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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Live From Detroit Michigan in the Joe Louis Arena

The Raw theme plays throughout the arena and pyro goes off at the stage. The camera goes around the arena showing several of the fans signs, before taking a quick glance at the ring where there is a red carpet laid out and a table with a black cover set up and a microphone on top. We then cut down to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross: We welcome you to Monday Night Raw, Jim Ross here alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler, what a night we have in store for you, and we’re about to kick things off in a big way…

Jerry Lawler: Here we go, I’ve been waiting for this moment since Vengeance JR…The ring is set up and waiting for the arrival of this man…

Lawler is stopped as “You think you know me” hits throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd. Smoke fills up the stage until Edge appears wearing a white tank-top and jeans, smiling to the crowd with his newly won title over his shoulder.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your new World Heavyweight Champion…Edge!!!

Edge slides into the ring and gets to his feet, before climbing the turnbuckle and holding the belt up to the fans much to their dismay. Edge then climbs down and grabs a microphone from the table and stands in the middle of the ring. He then puts his World Title down on the table as his music cuts off.

Edge: Do you know…how good this feels…to be standing here in this ring, as the new World Heavyweight Champion? No I bet you don’t, everyone in this arena can only dream of that feeling…but it only feels good for so long, when I think of what I went through to get to where I am…

Edge starts to get a little annoyed.

Edge: The criticism I took, from you people, who couldn’t even lace my boots, people like you, people like the so-called higher officials backstage…holding me back, not giving me my fair shot, all because of jealousy…

The crowd gives Edge major heat as he stops speaking in order to show his displeasure.

Edge: You see five years ago, I competed at Wrestlemania 16 in a Triangle Ladder Match, where I won the tag team titles, back then people where starting to take notice, and going “Oh look, there’s one for the future”, and at the time, it was the ultimate compliment…then as time progressed I moved into singles action after years of being held back by my less talented brother Christian…

The crowd gives him heat again before starting a “Christian” chant.

Edge: I quickly won the 2001 King of the Ring…I started to build a reputation, I started to make a name for myself, having numerous Intercontinental Title reigns along the way…you people loved me at the time…until I had my neck injury and I was out for over a year…I geared myself up, hoping that the fans would still be behind me on my return…only to find that they had deserted me…in true fashion, I then began to realize that I shouldn’t be doing this for some people who aren’t even a tenth as talented as I am, I should do it for myself…I realized that I had been a victim of what so many famous figures have been before, I’ve been built up as a hero, and then in true fashion, you people try to destroy your former hero’s…something shown by the fact that I returned to my hometown of Toronto at Summerslam last year and I was booed out of the building…

Edge starts to get pissed off as the fans start booing him for good measure.

Edge: So I then moved on, and waited for my opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship, an opportunity that I had earned, only to have it snatched away from me by you people at Taboo Tuesday!

Edge tries to compose himself as his anger reaches boiling point.

Edge: So for many months I waited until at Wrestlemania 21, I won the Money in the Bank contract, guaranteeing me a shot at the World Heavyweight Title, whenever I want it, wherever I want it…in addition to that, I won a tournament guaranteeing me a shot at Vengeance…all of a sudden, I had an opportunity to ensure that I get what is rightfully mine…and this past Sunday I did that when I used my Money in the Bank contract to beat Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship!!

Edge picks up the World Heavyweight Championship and holds it into the air then smiles.

Edge: So now, it’s time for payback…every day from now on, in every arena I compete in across the World, I am going to make it my mission to shove this Championship right in your faces, you see the tide has turned, it is now longer Screw me…from every day forth from now on…It’s screw…you!!!!!

The camera zooms in on Edge as he says that, however Edge is cut off as “Unleashed Rage” hits throughout the arena to a massive pop from the crowd. Batista then makes his way to the ring wearing a suit, he takes off his jacket and throws it down then rips the tie off and tears the shirt open and takes that off. Edge quickly prepares for Batista coming to the ring. Batista climbs up on the apron and into the ring and Edge quickly attacks. Edge nails several right hands on Batista before the Animal fires back with a huge standing clothesline knocking Edge down!! Batista then points at the table which gets a huge pop from the crowd. He then lifts Edge up and signals for the Batista Bomb.

Jim Ross: Oh no!! Don’t do this!! No!!!

Batista picks up Edge and delivers a thunderous Batista Bomb through the table. “Unleashed Rage” then plays throughout the arena and a very intense Batista poses for the crowd.

Jerry Lawler: He can’t do that can he?

Jim Ross: Well he just did…

Jerry Lawler: This was Edge’s moment, this was his spotlight and Batista’s taken it away from him…

Jim Ross: Well Batista has sent a strong message to the World Heavyweight Champion, we’ll be right back after this commercial break!


Singles Match
Chris Benoit vs. Mark Jindrak

This match is a great match with Mark Jindrak being very persistent throughout, trying to put away Benoit. Benoit however puts on a solid showing managing to use his experience to prevail, the end comes after three successive German Suplexes, Jindrak then back elbows Benoit as he goes for a fourth and tries his left hook but Benoit ducks and applies the Crippler Crossface from seemingly out of nowhere, Mark Jindrak then immediately taps out as Chris Benoit’s impressive run continues.
Winner: Chris Benoit


We come back to see a tired Mark Jindrak walking backstage after his match. An angry Randy Orton walks up to him quickly and begins to shout.

Randy Orton: What the hell was that?? I thought you could get the job done?? What the hell was that?

Mark Jindrak: I’m sorry I don’t know what happened! Don’t worry I’ll make it up later tonight I promise!

Both men stop, as a smiling Eric Bischoff walks up to them.

Eric Bischoff: Ah…Randy, just the man I wanted to see…

Randy Orton: It’s always a pleasure Eric…

Eric Bischoff: It certainly is…now I just came here to reward you, and the rest of Evolution for what you all did at Vengeance to Batista…I just wanted to let you know that you have my full backing, and I will grant each of you, one favour, it can be anything…a title shot, a specific match…you name it and I’ll give it to you…

Randy looks at Jindrak then looks back at Eric and smiles. He then shakes Eric’s hand as we cut back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross: How biased does a general manager have to be? Rewarding Evolution for screwing Batista out of the World Title…that’s not right!

Jerry Lawler: Well he can do whatever he wants, I just wonder what Mr. McMahon’s announcement will be later on tonight…

Jim Ross: That’s bound to be huge, Vince McMahon will address us at the end of the show on a major announcement involving Eric Bischoff, we can only speculate what that will be, we’ll be right back after this quick commercial break!


Tag Team Match
The Big Show & Gene Snitsky vs. Shelton Benjamin & Kane

This match isn’t pretty as three of the four try to brawl with Shelton Benjamin battling away as well but also using a wide range of moves. The end comes when Kane and Shelton get on form near the end and start clearing house; Big Show ends up outside the ring as Kane chokeslams Snitsky. Show thinks about saving Snitsky but instead just backs off up the ramp as Kane pins Snitsky for the 1-2-3.
Winners: Shelton Benjamin & Kane


We come back to see The Big Show walking backstage after his match, he stops as he bumps into an annoyed looking Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell was that Show? Huh? I thought you could get the job done?

The Big Show: I can get the job done…(cut off)

Eric Bischoff: Oh believe me, next week; you better…, as you will compete for the Intercontinental Title against Shelton Benjamin!!

The Big Show smiles but his smile quickly turns to shock as he hears what Bischoff says next.

Eric Bischoff: …and Kane!! In a Triple Threat Match!!!

We cut back to JR and King.

Jim Ross: What an announcement, next week on Raw a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Title!!

Jerry Lawler: That’ll be huge, but I know who I feel sorry for and that’s Shelton Benjamin, how is he gonna survive with those two giants so eager to rip each other apart?

Jim Ross: Well you can never count out Shelton Benjamin, that’s for sure, we’ll be right back after this commercial break!


We come back to see a local jobber standing in the ring. The camera cuts to the titontron as Tyson Tomko’s music plays, he comes down to the ring wearing purple shorts and smiling.

Jim Ross: Well here comes Tyson Tomko for his match, I must say, he is looking in an unusually good mood…

Jerry Lawler: Yeah…I’ve never seen this guy smile…now he can’t stop…

Tomko climbs into the ring and takes the microphone from the ring announcer. He then stands in front of his opponent.

Tyson Tomko: Now before our match, I just have a little something to say, first of all, what’s your name?

Local Jobber: Russell Simpson…

Tyson Tomko: Well Russell…I’m just going to tell everyone a little joke now before we get started, I’ve been working on this one all week…

Tomko takes a piece of paper out of his shorts, then unfolds it. He clears is throat before beginning to talk.

Tyson Tomko: Did you hear about Bill Gates, I seen him building a house the other day, apparently he was having windows fitted…

Tomko laughs as the local jobber looks around thinking it’s lame. Tomko then begins to talk whilst trying to control his laughter.

Tyson Tomko: Do you get it? Windows!! Do you get it?

Tomko holds the microphone in front of Russell Simpson who takes a moment then begins to speak.

Russell Simpson: That sucked…

Tomko abruptly stops laughing and takes a few steps back.

Tyson Tomko: Well wait just a second, you can’t find it funny yet, because you haven’t heard the punch line…

Tomko drops the microphone and runs and boots Russell Simpson in the face. Simpson goes down and doesn’t move as the referee rings the bell. The referee then walks over and checks on Simpson before ringing the bell and raising Tomko’s hand.

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner…via knockout…Tyson Tomko!!

Jim Ross: Tyson Tomko delivering a huge kick to the head of Russell Simpson, knocking the life out of him…apparently the kick is called the punch line…

Jerry Lawler: Well I don’t know about the joke…but the punch line was impressive…

We cut backstage to see Chris Masters and Mark Jindrak in the Evolution locker room.

Mark Jindrak: So what should we do with our favours then?

Chris Masters: Hmm…what about a World Tag Team Title rematch against the Dudley Boyz?

Mark Jindrak smiles and nods his head.

Mark Jindrak: That sounds good

Chris Masters: Ok…go and tell Eric Bischoff that you’re using your favour for the shot then…

Mark Jindrak goes to turn around but stops and turns back.

Mark Jindrak: Why does it have to be my favour?

Chris Masters: Well…

Mark Jindrak: Look before we start argueing, let’s do things the fair way, let’s flip a coin…

Chris Masters: Ok…

Mark Jindrak takes a coin out of his pocket and gets ready.

Mark Jindrak: Heads or tails?

Chris Masters: Heads…

Jindrak flips the coin and catches it then flips it over and takes his hand off, he smiles and shows Masters.

Mark Jindrak: I guess you better go and tell Bischoff yourself…

Masters heads off, as he heads out the door he bumps into Randy Orton. Masters looks around and points at Jindrak who has his back to him.

Chris Masters: I hate that guy…


Singles Match
“The Con Man” Rob Conway vs. Nova

Once again the Blue World Order impersonate Conway, which annoys him. He starts the match off on fire but Nova gets back into it and has a good run of offense but Conway soaks it up then picks his spot and gets back into the match and controls it. Conway then wins with the Egotrip to take his record to 3-0.
Winner: “The Con Man” Rob Conway

Jim Ross: Rob Conway continues his winning streak here on Raw, he’s been really on fire since doing things The Con Way…ain’t that right King?

Jerry Lawler: Of course it is, this guy has a bright future, I don’t think it’ll be long before we see Conway wearing championship gold…

Jim Ross: Well you may be right there, you never know…

We cut backstage to see Eric Bischoff walking down the hallway in a very nervous and edgy mood. He then stops and sighs as he meets a smiling Christian.

Christian: Well…look who it is here…its Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff: Christian…what can I do for you?

Christian: Seen any big stars lately Eric? Oh wait I forgot…you’re blind to potential isn’t that right?

Eric Bischoff: What on earth are you going on about?

Christian: I’m talking about you’re pathetic track record as General Manager at spotting potential stars for the Raw Brand…I mean why else would Vince be coming tonight? Maybe he realises what a fool you’ve been…lets face it, in your time whether it be WCW or WWE…you’ve let stars such as Triple H…Stone Cold Steve Austin…The Undertaker…all slip through your fingers…but when you doubted me just a little over a month ago…you let the biggest of them all…Captain Charisma…slip through your fingers...

Bischoff shakes his head and begins to get even more pissed off.

Christian: But wait a second; I know how you can stop feeling so edgy, so paranoid…

Bischoff starts to come round a little bit and smile.

Eric Bischoff: You do?

Christian: Yeah…have you saved a lot of money?

Eric Bischoff: Well as a matter of fact I do…

Bischoff smiles and fixes his suit slightly showing off.

Christian: That’s really good then…well you can’t relax tonight, but you can relax next Monday, and the Monday after that, and the Monday after that…so consider it a privilege that after Mr. McMahon fires you tonight, you can sit your little unemployed ass down every Monday Night whilst your on the dole…watching Captain Charisma steal the show, and that…is how I roll!!!

We go to a commercial break with Bischoff looking really annoyed and worried as Christian walks off.


Singles Match
Chris Sabin vs. Shawn Michaels

Michaels looks to be back on form throughout the match. Sabin gives an impressive account of himself but the experience of Shawn Micahels is too much for the Raw youngster. Michaels finishes off Sabin with the Sweet Chin Music and a Rock Bottom, imitating The Rock at the end of the match.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels making a statement, sending a message to The Rock, speaking of which, The Rock will be on Highlight Reel and that is next!


We come back to see the Highlight Reel set up in the ring and Chris Jericho standing with a microphone in hand, wearing a shirt and sunglasses.

Chris Jericho: Welcome to the Highlight Reel!!!

The fans give Jericho a mixed reaction as he looks around and smiles.

Chris Jericho: Now I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule, touring with Fozzy, breaking records in the music industry, to come back to Raw and do this very important Highlight Reel interview, now tonight on I interview an icon, I interview the People’s Champion…I interview…The Rock!!!

Jericho waits and points at the ramp as “If ya Smell” hits throughout the arena to a thunderous pop from the crowd. The Rock makes his way to the ring, climbing up on the turnbuckle saluting the fans before entering the ring and taking a microphone from one of the chairs.


Chris Jericho: To the Highlight Reel!!!!!

Chris Jericho smiles as The Rock gives him an angry look.

The Rock: Don’t ever finish The Rock’s sentences again…or The Rock will have to take his boot…turn it sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass!!

Chris Jericho sticks his hand up and shakes his head.

Chris Jericho: I didn’t mean anything by it Rock…now it wasn’t really my idea to have you on the show Rock…it was a certain someone’s idea, this someone wanted to talk business with you and thought there was no better place to do it than on the number one talk show in the World today…so now let me introduce this person…he is the General Manager of Raw…Eric Bischoff!!!!!

”I’m Back” hits throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring, still looking unsettled due to Mr. McMahon’s up coming announcement later on. He climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone by Chris Jericho.

Eric Bischoff: Well, look who it is…it’s The Rock!!

Bischoff smiles as the camera zooms in on Rock who is staring at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: First and foremost I’m so glad to have you back, you make Raw millions and you make me millions, but believe me, you may make millions right now, but if you listen to what I have to say, you could make billions…

Bischoff smiles even more as does Jericho, as Rock continues to stare.

Eric Bischoff: Now Rock, this match with Shawn Michaels at Summerslam, is one of the biggest in history arguably the biggest, and with the right backing, and by that I mean my backing, you could win the biggest match in the history of wrestling, you could solidify the spot at the top, above all the other legends, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, with Eric Bischoff by your side you would be bigger than any of them, so Rock what do you say?

Bischoff extends his hand as Rock looks at the crowd; the crowd start a “Rocky” chant as Rock considers what to do.

The Rock: Who in the blue hell are you and what is your name?

Eric Bischoff: I’m Er…


The Rock laughs as Eric Bischoff begins to look slightly angry and worried.

The Rock: You come out here, you try to make a deal with the Rock, The Rock knows you’ve made millions, and The Rock knows you’ve made billions, but unfortunately you also have a tendency to go…………bankrupt!!

Bischoff starts to really get mad but starts to calm down as Rock smiles.

The Rock: But what the hell…

Rock extends his hand, Bischoff then shakes it but Rock pulls Bischoff in and goes for the Rock Bottom but quickly from behind, Jericho low blows The Rock, sending him down to the ground. Jericho then quickly climbs outside the ring and grabs a chair. He slides back in and then nails the Rock in the head with the chair and throws it out of the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Wrong choice Rock…fine you can follow these people, but there are those that don’t, and the ones that don’t are the most successful, like Shawn Michaels and like you’re opponent next week…the man that just laid you out…CHRIS JERICHO!!!!

Bischoff drops the microphone as “I’m Back” hits throughout the arena as we cut to a commercial break, Bischoff raises Jericho’s hand in the air.


Singles Match
Chris Masters vs. Christian

In the final match of the night, Masters tries hard to beat Christian but can’t successfully lock in the Master Lock at any point in the match. Christian has the crowd behind him for the entire match as he continues to become more and more popular. Half way through the match Mark Jindrak comes to ringside. Masters seems to be a bit sceptical at Jindrak being at ringside. At the end Jindrak tries to assist Masters he accidentally distracts him allowing Christian to nail the Unprettier for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Christian

After the match, Christian heads back after posing for the crowd. Chris Masters and Mark Jindrak argue as they go to the back

Jim Ross: Christian defeats Chris Masters, it seems like there’s a little friction in Evolution between Chris Masters and Mark Jindrak…

Jerry Lawler: Well “The Masterpiece” seems to be frustrated at Mark Jindrak for costing him matches recently, Randy Orton seemed angry with him for losing to Chris Benoit too…

Jim Ross: Well we are moments away for Mr. McMahon’s ground breaking announcement, it will take place, after the break!


We come back to see Eric Bischoff standing in the ring with a microphone in hand looking worried.

”No Chance” then hits throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring, doing his power walk. He climbs into the ring and takes a microphone from the ring announcer and stands in front of an intimidated Eric Bischoff as his music stops.

Eric Bischoff: Mr. McMahon, let me just say it’s a pleasure to see you, you look in great condition, I love the suit…

McMahon cuts off Bischoff.

Mr. McMahon: Why don’t you save your ass kissing for someone who cares…how dare you waste my time with such nonsense…this isn’t WCW!!

The crowd laughs as Bischoff gets upset but tries to hide it.

Mr. McMahon: I come here tonight, because recently a complaint has been made to the board of directors that has led to a review of your position as General Manager…

Bischoff starts to plead for his job but pisses McMahon off by cutting him off.

Eric Bischoff: I can explain, I can explain!!!

McMahon once again cuts Bischoff.

Mr. McMahon: If you cut me off one more time, you’ll regret it, do you understand?

Bischoff nods his head and stays quiet.

Mr. McMahon: It has come to my attention that you have been making biased decisions to favour yourself and certain members of the Raw Roster…usually this would get you fired but we like to take into consideration all aspects of your performance, including the excellent ratings you have been delivering week after week…

Bischoff smiles and starts to feel better.

Mr. McMahon: So we found a way to solve the problem and to better the Raw brand, this is by reducing your control by 50%…

Bischoff’s smile immediately disappears.

Mr. McMahon: For co-general manager, we had to find someone that would be fair, someone that would be impartial, we had to find, the Hardcore Legend…and three time WWE Champion…MICK FOLEY!!!!!!!

”Car Crash” plays throughout the arena to a thunderous pop from the crowd as Mick Foley makes his way to the ring, saluting the crowd whilst coming down the ramp, much to the dismay of Eric Bischoff. Foley climbs into the ring and shakes Mr. McMahon’s hand. Mr. McMahon then leaves and lets Foley take centre stage. A huge “Foley” chant breaks out.

Mick Foley: Let me just first say it’s great to be back here in Detroit…

The crowd cheers the cheap pop.

Mick Foley: Now before we run out of time… Next week, in true Foley fashion, we are going to kick this new era off, with one hell of a show!! In addition to the matches made earlier by Eric Bischoff, The Rock against Chris Jericho and the Intercontinental Title Triple Threat match, we will have Chris Benoit in action…against Christian!

The fans give that a big pop.

Mick Foley: But perhaps more importantly, next weeks main event…the much-anticipated rematch, for the World Heavyweight Championship…Edge will defend against Batista!!!!!

“Car Crash” plays throughout the arena again as Foley poses for the crowd with Bischoff protesting.

Jim Ross: What an announcement, Mick Foley is the Co-General Manager!! Batista gets his rematch with Edge, that’s all we’ve got time for folks see you next week!!!

End of Show
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