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Re: Being the booker

RAW; September 26th; Fort Worth:


A video plays showing the best clips from the five years of WWE Raw on Spike TV

Opening Video


Jim Ross:
Emotions are running high, with just two weeks until Nemesis, The fans in attendance are ready for an explosive night, on the final Raw broadcast on Spike TV, before next weeks homecoming, and Coach, what a night it’s gonna be!!

The Coach: What a line up J.R. Shawn Michaels faces Sting’s mystery opponent, after Sting last week overcame not one, not two, but three opponents, before he sent Shawn Michaels packing!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed. And I gotta admit, Sting looks more focused right now, than he has since he came to the WWE, and what a time to find your focus, with a chance to become World Champion in less than two weeks. But that’s not all Coach, Shaniqua’s home town challenge has once again been answered, but this time, she may have bitten off more than she can chew, as Texas native, Jacqueline will step up to the plate tonight.

The Coach: Oh boy, with Shaniqua exactly three weeks away from hitting a milestone year as Champion, it could all come crashing down tonight.

Jim Ross: Well, I agree Coach, but lets not forget to mention tonight’s main event, pitting Christian against The Undertaker, in a Summer Slam rematch!!

The Coach: Can Christian overcome The Deadman for a second time?? It’s No Holds Barred, but I honestly think that Captain Charisma can step it up another level tonight.

**BREAK IT DOWN** The four members of DX enter to a huge amount of boo’s, as we prepare for the opening contest. HBK sets some instructions for his men, before leaving them, and going back again, to prepare for his match later.

Jim Ross: What a way to kick us off here!!! 3 on 2 handicap match, as Cade, Jindrak & Reigns of DX will take on two men with a score to settle in the mould of John Cena and Randy Orton.

1st Match: 3 on 2 Handicap Match:
Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns vs. Randy Orton & John Cena
Long opener, with Cena and Orton dominating the first few minutes. Eventually, DX slow it down, after taking a few moments to re-group on the outside, slowly get back into the match.
The DX members begin to grasp a hold of the match, using the cheap heel tactics, such as distractions, illegal double team moves and illegal tags. The trio keep Orton down in the ring, leaving Cena frustrated on the outside, desperate for a tag in, as we go into the commercial.
Following a commercial, we return with DX still in control, wearing the Legend Killer down, as Cena grows more frustrated. We are shown a clip from during the break, where Orton was set to tag, only for Cade to run around ringside, and pull Cena off the apron, which stopped the tag from taking place.
Orton continues to try and fight back, but the numbers game is too much for the time being. The trio continue the beat down, and start to become overconfident, slapping Orton around the head, but their cockiness backfires, as Cade catches Orton’s foot as Randy goes for a kick. Cade starts hopping, making fun of the Legend Killer, until Orton scores with an enziguri!!! Orton crawls, and crawls, as does Cade … who tags in Jindrak … as Orton tags Cena!!!
Jindrak stops in his tracks as Orton tags, and then tries to back off, but Cena tackles him down right away, before clotheslining Luther over the top rope, and hitting a spine buster on Cade. Cena hit’s a spinning power bomb on Jindrak, getting a two, before hitting the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Reigns again comes after Cena, but the former champion low bridges, and Reigns momentum takes him right over the top to the floor.
Cena gets Jindrak up, and into position for the FU, Garrison Cade tries to stop him, but is met with an RKO from Orton!!! Cena delivers the FU, and covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: John Cena and Randy Orton
Cena and Orton have their hands raised, before shaking hands together, and raising each others hand. They share some words, before celebrating to the fans some more, going to each turnbuckle, whilst DX leave up the ramp, with Reigns having to help both Cade and Jindrak.
Jim Ross: John Cena, and Randy Orton just two of the six men involved in the elimination match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Nemesis, with a major win here tonight, against the odds.


A video plays of Rey Mysterio’s days in ECW as part of the influx of Extreme Lucha Libre. We see him performing some of the insane moves from early in his career, before cutting to a dark, poorly lit room, with Mysterio sitting, looking directly at the camera…

Rey Mysterio: Rob Van Dam, be ready, be prepared, and be careful what you wish for, because at Nemesis, you get the extreme Rey Mysterio. Be careful … what you wish for…

The video ends, before we see Rob Van Dam backstage, watching the vignette on a monitor. The camera closes in to his face, and we see RVD smiling.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Folks, it is just two weeks away. RVD taking on Rey Mysterio, in an ECW Rules match for the Intercontinental Championship. That enmity will come to a hardcore conclusion at Nemesis, once and for all, and in just a few moments, RVD will be in action. Tell us more Coach.

The Coach: Well J.R, it’s quite elementary really. In a tune up of sorts, RVD is set to face Stevie Richards, in an ECW Rules match, where Van Dam is gonna show Rey Mysterio just what he has got himself into.

2nd Match: ECW Rules Match:
Stevie Richards vs. Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso
Despite getting off to a good start, Richards is obliterated by RVD, who turns it up a notch, thanks to the guidance of Alfonso in his corner. RVD takes the match to the extreme, before nailing Richards with the rolling thunder on the outside. He rolls him back in, before Alfonso gets into the ring with RVD. He holds a chair up at Stevies face, allowing Van Dam to hit the Van Terminator. RVD then goes up top, and hit’s the Five Star Frog Splash for the elementary three count.
Winner: Rob Van Dam
RVD is victorious on Raw, less than two weeks from the ECW Rules match at Nemesis. He leaves the ring, but stops before walking up the ramp. He has an idea, and asks Alfonso for the chair, which he gives him. Van Dam gets back in, and pulls the bloody Richards to the corner, sitting him by the bottom rope, with a chair resting against his face. RVD then climbs to the top rope, and dives across the ring, nailing the patented Van Daminator on the defenceless Richards.

Jim Ross: That is uncalled for!!! Van Dam made his point during the match. There was absolutely no need for that sickening display afterward too.

The Coach: Get used to it J.R, RVD is the next Intercontinental Champion.

Jim Ross: I wouldn’t be so sure Coach. Rey Mysterio has beaten the odds countless times in the past, and I can see the champion doing it once again at Nemesis.


We return with highlights of what went down before the commercial, then the camera cuts to the parking lot, which at this moment of time is empty.

Jim Ross: We are still expecting the arrival of Mick Foley, at any moment, after two weeks ago, he was brutally assaulted, and that’s what it was, an assault, at the hands of Ric Flair and Batista. Our General Manager had been in hospital for eight days as a result of the attack, the longest amount of time that Foley has ever spent in a hospital bed, and you think, that man has been blown up by a C4 explosive in a Deathmatch in Japan, he had an ear ripped off in Munich, and he has been thrown off a Hell in a Cell.

The Coach: And in two weeks, Foley takes on Flair in a streetfight J.R.

Jim Ross: It’ll be Foleys first match in a year, which was incidentally, at Nemesis last year, in a Streetfight.

The Coach: And right now, backstage, it seems the locker room is divided in two groups, one which is pro Foley, and one, which is pro Flair.

Jim Ross: Indeed it is Coach. But next week, Raw is going home, for a three hour spectacular, and folks, we’ve just been informed about PART of the amazing line up, next week in Cleveland at the Gund Arena… In a steel cage match, Randy Orton faces Luther Reigns!!! And how about this, our main event, for the first time ever, in a non title match, the original Nemesis main event, Shawn Michaels takes on Sting!!

The Coach: Raw is undoubtedly coming home J.R, and what a homecoming, with a dream match, and a cage match!!!

Backstage, we cut to the DX locker room…

Mark Jindrak: Shawn, we’re really sorry man. We screwed up tonight.

Shawn Michaels: Don’t worry about it guys, I’ve got better plans. First of all, Orton is taken care of. Next week, the big man here, has him all to himself inside of an unforgiving cage. You know what you have to do Luther don’t ya??

Reigns nods

Shawn Michaels: Christian and The Undertaker are gonna wear themselves out tonight, beating the hell out of each other, so I don’t need to worry about them, and Sting gets a mouth full of my boot next week.

Garrison Cade: (Nodding) But Shawn, what about Cena??

Shawn Michaels: That my friends, is where it gets interesting. I’ll talk to ya more about it later, but in about ten minutes I’m facing someone I don’t even know. MJ, HBCade, try and find out who the hell Sting has planned for me to face, but do it quickly.

Mark Jindrak: Who do we ask though Shawn??

Cade rolls his eyes, as if Jindrak asked a stupid question, than jabs his partners arm.

Garrison Cade: We ask Sting, dummy!!!

HBK looks at HBCade as if to ask if he’s serious. Michaels looks at Luther, then speaks to him…

Shawn Michaels: Umm… Luther, you go with them.

Luther nods again, and makes a gesture to Cade and Jindrak to get them out of the room.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Well Coach, if y-

**Just Close Your Eyes** Christian and Tyson Tomko enter the arena to a major dose of heat from the fans.

Jim Ross: What the hell is Christian doing out here?? His match isn’t until later, Coach.

The Coach: You say that as if it’s a bad thing J.R. I love seeing more of Captain Charisma. Just love it!!!

Christian is handed the mic, and begins to speak.

Christian: You know, I’d think that when a true winner entered this state, he’d get a heroes welcome, but since you people are so used to losing, and being losers, I can understand you don’t know how to cheer when greatness enters the arena.

Crowd gives heat

Christian: But anyway, that’s not what I came out to talk about. No, you see, tonight, I’m gonna make history. And no, I’m not gonna enter a rodeo contest, like you typical Texans, n-

Crowd start an asshole

Christian: You people will have to be more precise, I mean, this arena is full of assholes.

Crowd gives more heat

Christian: It’s funny. Will Rogers once called Fort Worth ‘where the west begins’. Personally, I think he forgot to mention it’s also where the rest of the world ends.

Crowd starts a Christian sucks chant.

Christian: What?? It is. This place must’ve got stuck in some kind of demented time warp in 1971, because nothing appears to have improved in that time frame.

Crowd gives more heat

Christian: I was expecting some glitz and glamour, but instead, when Tomko and I arrived here, I didn’t know whether I’d be getting to this arena in a car, or on a horse!!

Crowd gives more heat.

Christian: None of that matters though. The WWE didn’t have the hindsight to realise that the final Raw on Spike TV would be held in this dungeon … but in the end, it kinda works out to hold the final Raw on a network way behind the times, in a City that should be part of a museum.

Crowd continues to give Captain Charisma heat.

Christian: But right now, I’m gonna move on, and talk about my match tonight, in which I destroy The Undertaker. My peeps know I can do it, so does Tomko. Even though I beat The Deadman fair and square at Summer Slam, but that didn’t seem to get my any recognition. Tonight though, when I beat The Phenom for a second time, in front of Christian’s Coalition, everyone from Vince McMahon to the Easter Bunny, is gonna sit up, and take notice of Captain Charisma!!!

Crowd seemingly gives a mixed reaction.

Christian: Whether you people like it or not, you know that I am truly a main eventer, trapped in a tangled web of mid carders surrounding me. But tonight, I prove I’m more than a one hit wonder. I prove that I’m the new face of this company, and I prove that I am truly worthy of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Another fairly mixed reaction, with the fans showing some respect for Christian.

Christian: Last week, Vince McMahon said to me he wanted a more serious side of Captain Charisma, well Vince, I hope you watch tonight, because in the No Holds Barred main event, I wont be clowning around, but I will be kicking The Undertakers ass … before heading into Louisville, Kentucky, on October 9th, and becoming for the first time, the World Heavyweight Champion, because that’s how I roll!!!

**Just Close Your Eyes** hits again, and Christian leaves the ring, and we cut to a commercial


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw folks, and before the commercial, we saw a determined, focused Christian make his intentions clear, that he was gonna beat The Undertaker here tonight, and then go on to Nemesis, and for the first time, take the World Heavyweight Title!!
The Coach: That’s how he rolls J.R. That’s how he rolls.

3rd Match: Non - Title Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Mystery Opponent

Michaels waits in the ring for his opponent, as Sting’s music hits into the arena, which gets a good pop. He stands at the top of the ramp, mic in hand, and begins to speak.

Sting: Shawn, you thought it was smart to give me three opponents last week, right?? Well, I wont be playing that game with you, because honestly, I don’t think I’ll need to. You actually know this guy quite well, because last week, he wrestled me for you. I called the guy up on Tuesday, and congratulated him on a great performance on Raw the previous night, then the strangest thing happened … he offered to wrestle you tonight. Shawn, without further ado ... ITS SHOWTIME … I give you your opponent, and former tag team partner … MARTY JANNETTY!!!

**Rockin Rockers** Marty Jannetty enters to a nice pop, shaking hands with Sting, before running to the ring to meet Michaels, who looks flabbergasted that Jannetty is his opponent.

The former Rockers put on a really decent contest, with Jannetty dominating HBK in the early going. Michaels turns the tide with the usual cheap tactics, but he gets too cocky early on, and Jannetty dropkicks him out of the ring. Michaels then grabs his title belt, and begins to walk up the ramp, to be counted out, but waiting at the top is Sting, with his baseball bat in hand. HBK has second thoughts, as we head into a commercial.
We return, with Michaels now in full control of the match. We see clips of during the break, where he decided to get back into the ring, and fight it out. Jannetty missed a shoulder into the corner, and now HBK has taken advantage, wearing down the shoulder of his former tag partner.
Marty shows his fight, and makes a comeback, but has a Rocker Dropper blocked by HBK. Michaels then goes for the Sweet Chin Music, but Jannetty ducks, and Michaels misses. He comes back, and is knocked down by Jannetty, who quickly goes up top, but as he comes down, HBK gets a foot up. Jannetty staggers around the ring, and is put down with a front slam from HBK. Michaels goes up top, drops the elbow, before finishing the job with Sweet Chin Music.
Winner: Shawn Michaels
Michaels has his arm raised, and he parades around the ring with the title belt, with Sting standing at the top of the ramp, looking impressed, clapping HBK’s hard earned victory tonight.


Smackdown Rebound:
- Triple H smashes up Eddie Guerrero’s low rider with his trusty sledgehammer.
- Benoit and Angle win a tag match together, as the tension between them rises.
- Chris Jericho beats JBL’s Chief of Staff, Jamie Noble.
- The Rock is beaten in the main event by Brock Lesnar, and afterwards, Lesnar and Goldberg once again beat down The Rock 2 on 1, with no help for The Great One.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Folks, we are less than two weeks away from another joint brand Pay Per View, WWE Nemesis. The card couldn’t be looking any better as we speak Coach.

The Coach: Darn right J.R. And right now, I’d like to thank Adema, for the use of the song ‘Planets’ as the official theme song, off their new album, titled Planets also.

Jim Ross: Six men battle it out for one championship Coach. Shawn Michaels defends the world title, against Randy Orton, Sting, Christian, The Undertaker & John Cena, under elimination rules!!!

The Coach: So many rivalries inter twined there J.R. Cena and Michaels, Michaels and Orton, Orton and Cena, Cena and Christian, Christian and Undertaker, Taker and HBK, HBK and Sting, and that list could go on and on J.R. Who will step up though and outlast the rest??

Jim Ross: Of course, lets not forget, Smackdown too. Chris Jericho aims to be the first man to defeat JBL in singles competition, and take the United States Title, in a Stretcher Match!!!

The Coach: It’s an appropriate match for these two to settle it. This entire sage really became personal after JBL wheeled Jericho off the Smackdown stage six weeks ago.

Jim Ross: It’ll be ECW Rules, as Rey Mysterio will be challenged by a hungry, bitter, maniacal Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship.

The Coach: This one has been brewing for months J.R, and in just thirteen days, it all comes to a head, when these two engage in a tremendous war.

Jim Ross: And Eddie Guerrero has exactly twenty minutes to finally beat Triple H. In three singles matches between them this year, Triple H holds three victories. Can Eddie finally overcome The Game.

The Coach: No way. Triple H is on a totally different level to Latino Heat, and for the fourth time in one year, Eddie Guerrero will find that out.

Jim Ross: Lets not forget that Mick Foley takes on Ric Flair, in the most personal of fights. Streetfight rules, between two men with a genuine hatred, and it all goes down on October 9th

The Coach: You will not get a more heated match all this year J.R. Something has gotta give, but what??

Jim Ross: And the Smackdown Main Event. Kurt Angle, the WWE Champion, who is on the roll of his life this year, takes on the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit, who has never wanted the world title as much. Another chapter is set to be written in this epic, EPIC rivalry.

The Coach: You’ve said it all in a nutshell, J.R.

Jim Ross: But not just that, as I am getting word through my headset, that next week, on Raw Homecoming, even Smackdown will be getting in on the action, as Raw will be allowing a Smackdown showcase match. To find out who will be competing on Raw next Monday night from Smackdown, tune in the Smackdown this Thursday night.

Backstage, Todd Grisham stands by with Carlito and Stacy Kiebler.

Todd Grisham: At this time, I am joined by none other than Carlito, Caribbean Cool, along with Stacy Kiebler, and Carlito, you wanted to make an announcement??

Carlito: Carlito doesn’t just have an announcement Todd … I have an ANNOUNCEMENT!!! This is gonna be the biggest thing to hit Raw, since … since … well, since ever!!! You see recently Todd, Carlito hasn’t been happy, and neither has Stacy here. The spotlight hasn’t been on Carlito for quite some time, but next week, that’s all gonna change.
The biggest night in Raw history, becomes even bigger Todd, and why?? Because Carlito is debuting his own show. That’s right. And it’ll be way better than those un-cool shows from the past like Pipers Pit, and it’ll be better than Chris Jericho’s updated Highlight Reel on Smackdown. This show, is gonna be cool, and it’ll be called … Carlito’s Cabana!! And dat?? Das cool.

Todd Grisham: That sounds terrific Carlito. Who is you’re first guest gonna be though??

Carlito: Oh, this one is cool. Todd?? Would you like to be a guest on the Cabana??

Todd Grisham: That would be great Carlito, I’d-

Carlito: That is the type of thing, that you’ll never hear for real Todd. Carlito wont be having lame guests, you can go to the Highlight Reel for that. No my guest is gonna kick off the Cabana in style. Todd, my guest, will be a former WWE Champion. He’s a former WCW Champion. This guy has headlined Wrestle Mania’s. He’s headlined more Wrestle Mania’s than any else, ever, at least until Carlito wrestles at Wrestle Mania.
My guest, Todd, if you havent already worked it out, will be none other, than the Immortal, Hulk Hogan!!!

Crowd goes insane

Carlito: And dat?? Das cool …… Brother.

Carlito looks at his apple, and prepares to take a bit, but in the end, smiles, and throws the apple to Grisham, which slips out of his hand. CCC laughs, as does Stacy, before walking off.

4th Match: Womens Championship Match:
Shaniqua vs. Local Jobber
The champion takes the challenger very lightly, which allows her challenger to gain some offence, but Shaniqua eventually turns it up a gear, and makes the lady pay a heavy price for the early part of the match, dominating her, before finishing the match with a power bomb.
Winner: Shaniqua
Shaniqua wins, yet again, which leaves her just three weeks short of hitting a full year as the womens champion.

Backstage, we see Christian with Tyson Tomko, getting a cup of coffee. Shawn Michaels then passes, and Christian speaks up.

Christian: Hey, look at that Tyson, that guy must be minding my belt.

Shawn laughs out loud (Fake Laugh) then turns around.

Shawn Michaels: Come again??

Christian: I said, YOU, are minding MY belt.

Michaels lets out another fake laugh.

Shawn Michaels: That’s what I thought I heard. Thing is, unless your name is Shawn Michaels, this title doesn’t belong to you.

Michaels shows Christian the name plate, up close.

Christian: So?? All it takes is five seconds to rip that off, and put another one, with my name on it.

Tomko nods

Shawn Michaels: That’s not gonna happen boy, because just like I always do, The Showstopper, is gonna walk into Nemesis, World Champion, and he’s walking out again, as World Heavyweight Champion.

Christian: Well, to be honest with ya, Shawn, don’t get your hopes up, because when I beat you, and Marky Mark, and Orton, and Taker, and Sting, I don’t want you minding the belt for me anymore.

Shawn Michaels: Christian, you’re talking yourself in circles. I already shot down that point a few minutes ago. For someone with so much, ‘Charisma’, you lack intelligence.

Christian: And for someone who calls himself the ‘sexy boy’, I don’t see too many women flocking around by your side these days ‘toy boy’. Or should I say, ‘tedium granddad’

Michaels smiles, then quickly slaps Christian. Tomko steps in, and HBK backs up a little, smiling.

Christian: You’re lucky Tomko is standing in my way, Michaels, or I’d kick your ass right now!!!

Tyson Tomko: Do you want me to move out of the way, and let you get him??

Christian replies immediately.

Christian: No stay right there.

Michaels walks off, smiling.

Christian: Hey Michaels, watch my match later, and I’ll show you a true Showstopper … ME!!! Captain Charisma!!!

Christian holds his mouth, and looks angry, as we cut away to a commercial


**Have a Nice Day** Mick Foley’s music hits to an breath-taking reaction. The Raw General Manager enters the arena, still looking banged up, and very, very angry. He salutes the fans, before walking to the ring. Foley is handed a mic, and waits for a ‘Foley’ chant to die down, before speaking…

Mick Foley: Forgive me tonight if I don’t seem to be in the best of moods, but I’m a fair man, so before I get to the serious stuff, I’d like to say that it’s great to be back, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Crowd pops. Foley doesn’t play along, and looks incredibly serious, just nodding to the appreciate fans.

Mick Foley: Fourteen days ago, on Raw, something happened … I’m not talking about Shaniqua making another successful Womens Title defence … I’m not even talking about Sting’s controversial victory in a fatal four way, but I’m talking about this…

*** Flair hits Foley with the microphone, backing him into the corner. Flair begins to pound at Foley, but the GM fights back. He starts to back Flair away, and knocks him down with a big right. Batista though, helps Flair, and clotheslines Foley from behind.

Batista helps Flair to his feet, and Naitch quickly gets his wits together, before beginning to stomp on Foley. Batista drags Mick up, but Foley elbows free, before knocking down Flair with a clothesline. Batista tries to attack him from behind, but Foley catches him first, and backs Batista into the corner.

Mick pummels The Animal, until Ric Flair sneaks up on Foley, and scores with a low blow. Mick drops to his knees in pain, as Batista recovers. He picks Foley up, before driving him down with a vicious spine buster.

On the outside, Flair takes possession of a steel chair. He slides into the ring, and waits for Foley to get up, before SMASHING the chair, across The General Managers skull!!!

Ric Flair stands over Foley, with Batista, and nods at the big man. Batista and Flair then drag Mick out of the ring, and begin to drag him up the ramp, looking over at the announce position. Eventually, they drag the bloody, and lifeless Foley to the announce table, with J.R, Lawler, and Coach all moving out of harms way from Evolution.

… … Cut to table … …

Batista eventually gets Foley in position for the Batista Bomb, but before he hits it, Flair changes his mind, with a wicked smile across his face, points to the stage, with Batista grinning and nodding.

Batista turns around, and with Flair directing traffic, The Animal delivers the Batista Bomb to Foley, with Foley going off the stage!!!!!

Evolution smile over the damage, as EMTs and officials sprint out from behind the curtain.

… … Cut to after a Commercial … …

We see officials and paramedics tend to the General Manager, loading him onto a stretcher, with all three of the commentators not on commentary, but trying to tend to Foley instead. **

Foley rests his arms against the ropes, putting his head down, as the video ends.

Mick Foley: That attack, left me lying in a hospital bed, for eight days. Now, in my career, I’ve taken some tremendous beatings, but never … not once, was I left in a hospital bed for a week. Ric Flair, and lets not forget your puppet, Batista, you did put me in a hospital, for over seven days.

Crowd boos

Mick Foley: And now, two weeks on from being power bombed off a stage, I’ve had time to think. I’ve had time to think this whole situation over. During my week of living through incessant pain, cracked ribs, internal injuries, and a concussion, I was visited by close friends, fellow members of both the Raw and Smackdown roster, Vince McMahon, and of course my family.
And as they came through, and as they left, my anger, my frustration, all kept getting stronger. My children were scared to come near the warmth of their father, my friends couldn’t bring themselves to look at me in a hospital bed, and my fellow wrestlers were in a state of shock, seeing the one time Hardcore Legend in a hospital bed.

Crowd chants for Foley

Mick Foley: And by the time, that Vince came to see Mick Foley in hospital, I was at breaking point. Vince gave me a number of options as to what I wanted to do. I could either call it a day, and resign from my position as General Manager, or I could take a few weeks or months off to think about my decision. The option was given that I could switch brands, and Bret Hart could come to Raw as General Manager, with me going in a separate direction.

Crowd boo’s

Mick Foley: But finally, Vince McMahon made the offer which switched on a light bulb in my head. That offer, was a match with Ric Flair on October 9th, at Nemesis.

Crowd pops

Mick Foley: I didn’t want a match with Ric Flair, hell, I would get disqualified as soon as the match began. I would only take the match, under my conditions, and as I’m sure you are all aware, it’ll be Flair vs. Foley in a streetfight.

Crowd pops

Mick Foley: But, that’s not gonna happen.

Crowd boo’s

Mick Foley: You see Ric, Mick Foleys days of wrestling, are long gone. These days, I prefer to write novels, I prefer to spend time with my children, and I prefer to be running the show, as a General Manager.

Crowd gives a mixed reaction, not sure where Foley is going.

Mick Foley: Ric Flair, you stopped those things from happening, and for this simple man, of simple things, that drove me over the edge!!!

Crowd pops

Mick Foley: And from that, you-

**Evolution** Ric Flair enters the arena, along with Batista to a dose of WOOO’s from the fans. They stand up at the top of the ramp, with Flair set to speak.

Ric Flair: Hold it just a second Mick. You, a so called, Hardcore Legend. A former, King of the Deathmatch, backing out of a fight?? Like I always said, over rated. That word describes you perfectly Foley. Not Hardcore, not legend, and sure as hell no-

Mick Foley: Ric Flair, you’ve said enough these past months, you’ve done enough through actions in the last two weeks alone. Now, it’s my turn, now it’s my turn to ruin your world, and bring it rip it to shreds!!!

Crowd Pops

Mick Foley: Because you forced this Ric Flair. You forced me to become something I don’t want to be. You crossed the line, and now I’m crossing it too!!! Only, it’s not Mick Foley that you’re dealing with any more … when you walk into Freedom Hall October 9th, you’re walking into career suicide, against the REAL King of the Deathmatch, against the real Hardcore legend, and the most sadistic son of a bitch, on the face of this planet, and he has a name Ric Flair, a name you’ll be familiar with … Ric Flair, you’re not facing Mick Foley … but in a streetfight, you’re taking on CACTUS JACK!!!

Crowd goes insane with a pop, followed by a long, loud, ‘Cac-tus Jack’ chant.

Mick Foley: You forced this Flair … You forced a part of me to re-surface, that should never have existed in the first place, and Flair, I hate you for it. On October 9th, Cactus Jack is going straight to Louisville, and he’s going with one thing on his mind. Revenge. And like they say Flair, revenge, is a dish, best served cold … and there is no one more cold hearted, than Cactus Jack … BANG BANG!!!

Ric Flair:

Flair cant speak, with the shock of what he has just heard, as Mick Foleys music hits again, before cutting to a commercial.


Jim Ross: I still have a chill tingling down my spine. In all my years, there has never been any one quite like Cactus Jack, and folks, let me tell ya, you might think that it was Mick Foley in the ring tonight, but after losing a week of his life to Evolution, drastic times, has called for drastic measures, and Cactus Jack has re-surfaced in the WWE!!!

The Coach: What has Ric Flair got himself into J.R??

Jim Ross: A world of trouble Coach, a world of by gawd trouble!!!

The Coach: This … this isn’t fair!!!

Jim Ross: Next week folks, Raw is going home. After five years on Spike TV, Raw is packing up, and heading to it’s real home, and what a line up we have set.

The Coach: I cant wait J.R, just six days from Nemesis too!!!

Jim Ross: And right now, we know, that Randy Orton will face Luther Reigns inside of a solid fifteen foot steel cage!!!

The Coach: If Shawn Michaels has it his way, Randy Orton wont be heading to Nemesis after the cage match next week.

Jim Ross: The debut of Carlito’s Cabana too, and his first ever guest … The Immortal … HULK HOGAN!!!

The Coach: The Hulkster is sure to run wild on the first ever Cabana, but is he cool enough to hang out with Carlito??

Jim Ross: And we are just hearing that Shaniqua will once again be hosting her open invitational, as well as a ECW Rules tune up match for Rey Mysterio, and he will take on the last ever ECW Champion, Rhyno!!!

The Coach: Can anyone stop Shaniqua on her destructive run as Womens Champion?? And will Mysterio overcome the Man Beast in one piece for Nemesis??

Jim Ross: Not to forget the main event. For the first time ever, it’ll be Shawn Michaels taking on Sting. Title not on the line, but a heck of a lot of pride at stake!!!

The Coach: I cant wait J.R, this was originally the Raw main event for Nemesis, lets not forget. First time ever too!!!

Jim Ross: And we are also being told that John Cena will be in action, and through my headset as we speak, I’m being told, that Mick Foley, or should I say, Cactus Jack will be conducting a sit down interview of sorts.

The Coach: That all adds up to the biggest Raw of all time J.R!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed it will be. A three hour special of WWE Raw, coming home next week. Michaels, Sting, Orton, Mysterio, Cena, all in action, and I’m sure we’ll see some old faces show up too!!!

Main Event: No Holds Barred
The Undertaker vs. Christian
A real knock down, drag out brawl, with Christian trying to hit and run in the early going, but Taker seems like he just wants a fight. Christian takes a few moments on the outside a few times, but after continually bailing out, Taker loses his patience, and comes after him.
Christian doesn’t realise, and is hunted down, and beaten up by the Deadman. Taker busts Captain Charisma open with a shot from the steel steps. Undertaker dominates the fight from here, beating Christian around the arena, as CC tries to keep away from him. Eventually, they make it to the announce table, with Taker still in total control, with Christian in a world of trouble. Taker clears the table, and sets up Christian for the Last Ride, but Tyson Tomko saves Christian.
He brawls with Taker, whilst Christian tries to recover. Tomko hasn’t much effect on The Deadman, and is choke slammed through the announce table!!!! By now, Christian is crawling back down the ramp. Undertaker goes in pursuit, as we cut to a commercial.
Following it, we return, and see the action in the ring, with Taker still dominating his bloody opponent. We are shown clips from during the commercial of Christian being booted off the apron, and Taker coming close to victory with a power slam.
Undertaker has Christian almost finished at this point, and sets up for the Tombstone, but Christian slides out, and takes down the Deadman with the reverse DDT!!! He drapes an arm over Undertaker, but only gets a two count. From here though, Christian starts to get into the match. He takes full control over Taker with a low blow - legal in this contest, and comes close again with an inverted DDT, only for a kick out at two.
Now, Christian starts to do whatever he can to put Taker down, almost literally throwing the kitchen sink at Undertaker, but only manages a series of near falls, which forces him to get frustrated. Christian now goes on for his most deadly weapon - the Unprettier. He gets Taker in position, but is pushed into the ropes, before being choke slammed!!! Taker covers … BUT CHRISTIAN KICKS OUT!!!
The fans are in shock, as is Undertaker. The Phenom pulls Christian up, but doesn’t see that Christian has a steel chain in his hand, which he clocks Taker with!!! The Deadman staggers, and Christian places a chair on the mat, before hooking up Taker again … AND NAILS THE UNPRETTIER ONTO A CHAIR!!! Christian gets an arm over Taker, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Christian
The fans are in shock, as once again, despite having to use a weapon or two this time, he has defeated The Undertaker!!! Christian is a bloody mess, as he rolls out of the ring, looking ready for a hospital bed. He falls over as he tries to walk up the ramp, as officials begin to try and help him.

In the ring, Taker suddenly sits up!!! Undertaker has blood also dripping from his face, as he stares up the ramp, at an exhausted Captain Charisma, needing help out of the arena, with the last ever Raw on Spike TV coming to an end.

End of Show


Smackdown; Corpus Christi; September 29th:

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Ten days remain, until Nemesis, and right now, Smackdown is on a knife edge. Tonight, Chris Benoit is in action, as is Triple H, but right now…

Tazz: It’s time for Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel!!!

Michael Cole: And his guest, will be none other, than his adversary, and his opponent at Nemesis, and that, is JBL.

**5-4-3-2-1 … BANG … BREAK THE WALLS DOWN** Chris Jericho enters the arena to a tremendous reaction from the fans. He walks down the ramp, heading for the ring.

Michael Cole: In ten days, Chris Jericho will challenge for the United States Championship, against the man, that nearly ended his career, JBL, in a aptly made, Stretcher Match.

Tazz: Well, you know, Jericho seems to have bottled some inner rage, because I know if someone tried to end my career, I would be after blood, and I wouldn’t want to wait for it. And now, JBL is his guest??

Jericho is handed a mic, and begins to speak.

Chris Jericho: Welcome one and all, to the HIGHHHHLIGHHHHT REEEEL!!!

Great Response

Chris Jericho: And tonight ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Jericholics of all ages, my guest, is a man, who by al-

**Longhorn** JBL’s music fills the arena, with Jericho looking unhappy to have JBL’s music cut his speech. JBL is joined by his Cabinet, exiting the limo, before walking to the ring. He climbs in through the ropes, grinning at an angry Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho: JBL, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were hell bent on pissing me off.

JBL smiles, before picking up a mic from the stool.

John ‘Bradshaw‘ Layfield: Chris Jericho, let me tell you something. I do not fret over what type of disposition I put you in. Quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered waiting for you to run through your spiel, before bringing out the man, everyone in this arena came to see, and that, is J-B-L!!!

Crowd boo’s

John ‘Bradshaw‘ Layfield: You see Chris Jericho, these people, adore me. These people worship the ground I walk on, for the simple fact, that I was born and raised in the ever loving state of Texas!!!

The fans give JBL a mixed response.

Chris Jericho: But Johnny, lets not over look the fact, that you now have forgotten your roots, and currently, you hail from New York City!!

Crowd boo

John ‘Bradshaw‘ Layfield: Yes, that may be true Christopher. But ultimately, I was always going to become far too successful for this state. To make something of myself, I needed to leave this place, and up sticks to the most beautiful city in the entire world, and the greatest state in this country, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK!!!

Crowd give JBL heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But … look at it this way Texas, the prodigal son has returned!!!

Crowd start a JBL sucks chant.

Chris Jericho: I’m not sure about your hearing, but just in case you cant hear that, you have about 15,000 people, telling you, that you suck.

Crowd pops.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Chris, if these people only have contempt for me, and cannot fail to look past my accomplishments, and be happy for a success story, like mine, then frankly, I wouldn’t wipe my ass on this stinking city!!!

Crowd give more heat

Chris Jericho: But, surely JBL, if you could be accepted by these Jericholics once again, you’d do it, wouldn’t you??

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Well … I guess I would.

Chris Jericho: Very well … MONKEYS, bring the surprise down here.

We see a number of backstage workers enter the arena, carrying some object, which is covered with a black covering.

JBL talks with his Cabinet, pointing at the huge object, whilst Jericho instructs where to put it.

Chris Jericho: JBL, under this sheet, is your challenge. You can choose to prove that you are a true Texan, or JBL, you can decide to chicken out, and be … Justa Big Loser.

Crowd Pops, whilst JBL looks angrily at Jericho.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Jericho, I have never backed down from a challenge in all my life, and I’m sure as hell not gonna start now.

Chris Jericho: Very well. JBL, here, is your challenge…

Jericho takes the sheet off, and reveals a bucking bronco!!! The crowd laughs, as does Jericho, whilst JBL and the Cabinet sit back, expressionless.

Chris Jericho: JBL, you claim to be a real Texan. You claim that the prodigal son has come home. Well junior, prove yourself to be a cowboy, and take this challenge!!! Does Corpus Christi want JBL to ride the bronco!!!

Crowd Pops

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You’re serious?? Jericho, you cannot expect a man of my stature, and world wide magnitude to demean myself, and cli-


Crowd Pops again, as JBL grows frustrated. He looks at Jericho, whilst taking his jacket off, handing it to Danny Basham. He loosens his tie, and unbuttons his short

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Okay, I’ll prove just how good of a cowboy I can be Jericho. How long do you want me to last.

Chris Jericho: JBL, if you can last longer than thirty seconds, you’ll have earned my respect … for riding a bronco.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Piece of cake…

JBL tries to climb onto the bronco, but needs help from the Bashams to push him up onto the seating position. He gets himself ready, and grabs the reigns, then nods to Jericho.

Chris Jericho: (Smiling) Okay, start that engine!!!

The bronco starts to move slowly for a few seconds, with JBL smiling, shouting ‘This is easy’, but after around 8 seconds, the bronco starts to tilt quicker, and move faster, and JBL starts to struggle. Eventually the Bronco is too much, and JBL falls off, at 15 seconds exactly.

The crowd laugh at his feeble attempt, as does Jericho. JBL picks up his mic and starts talking again.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Jericho, that was a fix, and you know it!!!

Chris Jericho: I’m afraid ass clown, that in that instance, you weren’t just bloody lucky!!!

JBL gets angry

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Not that any of that matters Chris, because in ten days, at Nemesis, I wont be involved in a bunking bronco match, but instead, I’ll be putting you on the last stretcher you’ll ever be on!!!

Chris Jericho: I don’t think so junior. JBL, you tried to end my god damn career, wheeling me off the stage on a stretcher, and I’ll be damned if I’ll let you do it again!!! You wont be able to luck yourself into a win this time JBL, because you cant rely on the Cabinet to help you steal the win. You need to beat me unconscious, place me on a stretcher, and wheel me up the ramp, over the line to win, and if you ask me, I don’t think you can do it!!!

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Well Jericho, I’ve faced the odds before, I’ve had the deck stacked against me, and every time, I’ve beaten the odds, and I’ve re-stacked the deck in my favour.

Crowd gives heat

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Don’t believe me?? How about I explain. At The Great American Bash, I, the only true American in a triple threat match for the United States Title, faced two men who were long time friends in Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. But in the end, I overcame both men, to become the single greatest U.S Champion in this companies history.
At Summer Slam, I was forced to take on Guerrero once again, despite proving just how much better I was the previous month, and once again, I beat him.
Now, I’m facing you Jericho. And Bret Hart knows, you have as much chance at beating me, as any sports team from Texas has at winning a major competition in any game.

Crowd gives heat

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That is why he’s given you a shot in the dark, by eliminating pinfalls, submissions, count outs, or disqualifications, and making a match, where you strap your opponent on a gurney, and wheel him over a line. It’s blatant favouritism for you, to give you hope of a victory, but Jericho, you don’t have what it takes to dethrone me. You don’t have the mental stability, and you don’t even have confidence that you can defeat me.

Crowd starts a ‘Y2J’ chant

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Because, you’re scared, of what I’ll do to you. I will mangle your face, and finish your wrestling career son. And so will that little side show band you run, Fuzzy, or Fizzy. I don’t know, nor do I care what your so called music group is called, but I can tell you, that on October 9th I will finish everything you’ve ever-


Crowd pops

Chris Jericho: For the record, it’s Fozzy, and JBL, as for being scared of you?? I don’t think so. The only reason I haven’t kicked your ass yet, is because Captain Jackass, I don’t get mad, I get even.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Well son, I don’t get even, I stay ahead. And right now, I’m about to pull ahead.

The Bashams and Noble attack Jericho, with Y2J trying to fight back, but as JBL gets involved, it becomes too much for Jericho. The four men beat him down, until Paul London, along with a steel chair, hit’s the ring, hitting both of the Basham Brothers, whilst Noble jumps out of the ring, and Jericho clotheslines JBL over the top rope.

The Cabinet walk up the ramp until…

**Hitman** Bret Hart enters the arena to a great ovation. He stops The Cabinet at the top of the ramp, before speaking.

Bret Hart: Where are you guys going?? Danny, Doug. You go and get yourselves freshened up, but JBL, and Jamie, I feel like booking a little tag match. Now, I know you aren’t quite dressed for combat, but I don’t really care. Right now, it’s gonna be JBL and his Chief of Staff, Jamie Noble, taking on none other than Chris Jericho and Paul London!!!


1st Match:

Paul London & Chris Jericho vs. JBL & Jamie Noble
We join the match in progress following the break, with all four men brawling on the outside. The referee restores order, and gets it in the ring, with Noble and Jericho the first two legal men.
A number of tags are made early between both teams, before The Cabinet twosome, cheat to gain an advantage on Jericho. The two men begin to wear down Y2J, but not for too long, as Jericho connects with a standing enziguri on JBL. Both men make a tag, and London enters like a house on fire. He takes down Noble with a series of arm drags, before dropsaulting JBL over the top rope, with Jericho following after his adversary. Noble goes for a roll up with the tights, but London just kicks out.
Jamie Noble misses a clothesline, with London following up with a head scissors, taking Noble down. And before Noble knows anything about it, London scores with a 450 Splash, helping him to pick up the decisive three count!!!
Winner: Paul London & Chris Jericho
On the outside, Jericho attempts to nail JBL with the U.S Title belt, but JBL ducks, and quickly jumps the barricade, running through the crowd to keep his distance from Jericho. In the ring, Jericho celebrates with London, holding the U.S Title for what may be a sign of things to come.

We cut backstage, and see a number of Smackdown stars sitting in the cafeteria, chatting.

Hardcore Holly: If he was ever gonna show up guys, it’d be tonight. He doesn’t live too far away here in Texas.

Matt Hardy: The Rock definitely needs him, no doubt. But if you ask me, I thought if he was ever gonna come back, it would’ve been last week.

Chris Harris: Totally. Cowboy and I were talking about the exact same thing just the other day.

James Storm: I think Austin’s left it a week too long to come back. He wanted to retire, and nothing will bring him back.

Billy Kidman: Rock definitely needs a partner, but we all know he only wants to team with Austin.

Matt Hardy: Hell, I offered Rock my services as tag partner, but he either wants Austin, or to go it alone.

The group of guys stop talking, and look up, as Paul Heyman walks to the table.

Paul Heyman: Couldn’t help over hearing you fella’s chatting about The Rocks predicament. But let me inform you of something. The Rock got himself into this mess, and in my opinion, he wont be able to get himself out. Oh, and as for Austin, that coward will NEVER show up. He’s always been scared of Bill Goldberg, and lets not forget what Brock Lesnar did to him at Judgement Day. In fact, I guess that was the beginning of the end for The Rattlesnake.

Hardcore Holly: Paul, you’ve got once chance to shut up, and walk away. One chance.

Heyman smiles, than lets out a huge cackle, before walking away, still laughing, as we cut to a commercial.


In the A.F.A office, we see Rico sitting by a mirror applying make up, whilst Ron Simmons is lacing his boots, preparing for their match later.

Rico: You know Ronald, this is our big chance here tonight. I mean, if we are succ-

Ron Simmons: You damn right man. We beat Dean and Masters tonight, we’re likely to be getting ourselves a tag title shot. Think about it. Two weeks ago, we beat the Bashams, last week, the Bashams beat these two morons, so if we beat these two freaks tonight, we have to be Number One Contenders.

Rico stops for a moment, and begins to think, before turning to Simmons.

Rico: That’s actually a good point Ronald.

Simmons then stops, and turns to Rico.

Ron Simmons: Wasn’t that what you were talking about too??

Rico: Well actually Ronald. Now, I don’t mean to pressurise you any more than you are already, but I believe a number of fashion experts in the building tonight, and I’m hell bent on impressing these people. So, with that being said…

Rico walks to his wardrobe and pulls out a costume. It’s a lemon spandex suit, with a two holes for his ass.

Ron Simmons: You aint wearing that to the ring, are ya??

Rico: No, no, silly … you are!!!

Simmons turns away, and continues lacing his boots, before looking up again, staring at the suit, before looking at Rico again.

Ron Simmons:I don’t think so. Why don’t you wear it??

Rico: Because I’m going to be wearing this!!!

Rico pulls out an ugly green, strapless, all in one suit. Simmons face drops, then looks up again.

Ron Simmons: Oh man.

Rico: Say nothing Ronald. I know it’s beautiful. Now, put this on.

Rico leaves Simmons attire hung up, before walking off with his own. Simmons stares at the yellow mess he has to wear.

Ron Simmons: We’re gonna lose.

Back to ringside;

Michael Cole: Well Tazz, it’s been one heck of a night already. And as we heard backstage, rumours are running rampant whether Steve Austin will show tonight, in his home state of Texas.

Tazz: It’s been one weird night Cole. JBL on a bucking bronco, the rumours of whether Austin will show, and that funky ring attire the AFA have for later tonight.

Michael Cole: And right now, Chris Benoit, the Number One Contender will be in action, against the huge, Matt Morgan.

2nd Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Matt Morgan
Benoit gets the best out of Morgan, in an acceptable match. Morgan tries to dominate with his power, but Benoit’s aggression, and recent resurgence pulls him through for an emphatic win, after nailing the three Germans, Headbutt, and finally the Crossface for the submission.
Winners: Chris Benoit
Benoit has his arm raised in victory, as he heads into Nemesis in 10 days, for the chance to finally become the WWE Champion. He makes the motion around his waist that the title will be his, as we cut away…

Backstage, we see Eddie Guerrero talking to a few backstage officials, before walking into the locker room. He walks in, and sees a package sitting by his locker. Latino Heat, walks to the mysterious box, and opens it up. He pulls out the object inside it, and we see it is a clock. There is a note attacked to it, which Eddie reads, before throwing the note to the floor, and smashes the clock against the wall.

He storms out of the room, as the camera focuses in on the letter…
“Dear Eddie,
Watch twenty minutes pass by on this clock, and realise, in that time, you wont be able to score any decisive victory over me. Watch twenty hours pass by on this clock too, and realise that even if you had all the time in the world, you could never, and will never, defeat me.
Signed: Triple H”


3rd Match:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Lance Storm w/ William Regal
Guerrero doesn’t seem in the mood for messing around tonight, putting a beating on Storm right from the outset, and as Regal tries to interfere, Eddie throws him into the ring too. Guerrero knocks both men down. He slides to the outside, and picks up a steel chair, sliding back into the ring, and attacks Regal and Storm without hesitation, obviously causing a disqualification.
Winner: Lance Storm - DQ
Guerrero continues the assault, busting Lance Storm open, and knocking Regal to the outside. Eddie begins to pound at the open wound on the head of the defenceless Lance Storm, with his Latino Heat going into over drive tonight. The fans aren’t sure how to react, as Eddie goes up top, to hit a Frog Splash, but then…

**Time To Play The Game** The music of Triple H plays, but with no sign of The Game anywhere. The music dies down, as Eddie jumps down from the top rope, and out of the ring, maniacally storming up the ramp, showing that HHH mind games are indeed affecting him.

Raw Rebound:
- Shawn Michaels beating Sting’s mystery opponent, Marty Jannetty.
- Cena and Orton defeating Cade, Jindrak and Reigns in a 2 on 3 match.
- Matches announced for the Raw Homecoming to the USA Network.
- Main Event, with Christian once again, managing to defeat The Undertaker, being the last face on Raw from Spike TV.

Backstage, we see Guerrero still looking for Triple H, as the show cuts to a commercial


**APA - You look so good Remix** The AFA enter the arena to a major roar of laughter from the crowd, as Rico looks like a woman, and Simmons struggles to walk in his awful attire.

Michael Cole: (Laughing) Is that really Ron Simmons??

Tazz: (Laughing too) He looks like he ready to star in a low budget porn movie … with Rico!!!

Ron Simmons: It’s not the most flattering gear I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.

**Simon System** The System Success enter the arena, with both men looking at Rico and Simmons (who looks to be in extreme pain from the tight suit) in disgust.

4th Match:
The A.F.A vs. System Success
Short match, with Rico and Simmons struggling to wrestle in their ring attire. Dean and Masters control the majority of the match, with Simmons not able to keep up any offence, as every shot he throws, puts him in more pain.
Rico meanwhile, is continuously trying to adjust his strapless all in one, which proves as a distraction … for himself. Masters and Dean eventually pick up the almost easy win, with Dean kicking Simmons off the apron, whilst Masters clamps on the Masterlock on Rico, eventually getting the pass out victory.
Winners: System Success
Masters and Dean celebrate up the ramp, as they get themselves in prime position for a tag title shot, whilst Simmons looks frustrated with Rico, but cant help to feel sorry for his fallen partner.

Michael Cole: Chris Masters and Simon Dean are definitely for real Tazz. That’s a huge win for them tonight.

Tazz: But this throws a real spanner in the works when you try and think who will be next in line to face AMW for the tag team titles. AFA have beaten The Basham Brothers, The Basham Brothers have beaten The System Success, and now, The System Success have bean the A.F.A.

Michael Cole: Three teams Tazz, all with a legitimate argument for a tag team title shot. I’ll be curious to see what Bret Hart does about that scenario.

Backstage, in the locker room, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg are talking…

Brock Lesnar: Bill, that was Paul on the phone. He’s just came from Bret’s office.

Goldberg: And what did he say?

Brock Lesnar: If Austin doesn’t show tonight, Rock has to either find a new partner by next Thursday, or he faces us two on one at Nemesis.

Goldberg: Perfect. I just hope no one is stupid enough to team with The Rock after Austin chickens out once again tonight.

Brock Lesnar: Who cares. They step in the ring with us, the most dominating pair in the history of this company, hell in this business, they’ll be writing their own death certificate.

Goldberg: I just hope they realise that.

Brock Lesnar: So later big man, we’ll hit that ring, and if Austin no shows, he’ll have missed his chance.

Goldberg: Sounds good Brock, sounds real good.

Lesnar and Goldberg smile in each others direction, as the camera fades away.


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, and just before the commercial, we learned that if Steve Austin does not show tonight, The Rock will have to head into Nemesis, with a different partner, or all alone.

Tazz: And that just makes things worse for The Rock. Ever since he came back, he’s been absolutely dominated by those two behemoths, Goldberg and Lesnar.

Michael Cole: Of course, Nemesis is just ten days away, and right now, we’d like to thank Adema for use of the song, Planets, off their new album, also named Planets.

Tazz: Big ups to Adema, that’s a kick ass song.

Michael Cole: And on the show, Triple H meets Eddie Guerrero, with a twenty minute time limit!!

Tazz: Guerrero is desperate to defeat The Game, but I heavily doubt he can do it within twenty minutes. Just my opinion Cole.

Michael Cole: Raw’s World Heavyweight Championship will be decided, in a six pack elimination match, featuring Sting, The Undertaker, John Cena, Christian, Randy Orton, and of course, the champion, Shawn Michaels.

Tazz: So many issues inter twined in there Cole, and most of them revolve around HBK. It’ll be a heck of a showdown, and whomever comes out of it with the belt, will have to earn it. No cheap ways of winning, that’s for sure.

Michael Cole: As previously mentioned, The Rock, and possibly Steve Austin, or a different partner, or even, just The Rock, will face Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

Tazz: No team has ever looked as dominating as Goldberg and Lesnar have in the last few weeks. Those two guys hate each other, but right now, they are well and truly on the same page.

Michael Cole: Mick Foley, or should I say, Cactus Jack, faces Ric Flair, in what promises to be the bloodiest brawl, and the most personal issue to reach the squared circle in many years, as they face for the very first time, in a Streetfight.

Tazz: I watched Raw this past Monday Cole, and let me tell you, I got a chill all the way down my spine watching Mick Foley slowly metamorphous into the crazy, cold hearted Cactus Jack. If I was Ric Flair, I’d be running for the hills right now.

Michael Cole: A Stretcher Match will determine the United States Championship, as JBL takes on Chris Jericho, and how appropriate, is the Stretcher ruling?

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. It’s not just about the title, this issue, is damn sure personal too.

Michael Cole: Well, from one personal issue to another, the Intercontinental Title will be on the line in ten days, in a match you know only too well, ECW Rules. RVD, along with Bill Alfonso challenges Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. ECW Rules, means there is no rules!!! Bill Alfonso has gotten the old RVD back, that’s for sure, but will he do enough to crack the unbreakable Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio??

Michael Cole: And then, it’s the Smackdown main event. Benoit and Angle, for the most prestigious title in the land, and that, is the WWE Championship!!!

Tazz: Some of my favourite matches to have witnessed have been between these two men, and no doubt, they’ll give us one more classic encounter in ten days.

Michael Cole: And speaking of Raw, this coming Monday, it’s Raws big homecoming to the USA Network, with Smackdown also being showcased!!

Tazz: And we’re expecting Bret Hart to announce that showcase match before this night is out.

Backstage, Bret Hart and Chris Benoit are chatting outside Brets office…

Bret Hart: Chris, you are hitting peak form right now, at the right time. Angle better watch out, cause you’re definitely capable of doing it right now.

Chris Benoit: Bret, I’ve never felt any better. I honestly think this will be my ti-

Kurt Angle enters the picture, and Benoit turns his focus to Angle.

Kurt Angle: Isn’t this cosy?? What, you two plotting some way of cheating me out of the belt at Nemesis??

Bret Hart: Of course not, Kurt. Don’t be a fool.

Chris Benoit: Listen to him Kurt. Take his advice.

Kurt Angle: You know Benoit, I’ll take Brets advice, once he starts to take mine. Bret, I know you got that message a few weeks ago, and I’m sure it’s been playing on your mind. So, why don’t you do something about it??

Bret Hart: I don’t get this Kurt. Are you challenging me to have a match with you??

Kurt Angle: No, not at all, even though if you ask me, that’s what the fans all want to see. It’s the dream match, that according to you, cant happen. But, really, the truth, is that you are just too damn lazy to even think about it.

Bret Hart: That’s totally inaccurate Kurt. I don’t think about it, because it cant happen.

Angle lets out a fake laugh, and shakes his head, before Benoit steps in Angles face.

Chris Benoit: Kurt, I don’t know if you realise, but in ten days, you’re facing me for the WWE Championship. My advice to you, would be to start concentrating on what should matter to you, and that should be the WWE Title.

Angle stands face to face with Benoit, not replying to his words, instead deciding to walk off, as Benoit and Hart start to shake their heads in disgust.

Backstage, the AFA are sitting in the trainers room, with some backstage officials trying to cut Simmons attire in order to get him out of it.

Ron Simmons: I’ve never been more embarrassed in all my life man. We had a chance to go out there tonight, and get a shot at the tag titles. That’s probably out the window now.

Rico starts to cry.

Ron Simmons: What the hell are you crying for??

Rico: (Sobbing) I let you down Ronald. I let all our fans down.

Ron Simmons: Listen man, it-

Rico: (Sobbing) That, and the fact that all the fashion experts weren’t interested in our unique range.

Simmons shakes his head in disgust.

Ron Simmons: Listen man, let me be straight with you. You’re a freak. But that, that helps us in the long run, because you have something that no other guy in the locker room has, and it helps us. Dammit Rico, we’re good enough to be the tag team champions.

Rico: (Stops sobbing) Really??

Ron Simmons: Damn straight!!

Rico: Oh my Ronald … could you imagine how good gold would look around my waist??

Ron Simmons: Um…

Rico: Of course you do. Now, lets go!!!

Rico walks out of the room, as Simmons tries to follow, but decides not to, as his ring attire is still too tight for him.


We return, and see Torrie Wilson shooting T-Shirts into the crowd, when suddenly …

**Who Betta than Kanyon** Kanyon enters the arena to little reaction. He walks to the ring, and is followed by a huge man, who is rather ugly to say the least.

He enters the ring, and asks for a mic, which he is given.

Kanyon: Whoooooo betta than Kanyon!!!
Crowd respond with ‘we are’

Kanyon: You’re funny people. But I know someone who isn’t better than Kanyon, and that, is you Torrie!!

Crowd boo

Kanyon: But never mind, because I’m giving you the chance of joining Kanyons Klub. You, me and my new assistant, Mr. Snistky!!!

Camera focuses in on Snitsky, who growls into the camera.

Torrie Wilson: Umm, thanks Kanyon, but no thanks.

Kanyon looks dejected, and nods.

Kanyon: Okay. Well thanks anyway. C’mon Gene, lets go.

Kanyon slides out of the ring, looking gloomy, and doesn’t realise, that Snistky attacks Torrie!!! He kicks her over with a devastating big boot, before picking her up, and delivering a devastating Piledriver!!!!

Kanyon eventually spots it, and runs back to the ring. He pushes Snitsky, looking genuinely concerned for Torrie, as she doesn’t move. Snitsky looks angry, and grabs Kanyon by the shirt, ramming him into the ring post. Kanyon staggers out, into a clothesline from the big man. Snitsky picks Kanyon up, and delivers a Pumphandle Slam to Kanyon, before growling once again into the camera, as he leaves the ring.

EMT’s rush past him, attending to Torrie in the ring, as we cut to a commercial once again.


We return, with Torrie being placed into an ambulance with a neck brace, as a number of stars from the locker room stand around the vehicle, trying to see if she’s ok.

Michael Cole: That’s sickening Tazz. This Snitsky just lost it, big time.

Tazz: And he even attacked Kanyon, who he was supposed to be aligned with.

Michael Cole: Hopefully we get an update on her condition shortly.

5th Match:
Triple H vs. Tajiri
The Game allows Tajiri to get some offence in, but for the majority, he dominates proceedings. The Martial arts kicks from Tajiri cause Triple H some problems, but in the end, Triple H’s Pedigree is enough to get the job done.
Winner: Triple H
The Game has the win, but Eddie Guerrero soon runs down the ramp, looking furious at Triple H, who see’s Eddie coming, and decides to quickly slide out of the ring, much to Eddie’s displeasure.
HHH backs up the ramp, pointing to his head, as if to tell Guerrero his mind games are working, which it actually appears to be, with Eddie at boiling point.

Michael Cole: Triple H continues to play mind games with Latino Heat, and right now, it seems to be all going to plan for The game.

Tazz: First he gives Guerrero just twenty minutes to beat him at Nemesis, then he busts Guerrero’s low rider last week, before sending him a clock tonight, with a very patronizing message attached to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Guerrero ends up getting disqualified in ten days.

On the titan tron, Bret hart appears…

Bret Hart: As I’m sure everyone is aware, this coming Monday marks the return of Raw to it’s natural home. And on the show, it has been decided that Smackdown will be showcased. And right now, I’d like to take this moment to announce that match. You see, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg will be in action, teaming together for the first time ever, in a tune up for Nemesis in ten days, against the team of Eddie Guerrero … and Triple H!!!

Crowd makes some noise in anticipation.

Bret Hart: But, Triple H and Eddie Guerrero wont be allowed to physically come into contact with each other, because if they do?? Firstly, their match will be scrapped at Nemesis, and both men will be forced to sit on the sidelines, and watch from home, until March 27th 2006 … the day after our biggest event of the year, Wrestle Mania.

Bret’s image fades from the screen, with Guerrero still in the ring, ready to explode.

Michael Cole: It looks to me Tazz, that Smackdown will be stealing the show this coming Monday night, at Raw Homecoming!!

Tazz: Damn straight. Goldberg and Lesnar team up to face Guerrero and The Game. No physical contact between Latino Heat and Triple H either, or they are gone until after Wrestle Mania.


We return, and immediately…

**Here Comes The Pain** Goldberg and Lesnar enter the arena, to easily the most heat from tonight’s show. They walk to the ring, and both looking extremely happy with themselves.

Michael Cole: It is the moment of truth for The Rock and Austin. Will Stone Cold rethink his retirement?? Is he even here??

Tazz: I personally hope so Cole. The Rock & Austin against Goldberg and Lesnar is a dream tag match waiting to happen.

Lesnar is handed a mic, and begins to speak.

Brock Lesnar: Rock, this is it. Austin, it’s now or never. If you’re here, show your face, if you’re sitting at home watching this, then you’re smart. Either way, last chance.

Lesnar hands the mic to Goldberg.

Goldberg: Time for talk is over Rock. If Austin is here, he better show his face, right now, or you’re all alone in ten days.

**IF YAAAA SMELLLLL … WHAT THE ROCK, IS COOKIN!!** The People’s Champion enters the arena, to easily the biggest pop of the night. He stands at the top of the ramp, and we see him with a black eye, following last weeks attack.

The Rock: Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesnar. You two think you have it all worked out, you think that The Rock is just gonna lay down, now that Austin isn’t here, well unfortunately for you, you’re about to find out, no one, AND THE ROCK MEANS NO ONE scares The Rock away into a corner. No. Instead, what The Rock is gonna do, is bring everything. He’s gonna bring all his sweat, and all his blood, and all his tears, into Freedom Hall, in ten days time, and whoop that ass, like only The Rock can!!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: But right now, The Rock isn’t in Louisville, and this isn’t Nemesis, this, is The Rock’s show, Smack-down, and FINALLLYYYY … THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO CORPUS CHRISTI!!!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: And there is nothing more the People want to see, than The Rock lay the smack down on both of your candy asses!!!

Crowd Pops

The Rock: So, The Rock isn’t gonna just talk the talk here tonight, The Rock is gonna back the talk up, and he’s gonna walk to that very ring, and Jussst Bring it!!!

Rock drops the mic, and heads for the ring. He slides in, but right away, he is jumped by Goldberg and Lesnar. The two men stomp the life out of The Great One for the 4th week in a row, as the fans begin an almighty ‘Austin’ chant.

Goldberg and Lesnar take turns pounding The Rock in the corner, with The Rock getting absolutely battered. Lesnar whips Rock out of the corner, and Goldberg catches The Rock with a spear!!! Goldberg signals to Lesnar to hit the F5, with Brock nodding. He tries to pull Rock up, when suddenly…

**GLASS SHATTERS** The arena goes apes hit as Stone Cold’s music hits to a thunderous pop, easily beating The Rock’s seemingly big pop.

Goldberg and Lesnar stare up the ramp, in shock, and we then see The Rattlesnake enter the arena, in his ever present Pick Up Truck!!!

Lesnar and Goldberg look to each other is fear, as the truck drives to the ring, and we see Stone Cold step out, to another huge reaction. The fans are absolutely rabid, as Austin slams the door of his vehicle, and looks into the ring, as Goldberg and Lesnar challenge him to get in.

Austin looks to the fans, and starts to rub his beard, before backing up. Lesnar and Bill start to laugh, as they expect Austin is having second thoughts, but instead, we see Austin reach into the back of the pick up, and he pulls out a baseball bat!!!!

Austin smiles, as the fans cheers don’t let up. He starts to walk to the ring, with Goldberg and Lesnar now backing up, away from him. He walks up the steps, as the heels forget about The Rock, who nips up, turns Goldberg around, and takes him by surprise, nailing a Rock Bottom.

Lesnar knocks Rock back down, but that allows Austin to help Rock, and the dream team of Stone Cold and The Rock begin to tee off on Brock Lesnar. They whip him off the ropes, hitting a double hip toss, before Austin scores with the Stunner, sending Lesnar out of the ring.

Meanwhile, Goldberg manages to get to his feet, but Austin and Rock team up again, and hit a double clothesline, knocking Goldberg over the top rope to the floor!!! Goldberg and Brock stagger up the ramp, as Austin picks up a mic…

Steve Austin: Goldberg, Lesnar?? You wanna hear what Stone Cold’s is saying?? It’s saying, that its time for Stone Cold to come out of retirement!!!

Crowd goes insane

Steve Austin: So you two little rat bastards, better bring your carcasses all the way to Nemesis, because it’s about time that good ol’ Stone Cold starting whipping some ass again, and he’s starting with you two sum bitches!!! And that’s the bottom line… cause Stone Cold…

The Rock: And The Rock…

Steve Austin: SAID SO!!!

**Glass Shatters** Austin and Rock celebrate in the ring, shaking hands, as their opponents for Nemesis stand at the top of the ramp, staring at each other, showing fear.

Austin and Rock share a few beers, to the delight of the fans, as the show goes off the air.

End of Show

Official Card for WWE Nemesis:

Date: 9th October
Location: Freedom Hall; Louisville, Kentucky
Event Music: Adema, Planets

WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship Match: 6 Pack Elimination Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Sting vs. Randy Orton vs. Undertaker vs. John Cena vs. Christian

WWE United States Championship; Stretcher Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield w/ Jamie Noblevs. Chris Jericho

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: ECW Rules:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam

20 Minute Time Limit:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

Unfinished Business:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin & The Rock vs. Goldberg & Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

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