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Re: Rate Royal Rumble 2013

I'll give it a 5/10. I was entertained the for the most part with the execution, but some things just fell really short. My thoughts overall:

Del Rio/Big Show was terrible. Outside of the big chokeslam through the table, it was a fucking joke. The fact that WWE pulled out the duct tape AGAIN, let alone by a babyface...AGAIN...just makes me face palm so hard. Del Rio needed a nice victory to keep cementing him as a "man of the people" now, and duct tape was NOT the correct route to take.

Tag titles match was really well done. Great pace, some nice sequences and it told a good story. Sandow and Rhodes played the match smart, as you would expect from their team in kayfabe, and Kane and Bryan showed their ability to funtion as a fluid team with out all the yes/no back and forth. Was very pleased with it.

Speaking of Kane and Daniel Bryan though, the backstage segment with them discussing their entrant numbers made NO sense. None. I have no idea what the point of that was seeings as they entered 3 spots apart. That TV time should have been given to a Punk promo in the locker room. Rock got one before the match, Punk should have had one earlier in the night.

The Rumble match itself was pretty good overall. I loved the package of superstars making their claims to win the Rumble before the match started. I knew Cena was winning, so I wasn't surprised or disappointed with the outcome. While the match was good, the predictability of it knocks it down a rung in my book though. How WWE got to that point though, I thought was well done. Jericho's return was fucking sweet and blew the roof off the arena. Goldust also was a nice surprise - liked the whole thing with Cody. Both Jericho and Ziggler had strong showings. The final three being Sheamus, Ryback and Cena was predictable, but served its purpose. I think keeping Ziggler instead of Sheamus at that point though would have had kept the crowd really hot. The crowd was not nearly as amped up for the final 3 guys as it should be. Oh, and Barrett being elimination by Bo Dallas....what the fuck.

The WWE Title match was done well and had the crowd on their feet the whole time. There were some really nice spots and I thought Punk and Rock worked pretty well together. The psychology of the match up until the Shield interference was done very well. But I'm not sure how I felt about the lights going out and the Shield making the attack in the pitch black. I mean...I get it, but it seemed like a cop out by the creative team for a way to get them involved. Rock saying he wanted to match restarted instead of Punk stripped was a very babyface thing to do and good way to get the crowd fired up again. After the Shield attack in the dark, I really thought Rock should have kicked out to keep the fans guessing what would happen next. Even if he kicked out and then Punk got him up for a GTS and pinned him, I think it just would have been a little bit less predictable. The crowd's reaction basically said it all as they were just kind of confused and didn't know how to cheer.

To me there was more intrigue to the WWE Title picture if Punk retained last night, because at that point, it would look like things were Punk/Cena for the title at Mania. The eventual Rock win at Elimination Chamber would change things up...but that added angle to the whole thing would have been nice and given Punk one last nice hurrah to the epic title reign he had.

Rock's win was expected as was Cena's, so while the execution of all the matches was pretty good, the outcomes left little to the imagination. I did think for a split second during the main event that they might keep the belt on Punk until Elimination Chamber, but it just wasn't meant to be. Basically it comes down to this: Cena hasn't gotten his win over Rock yet, so Punk definitely wasn't getting his.

Blood. Urine. Vomit.

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