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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Liked how you made the victory speech from Edge seem like a really big deal. Great way to start the show. Loved how Edge ended up getting serious, and even when in victory, he still is bitter. Nicely written through his own 'evolution' in recent years, before Batista makes his entrance.
Glad Batista just kicked some ass, rather than doing any talking. Extremely strong opening promo, and the new champion looks to have people gunning for him in all sorts of angles.

Definate win for Benoit over Jindrak. It just wouldnt have been right any other way. Onto Summer Slam for the Crippler!!

Orton now has his own 'Money in the bank' I guess we could say. It'll be interesting to see how this scenario plays out.

Kane and Bog Slow continue to plod their way into Summer Slam. At least there will be one match to skip Hopefully Shelton Benjamin can pull away from this group, along with the ultra talented Geno ... well, okay, not Snitsky, but I see more for Shelton in the coming weeks.

Triple Threat Match next week isnt the greatest thing ever, but at least Benjamin can provide some spark to the match next week. For the love of God, dont let Show or Kane take the belt!

LMMFAO!!! Oh my, you just got in on time for the funniest promo of the month my friend. Ogod, insider jokes are definately the best of the bunch . Keep Tomko in the role forever. If I didnt know how you came up with this gimmick, I wouldnt like it, but because I do, I love it. Loving 'The Punchline'. All he needs is a name change now ... hmmm ...

Chris Masters keeps his 'I hate that guy' catchphrase. Definately could catch on, and get him more over.

JUSSSSSSSST LOOK AT ME!!! YEAH!!! 3-0 Keep it up for the Con-Man. He's my hero. I now officially rate shows, 'The Con-Way'. I brush my teeth, 'The Con-Way'. I live, 'The Con_Way'. Conway for champion!

Nice bit of banter with Christian and Bischoff. Possibly might turn into a slight feud, following Summer Slam, with Bischoff finding himself a hired gun to take out Captain Charisma, who knows?

HBK vs Sabin would be awesome. Nice to see HBK sending a message to The Rock too.

Great biccering as always with The Rock and the ever cocky Chris Jericho. Would;ve liked some more between them before Bischoff came out, but it was still a nice back and forth few moments. Nice to see The Rock play along, until Jericho just beat him to the punch so the speak, not allowing him to Rock Bottom the GM. Rock vs Jericho next week will be off the charts.

Would've liked to see a Shawn Michaels promo somewhere to explain his turn, but I'm guessing thats still to come.

Decent win for Christian over The Masterpiece. Jindrak screwing up doesnt help his chances of being a success with Evolution, and the more he scres up, the closer I see him coming to getting kicked out. I hope he doesnt, as I like his team with Masters.

A lot of WCW directed jibes at Bischoff tonight, lol. FOLEY BACK!!!??? Awesome way to end the show. Big time announcements following that too, for next weeks show. Wonder how Bischoff will react to Foley getting himself in as Co-GM??

All in all, the show was typically strong as always, but I would;ve liked to have seen a Shawn Michaels interview, and Orton in some way addressing Batista's rage from last week. Apart from that, it was a great blend, as always, of comedy, and seriousness. Great job, and keep doing things 'The Con-Way'
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