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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Review

First off, I’d like to say that I like the beginning recap paragraph. It is good for people like me who are new to the thread to get a feel of what happened last week and what they should expect this week.

Hmm pretty interesting of you to start off with Rhodes to open the show. I know he is the IC champion, but it is a bit strange. Lol at Rhodes calling Regal a thug before he comes out. Regal is awesome in character. He has the old geezer swag about him. Things are getting heated and it was the perfect time for Teddy Long to come out. Pretty big announcement for the PPV. I don’t think Sin Cara will actually get the title but he should make for some more entertainment. Regal vs Cara for later should be good, Id like to see some Rhodes/Dibiase involvement.

FFF vs Percy/Titus- I don’t know much about the FFF duo but it seems like they are good entertainers. The match itself was pretty good in summarized form. The ending was cool though, it gives FFF a sense of confidence and skill to be young guys and getting a big victory.

The Morrison and Christian segment was a bit overwhelming. I get that Christian has something to prove so that is why he is talking down to Morrison. But Morrison was sort of shying away. I didn’t expect any smack talk back but maybe some arrogance or confidence out of the face.

The Orton interview was short and sweet but still portrayed Orton’s gimmick well. He is a man with something to prove after a rough patch. Orton’s mysterious escape from the interview was good and makes me think he’ll be doing something later in the night.

Mahal vs Gabriel- I think that Gabriel is really talented in real life so I’m hoping to see something out of him this match. Also, I like the pair of Mahal and Khali together. Mahal seems to be asserting his power dominance over Gabriel from the beginning to the middle, but I think that by the end Gabriel and his speed will take over the match. Good ending, and I like Gabriel being able to overcome Khali’s involvement, although it was a little extreme (getting smashed through the barricade).

Triple H coming next week? Definitely looking forward to that.

Regal vs Sin Cara- Ok, here we go. The match built up from the opening segment. Im predicting a Regal victory with a Cody and Dibiase run in after to attack the two men. Although both men are good performers, when Im reading this it feels a little awkward cause Regal is very technically sound while Cara is more of a high-flyer. That’s probably just biases in my own head though. Wow Cara got the victory. Did not expect a quick roll-up like that. I also though Cody would try and gain advantage on his opponents by beating them down. Im now starting to think that maybe Cara can win the title at HIAC.

Kind of saw this Gabriel beat down coming but I’d like to see where this goes.

Pretty standard announcement by Long, not much to say here.

The Sheamus interview was pretty good. The fans seem to like him and to be honest I do too (at least more than Mark Henry).

Barrett bashing Orton was awesome. His mic work is great and he is deserving of mic time like this. It really adds to this seemingly heated rivalry between him and Orton. This WHC talk by Barrett makes me think that he can come out of this feud with Orton on top.

Barrett/Scotty- Squash match. Knew that from the beginning.

The aftermath of the match was awesome. Typical Barrett douchebaggery and leaving the ring as Orton gets in. And I love Scotty but awesome choice to let Orton give him the RKO.

I’m not a huge Tyson fan so I don’t care if he actually gets more ring action. I don’t know if this was just filler or if it was an actual push for Tyson. Although I did like his comment to Teddy about him still having a job.

Morrison vs Christian- I hope that Morrison can be a little more assertive in this match than in the promo earlier and gets the victory. So far this is really entertaining and both men are getting their shots in. By the middle it’s hard to really predict who will get the victory. As every good main event should, a couple of missed finisher opportunities leading up to the end. Can’t say that I saw Christian winning the match, even as it got to the end, but winning by the Cloverleaf was cool. His extended use of it coincides with his heel status.

Holy shit this last segment got crazy. I can’t say that Henry/Sheamus is a feud that interests me wholly but this segment was pretty enticing. The back and forth trash talking was standard but not boring. What really made this great was both men attacking guards and letting out some of that built up hostility. HIAC should be an awesome PPV.

Overall this was a good last show before HIAC. The only real problem I had was with that Morrison/Christian promo where Morrison seemed too soft. I guess a little foreshadowing for the main event.
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