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Re: Being the booker

Smackdown; September 15th: Omaha:

I will have to review Taboo Tuesday later tonight so forgive me if it is a bit terse for your liking. Hopefully it will be long enough to merit a review.

Spelling and Grammar – Perfect! 10/10

Spectacular as usual, the matches are made up at Nemesis. 10/10

The opening promo was gold in my opinion. HHH generates both cheap and well deserved heat. This promo is better because HHH is proving that he deserves a rematch because he was not pinned. I like how he made fun of the city being in the Midwest and the animals joke. Eddie was quite good as well. He explained to HHH the rules of triple threat. He used his quitting stuff. We will see a match at Nemesis. HHH adds a stipulation with the twenty minutes. I think that this is a good decision on your part. 10/10

1st Match:
Acolyte Fashion Agency vs. Basham Brothers

A very long match ending, I see. Simmons is isolated and then he makes the tag to his flamboyant friend. Rico only has a few antics but they are nice. A nice win for the AFA. Man, Rico is one horny flaming ****sexual tonight.

The Rock: Did you think I was gonna forget what Lesnar did last week Jim??

Josh Matthews: Umm, my name is Josh??


Very funny and unexpected!! Made me laugh hard and spit the chips out of my mouth. This Rock promo was a typical Rock one but it had a better feel for some reason. The Rock has to get his revenge on both Goldberg and Lesnar.

Josh Matthews: Gee, it’d be my hon-

The Rock: To go get The Rock a big huge slice, of the People’s Pie.

That was even better! Glad I did not have chips in my mouth! Ha! I wonder who the Rock’s partner will be. I do not find the Rock as someone who would tag with some one. WAIT!!! The someone is Stone Cold Steve Austin! The rattle snake might come back with his rival. This would be amazing if it happened. So much for a retirement if it is true! Hopefully, SCSA accepts and you write a great match at Nemesis. This team will be better than HBK and Hogan. (Though I do not like Hogan)This Rock promo was better than most because it was funnier than most are. The show has started great so far! 10/10

2nd Match:
Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman

Nice win for Noble even though I do not like him as the secretary of defense. Kidman has gone downhill ever since Summerslam and his great feud with Paul London. Of course Noble has to cheat to keep the heel role. Nice filler??

What a phone call by Kurt Angle! Hart really is in a bind. Angle makes some good comeback points. Maybe we will see these two at SURVIVOR SERIES?

3rd Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Test

Benoit picks up a win and he is on a roll. I do not know about Angle clapping, but whatever. Here is my prediction, Benoit wins the title, Benoit wins the rematch, and Angle faces Hart. I think that Benoit vs. Angle will make it into your top three matches.

Goldberg and Lesnar start to make fun of their adversaries. Haha! The Rock is too funny tonight. The Bill Gates of the WWE!! Goldberg and Lesnar beat the Rock again. It is good in my revered opinion that SCSA did not come tonight but he will make the rescue next show. 9/10

The Rock and Lesnar next week! Goldberg will intervene and then SCSA will come so Hart does not call off the match.

4th Match: Winner faces JBL for United States Title at Nemesis:
Matt Hardy vs. Chris Jericho

I would love to see Jericho and JBL for the title as JBL seriously injured Jericho a month ago or so. Yes! Jericho wins! Here is JBL! JBL was delivering quite a monologue and then Y2J shut him up. I would have usually like for the cabinet to beat Jericho, but in a situation like this, it is okay for Jericho to prevail. 9/10

Main Event: WWE Championship Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Paul London

Another long ending! London almost beat HHH a few shows ago. Nice way for Agnle to retain the title. Never thought that Paul London would have a title shot! Imagine a cruiserweight and WWE champ at the same time! HA! I like the Angle slam and Angle lock after London had the advantage and missed with the 450 splash. Benoit and Angle stare down to end the show. Benoit would have shaken the hand though.

Entertainment – Some great promos and great match ups! 10/10

Bottomline – A strong show with funny promos! I liked all the promos and you set up some great matches for Nemesis. Three matches for both SD and Raw so far. I like the three and a half hour show to rival TNA.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H

The Rock & A Partner of Choice vs. Goldberg & Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Chris Jericho

Three great matches for Nemesis!

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