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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

I am new to the forums/your thread so that is a short disclaimer to my review.

To start off this is awesome. Christian and Jericho are two of my favorite workers on the mic, so I can really see this opening promo happening in my head (despite the fact that I don’t know what kind of gimmicks they play in this thread). Christian seems to be very persistent and confident, something that he really needs to be taken seriously in a feud with the champion.

Things got really intense here then BOOM Samoa Joe comes out and all out chaos. This is a pretty awesome brawl. Not surprised by the decision to have Jericho come out unscathed. Although Christian gets the brownie points for beating down the champ, Jericho still leaves the ring as the more “powerful” man.

WGTT/Low Ki vs SoD/Storm- I like this idea of a 3 on 3 tournament. Its pretty creative and entertaining (especially if there are entertaining workers like the guys in this match). I liked the little riffs between Low Ki and WGTT, it makes sense that they would have some issues with who gets to be in the ring and when to tag and stuff. The WGTT are an awesome all-time tag team with a lot of talent, and that mid-air dropkick by Haas after the commercial break was cool and shows how talented of a performer he is.
That Superkick/Suplex combo was cool. Shows the progression of the team throughout the match. I didn’t even realize that this was an elimination match, but a bit surprised that Benjamin is the first to go. In the end the handicap just proves to be too much for Ki and Haas. I like that Lance Storm gets the victory being that he is the head of the faction.

Finally Jericho gets his explanation from where Doane has been. Jericho is absolutely on point this segment. Lattie freakin da hahaha that was pretty funny. Jericho is just so entertaining and how you use him has been very entertaining so far. I think that Hager and Nameth will end up joining Jericho’s faction when this is all said and done based on Jericho’s “you guys owe me one” statement. But this 3 man team is gonna be interesting as they are all superstars that I like.

The Punk interview was the perfect small segment to both lead up to the match and helped out Punk’s character and credibility as the champion.

Danielson vs Skipper- This is another match with skilled competitors so I like that right off the bat. I don’t know how the division split goes but Danielson as Cruiserweight champion seems a little off compared to what I’ve read in other BTB’s/real life WWE. But I guess the cruiserweight division has some big names because of Helms coming down to the ring and joining commentary. ANYWAYS, match was pretty good but ending took me by surprise. Danielson just went completely off on Skipper, I guess to make a statement to Helms. Helms making it interesting by just walking backstage rather than getting into an encounter.

Hooliganz/Evans vs Mercenaries- Another one of these interesting 3 on 3 matches. My prediction would be the full faction wins the match (Mercenaries) rather than the makeshift tag team with extra wrestler. It looked like the Hooliganz would be able ti get the victory with the broken 3 count, but Regal looked superior and made sure his team was on top. Nice ending to the match.

I am really liking your usage of Christian. It really is making him seem like a main eventer and not just an upper carder being forced to the main event. Big announcement for the match signing next week, I can see that getting a little crazy. Id also like to see if anything escalates between Foley and Heyman.

Punk vs Hassan- This is definitely a dream match of mine. Hassan was one of my favorites during his time and Punk is one of my favorites now. I am expecting a really great main event, but Punk will come out victorious in the end. Hassan asserts himself as the clearly dirty player with the attack from behind. I like how Punk gets himself back into the match after the attack by using an extreme high-flying move before the break. The match is very even and when Hassan gets the Camel Clutch in I was starting to have some doubts of Punk winning. The ending was absolutely nuts. Lots of failed finisher attempts leading to the end with the Anaconda Vice. I like the usage of submissions as endings rather than always ending with a grappled finisher.

Whattt theee???? Did not see MVP coming especially since he is a WWE signed superstar. I can’t wait to see where this storyline goes next week.

Overall- Awesome show. This is the first show I have ever reviewed for this forum and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. You show bundles of creativity while also maintaining realistic tendencies.
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