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Re: Being the booker

RAW; September 19th; Salt Lake City:

Yea! A new show is here

Spelling and Grammar
I scrutinized it but I have to laud you. 10/10

Made up at Nemesis. 10/10

HBK says he is charge but out comes the boss who is not acclaiming HBK’s friends for their interference. Hmm, sort of a pick your poison concept with Sting and HBK. NO WAY!! HBK will defend the title against, Sting, Undertaker, Cena, Christian, and Randy Orton!! This PPV could be a dream come true for me if Orton and Benoit win. Those six men are the best from Raw. This will be a great match to produce and read. You are exciting me for this. Ha, McMahon shuts HBK up and then HBCade. In two weeks, we will see the dream match anyway. Too bad it will not be in full. 10/10

One problem – Edge will cost Christian the title

1st Match:
Carlito w/Stacy Kiebler vs. Booker T w/Goldust
Is the whole thing with Hardy over? Carlito cheats to win. Nice way to kick it off!

Stupid Todd, McMahon tells him to leave. I hate Todd, he took over for Marc Lloyd. 9/10

2nd Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
The DX Duo vs. Roadkill & Danny Doring
I like how you set it up. Roadkill and Doring dominate and it seems like it we will new champions. Jindrak is out and then HBCade is set for the Doomsday but Jindrak saves himself with the belts. I think that Vince will reprimand the duo and tell them if they have another DQ, they lose the title.

Flair and Batista know that they did the job well. I hope that the homecoming will be great as you already sanctioned one dream match.

Christian still has a vendetta against the Undertaker even though he pinned him cleanly.

your lack of GRAPE FRUITS!!!

The first funny comment of the night. Vince is involved tonight. Christian has a big match next week with the no holds barred, but maybe Raw homecoming would be better.

3rd Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rene Dupree w/ Kenzo Suzuki & Hiroko
I like how you had Orton go against one guy and then two more obstacles. It makes him look better, not that he does not look strong to begin with. He has had the momentum train since Bad Blood and his AMAZING face turn which I acclaim you night and day for.

I guess that the new ECW champion are looking for more revenge. I see a match at Nemesis or even the homecoming. HBCade and Jindrak are chickens! I am glad that you kept Marc Lloyd 8.5/10

Who is facing Sting?? 8/10

I like the collaboration between Cena and Orton. Hold on, I have to go dig up a quote that I made on the last Raw show review
Shucks, I cannot find it! But I vividly remember saying that Orton and Cena would team together to take out DX. I hope that they take out DX. Another great match made. I hope that we do not see a turn right now, as I do not think a Cena and Orton feud should occur seeing that you have already done one. I cannot wait for this match. Friends for one match and adversaries for another! 10/10

4th Match:
Trish Stratus & Gail Kim vs. Jazz & Molly Holly
I have not seen Shaniqua yet. Nice win for the faces, I want to know when you will do something with the title seeing that the invitational is not working too well for title changes.

Flair is funny! I blow my nose with that type of money. McMahon steals Foley’s quotes and he sanctions another great match. The next two weeks are stacked with matches. 9/10

Sting vs. Marty Jannetty
So the opponent was Jannetty! That is a real shocker seeing that they teamed together fourteen years ago or something. Not the main event that I would like to see if I were a fan at the show as it is old vs. old.

HBK has an announcement. A real opponent? Quite a devious trick against Sting.

Sting vs. X-Pac
Sting defeats HBK’s old buddy. HBK is running out. HHH is next. I guess X – Pac worked out a deal with the inferior company. Sting defeats him with the deathlock. I like that you switched the finishers.

Another opponent?

Sting vs. Kevin Nash
His opponent is not Nash, it is generic big man one. I saw his match against Undertaker, and his powerbomb was the worst thing in the world. I choked on my food, and I did not have anything in my mouth! This guy sucks and is he not under contract with an inferior group? Quick match and Sting just defeated all of HBK’s cronies as you guys across the ocean blue say.

Seven matches and some strong promos. This is one of your better Raws and I was intrigued at every turn. 10/10

The Bottomline
Few things, I can see Marty as he is on a WWE contract, but if you mention that X Pac and Nash are on TNA contracts that it is not a great move to put them on the show. You can have them, just do not mention TNA. I liked the promos as matches were made for Nemesis and the next two weeks. I did have one major problem, despite the fact that I hate the guy. Where is Edge? After all the bickering, he will complain about Christian.
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