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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE RAW – October 3rd - Homecoming

Goodness, this will take forever!

Spelling and Grammar
Spelling was on target except for one blunder, but that does not matter, if I read correctly. Some grammatical mistakes, 9/10

Good, great, grand, spectacular, fantastic, I could go on for hours, so insert adjective here. That was one aspect. The other aspect is that you need to remember that this is three hours. This certainly had four hours on it. 7/10

Match 1 – Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam – Gold Rush Semi Final
Angle to interfere was expected. Angle costs RVD the win, but HBK does not look like a heel as he Sweet Chin Musics Angle down! HBK wins, but I would really be surprised to see him as champion.

Todd was out of line here. It was funny, but not him. Christian did very well, he insulted Undertaker, he city, and Todd. Well done!

Good, Kurt wants to address the crowd and not the bimbo.
He does very well in generating heat, he insults the sports teams, he makes himself look divine, and he mocks RVD. RVD does well getting the fans to go along with him. The title exchange was fantastic. RVD leaving Angle in the ring is a great way to carry on this feud.

Match 2 – Triple H vs. Ric Flair – Street Fight
Second match as a street fight?? The roulette is sure to have a large influence tonight. The chair works well. Both men always use the legs as their body pinpoint. Flair makes the comeback but HHH nails the pedigree!! What?? Flair kicks out!! This is a PPV already! Flair also uses the sledgehammer!!! HHH taps out!! Great match summary!! Loved it all and I wish that it was in full!
Oh, typical HHH, assualt after match. Sledgehammer and Pedgiree, the ™ of HHH. Cannot wait to see where this feud continues onto.

Very strong promo here as Jericho is Bischoff's man. Last man standing??? Good Arjuns!!! PPV card! Wish I was there! I thought that Jericho would be afraid of the last man standing match, but he actually looks forward to it. Should be interesting, but no doubt that Jericho wins.
Coach is by far, the greatest hardcore champion. An ECW guy against him, should be a title change. Heyman and Eric at Taboo Tuesday?? EWWW?? The only time they should be in the same ring together is when Stone Cold stuns them both. Should have some stipulation like loser leaves Raw.

Very credible monologue from Hassan, better than any of mine. He makes many valid points, not just his treatment, but to those people of the middle east who are already obsolete. The usual for the gold rush and undefeated.... Hassan vs. Styles..... again!

Match 3 – Mohammed Hassan © w/Daivari vs. AJ Styles – Intercontinental Title
Hassan walks away?? No way it ends like this.

Yup. Heyman is here. The roulette spins on steel cage!! You are going overboard. This is more than a blood brawl would offer.

Match 4 – Mohammed Hassan © w/Daivari vs. AJ Styles – Intercontinental title – Cage match
Davari has some good interruption in this match. Hassan plays the role of heel well. Styles wins!! NO way!! Highly unexpected, especically after the harangue that Hassan inveighed on. Very shocked as Hassan loses his first match, but I am sure that there will be revenge soon.

Match 5 - Carlito, JBL, Randy Orton and Mike Awesome w/Orlando Jordan v Chris Benoit, Rock, Batista and Rey Mysterio - 8 Man Tag Team Match
I like that the faces dominate in the early going, until they give way to the heels. Some great action at the end such as the count break up. Big brawl was expected. I like the ending with the three on one win. I knew that the faces would win, but it sets up more tension for their matches at No Mercy. Rock vs. Orton should be awesome.

I hope that this is Cena's last shot. Three times is the limit. Nonetheless, the usual from Cena, but he was more fired up than usual.

Lingerie contest for the womens title? Do you mean a lingerie match? Anyway, I think that Heyman should have made the announcement because he is the face. It should be a decent interlude though.

Match 6 – Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas – Pure wrestling match
Thank you! After all the blood and gore, we see wrestling! This should be fantastic, NCAA champions! Seton Hall vs. Minnesota! What? I thought that this was a mat wrestling match??? Oh well, works well in their first encounter in the ring. Haas wins with the cradle and that is sure to make Benjamin explode. Hey, Haas does not shake the hand this time. But he is still given the T - BONE. By far, this is your most intriguing feud.

Triple H gives a reasonable expaination.

Match 7 – The Coach vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Hardcore Title
WOW!!! Another shock! Stone Cold!! The regular promo as Coach escapes. Stone Cold is back! SCSA nails the Stunner, but Eric coerces the referee. Stone Cold drives a black pick up truck, or a zamboni at times. Coach is still champ then I guess.

Match 8 – Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs. The Undertaker – Gold Rush Semi Final – Steel Chain Match
WAY TOO MUCH!!! At least Christain cannot run! Undertaker should have a great chance at advancing. Decent summary! What? HBK nails Sweet Chin Music ..... to both of them! Will he turn heel? Undertaker is able to pick up the win, but in a very unTaker-esque fashion. Christian and HBK continues, but HBK looks heel to me.

Yea!!! RTC is here to make the save!! Just kidding! They make their point but the women are angry, you know what that means!

Match 9 - Right To Censor © w/Steven Richards and Stacy Keibler vs. CM Punk/Kid Kash – Raw Tag Team Titles
I guess I will not be able to read second rate porn. HOLY FRIGGIN BATMAN! Another title change! This is absolutely crazy. The interesting team of CM Punk and Kid Kash win the titles after RTC had them for a few weeks too long. I guess the rematch is next week.

Shawn Michaels is intent on winning, so maybe he just might. He is definitely turning heel.

Promo of the night right here with Hardy and Edge. The emotion was there and Hardy looked strong. Maybe a bit more Lita when Hardy was out there would have been better. Piper hosting the show had little meaning, but he made an appearence. They brawl! Edge is on top, but then Hardy nails a twist of fate on a table! They have lost serious blood lately. Taboo Tuesday and the feud continues as this has to be decided. A tournament and this, you have the world title picture in control. HUH?? Awful decision in my opinion. I know that enemies tag with each other, but this is not the right instance.

Match 10 – Chris Jericho © vs. John Cena – Raw Heavyweight Championship – Last Man Standing
What a match here! Great main event, so many close calls here. I expected Jericho to win here, but where to go for Cena. He is not in the tournament and he is not a MITB holder. He is sure to fade out of the title picture for the time being. I just do not know who he will be against. Maybe we will see him on a SS team against Jericho?? The possibilites are endless.


By far, this was better than what a PPV would produce. I am sorry about the too much blood, it would have been entertaining to see this four hour extraganza. Brillinat show! Promos were there too, but the matches would have been a spectacle to see, 10/10

I think that you should have installed commentary. This whole show was great, Piper's pit could have been earlier, but really did not have any qualms. This seemed bigger than Wrestlemania though, so many stipulations, and the roulette. I cannot wait to see what happens down the road from here. But for now, I am tired and I want to rest.
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