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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

Well, at least now Punk's reign goes into history, and there will be more appreciation for it from a nostalgic standpoint dead, than it ever could've alive.

Punk/Rock's match I give ****. Awesome from the get-go. You could feel the hate and intensity from these two men and the two went at each other with everything they've built up in the feud. I loved the psychology and selling in Punk attacking the ribs and trying to cause internal bleeding on The Rock's part, and The Rock attacking Punk's leg after Punk "re-injured" it. The selling from both men was excellent and it made the match all the better.

The crowd, my god, I can't believe Punk actually split the crowd with Rock for 95% of the match. Wasn't expecting that, and it shows just how over CM Punk is that he could do that with The Rock on the opposite side of the ring in Phoenix of all places. Made the match all the better and really feel like an all-time big main event match that neither man was booed besides Punk during his entrance.

So I'm enjoying this match, and as I was thinking throughout and the past 6 months, nothing could ruin the result for me. Nothing could ruin the match. But boy oh boy, WWE loves to prove me wrong, doesn't it? It was extremely simple on how to end this. Either have Lesnar cost Rock the match, not in that darkness bullshit, but in plain sight after a ref bump, or have Rock pin Punk clean in the middle of the ring. There was no need for this controversial shit they did. First off it makes Rock look weak that even a minute after he was attacked, he still couldn't kick out at 3, and Punk gets beaten fairly easily and has his reign ended in unspectacular fashion with ONE people's elbow, and a Rock Bottom earlier granted, but still kinda silly for a man who's taken two AA's and two pedigrees and still kicked out. They could've at least had Punk kick out of the People's Elbow and then after a few reversals fall prey to the Rock Bottom to lose the title, but instead they go for the weakest shit they could think of.

So all in all, I really can't believe this. A match I thought would be bull-shit proof and have either a clean finish, or build to a mega Wrestlemania main event, ended up being full of bull-shit at the end. Both men look weaker after the match, the match is tainted in unneeded controversy, and we now have to look forward to Rock/Cena. The only solace in all this is if WWE use this to give Punk a reason to be in the Wrestlemania main event, but they still could've done that even if Punk lost clean as they could've had him use his rematch clause for Wrestlemania. That all being said and the bitching out of the way, I'm happy Rock ended the reign tonight instead of Cena ending it at Mania, and it's great to see Rock have the belt, period. Looking forward to his promo tomorrow night on Raw and looking forward to seeing what they do to build up EC with him.

And on Cena winning the rumble... what can I say? I'm all bitched-out right now. It sucks, but WWE seem hell-bent on making 2013 Cena's year, and we get to once again see Cena at the top of the mountain, which is going to suck, but oh well. It may be the perfect excuse I need to give WWE a rest, as long as they don't try some bull-shit like having Taker return full-time to feud with Cena, or Lesnar coming back full-time, or shit like that that would make me keep watching WWE despite Cena. Meh.

I'm watching you...

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