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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE RAW – September 19th
Took a break from homework

Spelling and Grammar
Spelling mistakes were scattered, 8.5/10

Fine with me, keep it up. Longer match endings?9/10

Interesting to start with the battle royal. WOW! Snitsky won! Snitsky and hurricane will be on the pre show, thank you. They could have tainted a good PPV.

An impressive promo by Hassan. You have ameliorated leagues with promos as last week’s Hardy one was gold as well. I am glad to see him champ. If he is to lose, I think that he will not be involved in the decision.

Match 2 – MNM w/Melina vs. CM Punk and Kid Kash
Great win for Kash and Punk. Punk was isolated but he came back, just like the WWE. They have the momentum as Unforgiven is around the corner.

Match 3 – RTC w/Steven Richards vs. Charlie Haas/Shelton Benjamin/Trish Stratus
I am very intrigued with the Shelton and Haas situation. RTC win and this adds more fuel to the fire. I am disappointed you did not include Shelton in the match.

Match 4 – Chris Masters vs. Rosey w/The Hurricane
Three matches in a row without promos? At least you are getting rid of the low card matches. Masters gains momentum as he rolls into Sunday. Great interference by Snitsky, really develops Sunday’s match well.

Haas and Shelton still quarrel. Where will this go?

Oh no, yellow! Maria is her ditsy self. Flair builds up the match for Unforgiven well. Cannot wait for this one!
Brilliant promo between Angle, Flair, and RVD. Angle generates some heat for himself early with the shirt comment. Flair glorifies himself. Angle brings up ECW and that sparks RVD. RVD makes some valid points as did everyone. WOOOOOO!
Angle assaults Flair. RVD makes the save for Naitch. Ha, kick to the balls! Triple H is a coward. Nice way to depict him, I fully concur.

Edge responds from the promo last week from Hardy. Edge really is full of malice at the moment. This match might have a chance of MOTN with all the blood and excitement. Just do not make it a spotfest. I think that Edge will win as Hardy for the WHC just chills me. Edge made many valid points about both Hardy and the WHC, but I just think that Lita should have been in here to make it a dialogue. Besides that, it was a grade A promo.

Match 5 – AJ Styles vs. Rene Dupree.
Way too late! Hypes up the match for Unforgiven. AJ does not get attacked for the first time in a while. I really do not have an inkling of the winner.

A strong interview from Jericho. He wants to protect the gold and I think that he will. He fits the heel role very nice.

Match 6 - Chris Jericho, HHH, Kurt Angle and Christian vs. John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam and Ric Flair
I love these matches because they feature marquee talent and you utilized four feuds at once. Brilliant idea that you thought of before Unforgiven. I like the outside brawls. Strong way to head to Sunday, F – U through the announce table.

Quite a good show, promos are strong, getting stronger, and you booked some quality matches. However, some matches were just ewwwwww! 8.5/10

The Bottom line
You promoted Unforgiven very well in this show. IC title match, the hardcore match before heat, four matches in the main event, it was clicking. You are heading into Unforgiven on a strong note.

My clairvoyancy will be up soon. For now, time to study for a few tests. I am going to make this quick as I want to study before I sleep
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