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Re: What pissed u off more, Cena winning Royal Rumble or Rock winning

Impossible to choose, I hated both things with equal passion.

Cena winning the Rumble because the prick didn't need to, he'd find a way into the main event at Wrestlemania without it. So that was a fucking waste that could have been given to literally anyone else and it would have been more worthwhile.

And Rock winning the WWE Championship just because it was fucking stupid. Champion for over 400 days, beating regular full-time superstars constantly then some stupid relic barges in and just wins it.

And the worst part? Both of these bad decisions just because WWE wanted Rock vs Cena 2, which they can officially do anything with that story now and as long as it comes down to those two arseholes having a rematch of an already over-rated match that I didn't give a fuck about the first time and I guarantee I'll give even less of a shit this time. Adding the WWE Championship to the equation makes fuck all difference, since now I'm just pissed off that they took the title off CM Punk and gave away the Royal Rumble win just to make that bullshit happen.

Seriously, this Rumble can go fuck itself with a barbed wire baseball bat.

Added because I can't seem to stop ranting:

As soon as Ziggler got eliminated I knew I'd hate the ending of the Rumble. But of the people left, despite how much I want him to leave and never come back, I'd have preferred Ryback over Cena because at least we haven't seen Ryback in the main event of Wrestlemania what feels like literally every single fucking year.

And the absolute worst thing? Rock vs Cena 2, Cena is going to win. And boom! We have that uninteresting burial machine back as WWE Champion and any interest in the title scene will instantly be destroyed because it'll just turn into the revolving door of heels being fed to Cena again. Like it always fucking is when that arsehole's the champion.

I mean, I'm sorry WWE but at this point you honestly can't expect me to be invested in a Cena title reign again. Just from a basic story-telling perspective, he's held the fucking thing so many times that I refuse to believe he, as a character, really cares about it that much any more. Oh, I don't doubt you'll make an effort to convince us that the WWE Title is massively important to Cena but when he's held it 10 times before, it rings a bit hollow that he still treats it as some Holy Grail type deal.

And the Rock... the fucking Rock. I've kind of held back on this view since he showed up but now? Fuck it. I hate the fucking Rock! I do. He just pisses me off. He's not entertaining, and he's sure as fuck not as funny as WWE seems breathlessly obsessed with making me think he is. He sounds like if my friend's younger brother was suddenly aged into an adult but his sense of humour didn't grow up with him. Endless torrents of stupid bullshit and lame jokes that if he was on a comedy stage would make the audience throw things at him. "Cookiepuss", really? You're a grown man for fuck sake you stupid relic!

But now I'm in for at least 2 months of this prick cutting time-consuming promos every fucking week, opposite Cena no doubt, because we all know he's not losing that thing at Elimination Chamber.

At this point, I'm debating whether to just stop watching RAW until the Rock fucks off again, because I could barely get through his appearences lately without taking breaks in the middle of his promos because they just annoy me so damn much. But even if I do, when he leaves Cena will be champion and that'll be just as annoying.

I just... I hate this PPV, I really do. I hate it, I hate what it did and I hate the months of horrible aftermath it has now forced onto anyone who doesn't give a flying toss about seeing Cena and the Rock slinging playground-level insults at each other for a couple of months then having a thoroughly predictable match that WWE will obsess over telling us is th "great match ever, seriously you guys!"

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