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Re: Being the booker

RAW; September 19th; Salt Lake City:

Highlights from last week with Mick Foley being attacked by Ric Flair and Batista, before highlights of Sting becoming the Number One Contender to face Shawn Michaels at Nemesis.

Opening Video


Jim Ross: We are less, than three weeks away from the joint brand production of Nemesis, but tonight, all hell could break loose, with our General Manager, Mick Foley absent this evening, after the vicious attack he sustained last week at the hands of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, and The Animal, Batista.

Jerry Lawler: I hope Foley knows the number of a good chiropractor J.R. Last week, the Hardcore Legend took a power bomb from right here on our stage!!!

Jonathon Coachman: Indeed, guys, Mick Foley isn’t here, but that leaves us with an enormous question. Who the hell is running the show tonight??

Jim Ross: I’ve been asking myself the same question al-

**BREAK IT DOWN** DX music hits into the arena, and the most powerful group in the business enter the arena to a major amount of heat. Michaels returns after his absence last week, and the four men look incredibly pleased about something, as they head to the ring.
Michaels is handed a mic, and he waits for the music to die down before speaking.

Shawn Michaels: Last week, something terrible happened. Something that all the fans of Raw, and all the fans of the WWE across the world have needed therapy for.

A few fans shout out Mick Foley’s name, thinking that is what Michaels is alluding to. HBK looks around, after hearing the mention of Foley, shaking his head in disagreement.

Shawn Michaels: No. Not Mick Foley, getting power bombed off the stage, but the Heart Break Kid not being able to show up on national television last week.

Crowd give heat

Shawn Michaels: Hell, not even Mick Foleys family cared about what happened to him last week. I had his kids calling me after the show on Monday Night asking why I wasn’t on the show!!

Crowd starts a ‘Bullshit’ chant

Shawn Michaels: Thank god. You people smell it too. For a minute I thought I was the only person who thought that was what Utah smelt like.

Crowd gives more heat, before starting an ‘Asshole’ chant.

Shawn Michaels: But speaking of Foley. (Mockingly wipes his eye before speaking) He’s not here tonight.

Crowd boos

Shawn Michaels: So, when the General Manager isn’t in the building, the power passes to the World Champion.

Crowd gives heat, knowing what they are about to hear next wont be good.

Shawn Michaels: And guys, this strap over my shoulder, it isn’t a prop, it is the proof that I am what I say I am, and that is the WORLD Heavyweight Champion!!!

Crowd gives heat

Shawn Michaels: Which means that in Mick Foleys absence, I’M RUNNING THE SHOW!!!

Crowd gives more heat

Shawn Michaels: And tonight, with my first night in charge of Raw, the Heart Break Kid is signing a HUGE … GRANDIOSE … HUUUUGE … Main Event, which is gonna feature, the Number One Contender, Sting.

Crowd pops

Shawn Michaels: And a mystery opponent, known only by me.

Crowd boo

Shawn Michaels: And Sting, think of that as your initiation to the big leagues, right here on Raw.

Michaels laughs with DX for a moment until…

**NO CHANCE** The crowd rises to it’s feet, as VINCE MCMAHON enters the arena!!! The Chairman of the Board walks down the aisle, in his usual power walk style, whilst DX start to look quite worried in the ring. Vince walks the steps, and climbs through the ropes, asking for a mic from Lillian. She hands him a mic, and as Mr. McMahon turns around, HBK tells Cade and Jindrak to bow, which they do.

Mr. McMahon: What in hell are you two idiots doing??

Cade and Jindrak quickly stand up straight and look to Michaels, who says nothing.

Mr. McMahon: So, Shawn Michaels is in charge of Raw??

Crowd boo’s

Mr. McMahon: Not by my watch pal.

Crowd pops

Mr. McMahon: Shawn Michaels, I wouldn’t put you in charge of this show if Mick Foley never came back. So right now, I’m going to introduce the man in charge tonight … the man who will be running this show … … ME!!

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: But, and there is a but. I’m quite tempted to find out, just who exactly you have lined up to face Sting tonight, so as for that match, I’m gonna let it stand.

Mixed Reaction

Mr. McMahon: But, next week, the roles will be reversed.

Crowd Pops

Mr. McMahon: Oh, and another thing. Recently, it’s come to my attention that you, and your … for lack of a better term, your friends, have been quite busy when getting involved in matches they have no place being in.

HBK starts to look embarrassed

Mr. McMahon: For starters, at Summer Slam, you needed the help of Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns to take the World Championship from John Cena.

Crowd boos

Mr. McMahon: And two weeks ago on Raw … the exact same thing happened for you to keep the belt, only this time against Randy Orton.

Crowd boos again

Mr. McMahon: Lets not forget just last week, when your boys scored a hat trick, when they cost John Cena the chance of becoming the Number One Contender.

Crowd boos once again

Mr. McMahon: Of course, also in the match, The Undertaker had his chance taken away by Christian, whilst Edge unfortunately picked up an injury. Which leads to my next announcement, and Shawn, strap on a seat belt, because this is a big one … at Nemesis, you’ll be defending the World Heavyweight Championship, against not only Sting, but The Undertaker (Crowd Pops) … Randy Orton (Crowd Pops) … Christian (Crowd boos) and … JOHN CENA!!!

Crowd pops big time

Mr. McMahon: In a six pack elimination rules match!!!

Crowd Pops again, before Michaels jumps it.

Shawn Michaels: You cannot do that. For a start, it’s unfa-

Mr. McMahon: SHADDAP!!!

Cade pulls the mic from HBK

Garrison Cade: No way. Shawn is in charge. Not you!!

Mr. McMahon: Excuse me?? Does Shawn Michaels sign your over inflated cheques??

Garrison Cade: I wish he did.

Mr. McMahon: WELL SO DO I!!!

Jindrak tries to take the mic from Cade, but McMahon cuts in.

Mr. McMahon: And so help me God, the next one of you to speak will be hearing the words YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

Crowd Pops

DX look to each other, and decide against saying anything, as McMahon starts to nod.

Mr. McMahon: But before I head back up this ramp, I have to make one more announcement. In two weeks time, Raw is going home. And with Sting no longer facing Shawn Michaels one on one at Nemesis … that leaves that dream match scenario out the window, doesn’t it?? Not anymore. In two weeks, from Cleveland, Ohio, The World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels, will be competing for the first time ever, against STING!!!

Crowd pops. HBK has to bite his lip from speaking, as McMahon heads out of the ring, with his music hitting again, before we cut to a commercial


1st Match:
Carlito w/Stacy Kiebler vs. Booker T w/Goldust
Pretty basic, formula match, with the heel using the cheap ass tactics, to gain the momentum. As Booker tries to make a comeback, Stacy tries to cause a distraction, only for Goldberg to grab her, and drags her up the ramp, by the legs, smiling as he gets a great view.
In the ring, Carlito becomes distracted, with Booker rolling him up, 1...2...Kick Out just in time!!!!! Carlito gets up, and ducks the Axe Kick, with Booker getting caught in the ropes. CCC takes a moment, as the referee tends to Booker, to go to the corner and take the padding from the turnbuckle. He waits as Booker recovers, and pretends to be hurt in the corner.
Booker T thinks CCC is hurt, and charges at him in the corner, but Carlito moves, and the Book runs into the turnbuckle. Booker T falls backward, knocked out, allowing Carlito to cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Carlito
Carlito rolls out of the ring, smiling as his plan unfolds, and he gets himself a big win over a legitimate star, and former world champion.

Jim Ross: Well, what a way to kick this show off. First, Mr. McMahon puts Shawn Michaels in his place, then we find out that the Raw main event for Nemesis will be a six pack elimination style match, featuring Michaels, Orton, Undertaker, Christian, John Cena, and of course, Sting. And following that, we learn that in two weeks time at Raw Homecoming, Shawn Michaels, in a non title match, takes on Sting for the first time ever. And now, Carlito, cheats his way to a victory over the five time WCW Champion, Booker T.

Jerry Lawler: Was he caught J.R??

Jim Ross: Why should that matter??

Jerry Lawler: Because it isn’t cheating if you don’t get caught!!

Jonathon Coachman: Amen to that King.

Jim Ross: Oh, why don’t you two go get a room!!

Jonathon Coachman: I’ve already got my own J.R. Plus, it’d be unprofessional to leave you two novices all alone wouldn’t it??

Backstage, we see Vince McMahon sitting back in his office, until his door knocks, and Todd Grisham walks in.

Todd Grisham: Mr. McMahon, could I have a word??

Mr McMahon: Sure, come right ahead.

Todd Grisham: Well sir, I was hoping if you could give us a quick update on the condition of Mick Foley after last weeks assault carried out by Ric Flair, along with Batista.

Mr McMahon: That’s a good question Todd.

McMahon swivels around on his chair, and starts to look through some pieces of paper, ignoring Todd.

Todd Grisham: …… Would you care to give an answer??

McMahon swivels back around on his chair, and looks at Todd with a smile.

Mr. McMahon: Not right now Todd. You see, later on, I’ll be addressing the Mick Foley situation, and I’ll not be doing it in this room. No. In fact, I’ll be doing it … out there, in my ring. Now, if you would please leave, that would be terrific.

Todd quickly shuffles out of the room, as we fade away…

Smackdown Rebound:
- Triple H vs. Eddie Guerrero made official for Nemesis with a 20 Minute Time Limit
- The Rock calls out Steve Austin to be his tag team partner at Nemesis to face Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.
- Chris Jericho becomes the Number One Contender to face JBL for the U.S Title at Nemesis.
- Kurt Angle retains the WWE Championship over Paul London with London nearly causing an upset of the decade.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, right now, we’d like to take you back to last week on Raw, where Edge suffered an unfortunate injury in last weeks main event, tearing his meniscus, after coming off the top rope. We’d like to wish Edge a quick recovery, and in the next few weeks, we’ll have more updates on his condition.

2nd Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
The DX Duo vs. Roadkill & Danny Doring
As with the last two meetings between the teams, Roadkill and Doring cause the Duo all sorts of problems, seemingly having something that Cade and Jindrak cant seem to handle. DX get frustrated, and try to walk out again, but are stopped by Roadkill and Doring from doing so.
The last ever ECW Tag Champions dominate Cade and Jindrak back in the ring, knocking Jindrak out of the ring. They hit a double clothesline on HBCade, before getting him up for the legendary double team move of the Doomsday Device, but as Doring goes up top, Jindrak nails him with a tag title belt, forcing a DQ to be called.
Winners: Roadkill & Danny Doring via DQ - DX Duo remain champions.
Roadkill drops Cade down, and goes to check on his partner, whilst Cade slides out of the ring, and stumbles up the ramp, with Jindrak helping him, as the DX Duo once again dodge the bullet of Roadkill and Doring.

Jim Ross: Seems to me that our esteemed tag champions have caught a case of the limber tales gentlemen. They just don’t want a piece of Roadkill and Doring!!!

Jerry Lawler: That’s how it looks to you, J.R, but in reality, Cade and Jindrak are dragging these extremely crappy wrestlers into a false sense of security. They could’ve ended the match at any given moment.

The Coach: I totally agree with you King. Cade and Jindrak could have ended this match when they wanted.

Jim Ross: Coach agrees with King folks, aint that a surprise??

In the parking lot, we see Ric Flair and Batista exit a limo, arriving at the arena, both smiling broadly, pleased with themselves, as we cut to a commercial


We return with a promo hyping Raw returning to the USA Network in two weeks, on October 3rd for a three hour special show.

We return, with Christian and Tomko walking by Mr. McMahon’s office. Christian stops, and knocks on the door, not waiting for a reply, and instead, walking on in.

Christian: Here he is Tomko, the biggest genius on Gods Green earth!!

McMahon looks up from his desk at Christian as if to say, cut the crap.

Christian: But Tomko, even geniuses have an off day. Tonight Vince, you’ve made one great decision, and two awful ones. Lets start on the good foot, and talk about the awesome announcement, that at Nemesis, Captain Charisma finally fulfils his destiny, and raises the World Title for all my peeps.
Now the bad. First of all, you take a superstar of my calibre, and you leave him off the show. I can see the reasoning behind that though, I mean, why hurt a million - sorry, billion dollar asset, and risk him getting injured in a hell hole like Utah.

We hear the fans give heat.

Christian: And then, you also add The Undertaker into the Raw main event at Nemesis?? Vince, that idea ranks somewhere in the region of the XFL, and the Brooklyn Brawler.

Vince gives Christian another look, as if to say, watch it.

Christian: Lets face it, The Undertaker’s time has passed. He had his Decade of Destruction, he ran the yard, he buried people alive, threw guys off the Cell, but now, it’s my time, and the Christian Coalition has spoken. They wanted me to take over, and that’s what I’m doing. I wasn’t given the torch Vince, but I’m sure as hell taking it. I beat The Undertaker, with one move, and one move only, The UNPRETTIER … and since then, I’ve put down EVERYONE with The Unprettier. But still, I wasn’t included in last weeks main event. So, I had to take matters into my own hands, and make sure that The Undertaker didn’t get my rightful spot. I beat him like no man before, yet he gets the chance at title matches. It’s not fa-

Mr. McMahon: Enough.

Christian stops, as McMahon gets up from his chair.

Mr. McMahon: Christian, let me tell you this. I’ve listened to what you had to say here, and to be honest … I’m impressed. You see Christian, you have untapped potential, but up until now, you’ve been hovering around the glass ceiling, and you haven’t broken through for one reason … your lack of GRAPE FRUITS!!!

Christian looks stunned, and angry.

Mr. McMahon: But at Summer Slam, last week, and right now, you’re showing intestinal fortitude. At Summer Slam you did indeed beat The Undertaker, last week, you jumped from the frying pan into the fire, and cost The Undertaker a one on one title shot. And now tonight, you’re in here, going toe to toe with the boss. I like the fact you’ve dropped the comedy act, because the more intensity you show, the more seriously you’ll be taken.

Christian starts to look proud of himself.

Mr. McMahon: That’s why I’m making a match … for next week, the final Raw on Spike TV. It’ll be the man of grapefruits, Christian. And this wont be a normal match by the way, no. Christian, you’ll be partaking in a No Holds Barred match. And your opponent … will be … THE UNDERTAKER!!!

Christian’s face drops, and is shocked by the announcement.

Christian: Uh?

Mr. McMahon: Summer Slam rematch, kid. You want to be a main eventer right?? Well Christian, you need to beat the top names, more than just once. Now … GET OUT!!!

Christian thinks for a moment, then nods, and starts to look confident, before pointing a Vince, but doesn’t say anything. Captain Charisma walks out of the room, whilst Vince shakes his head as we fade back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Oh my. Next week, of course the final Raw on Spike TV, from Fort Worth, and what a main event to leave the network with. Christian against The Undertaker in a Summer Slam rematch, only this time, it’ll be No Holds Barred.

Jerry Lawler: Can Christian strike twice with the Unprettier J.R?? I’m as big a fan of Captain Charisma, but even I was shocked when he downed The Deadman in San Juan with that move. I honestly cant see the kid doing it again, especially in a No Holds Barred environment.

The Coach: If Christian ever wants to become an out and out main eventer, this will be his chance next week. I don’t recall anyone ever having a 2-0 record over The Undertaker. Will Christian be the first man to do so??

Jim Ross: We’ll find out next week in Fort Worth. And you have to believe that right now, Raw is pulling out all the stops for the final show on Spike TV, as well as the special three hour show to kick off Raw Homecoming!!

3rd Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rene Dupree w/ Kenzo Suzuki & Hiroko
Dupree gains the early momentum, thanks to the outside influence of Suzuki & Hiroko. The two young men put on a decent contest, with Orton clearly outshining the French Phenom, with only the outside presence keeping Dupree in the match.
Eventually though, Orton eliminates Suzuki and Hiroko from the equation, as Kenzo jumps onto the apron, only to be dropkicked off, falling onto Hiroko. Rene goes for a DDT on the Legend Killer, but Orton counters into a devastating RKO. He hooks the leg for the elementary three count, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton
Orton has his arm raised in the air for a decent victory, as he heads into a World Title match at Nemesis.

Jim Ross: In twenty days, Randy Orton will have the chance to become a three time World Champion, as he bids to outlast five other men in a six pack elimination match.

Jerry Lawler: And on this type of form, I wouldn’t like to be facing the Legend Killer right now.

Jim Ross: And you gotta believe that Orton is still hell bent on revenge on Cade, Jindrak and Reigns too, after they cost him the title two weeks ago.

The Coach: I’m sure Orton will be fully concentrated on his title shot at Nemesis rather than Shawn Michaels cohorts, J.R.


Backstage, Marc Lloyd is with Roadkill and Danny Doring…

Marc Lloyd: Gentlemen, once again tonight, Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak dodged the bullet, and intentionally got themselves disqualified in order to keep the tag titles. This is the second time that this has happened in the last month. Your comments??

Roadkill: Cade … Jindrak, you keep hiding, you keep running, but sooner or later, we’ll find you, we’ll catch you, and we’ll take the World Tag Team Championships!!!

Danny Doring: Roadkill, you couldn’t be any more right. DX tell us to suck it, but when you ask about their reign as tag team champions, the answer, is it sucks. And boys, we aren’t just going to go away. We’ll hunt you down, beat you up, and sooner or later, you’ll not be able to run away, or get disqualified. You’re looking at the next World Tag Team Champions. And Marc, Roadkill here wants to perfectly describe Cade and Jindrak. What are they buddy??

Roadkill: Mmmmmmmm…. CHICKENSSSSSS

Roadkill and Doring then walk off the screen, as the camera switches to the DX dressing room…

We see Cade and Jindrak watching the monitor, having just seen the interview from Roadkill and Doring. They turn to speak to Michaels, but HBK cuts them off immediately, as he waits for an answer on his phone…

Shawn Michaels: Hello?? Yes. Where are you?? … Get here as quick as you can man, we haven’t got long until your match with Sting. … (Chuckles) Yeah, that’s a good one. But seriously, tell your driver to break the lights, I don’t care, just get here soon, k? … Good. Cya soon.

Michaels switches the phone up, and smiles.

Shawn Michaels: Gentlemen, we have lift off.

The camera fades away as the four men talk lightly…

Back in the main locker room, we see John Cena sitting in the locker room, listening to a CD, as Orton walks in. Orton walks over to Cena, and signals to him to take the headphones off. Cena does, and nods at Randy…

Randy Orton: You got a minute??

John Cena: Sure.

Randy Orton: Okay. I know, that at Nemesis, we’re both gunning for the same gold, but before that, I’ve got a problem that I need to solve.

John Cena: Gee… Tomko not around??

Orton smiles, understanding the joke.

Randy Orton: No, I’m serious. It concerns DX.

John Cena: I’m listening…

Randy Orton:We’ve both been screwed over by them lately, right?? I mean, they cost you the World Title at Summer Slam … cost you a World Title shot last week too. They cost me my chance at becoming World Champion two weeks ago too, and I’ll be damned if I’ll let them get away with it.

John Cena: Okay.

Randy Orton: Well, I was talking with Mr. McMahon earlier, and he’s granted me a match, under the condition that I find at least one partner, for a three on two handicap match next week against Reigns, Cade and Jindrak.

John Cena: And you want me to team up with you??

Randy Orton: Yep.

John Cena: Sounds good to me Randy.

Cena stands up, and shakes hands with Orton.

John Cena: But at Nemesis, it’s every man for himself.

Randy Orton: I wouldn’t want it any other way.

John Cena: Good. Because Orton, the champ … is here.

Orton pulls away, and looks Cena dead in the eye.

Randy Orton: I know. You’re looking at him.

Orton walks off, leaving the locker room, as Cena watches him go.

4th Match:
Trish Stratus & Gail Kim vs. Jazz & Molly Holly
Lots of early tags between each team, with all four women getting in some action, before the action slows down, with Jazz and Molly in control, wearing down Gail. They use all the old school heel methods, with dirty tactics throughout, but these eventually backfire, with Kim firing up, and making a spirited comeback. The diva manages to make a tag, and brings Stratus in.
Trish looks to be on top form, and takes down Molly and Jazz, with Molly accidentally hitting Jazz going fro a clothesline, only for Trish to do his Matrix like move. She manages to keep on top of both opponents for a short period before the two on one advantage becomes too much for her. Gail eventually evens things up, and battles with Molly to the outside.
In the ring, Jazz goes for a Fisherman Buster, but Trish fights out, and connects with the Chick Kick!!! She hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Trish Stratus & Gail Kim
The winning divas hug, whilst Jazz and Molly help each other up the ramp, after losing to Trish and Gail.

Jim Ross: Well, in less than three weeks, Raw and Smackdown join up once again, to host WWE Nemesis, and right now, the card is looking absolutely loaded..

Jerry Lawler: J.R, I’m extremely excited. Lets start off, with the World Heavyweight Championship!!! Six men, five challengers to Shawn Michaels championship, as John Cena gets his first chance to reclaim the title, Randy Orton has himself a shot after Michaels escaped through the skin of his teeth…

The Coach: Lets not forget King, about the man who last week thought he had a one on one match with HBK on October 9th, and that’s Sting. His chances have been considerably cut from a one in two chance, to a one in six chance of victory.

Jim Ross: The Undertaker and Christian will also be involved in that one. The Undertaker will have the opportunity to become a five time World Champion, and Captain Charisma himself has an opportunity to solidify himself as a main eventer.

Jerry Lawler: J.R, it’ll be contested under elimination rules too, which means who ever wins the match will have earned it, no doubt.

The Coach: Right now, I can promise you gentlemen that HBK isn’t a happy camper.

Jim Ross: Smackdown will been presenting a United States Championship Match, as Chris Jericho, who made a remarkable recovery from a sickening attack just over a month ago at the hands of JBL, gets a chance to take Layfields most prized possession.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right J.R. Five weeks ago, people were speculating that Jericho’s career was over, but they couldn’t be more wrong. He’s back, and he’s not gonna lay down for JBL.

The Coach: Well, Jericho might not want to, but JBL will make sure that is exactly what happens in Louisville. No one, and I mean no one, gets to take the U.S Championship from JBL.

Jim Ross: The Rock finds himself in a heck of a predicament, as he faces not one, but two men, in the shape of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. The Rock has the option of a tag team partner, and he’s made it clear he wants ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin to team with him, will The Rattlesnake answer the call??

Jerry Lawler: I need to correct you J.R, The Rock isn’t facing two men, he’s facing two behemoths. Goldberg and Lesnar have run roughshod over The Peoples Champion recently, and if he doesn’t find a partner, his career could well end.

The Coach: I’m confused J.R. You claim to be a good friend of Austin, yet you don’t know what he’ll be doing??

Jim Ross: Unfortunately, since Austin retired on Smackdown two weeks ago, he hasn’t answered a phone call to me, or anybody else for that matter. But one thing I do know, is that Chris Benoit will challenge Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship in the Smackdown main event!!

Jerry Lawler: I cant wait J.R. No one ever gets tired of Benoit and Angle. They’ve had match of the year candidates in the past, and no doubt when they meet for the WWE Title, it’ll be business as usual!!!

The Coach: I just hope that Angle keeps his mind focused on Benoit, and forgets about whatever he is hinting at with Bret Hart.

Jim Ross: And, ECW Rules, Intercontinental Championship on the line. Rob Van Dam, challenges the in conquerable Rey Mysterio, who is closing in on five long months as the champion.

Jerry Lawler: It’ll be a match for the ages. These two hate each other J.R.

The Coach: Mysterio has never faced RVD as focused as he is right now gentlemen, and that’s a fact.

Jim Ross: Neither man is here tonight, with both in deep preparations for their feud ending contest in less than three weeks at Nemesis, but ri-

**Evolution** Ric Flair and Batista enter the arena to some big heat from the fans. They look extremely pleased with themselves, after last weeks attack on Mick Foley.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, when we come back, I cant bear to think of what these two men will have to say for themselves…


We return with Ric Flair ready to speak.

Ric Flair: Last week, Batista and I, rid Raw of a disease, known as Mick Foley.

Crowd Boos

Ric Flair: We took the so called hardcore legend, straight to school.

Crowd gives more heat

Ric Flair: We beat him up, we beat him down, we beat him black, and we
beat him blue, power bombing his ass straight to the gutter, where filth like Foley belongs.

The fans start a ‘We want Foley’ chant

Ric Flair: Tough. Because he isn’t here. And if he’s smart, Mick Foley will
never come back. So instead, as a treat for the fans, lets show the footage of last week, when Batista and I, en-

**NO CHANCE IN HELL** Vince McMahon steps out onto the stage, getting a nice ovation from the fans. He stands at the top of the ramp, and begins to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Ric, we wont be showing that footage tonight. Last week, what you did, was reprehensible, and life threatening. Flair, what you and Batista did was simply put, inexcusable, and because of that, you must be punished.

Flair smiles, and holds out his arms mockingly.

Ric Flair: Well McMahon, why don’t you just slap my wrists. Fine me even. What?? $10,000?? $20,000?? I don’t care, I blow my nose with type of money.

Mr. McMahon: Well Ric, as much as I want to fine you, I wont. You see yesterday, I spoke with Mick Foley, who by the way is still stuck in a hospital bed, and I discussed a justifiable punishment with Mick to put you through.

Ric Flair: What is it then?? Two hours of watching Mick Foley matches??

Crowd gives heat whilst Flair and Batista laugh.

Mr. McMahon: Not quite, but funnily enough, it involves a match. Well … more of a fight … a street fight to be precise.

Crowd starts cheering, as McMahon clears his throat. In the ring, Flair starts to look worried.

Mr. McMahon: And that match involves you Ric Flair …

Crowd starts a Foley chant.

Ric Flair: Against who?? One of Mick Foleys friends?? Terry Funk?? Or

Mr. McMahon: Not Terry Funk, but the man himself … MICK FOLEY!!!

Crowd goes insane, as Flair vs. Foley is made official.

Mr. McMahon: And better still, next week, Mick Foley will be back, through hell or high water!!!

Flair tries to speak but is lost for words.

Mr. McMahon: And to quote Mick Foley … THAT’S FINAL … now, Have a Nice Day!!!

McMahon’s music hits again, and he leaves the arena, whilst Flair is stunned in the ring.


Jim Ross: It’s official, Foley, takes on Flair, in the most bitter, personal rivalry in recent memory, in a street fight at Nemesis!!! And next week, it’s the monumental final edition of Raw on Spike TV, with two HUGE matches signed. Randy Orton & John Cena face three men, in the shape of Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade, and the main event, will see Christian battle The Undertaker in a Summer Slam rematch, this time though, it’s No Holds Barred!!!

Jerry Lawler: And lets not forget J.R, Mick Foley will be back!!!

The Coach: It promises to be the biggest Raw ever, it’s the last on Spike TV, it’s in Fort Worth Texas, and its next week!!!

Jim Ross: But no doubt, it wont get any bigger than Raw Homecoming. One match signed already, as Sting, takes on the World Champion, for the first time ever, in a non title match. Sting vs. Shawn Michaels, a dream match, in two weeks at Homecoming!!

Jerry Lawler: But right now, Sting is in action, against a mystery opponent, picked by Shawn Michaels.

Main Event:
Sting vs. ???

**BREAK IT DOWN** Shawn Michaels comes out to a big amount of heat, making his way to the announce position. He has a mic, and begins to speak, looking towards Sting …

Shawn Michaels: Ladies and Gentlemen … and Sting. My mystery man is here, he’s live and he’s kicking … he is …

**Rockin Rockers** Marty Jannetty enters to a mixed reaction, with the fans not sure what to think, not sure whether to cheer or boo, after not seeing him in so long. The former tag partners known as The Rockers shake hands, before Jannetty runs to the ring.

Sting vs. Marty Jannetty
Short main event, with a lot of the show running rather long, which has forced this match to be cut a little. A commercial breaks the match up a little too. Jannetty gives a good showing, with Sting also impressive. Jannetty misses with the Rocker Dropper, as Sting counters, into the Scorpion Deathdrop, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Sting
Sting is declared the winner. He poses on the turnbuckle, with Michaels irate. Soon though, HBK smiles, and picks up the mic again…

Shawn Michaels: Well done Sting. You got through the warm up match fine and dandy, but now, meet your real opponent…

**X-Factor** X-Pac enters to a chorus of boo’s, and the as always, ‘X-Pac sucks’ chant, as he enters for a one night appearance. The fans seem taken aback, as they all believed him to be under contract with TNA. He runs to the ring, and begins his match with Sting.

Sting vs. X-Pac
X-Pac uses his speed to get the upper hand, with Sting quite tired, after already wrestling a match. X-Pac’s freshness helps him to get the best of the match, but as he goes for the Bronco Buster, Sting moves, and X-Pac straddles the turnbuckle. He staggers out, and is taken down by Sting, who locks on the Scorpion Deathlock!!! After nearly thirty seconds, X-Pac taps out!!!
Winner: Sting
Sting is once again declared the winner, but right away, Michaels cuts him off.

Shawn Michaels: Cut the music, this aint over yet. Sting, I’ve got one more person left for ya to face. The first two were just a tune up. Come on down contestant number three…

**4 Life** KEVIN NASH enters to a big reception, which is really too good for him. Again, the fans are shocked, as they had been led to believe with internet talk that he was with TNA. Big Sexy throws up the ’4 Life’ at Michaels, then walks to the ring, as Sting waits. From behind, X-Pac attacks Sting, with a roundhouse kick, before leaving. Nash climbs in, with Sting seemingly easy pickings…

Sting vs. Kevin Nash
Nash drags Sting up, and hits Snake Eyes, before knocking him down with a boot, which gets a two. Nash drags Sting to his feet, and goes for a Jacknife Powerbomb, but Sting blocks, and cradles Nash, 1...2...3!!!!
Winner: Sting
Sting wins!!! Michaels cant believe it, as Sting takes Nash by surprise. Michaels leaves commentary, and walks towards the ring, to take care of Sting himself, but Sting sees him coming, and gets a steel chair. He cracks Nash, stopping him from helping, as Michaels gets in. HBK misses a clothesline, and gets put down with a thunderous chair shot!!! X-Pac tries to get in, but chickens out, instead, dragging Nash and HBK out of the ring.
Sting celebrates in the ring, as Michaels is helped up the ramp, not able to overcome Sting tonight, as the show goes off the air.

End of Show

(Note: Jannetty, Nash and X-Pac were just one night only appearances)


Smackdown; September 22nd; Boise:

Opening Video


Michael Cole and Tazz introduce the show, and talk about tonight’s main event, which will be The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar. They also mention Benoit and Angle teaming up tonight to face Regal and Storm.

Eddie Guerrero defeats Scott Steiner in one on one action with the Frog Splash, in a passable match. Afterwards, Triple H walks down the aisle, with his trusty sledgehammer in hand. Guerrero sees him, and waits for him to come further, but instead, Triple H stands beside Guerrero’s low rider, begins to smile, then smashes the vehicle with his sledgehammer. Eddie loses his temper and comes after Triple H, but The Game leaves, having done the damage to Guerrero’s low rider.

Backstage, Benoit and Angle cross paths, with both men agreeing to get along tonight, before going at it at Nemesis.


Benoit and Angle defeat Regal and Lance Storm in a terrific tag team contest, which went rather long, having a commercial sandwiched in the middle. The finish came with Benoit locking the cross face on Storm, and Angle locking in the Anklelock on Regal, stopping him from breaking the submission. Lance taps, and Benoit and Angle are victorious.

Afterwards, the two men go head to head, with the tension between them set to explode at any given moment.

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar chat backstage about the likelihood of Steve Austin showing up tonight and accepting Rocks invitation to partner him. They agree that there is absolutely no chance.
JBL runs into Bret Hart, and tries to suck up to the GM. Hart blows him off, before telling JBL that his actions wont go unpunished, after wheeling Jericho off the stage on a stretcher, and at Nemesis his match with Chris Jericho will now be ironically a Stretcher Match. JBL is livid by the news, and starts going berserk backstage.


Following the commercial, Goldberg takes on Hardcore Holly. Despite his best efforts, Holly is unable to hang with Goldberg, and eventually, is beaten with the Spear, followed by Jackhammer.

Backstage, Bret Hart and Kurt Angle pass each other. Angle stops, and asks Bret if he got his message last week. Bret nods, whilst Angle smiles. Kurt then asks if he’s been thinking about what he said, to which Bret responds with ’Not in a million years’. The GM walks off, whilst Angles smile turns to a frown.

Maria interviews The Rock, asking whether he and Austin have made contact in the last week. Before she can screw anything up, Rock stops her, and begins speaking himself. He says that he hasn’t heard from Austin, and neither has anyone else, but he does believe that Stone Cold will be here tonight.


Chris Jericho takes on JBL’s Chief of Staff, Jamie Noble in an excellent match. JBL is forced from ringside early on, after interfering. Eventually, Jericho picks up the Submission win with the Walls of Jericho.


Following a commercial, Josh Matthews interviews JBL about Chris Jericho, and the Stretcher Match at Nemesis. JBL seems flustered, but eventually calms down, and claims putting him in barbaric contests like this is conspiracy to take the U.S Title from him. He then goes through the men he hasn’t beaten in recent months against the odds, and guarantees to do it once again against Jericho.

In a tag team contest, The Secretaries of Defence, Danny and Doug Basham take on Simon Dean and Chris Masters - both heel teams, in a short match. The fans cant really get into it with both teams being heels, but in the end, The Bashams out cheat Masters & Dean, pulling off the switch a roo, and Danny rolls up Dean.

Backstage, Paul London is interviewed, with questions centred on his match with Angle last week. The CW Champion talks about how close he came wrestling the match of his life against the WWE Champion to winning the belt. He talks about hoping to get another shot at some point, before Jamie Noble interrupts the interview. He talks about London being over rated just because he can do fancy flips, whilst he gets it done in the ring, but doesn’t get credit. Noble makes it clear to London he wants the CW Title, and London tells him he’ll be happy to defend it any time.

The introductions are made for the main event, as we cut to the final commercial of the night.


In the main event, Brock Lesnar is accompanied by both Heyman and Goldberg, which helps him to no end against The Rock. The Peoples Champ puts up a terrific fight, but in the end, after a great match, the outside interference is too much for The Rock to handle, and Lesnar picks up the victory with an F5 after a distraction from Heyman.

After the match, Goldberg is quick to put the boots to The Rock, and once again, a two on one attack begins. The fans all start to look up the ramp, hoping for Steve Austin to appear and save The Rock. An Austin chant fills the arena, but there is no sign of Stone Cold, as the beating continues.

In the end, Goldberg and Lesnar decide to save The Rock from any further beating, wanting to keep some of him for Nemesis. They stand over the fallen Peoples Champ, as the show goes off the air.


I'll post the remaining shows heading to Nemesis tomorrow.
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