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Re: To the people who disagree with Rock beating Punk....

Wow there are some whinging bitches in this thread. If you hate things being so 'predictable' then why watch a SCRIPTED TV SHOW? Wrestling is no more than a soap opera. Treat it as such and things get far more enjoyable.

The whole Rock/Cena deal makes a ton of sense. Cena wins this time around and he's beaten the one of the best ever! Much like Rock vs Hogan back in 2002. Your intelligence was 'insulted' then too.

Rock will be putting Cena over big-time, who can then go on to put over multiple wrestlers over the course of this year.

Re: being a draw - what a nonsense. The 'draw' is the wrestling! Why does it matter who's champ? If they're on the roster/getting TV time, then they will draw regardless of being champ or not. Cesaro, for example, will still be a draw when he loses the US title. DB (and Kane) will still be a draw. Punk will still be a draw. Cena, Orton, Ziggler and Sheamus currently are still draws. ADR as a face is more interesting in general and will be more of a draw the way he is regardless of having the title.

The personalities are the draws. The titles are just there to create and fulfil storylines. The sooner you lot get your head round that, the sooner you'll learn to enjoy it. Wrestling is about suspension of disbelief. If you can't do that, you're watching the wrong show.

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