrero and Triple H will be in action, as The Game teams with the mammoth Matt Morgan, to face Eddie and Matt Hardy.

Tazz: Two huge tag team matches, and of course, you forgot to mention that The Rock and Steve Austin will be here too!!!

**Viva La Raza** Eddie Guerrero enters the arena to a thunderous ovation from the fans. Latino Heat drives down the ramp to the ring, before leaping out of his low rider. Eddie pounds his chest, then points to the fans, as he slides into the ring.

Guerrero is handed a mic, as the music dies down, and he prepares to speak.

Eddie Guerrero: Dayton, Ohio, d-

Crowd pops for mention of their hometown. This soon breaks down, into an ‘Eddie’ chant.

Eddie Guerrero: Did you see Raw on Monday Night??

Crowd boos

Eddie Guerrero: I’ll take that as a yes vatos. And just like me Dayton, you didn’t like what happened one bit. Going to Raw on Monday Night, I was excited holmes, even though, I was having to team with Triple H, I was really excited to be part of the biggest Raw of all time. But, by the end of the night, I was … pissed off.

Crowd starts another ‘Eddie’ chant.

Eddie Guerrero: And that, was once again, because of Triple H.

Crowd boos at mention of Triple H.

Eddie Guerrero: This is developing into quite a pattern vato’s. The last two weeks on Smackdown, Triple H has been frustrating me, and getting under my skin, trying to really rile me essa, but you know what?? I’m not gonna let him win this one. I’m not gonna please him, and lose my temper, no, no. Triple H, wherever you are in the building, make sure you hear this. A-

**Time to Play the Game** Triple H, already dressed for action, but wearing a T-Shirt for now, enters the arena, smiling, as Guerrero looks ready to boil over.

Triple H: (Grinning) What’s wrong Eddie?? You look a little frustrated.

Eddie Guerrero: Oh, vato, I’m not just frustrated, I’m ready to explode essa.

Triple H: Well, isn’t that a pity. I mean, that Latino temper of yours could really get you into trouble. I just hope, that it doesn’t lead to you losing your cool tonight, or this Sunday for that matter, and you end up getting disqualified. (Triple H smiles again) No one would want that, would they??

Eddie Guerrero: That’s true, holmes. No one would want that, except for you. Triple H, I know your plan, and I’m telling you right now … it wont happen. I know your playing mind games with me, and yes, right now, I’m pissed off, but that doesn’t mean I’ll end up doing something stupid, and get myself disqualified holmes. But, believe me, this Sunday, hell, tonight essa, I get a chance to unload my Latino Heat, and I’ll take great pleasure in doing so.

Crowd pops

Triple H: Well Eddie, that’s all well and good, but I just don’t believe you can unload that temper, without doing something stupid, and once again, lose to me, like you always do. Lets face it, who can blame me. You’re a loose cannon Eddie. Once you go into that zone, you’re gone, to the point where you’ll get yourself disqualified, or you’ll screw up, and allow me to strike, and leave you down and out.
I’ll be honest, I don’t care how I do it, whether it be by DQ, count out, pinfall of submission, I just care about beating you, and once again, tonight, and in three days time, I will beat you. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, you’ll will crumble, like you always do when you go head to head, with me.

Eddie Guerrero: No. Not this time essa. This time, YOU LOSE … and I WIN!!! I don’t care whether you believe it or not, because this Sunday, I’ll make sure you believe, when I back it up, and finally, beat your ass, and wipe that smirk right off your face holmes!!!

Crowd Pops

Triple H: Talk, is cheap Guerrero. I’m just interested to see if you can actually back it up too. You see, I’ve heard, too many times, from your mouth that you were gonna beat me, you were gonna beat me, you were gonna beat me, but every time, you couldn’t back it up, whereas I did. This Sunday, will be no different.
You only have twenty minutes Eddie. I havent lost a match in under twenty minutes for a hell of a long time. And this Sunday will be no different. The question isn’t whether you can beat me inside twenty minutes, the question, is can you survive being in the ring with me for that length of time, because I don’t think you can.
Don’t build your hopes up Guerrero, because this Sunday, I’ll bring them all crashing down to reality. And the reality is, for twenty minutes at Nemesis, I will maim you, I will cripple you, and I will make sure you never come back for me again. This is the last time Guerrero. Twenty Minutes for you to beat me, in my opinion, is impossible.

**Time To Play The Game** Triple H exit’s the stage, still smiling, whilst Guerrero stands in the ring, still looking furious at Triple H.


We return, with Simon Dean standing in the ring, with his partner, Chris Masters on the outside, giving him some encouragement.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, and coming up now, we have ourselves a fatal four way, as a preview for this Sunday at Nemesis, as we learned this past weekend on WWE.com, that at Nemesis this weekend, that AMW will defend the tag titles against three viable Number One Contenders, in the shape of The System Success, The Basham Brothers, and the ever so unique AFA.

Tazz: That one is gonna be off the hook at Nemesis Cole. I cannot wait for that one.

1st Match: Fatal Four Way:
Simon Dean vs. Doug Basham vs. Rico vs. James Storm
All four men have their respective tag partners with them at ringside as back up, and as support, against the other competitors. The action is pretty fast paced, with the four men putting in a decent effort. Rico appears to be a little more focused for this one, rather than his usual flamboyance, and shows how dangerous of a competitor he is. The match breaks down into a brawl, once Danny Basham gets involved, which leads to the rest of the partners getting included too in retaliation. Rico and Simmons brawl with Masters and Dean on the outside, whilst The Basham Brothers look to perform an illegal double team on Storm, but Harris helps his partner, fending off Danny Basham back to the outside, which distracts Doug long enough for Storm to roll him up, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: James Storm
Storm rolls out, whilst Doug Basham is in shock after being taken by surprise for the loss. AMW celebrate up the ramp, and signal to the ring that this Sunday they will remain the champions.

Michael Cole: Well tonight, AMW got a singles win, but will they be able to do it once again, this Sunday at Nemesis?? Will AMW’s near five month reign come to an end this Sunday, or will they once again, fight off the challengers??

Tazz: It’ll be so hard to call Cole, with four very different teams in that equation.

Michael Cole: Well, still to come tonight, Steve Austin and The Rock will be here, as well as two HUGE tag team match ups. What a night this is gonna be. And right now, I believe that Josh Matthews has a special guest with him backstage…

Josh Matthews: Thank you Michael, and right now, I’m standing alongside the newest member of the Smackdown roster, Gene Snitsky.

The camera turns to the deranged face of Snitsky.

Josh Matthews: And last week, you made a major impact upon debuting here on Smackdown, delivering a piledriver on Torrie Wilson, as well as attacking the man who brought you to the WWE, Kanyon. My question, is why??

Gene Snitsky: (Laughs) Josh, if you remember, Torrie turned down an invitation from Kanyon to join our little club, and I didn’t like that. Kanyon let it go, like the schmuck he is, and decided not to make her pay for turning us down … (smiles) but I didn’t. (laughs again) Torrie Wilson has now learnt her lesson not to say no to Snitsky. And as for Kanyon, well, he was just too nice to be on my side.

Josh Matthews: Well, speaking of Torrie, since last week, Doctors have revealed that her neck was broken, due to the impact taken from the devastating piledriver you delivered last week. Do you not feel any remorse to that?? Torrie’s career may be over now, due to your attack.

Gene Snitsky: Josh, let me tell you this … Torrie brought it on herself. She flaunts her little toosh around, and doesn’t expect men to ask her to link up with them?? That’s not how it works. Torrie deserves what happened to her, as a lesson not to be a tease. What happened last week … It Wasn’t My Fault.

Josh Matthews: How can you say that?? You may have possibly ended a young woman’s career, and you sa-

Snitsky grabs Josh by the throat, and pins him against the wall. He breathes heavily, before speaking to Josh.

Gene Snitsky: Say it with me Josh … It Wasn’t My Fault.

Josh Matthews: It … it… It wasn’t your fault.

Snitsky smiles, and lets Josh go, before fixing Matthews jacket, and pats down his hair.

Gene Snitsky: That’s better. Thank you for your time Josh.

Snitsky walks off, whilst Josh looks on, in fear.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: What has Snitsky been smoking?? It wasn’t his fault?? The guy broke Torrie Wilsons neck, and now he has the audacity to claim it was her own fault?? Gimme a break.

Tazz: I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of that guy. Some serious problems there if you ask me.

Michael Cole: Snitsky will be in action later tonight, but in just a few moments time, get ready, and brace yourselves … it’s gonna be Brock Lesnar and Goldberg taking on Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, right after this commercial break.


2nd Match:
Brock Lesnar & Goldberg w/Paul Heyman vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit
Excellent match, with even Goldberg looking good, thanks to the world class opponents. Angle and Benoit work pretty well together, but it is clear that there is tension brewing between the two men. Lesnar and Goldberg also work well together, and seem to be gelling exceptionally quickly as a team, ahead of their match this Sunday. Early on, after being caught trying to interfere, Paul Heyman to sent to the back by the official, which evens out the match for both teams.
The match runs through a commercial break, with Goldberg and Lesnar in control before and after the commercial, wearing down Chris Benoit. Kurt Angle doesn’t seem to concerned, but still holds his interest to get a tag, as Lesnar and Goldberg pick apart Benoit.
The Wolverine though, fights back, showing his return to top form in recent weeks, managing a comeback, eventually tagging in his partner. Angle takes the tag, and enters, all guns blazing, knocking down Goldberg and Lesnar, two of his biggest adversaries in recent years, and pops off a few Belly to Belly suplexes, along with a German Suplex to both men.
Angle knocks Goldberg out of the ring, and pulls down the straps for the Anklelock on Lesnar, but Brock kicks him away. Lesnar gets Angle up for the F5, but Angle drops down, and connects with the Angle Slam, but as Lesnar goes back, he connects with the referee.
On the outside, Goldberg whips Benoit into the steel steps, before re-entering with a steel chair. Goldberg nails an unsuspecting Angle with the weapon to the back, before helping Brock to his feet. Lesnar tells Goldberg to go for the Spear, and Goldberg nods in agreement. But as Goldberg stands in the corner, Chris Benoit, on the outside, trips him, and yanks him, crotch first, into the ringpost.
Lesnar sees this, and watches, as Benoit picks up a chair, entering the ring. Lesnar also picks up the chair Goldberg brought in, and is set to meet Benoit with it, but Kurt Angle quickly swipes it from him, and Benoit swings his chair at Lesnar … But Brock ducks … and Benoit smashes Angles head!!!!
Benoits mouth opens wide in shock, whilst Lesnar quickly throws Benoit out of the ring, and covers the WWE Champion with the referee recovering … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Brock Lesnar and Goldberg
Lesnar immediately rolls out of the ring, and helps Goldberg up, as the behemoth tag team picks up its second major victory in one week.

Michael Cole: Brock Lesnar has just pinned the WWE Champion!!! Mis communication between Benoit and Angle, has led to a second victory in four days for Lesnar and Goldberg. First, on Raw against Triple H & Eddie Guerrero, and now, against Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit.

Tazz: I’m in shock Cole. We sure as hell aren’t used to seeing Angle get pinned, but tonight, Brock Lesnar took advantage of the mix up between Benoit and Angle, to get himself a win.

Michael Cole: And you gotta believe that the relationship between Angle and Benoit is paper thin right now.

Chris Benoit starts to walk up he ramp, pissed off for the loss, especially after it was due to a mix up between him and Angle. In the ring, Angle is slowly recovering, and asking for a mic. He is handed a mic, as he starts to pull himself up on the ropes.

Kurt Angle: Benoit!!! Get your ass back here to this ring.

Benoit stops, and turns around, looking to the ring, as Angle signals for him to come back. Benoit looks around, and begins to walk back into the ring. Benoit climbs through the ropes, and looks across the ring, at an irate Angle.

Kurt Angle: What the hell was that about??

Chris Benoit: You know it was an accident Kurt. Brock moved, and it was too late for me to pull away.

Kurt Angle: What?? Do you believe me to swallow that crap?? You know you cant beat me, so you decided to give yourself a head start for this Sunday.

Chris Benoit: Get over yourself Kurt. Believe me, I don’t need a head start going into Nemesis, because right now, I’m more determined right now than I’ve ever been, and taking a short cut, isn’t what I’m about.

Kurt Angle: Oh, stop it Benoit. Stop pretending you’re a man of great honour. You brought that chair into the ring, not me. You were gonna t-

Chris Benoit: No. Don’t bother with that. Angle, I brought the chair in as an equalizer, to help you. I don’t want to win the WWE Championship this Sunday against a less than 100% Kurt Angle?? I want to make you tap out with no excuses.

Kurt Angle: Forget it Chris. Just forget it. You wont make me tap out, but I’ll break your freakin ankle.

Benoit takes exception to the comment, and gets in Angles face.

Chris Benoit: Kurt, if one of us is tapping out this Sunday, it sure as hell isn’t gonna be me.

Angle goes head to head with Benoit now

Kurt Angle: Prepare to be disappointed Benoit, because just like always, you’ll come close, but for you, there will be no Champagne moment, no celebration, but just another close shave with immortality, whilst I, continue to reign as WWE Champion … its true, its … true.

Chris Benoit: I don’t think so Kurt. I’ve battled too hard, and I’ve waited too long to let this opportunity pass me by one more time. I’m more dangerous now, than I’ve ever been, or ever will be, and that is a fact.

Kurt Angle: You know something Chris. Time for talking is pretty much over, and now you’ll have to back it up, but I just don’t think you can.

Chris Benoit: Well, we’ll find out this Sunday, wont we??

Kurt Angle: I suppose we’ll find out … just how much better, and more superior of an athlete I am to you.

Benoit goes head to head again with Angle, and Angle shoves the Wolverine. Benoit shoves Angle back, and Kurt takes a swipe at Benoit, but Benoit catches Angles arm, and goes for the Crossface, but Angle scrambles free, and tries to take the ankle of Benoit for an Anklelock, to no avail, as Benoit escapes.

Both men stand across the ring from each other, with the intensity rising, as officials run to the ring, to keep the two men apart, as the show goes to a commercial.


We return with highlights from before the break, as emotions between Angle and Benoit ran high, leading to a short fight.

Backstage, Steve Romero is with John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield…

Steve Romero: Mr. Layfield, in just three days, you face Chris Jericho in a stretcher match, with your United States Championship on the line. Your thoughts??

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’m thinking you’re right Steve. Chris Jericho challenges me for MY United States Championship. The Championship, that NO ONE can take from me. Eddie Guerrero couldn’t do it, Hardcore Holly couldn’t do it, and I’ll be damned if Chris Jericho is gonna do it. What does this Championship say?? What is it called??

Steve Romero: It’s the United States Championship.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Exactly. The United States Championship. It is not, repeat, NOT, the Canadian love boat Championship, yet Bret hart seems to have it warped into his mind, that anyone but an American should hold this coveted championship.
There is a conspiracy backstage, going on, in which Bret Hart is attempting to sabotage my success, my glory, by fitting me into matches where I don’t need to be pinned to lose, and this Sunday, is a prime example. A stretcher match is perhaps the most barbaric, sadistic match you can comprehend. To win, you must obliterate your opponent, and place him on a stretcher, before pulling him across a line.
It is a match created by sadists, and now, Bret Hart is channelling those sadists, by bringing this sick, twisted match back.
But it will backfire. Bret Hart deep down wants his fellow Canadian, Chris Jericho to be victorious, but instead, I promise … no … I guarantee you, he will be rendered useless once I am finished with him this Sunday Night. I will bloody him, I will break his bones, and I will end his wrestling career. If Chris Jericho is lucky, I will allow him to continue his pathetic, so called, ‘music’ career, which in time will fizzle out quicker than an Ultimate Warrior comeback.
Chris Jericho, you call what you do singing, you call what you do in the ring wrestling. But I’ll take Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams over your noise you call music. And I will show you how its done in the ring too, this Sunday. Chris Jericho, you will lose to me this Sunday in the Stretcher Match, and I will remain the United States Champion … and that Chris Jericho … is a guarantee.

3rd Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Paul London vs. Nunzio
Decent short contest, but doesn’t get to pick up to another level. Nunzio gets a near fall with the Sicilian slice, but London manages to kick out at two. London eventually picks up the win with the ever impressive 450 Splash.
Winners: Paul London
London is jubilant in victory, raising the belt high in the air. His celebration is short lived though, as from behind, JAMIE NOBLE attacks the Champion. Noble pounds London down, trash talking all the while.
Noble hit’s the Tiger Bomb, on the Champion, and raises the title belt high in the air, yelling at London that sooner or later, he will get his shot at the title.

Michael Cole: It appears that The Cabinet is hell bent on winning Championship gold. JBL already has the U.S Title, The Bashams have a chance to become the Tag Champions this Sunday, and now, Jamie Noble has set his sights on Paul Londons title. The Cabinet is beginning to make its mark on Smackdown folks, but will they follow it up??

Tazz: Well Cole, I haven’t seen anyone put the Cruiserweight Champion down like that since he has been champion. No one has been that vicious in wanting the title, and Paul London may just find himself in trouble if you ask me.

Michael Cole: A lot more still to come right here on Thursday Night Smackdown, when we come back…


Raw Rebound:
- The return to the USA Network.
- Cactus Jack’s eerie promo, building up to this Sunday at Nemesis.
- Carlitos Cabana with A Midget Hulk Hogan, and Roddy Piper, before The Real Hogan enters, setting up a tag match later in the show, with Hogan and Eugene beating Carlito and Piper.
- John Cena beats Christian thanks to The Undertaker.
- HBK defeats Sting in the main event, before a melee, finishing with Undertaker on top.

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: What a night it was Tazz. Raw is back on the USA Network, and I gotta admit, they pulled it right outta the bag with a top notch show.

Tazz: Without a shadow of a doubt Cole. Awesome, awesome stuff. And let me be the first to say, The Undertaker is someone you just don’t want to mess with right now.

Michael Cole: He was on rare form this past Monday, but switching gears, back to Smackdown, and backstage, Maria, is with Chris Jericho.

Tazz: This should be a blast…

Maria: That is right. Hi everybody, I’m here with Chris Jericho. And in three days, you face JBL in a Stretcher Match. But Chris, my question, is th-

Chris Jericho: I really don’t mean to be rude sweet cheeks, but would you PLEEEEEEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

Crowd Pops. Maria signals her shutting up, by putting her index finger over her mouth.

Chris Jericho: JBL, you have been Just Bloody Lucky for the past four months … but in three days, you will be nothing more than Justa Big Loser!!! Its fitting that we’ll be getting it on like Donkey Kong, in a stretcher match, due to the fact you tried to end my career, just eight weeks ago, by wheeling me off the Smackdown stage, because JBL, I intend on doing the exact same to you at Nemesis, right after I wheel you over the finish line to become the NEW United States Champion.
And believe me, because I should know, when I wheel you off the stage, you might live, you might die, but I promise, you will NEVER … EVVVVVVVVERRRR be the same again!!!
And (starts talking mockingly) JBL can “guarantee” victory all he wants, but that claim is worth about as much as a comedy evening with Lance Storm. But here is something you can take to the bank, and it’ll be worth something along the lines of a ticket to WrestleMania, and that is a guarantee from the First Ever Unnnnnnndisputed Champion … the ayatollah of rock and rolla … the Highlight of the Night … Chris Jericho … GUARANTEES you, that I will wheel JBL over the line this Sunday, and become the NEW U.S Champion.

Jericho then quickly grabs Maria and plants a kiss on her, before storming away from the interview. Maria stands for a moment, before fainting.

Michael Cole: (Laughing) Looks like Maria is gonna need some help to recover … wanna give her a kiss of life Tazz??

Tazz: Don’t tempt me Cole.

Michael Cole: But looking at the bigger picture, get this, earlier tonight, JBL guarantees a victory against Jericho this Sunday … just a minute ago … Chris Jericho guarantees a victory. One man is gonna find himself disappointed on Sunday.

Tazz: Damn right. No two ways about it either Cole. No stoppages, no cop outs, one guy is gonna win, and one guy is gonna lose.

4th Match:
Gene Snitsky vs. Kanyon
Kanyon comes out all guns blazing wanting revenge on Snitsky after last weeks attack, and although the match isn’t a squash, Snitsky is dominant, and despite the best efforts of Kanyon, he is unable to stop the destructive Snitsky, who gets the victory with a Pumphandle Slam.
Winner: Gene Snitsky
Snitsky has his hand raised in the air, before leaning over the ropes, sticking his tongue out, looking wacky, and just weird.

Michael Cole: Impressive debut for Gene Snitsky tonight on Smackdown Tazz.

Tazz: To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from this guy tonight, but Snitsky showed here that he is gonna be a player around here. He took Kanyons best, and still disposed of him in pretty dominating fashion.

Michael Cole: Well, when we come back, it’ll be Triple H teaming with Matt Morgan, to face Eddie Guerrero and Matt Hardy. You don’t want to miss this, after this commercial break


5th Match:
Triple H & Matt Morgan vs. Eddie Guerrero & Matt Hardy
Passable match, but fails to really deliver anything thrilling, with Eddie and HHH seemingly holding back for Nemesis this Sunday. Neither side gets a long advantage over the other, unlike most tag matches. Triple H continuously tries to keep away from Eddie, trying to frustrate Guerrero, but Eddie shakes it off, not concerned, which in fact pisses Triple H off instead.
Hardy and Morgan are the legal men, and as Hardy lines up for the Twist of Fate, Triple H breaks it, which leads to Eddie getting involved, knocking Triple H out of the ring. Eddie and The Game brawl on the outside, with The Game whipping Latino Heat into the steps.
HHH then grabs a Sledgehammer from under the ring, and makes his way back inside, waiting for a right moment to strike, as once again, Hardy appears to be setting up for the Twist of Fate, but as Triple H lines up to strike, Eddie is back in, and grabs the hammer from him. Triple H immediately chickens out of the ring, as Hardy executes the Twist of Fate. Triple H thinks for a second about getting in to break the cover, but with Eddie waiting for him, The Game decides to leave, as Hardy covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Matt Hardy & Eddie Guerrero
Guerrero and Hardy hug in the ring, celebrating the victory, before Eddie looks to the outside again, staring up the ramp at Triple H who tries to blow the tag loss off, pointing to his wrist, telling Guerrero he has only 20 minutes to beat him this Sunday.

Michael Cole: Indeed, it is just three days away, WWE Nemesis comes your way, live from Freedom Hall, in Louisville, Kentucky. And what a theme song, Planets, by Adema. That is a rockin tune.

Tazz: And I’d like to apologise to Adema for Michael Cole ruining your career by giving props to your song.

Michael Cole: Whatever, this Sunday, Eddie Guerrero has twenty minutes to defeat Triple H, a man, he has NEVER beaten in a one on one environment. Can Eddie Guerrero finally overcome The Game??

Tazz: If he was ever gonna do it, this Sunday might be Eddies best chance. He’s overcome the mind games, now he has to overcome The Game in the ring.

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit has a chance to fulfil a lifelong dream, and reach the pinnacle of sports entertainment, and become the WWE Champion. In his way stands the dominant champion, the Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle.

Tazz: Hey, this Pay Per View couldn’t be more aptly named for these two men, because there is no doubt, when you pick Chris Benoit’s greatest adversary, you can argue its Chris Jericho, you can argue it’s Eddie Guerrero, but the majority will always say Kurt Angle. And when you talk about Angle’s biggest adversary, you can say Brock Lesnar, you can say Bill Goldberg, but the majority will say Benoit. This Sunday, this epic rivalry will be re-opened, and Cole, I cannot wait.

Michael Cole: And speaking of deeply personal rivalries, JBL defends the United States Title against Chris Jericho, in a Stretcher Match!!!

Tazz: And rightly so. Chris Jericho is hell bent on revenge, and right here, in a stretcher match is the perfect way to strike revenge. But one of those two men will be very disappointed after both have guaranteed a victory this Sunday.

Michael Cole: Fatal Four Way, one fall, for the WWE Tag team Championships this Sunday too, Tazz. America’s Most Wanted have won the titles twice in Four Way Matches, but at Nemesis, they might lose the titles in that same environment. The AFA, Basham Brothers and System Success will challenge for the gold, will new champions be crowned, or will AMW remain on top of the ladder??

Tazz: It could any way there Cole. Four way matches are the most unpredictable animal out there, it’d be a good call to pick a winner, that’s for sure.

Michael Cole: Folks, right now in Stamford, Jim Ross is with The Coach, and they are set to run down the Raw matches for this Sunday’s event, take it away…

Jim Ross: Thanks Michael, well, it’s a dual brand event once again this Sunday, and raw is certainly bringing it’s load. Starting right at the top, 6 Pack Elimination for the World Heavyweight Championship. Shawn Michaels will defend against some of his biggest adversaries in the form of The Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton, as well as Christian and Sting. 6 combustible elements, one World Championship.

The Coach: One title, five men that will come up just short. My money has to go on Captain Charisma himself, Christian. The guy has beaten The Undertaker twice in two months, and has been overlooked consistently. I’m a peep, and I’m happy to admit it.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels isn’t the only member of DX defending a title this Sunday Coach, as we learned this past Monday, that The DX Duo defend the tag titles in a match they cant walk out on, and cant disqualified in, a tables match, against the last ever ECW Tag Team Champions, Amish Roadkill, and Danny Doring.

The Coach: Someone will be getting wood J.R, and I just hope it’s one of those two idiots that goes through the table this Sunday. Cade and Jindrak needs those belts J.R, for the good of Raw!!!

Jim Ross: ECW Rules, with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam will settle their differences once and for all. Will Mysterio finally shut RVD up?? Or will the Whole ‘You know what’ show takes the title from the champion??

The Coach: Lets face it J.R, Mysterio has had a great run as Intercontinental Champion, but when your time is up, it’s up. New champion coming on Sunday, mark my words.

Jim Ross: And the biggest of them all. No titles, just pure hatred, and I don’t know if hate is a strong enough word to describe the Mick Foley - Ric Flair situation. In Louisville this Sunday, Cactus Jack takes Ric Flair to his world, in a streetfight.

The Coach: It wont be for the weak of heart J.R, that’s for sure. I was a little worried for The Nature Boy after Mick Foleys video this Monday, but Ric Flairs reaction told me that either he doesn’t fear Cactus Jack, or he is one hell of an actor.

Jim Ross: Well, from us here at WWE headquarters, we’ll hand it back over to you guys on Smackdown, and see you this Sunday.

Michael Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you, that this Sunday, the WWE presents Nemesis, which will be a three and a half hour event, at the cost of a regular three hour Pay Per View, for one month only. How can you miss this show?? Especially, when you have Steve Austin, teaming with The Rock, against the behemoth team of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. A dream tag team match.

Tazz: It’s the Most Electrifying Team in WWE history, against the most dominant team in WWE history. I will not want to miss that one.
Michael Cole: And when we come back, The Rock and Stone Cold, will be sharing the ring, for what promises to be a classic, classic moment. Don’t go anywhere!!


**IF YA SMELLLLLL … What The Rock … Is Cookin!!!** The People’s Champion enters to a unreal reaction from the fans. He makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with fans, before taking a mic, and getting into the ring. He goes to each turnbuckle, getting a bigger reaction each time. Eventually he drops down off the last turnbuckle, and the music dies down.

The Rock: FINALLY ……… The Rock, HASSSSS come back, to Dayton, Ohiiiio!!!

Crowd pops

The Rock: And finally, The Rock has found himself an ally, the man everyone wanted to come and team up with The Rock, and form the MOST electrifying team in sports entertainment history!!!

Crowd pops

The Rock: And tonight, three days from the biggest tag team match in HISTORY, Dayton, The Rock has a gift for you. Saying as The Rock and Stone Cold weren’t invited to Homecoming on Raw, The Rock right now is holding his own homecoming. Here, on The Rocks show, Smack-Down, he brings to you, the Worlds Toughest Son of a Bitch, the Texas Rattlesnake himself … give it up, for Stone Cold, Steve Austin!!!

Crowd blows the roof off, as … **GLASS SHATTERS** Stone Cold enters the arena, to a magnificent ovation. The Rattlesnake walks down the aisle, and climbs up the ring steps, into the ring, climbing to each turnbuckle, saluting the fans.

The music dies down, and Austin is handed a mic.

The Rock: Stone Cold, before we get started, let me just say, from the bottom of The Rocks heart, thank you.

Crowd pops

The Rock: Because, The Rock knows how big of a decision I forced you to make, and without going into the details, I’m glad, and honoured you chose to accept my offer.

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: Well Rock, fact of the matter is this. I made a rash decision a few weeks back, and it’s a decision I’ve been regretting ever since I did. You can still watch Smackdown on television, but you cant feel that adrenaline like you do in front of the audience, in places like Dayton, Ohio.

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: And after a few weeks mulling it over, once you made the offer for me to come back Rock, I just couldn’t say no. I heard the fans calling for it, and hell, Stone Cold wants the fans to get what they want.

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: And y’know, after a few weeks drinking beer, drinking whisky, drinking anything with alcohol, Stone Cold Steve Austin has recharged his broken down batteries. So if you want Stone Cold to stick around, gimme a hell yeah!!


Steve Austin: So Rock, let me take this moment to tell you that you can thank me all you want, but if you ask me, I think Stone Cold should be thanking you, for giving me the kick up the ass that I god damn well needed, and that’s all I gotta say about that.

Crowd Cheers, and breaks off into a ‘Rocky’ chant.

Steve Austin: And for me to thank you, I’ve gotta do it with more than just words … lets have a dam beer!!!

Crowd Pops. Austin walks toward the corner of the ring for beers, but Rock grabs his arm stopping him. The crowd isn’t sure what to think.

The Rock: Whoa. Steve. As much, as The Rock would love a beer, he thinks first and foremost, that you and I need to give these fans a treat … and … sing a song!!!

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: You wanna sing a song with Stone Cold??

Crowd Pops

Steve Austin: Does Dayton, Ohio want to hear Austin and The Rock sing a-long??

Crowd Pops

The Rock: I think they do Steve.

Crowd pops. Austin walks around the ring, trying to hide a smile, before speaking again.

Steve Austin: I’ve got a great song. Off one of the most recognizable television shows ever. Anyone here ever heard of Cheers??

Crowd Pops

The Rock: Trust you. Trust you Austin, you sing a song about a bar.

Crowd Pops

The Rock: You ready??

Steve Austin: What??


Rock raises his eyebrow in Austins direction, as Austin starts to laugh out loud.

The Rock: Is Dayton ready??

Crowd Pops

The Rock & Steve Austin: Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum. Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum …

Steve Austin: (Singing badly) Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got …

The Rock: Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot …

Steve Austin: Wouldn't you like to get away ……

The Rock & Steve Austin: Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name …

The Rock: And The Rock is glad you came …

Steve Austin: You wanna be where you can see …

The Rock: Our troubles are all the same …

Steve Austin: You wanna be where everybody knows your name …

The Rock: You wanna go where people know, people are all the same …

Steve Austin: You wanna go where everybody knows Stone Colds name …

The Rock: You want to go where people know, people are all the same …

Steve Austin: You want to go where everybody knows your name …

The fans pop for the song, as Rock and Austin smile, pointing at one another.

The Rock: Now, The Rock guaran -damn - tees you wont see anything like that on American Idol!!!

Fans pop, and laugh a little.

The Rock: And The Rock guaran - damn - tees that this Sunday, Steve, you and I are gonna beat Brock Lesnar and Goldbergs monkey asses straight down Know Your Role Boulevard … and take a left up Jabroni Drive…

Steve Austin: Then stop for some beer…

The Rock: Check right into the Smack-Down hotel…

Steve Austin: Room 3:16…

The Rock: Give these two sons of bitches some special room service…

Steve Austin: Give ‘em beer!!

The Rock: Give them pie!!!

Steve Austin: Some more beer!!!

The Rock: Some … ssssssstrudel!!

Steve Austin: Some more pie!!

The Rock: Squash it all together, turn that sum bitch sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP THEIR CANDYASSES!!!


Crowd Pops, whilst Rock looks at Austin, surprised, before smiling.

The Rock: And that’s the bottom line, cause The Rock said so!!!

Crowd Pops again, with Austin now gives Rock the eyebrow.

Steve Austin: Rock?? Lets sing another song!!!

Crowd Pops. Rock shrugs his shoulders, and nods, before Austin speaks again.

Steve Austin: Y’all have heard of Glen Campbell, ‘Like A Rhinestone Cowboy’??

Crowd replies with a pretty clear ‘Yes’

Steve Austin: You know it too right, Rock??

The Rock: Hell yeah The Rock has heard of Glen Campbell.

Steve Austin: That’s terrific. Okay, first verse, and the chorus, I’m gonna add my own spin to this too, and feel free to join in, and ad lib a little too. Here we go… (Austin clears his throat)

Rock and Austin start clicking their fingers before Austin starts…

Steve Austin: I've been kickin ass in the ring so long,

The Rock: Joinin’ Rock for a singalong,

Steve Austin: I know every jackass that tries to cross Steve Austin……

The Rock: Layin’ the smack down’s the name of the game

Steve Austin: Goldberg and Lesnar get washed away like the snow and the rain

The Rock: There's been enough of compromisin'

Steve Austin: On the road to our horizon

The Rock: But we’re gonna be where lights are shinin' on you and me

Together: Like a rhinestone cowboy…

Steve Austin: Riding out on a pick up truck in a rodeo…

The Rock: Like a rhinestone cowboy…

Steve Austin: Giving stunners and taking beer from people I don't even know…

The Rock: And droppin a People‘s Elbow…

The fans give the two men appreciation, as Rock and Austin hold each others arms up, sharing a joke before …

**Extreme** Paul Heyman enters the stage, with a mic in hand, ready to speak.

Paul Heyman: Well, isn’t this cosy. An evening with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. It’s just quite fitting you two are singing such ancient songs, considering, you’ll be ancient history, after Brock Lesnar and Goldberg are finished with you two glory hogs, this Sunday.

Crowd gives heat.

Paul Heyman: And that guys, isn’t a thr-

Steve Austin: What??


Paul Heyman: Don-

Steve Austin: What??


Paul Heyman: I wi-

Steve Austin: Look at ya!!! You got that crappy little cap to hide your bald spot, yet you keep that silly little pony tail?? You got a 20 cent jacket, which I cant tell if it’s leather, or a bin bag.

The Rock: Definitely a bin bag, Steve.

Steve Austin: Your little pot belly, yellow teeth, chubby legs, stubby fingers, you make me want to puke!!


Steve Austin: I wanna be sick!!!


Steve Austin: But instead, I’ll have a beer!!!


Steve Austin: Actually … I’ve got a better idea.

Austin starts whispering into Rocks ear, and Rock starts to laugh, before Austin pulls away and speaks again.

Steve Austin: I wanna sing another song … and this one, is dedicated to none other that Paul Heyman.

Crowd gives heat.

The Rock: Now, now. Please, The Rock and Stone Cold promise you, The People that you’ll enjoy this one, EVEN more than the other two.

Austin clears his throat, before whistling into the mic, the tune of ’Singing in the Rain’

Steve Austin: He’s singing in the rain

The Rock: Just singing in the rain…

Steve Austin: What a terrible feelin'

The Rock: Cant afford an um-brella again…

(Paul Heyman starts trying to put them off, but neither Rock or Austin take notice and continue)

Steve Austin: He’s crying at clouds

The Rock: So dark up above…

Steve Austin: His last cheque bounced

The Rock: And he’s ready to cry…

Steve Austin: Let the stormy clouds chase

The Rock: Everyone from the place…

Steve Austin: Please stop with the rain

The Rock: He has a frown on his face…

Steve Austin: He walks down the lane

The Rock: With an unhappy refrain…

Steve Austin: Just singin',

The Rock: Singin' in the rain

Rock and Austin laugh, as Heyman gets frustrated at the top of the ramp.

The Rock: Hey, Paul Heyman, The Rock says this … pootang your ass on outta here. Go on, get your fat monkey ass outta the peoples arena, and take the two vanilla gorilla’s with ya.

Heyman looks up at the ring, and his anger turns to a smile, with his eyes lighting up. … We suddenly see Goldberg and Lesnar slide in, after coming through the crowd, and they attack Austin and Rock.

The two bigger men stomp their enemies in the corner, going to work on them, three days before the PPV, before Lesnar picks Austin up, as does Goldberg with Rock, only for Rock and Austin to fight back!!!

Rock ducks a clothesline from Goldberg before hitting the Rock Bottom, before he and Austin beat at Brock Lesnar, eventually knocking him down with a double reverse elbow.

Goldberg now is getting back to his feet, but Austin meets him, and scores with a Stunner!!! Lesnar also getting to his feet, but Austin and Rock team up, and clothesline Brock over the top to the floor.

With Goldberg all alone, Rock and Austin signal to the fans for a double Peoples Elbow!!! To the delight of the fans, and the horror of Heyman and Lesnar, SCSA and Rock connect, to a massive pop from the fans.

Lesnar and Heyman drag Goldberg out of the ring, and high tail up the ramp, whilst Austin and Rock call for a beer to celebrate.

Goldberg is helped to the top of the ramp, as The trio watch Austin and Rock toast a beer in the ring, as the show goes off the air…

End of Show

Final Card for WWE Nemesis:

Date: 9th October
Location: Freedom Hall; Louisville, Kentucky
Event Music: Adema, Planets

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match: 6 Pack Elimination Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Sting vs. Randy Orton vs. Undertaker vs. John Cena vs. Christian

WWE United States Championship; Stretcher Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield w/ Jamie Noblevs. Chris Jericho

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: ECW Rules:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam

WWE Tag Team Championships Match: Fatal Four Way:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Basham Brothers vs. A.F.A vs. System Success

World Tag Team Championships; Sudden Death Tables Match:
Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak w/Luther Reignsvs. Roadkill & Danny Doring

20 Minute Time Limit:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H

Mick Foley (Cactus Jack) vs. Ric Flair

Unfinished Business:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin & The Rock vs. Goldberg & Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

I'll re-post Nemesis tomorrow.
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