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Re: The hard question (20+ year old fans only please).

I'm 35. My first memory of wrestling is Hogan slamming Andre. Then Savage winning the tournament at WM IV. Followed by the MegaPowers angle. For some reason, I stopped watching between WM V and VIII but was back in the fold when I learned Bret Hart became the WWF World Champion. Then I found out about a small Indy promotion in my neck of the woods, and what do I see when I check it out for the first time? The Franchise throwing down the NWA belt and declaring himself the new ECW Heavyweight Champion of the World. I was there The Night The Line Was Crossed and was in the front row for Slamboree when Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan tore it up with the Nastys. The two greatest wrestling days of my life are Wrestlemania X and XVII. 17 in particular stands out as the peak of my wrestling viewing experience. TLC 2. Rock vs Austin. The gimmick battle royal!

For me, Benoit is easily the greatest ever in the ring, followed by some combination of Malenko and Guerrero. Michaels and Savage are the greatest all around talents ever. Rock and Jake The Snake are the best ever on the mic. Bryan is the current best in the world in the ring. Can't stand Ryback (at all) but I was actually rooting for him when it came down to him and Cena in the Rumble. That's how much Cena annoys me.

Look, I appreciate Cena. I work with elementary kids and have for years now. They all love Cena and it is through them that I "never forget" how kids view the product. My problem with Cena is that they don't use him right. He's a heel in the eyes of the older folks. Anyone who literally dumps a facsimile of human feces onto his opponent is a heel to me and it befuddles me that the audience is supposed to root for this character. But it's not just Cena. There are so many better combinations that can be thrown at us. Here's an example for WM 29 - Cena-Cesaro, Brock-Punk, HHH-Sandow, Rock-Bryan, Jericho-Ziggler, Ryback-Orton, and Shaemus/PTP-Shield. Just mix it up, please! I'm tired of Dolph-Kofi 2,456 and the idea of Rock-Cena II makes me want to vomit.

I'm not sure what keeps me watching, but I enjoy Cesaro, Bryan and Sandow. I also have a great feeling about Ambrose. I can say without any doubt whatsoever that I enjoy reading/talking about the various aspects of the business far more than I do watching the current product, that's for sure.
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