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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Raw was pretty sweet. I found that there was just too much Bischoff though. Evolution seems to be having some problems which could cause a lot of havoc in the future however, I think it's too soon to have them break up. As for Conway, you're giving him a decent push which I can dig. Foley as the new GM? I dunno...it's been done over and over and over again...maybe you can do something different though. The next Raw seems to be awesome. But anyway...here's my summary and preview for the next smackdown...

Ever since Triple H defeated John Cena by cheating, John Cena has been up in his face. John Cena was named temporary General Manager until they would find a permanent one. This allowed John Cena to assign Triple H numerous matches. First, he faced off against RVD and almost lost the title but HHH fled. Next, RVD got a rematch where HHH once again took a shortcut out of the match. Then, a scaffold match was made between RVD, HHH and Kurt Angle in which all three men fell at the same time courtesy of the returning Mordecai and The Undertaker who have now formed an alliance. Now, John Cena has just been medically cleared to wrestle and he will go one on one with The Undertaker on the next episode of SmackDown!

Eddie Guerrero finally broke free from Mysterio and the tag team division, set out on making a name for himself once again. What’s Mysterio doing? He’s earned himself a Cruiserweight Championship shot against Paul London. London, was actually blinded by Akio with a fireball to the face and defeated Akio in a rematch to win back the title along with his sensai of sorts, Kenzo Suzuki.

Charlie Haas hasn’t had the best time as of late, being the servant of Orlando Jordan. Haas was put through misery over and over again as Orlando Jordan was laughing and having a great time. That ended however, when Eugene as General Manager for a night since Cena was busy at a concert of his. Eugene assigned a musical chairs match where the winner would get a title shot. Carlito Caribbean Cool won that and won his match against Orlando Jordan and that, according to Orlando…is not cool!

Speaking of titles, the tag team titles have been in an amazing back and forth war with three teams ever since Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero dropped from the division. Of course these teams being, the Basham Brothers, the Mexicools and MNM. Not much to explain but they’ve been assaulting each other and interfering in each other’s matches over and over again.

Preview for SmackDown:

John Cena announced this past week that he’s medically cleared to wrestle and he’s after the man that cost him the WWE Championship, who knocked him out and gave him a serious head injury. Of course, he’s challenged the deadman, the phenom, The Undertaker! Will John Cena survive? Or will his ill-fated return be summed up in three words…rest…in…peace!?

Speaking of John Cena, now that he’s medically cleared, he is no longer the General Manager of SmackDown. Vince McMahon has released a statement on wwe.com saying that he will have more information this coming week on SmackDown regarding the new General Manager. Something big’s going to happen, it always does when the boss is in the house.

After Cena distracted the deadman, Booker T picked up a victory and has become the number one contender. He will face The Game this week on SmackDown for the WWE Championship. Is it time for Booker T to stand out? Or will he crash and burn like a sucka?

Speaking of the WWE Championship, Cena has announced that it will not be on the line at the Great American Bash. However, a huge number one contender match will occur involving Booker T, RVD, Kurt Angle, John Cena, The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero. None of these men like each other, will they pull off any cheap tactics to get an early advantage?

To represent each team, a triple threat match will occur. Psychosis Vs. Doug Basham Vs. Mercury has been announced for SmackDown! There’s no doubt their team mates won’t be too far behind.

With just two weeks away from the Great American Bash, things are sure to heat up severely this week. SmackDown is jammed full of action and will surely deliver. Stay tuned…

Current Champions:

WWE Champion: Triple H
United States Champion: Carlito Cool
WWE Tag Team Titles: Vacant
WWE Cruiserweight Title: Paul London

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