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Re: What pissed u off more, Cena winning Royal Rumble or Rock winning

Ummm none i guess. Cena wining was predictable yes but still Stone Cold won the Rumble at 36 or so right? Plus Austin won it 3 times. He did not need to win it 3 times either but he did, because it was good for business. So Vince does the same thing, because its good for business. I get why people are disappointed. I myself was not too happy but its only entertainment. No reason to want to die over it. He wins the Rumble twice. So what? And to all you people who complain about Rock winning with the peoples elbow, he beat guys like Triple H and Hulk fucking Hogan with the people's elbow. Hulk Hogan. Let that sink in brothers. Punk is one of my favs but in reality he is nowhere near those guys in terms of credibility. Nowhere near. Hogan and Trips are on a whole other tier. Him beating Hogan with the elbow means that no one kayfabe wise is safe.

Besides its his finisher, why the fuck cant he win with it? Punk was going to lose regardless really makes no difference what move was used. Rock did all he could to sell Punk as a threat and even in the match he gave Punk the majority of the offense. Made Punk look good but in the end after 434 days its time for a change. Come on folks, its getting silly in here.

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