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Re: Being the booker

Wolf Guy, it came down to a few things,
1) Watch Saturday Night Live
2) Review the second match that I am obligated to
3) Review Wrestlemania
4) Review Great American Bash

After much debating, I have delegated number four. Since this will take me a long time, I ask the following from you,

1) Be grateful as it is hard for me to review something twice.
2) Review NYR when I post it again
3) Add rep??

Sunday Night Heat is not a necessary element, but one that it nice to include. You typed yours very well, and there was nothing wrong with the announce team of Romero and Torrie. I liked the Tajiri promo. He does that in Smackdown vs. Raw. Stupid Harvard grad, practicing his acceptance speech!! Let the real thing begin!!!

Date: 3rd July
Location: MCI Centre; Washington D.C:
That is pretty ironic to say the least. The day before Independence Day and it is in the Nation’s capital. You certainly have a good mind.

Opening Video: There are so many things that can be used as the theme is Great American and Independence Day. Ex – President is pretty vague, points taken off for not being detailed. Just kidding, it is fine. I do not know any Prime Ministers of Ireland. Nice to see the managers depicted as Presidents!! I like how you use the constitution, but then you switch to the matches and the feuds. JBL and Eddie have a heated feud. Not as good as Mania, but nothing is. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar – I honestly did not spot a blemish. 10/10

Length – Eighty six pages is exceptionally exceptional for a single brand PPV. Do you agree with the Lance Armstrong theory? 10/10

Tazz is funny with the Spanish and French deal.

The Matt Fact is: “Matt eats breakfast once a day”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that is some funny stuff. I like how you can incorporate humor and seriousness into shows. Certainly will be odd seeing Hardy with the Dudley Boys. If my impeccable memory serves me correct, this match has a bizarre finish.

6 Man Elimination Tag Team Table Match:
Dudley Boyz & Matt Hardy vs. Simon Dean, Chris Masters & Kanyon
Violence is a very nice way to start off the PPV!!! The latter team is almost as interesting as the former team. This would have been mass chaos if this was a tornado match, so nice to see that it is a regular tag match. Certainly is chaos to begin the match. The Simon success steal the Dudleys patented call. They have got to be upset. Now the Dudley’s do it!! I thought that the Simon Success was done, but Masters made the save and good – bye D – Von!! Hardy saves the day for Bubba. It is so weird seeing Hardy and Bubba collaborating. Kanyon eliminates Bubba!!! I think that Hardy eliminates all of his opponents, and he does indeed. He does it in style. A leg drop from the top rope to Chris Masters!!! Simon saves Kanyon and kills himself in the process. I remember now, everybody comes back for no apparent reason. The Dudley’s get the tables and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate for the victory. Powerbomb to Dean from Bubba and 3 – D to Masters as well!!! Quite a nice match to set the tone for the show. I still am having trouble comprehending this team!!! 9/10

Heyman and Lesnar are quite confident and they have every right to be as Heyman does win the post. But Hart comes back!!!

Eric is talking to his big man, but Morgan is not as confident as the other two are.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Paul London vs. Akio w/Sakoda
It is obvious that we will see some heel tactics from Akio and Sakoda. I like how you started, the quick covers and kickouts!! London was going aerial and then Sakoda distracted him. Akio could have taken advantage but he does not. London hits the 450 splash but Sakoda puts Akio’s foot on the rope. Akio can perform powerbombs?? Does not make sense at all!! London kicks out and then Akio gets his foot on the ropes from a tornado DDT. Akio nails A GUTBUSTER FROM THE TOP ROPE but London kicks out!! London then hits the 450 splash for the hard fought victory. I thought that this was a great no stipulation match. It had high impact and exciting kickouts! 10/10

AMW certainly do utilize America.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. William Regal & Lance Storm
Really odd order of matches so far in my opinion!! I like the beginning of the match, I sort of skipped the next few parts. I see that James Storm has been isolated. I am a big fan of the isolation to the faces and then a hot tag made. James Storm makes the hot tag to Chris Harris. Harris has the momentum, and then Regal nails him with the brass knucks!! AMW hit the Death Sentence in a very strong match. They retain the titles in style. Once again, a very strong match! The finish was an exciting one. 9/10

JBL gives a nice monologue

Grudge Match:
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Chris Jericho
Lesnar has been in some grudge matches as of late. Where is Heyman going?? Jericho is working on the knee. Test of strength is not the best idea for Jericho. Brock lifts Jericho up onto his shoulders, and delivers an F5 onto the steel ring post!!!!!!!!!! That is reminiscent to Smackdown and that might kill Jericho in that match here. A very nice spot in the match as it makes the face look like a big underdog. Oh no, the knee meets the steel steps!! Jericho is in big trouble. I hate those belly suplexes, Brock does not even execute them well. Never seen Lesnar do a spine buster, then again, the only match I have seen is Wrestlemania XX. Lesnar kicks out of the Enzuguri. Lesnar is just taunting Chris the whole way. Lesnar is beating Jericho to rubble. Jericho responds with the Lionsualt, but still a kickout from Lesnar!! The F – 5 is no good, but the walls of Jericho are. Lesnar fights out and then hits a F – 5, but Jericho kicks out!! Never mind, Lesnar wins with another F – 5 a minute later. No complaints about this match whatsoever!! I thought that Jericho would win here after he was the big time underdog, but the heel comes back to win. Where is Heyman?? 10/10

Ha, Christoper Nowinski tries sucking up and he is denied.

The Lesnar and Angle segment leads to the triple threat at Summerslam.

10 Man Gauntlet Match:
(To determine the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship)
Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Shannon Moore vs. Spike Dudley vs. Tajiri vs. Ultimo Dragon
Always nice to see one of these, especially after the title was already defended. Extremely odd order of matches in my opinion still. Tajiri eliminates the Dragon early, but you need the early eliminations. Nunzio is gone quickly as well. The runt of the Dudley litter eliminates Tajiri was in there long enough to look good. Noble makes quick work of Dudley. Moore goes down after putting up a fight. Hotty is here but he is worthless and he is eliminated. Good thinking!! All he can do is dance!! Dangit, Funaki is gone as quick as he enters. Kidman knocks out Noble who dominated for way too long. Kidman vs. Chavo is a real match. Classic is here to make the save for his son a few times. Kidman kicks out of the chair. The shooting star splash is good and Kidman will face his friend at Summerslam in an exciting ladder match and lose. A few problems with the length of some people’s match, but that is it as this was great. 8.5/10

Now Eric is trying to be nice. Linda makes him call her Mrs. McMahon. Hart is allowed to call her Linda. That is funny.

WWE United States Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Eddie Guerrero vs. J.B.L vs. Chris Benoit
We have it covered from South to North. Eddie is from Mexico, JBL is from the USA, and Benoit is from Canada. This is the match that I have wanted to see all night. Eddie and Benoit fight while JBL just sits around. Reminds me of Armageddon. They realize what they are doing and then they attack JBL. I like the chops. They were on a roll but Benoit goes for the cover and Eddie breaks it up. Benoit and Eddie are at it once again. JBL is just having some fun. Some great action between Benoit and Guerrero. Get JBL out of there and it would be as great as the opener of Wrestlemania. Benoit is chopping Guerrero to a red target. Benoit nails a German suplex off the top rope!! I will try that in a PPV match soon. That is pretty cool. Benoit breaks the count after JBL makes an attempt to pick up the scraps. JBL is actually wrestling. Just get him out of there and let the wrestlers wrestle while the speaker delivers funny monologues. Benoit and JBL go at it. JBL mocks the Nature Boy and then goes into the turnbuckle that HE exposed. Benoit almost wins and then Eddie nails Benoit with a cross body. JBL rolls out and lets the wrestlers wrestle now. I hope someone goes through the announce table. Eddie barely survives. I think that the match is now on it’s last legs as it is occurred for quite a while now. Here we go! IT IS BENOIT TIME. BENOIT NAILS FIVE CONSECUTIVE GERMAN SUPLEXES ON JBL! HE GOES FOR HIS HEADBUTT BUT HE MISSES!! Eddie pulled JBL away. I would have waited till after the headbutt, because both Benoit and JBL would be hurt. The sharpshooter is locked in on the stock market success. Eddie breaks the hold and then Benoit goes head first into the barricade after he misses a suicide dive. The three amigos are hit, but the third is a superplex. There is some innovation! Benoit hits the Swandive now!! There are no countouts in a triple threat match!! Eddie breaks the count when Benoit is this close to becoming champion. JBL hits a fall away slam to the outside!! Eddie hits the Frog Splash on Benoit but he is hurt. JBL picks up the scraps for the win. A very heel like win that I have seen before. JBL is the US champion after Eddie holds it for seven months. My only complaint is your apprehension of rules. Maybe I am wrong, but I think that I am correct. 9.5/10

The next GM. Heyman is out here. Now Bischoff is here. Hart lays down the law and Linda continues, but Eric’s right hand, the Coach is out here now. The Coach was funny, but then he was shown the door. RICO is here. Time for the humor. Eric has a nice butt! He receives pink pants and Paul E gets a wig. Farooq is funny as well. It’s the APA man, not AFA. I drink beer and smoke cigars, I don’t drink wine, and I don’t smoke guys!!! DAMN!!!” Funny stuff!!

Impromptu Match:
(Winner becomes Interim SD GM - Over the top rope match)
Eric Bischoff vs. Paul Heyman
Heyman is GM but the only PPV he oversees is Summerslam.

When will the feud between Angle and hart start??

#1 Contenders Match; Winner faces WWE Champion at Summer Slam:
Triple H vs. Kurt Angle
I have been reviewing for ninety minutes, so I am going to take this one off. I will skim it and leave my remarks. I know that Angle wins here and then the title and Summerslam, and hopefully he drops it to Benoit who has not been the champion in this thread for some reason. After some pedigrees, and Angle slams, HHH taps out.

Heyman announces the best of seven series which culminates at Summerslam.

Maria has another ditzy moment and the Rock delivers his usual great monologue.

WWE Championship Match:
The Rock vs. Goldberg
Okay, I know that the bald headed Goldberg wins, but I will do my best to follow the match anyways. Kind of took a while for a cover. Belly – to – belly on a ramp is brutal. I like the Bear hug as a way to slow down the match. A military press into a spinebuster is being innovative!!! I like this so far. Rock Bottom is hit by Jabroni beatin, alllllllowwwwwwwww, pie eatin, trail blazin, eye brow raisin, not afraid to sweat, not afraid to bleed, gonna beat your ass GUARAN-DAMN-TEED, Peoples Champ The Rrrrrock!!!! However, Goldberg kicks out. Goldberg makes the ropes after a sharpshooter, which I though is in a perfect place in the match. Goldberg hits a spear, and another spear and then a jackhammer! This is out of hand. Goldberg wins and it is aftermath time now. The Rock extends his hand and Goldberg sucker punches him. What a hellacious spear!! Goldberg than proceeds to hit a jackhammer through the announce table. This is smart. It sells that the Rock has a legitimate injury and that he cannot wrestle while he makes a movie. It then sets up for the Rock to screw Goldberg at Summerslam and Clash of the Champions. 10/10

Entertainment – This is surely something that I would have liked to view in any shape or form. It was a great PPV. I did not see either GAB, but there is no way that they compare to yours. 10/10

Bottomline – Five pages is not too bad, that is the same as the last review. I am sorry about the Angle and HHH match, I am just too tired. I think that this is your third or fourth best PPV. Wrestlemania XXI is first, Summerslam is second, and Clash of the Champions is third. However, that makes this your best single brand PPV. I guess it will stay this way as the next single brand PPV is not for a while. If I could adhere to your standards for one PPV, I would jump for joy. Thank you for taking the effort that is required to produce a great show. If you could do the few things that I asked you to, I would be pleased. I am going to fill out the form that you asked us to at Wrestlemania.

Thoughts - Best Single Brand PPV of all time
Likes – Most of it
Dislikes – Just a few minor things
Favorite Match – The USA title match
Worst Match – None
Favorite Moment – Benoit nailing the five Germans. He did that in November 22, 2004.
Least Favorite Moment –When Funaki was eliminated
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