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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE RAW – October 10th

I am back!

Length, spelling, and grammar were strong as usual.

Now that is the way to rebound off a homecoming show! That opening promo was golden, even better than one of your Hardy and Edge ones. Eric and Coach have chemistry together as heels. Heyman and Stone Cold had a great beer party at the end. I just loved the way that this promo was presented. The match at Taboo Tuesday should be great, but I expected that Coach would remain champion for a shorter amount of time. I do also like the fact that Jericho was given the night off, but that never holds true …..

Jericho and offers?? I am sure we are going to see something special.

Match 1 – Trish Stratus © vs. Stacy Kiebler w/Steven Richards – Women’s Title
I really hope that RTC break up soon. Trish gains an obvious win. With all the chances that Stacy has had, I would have expected someone else to be given a shot at the title.

MNM do the usual celebrity stuff and they use homecoming well. I am sure we will see them with the belts soon. Maybe a run in later in the show?

Match 2 – Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs. Val Venis
Yea! Christian wins! But what to do with him? I see that he wants the title, but for some reason, I have an inkling that he will end up with a match against someone who loses the gold rush tournament.

Maria: Oh, I’m sorry; I think I made another mistake. But tonight you are teaming with the Edge from U2 to face Eminem, how are you feeling?

Goodness, that was funny! The whole promo was decent but I feel that it is getting repititive.

Match 3 – AJ Styles © vs. Simon Dean w/Maven – Intercontinental Title
AJ does not defend against the very best in his first defense, but it is a believable opponent. Muhammad Hassan beats down AJ leading me to believe that Hassan will get his rematch at Taboo Tuesday, and it will be a stipulation match.

Match 4 – MNM w/Melina vs. Edge and Matt Hardy w/Lita

Edge staying out of the match was a great touch, even though I never have liked the idea of opponents tagging with each other. Edge elevates his heel status by costing Hardy the match. This should culminate in a good way, though I am sure it will not happen at TT but at SS.

Why are you using the black background? Be a WE’ er. Use white! Yellow is not readable.

I did not expect to see Flair as he is selling the injuries. The usual boring HHH, but the message is across, HHH is the new man, and Flair is the old.

Terse little RVD bit, but Heyman asserts some control as CO GM. The match will be under ECW rules, but no chance that RVD wins. I am thinking that RVD will be feuding with Jericho though as Cena is done. Maybe Cena and Angle while RVD and Jericho?

Match 5 – CM Punk and Kid Kash © vs. RTC w/Steven Richards – Raw Tag Team Titles
Three title matches on one show? You sure this is not the supershow? I was expecting MNM to run in after the match. I am sure that we will see the team of Kask and Punk vs. MNM soon.

Shelton acted very much as a heel in this promo. Shelton and Haas just will be a great feud, even though it has been done before. I know that you have a gimmick match prepared for us. Shelton as heel is working out. Haas finally leaves Benjamin lying on the ground.

Shawn is surely a heel, but why?

Match 6 – Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker – Gold Rush Tournament Final
You need to differentiate between Raw and Supershow! You carried it on! A strong match between these two, glad you made it detailed. It was interference galore, knew that HHH cannot have just one segment, Christian wants the title, Jericho is involved as well. HBK and Taker are out, HHH takes out Jericho, and Christian takes out HHH!! Christian may just get the title. Cena!!! Cena knocks Christian out, maybe a feud here?? Jericho gets him again though, for the hundredth time. I thought this was over.

HBK, Undertaker, Cena, Christian, HHH, Jericho = Six men

Six men = ELIMINATION CHAMBER! I am calling it right now!

Great show as usual, almost as superb as the supershow! 9/10

You did go overboard, but in a good way. TT is going to be awesome. The opening promo new week will be great as well, I can see an ELIMINATION CHAMBER from here, with all six men having valid points.

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