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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer, I Quit Match – IWA:MS (3/1/08)

Hideously violent but has all the intagibles of a good fight, i.e paced well and the action is largely simple and they build the match around their hatred and set up to the bigger spots brilliantly whilst making the offence in between still feel violent, hateful and vicious. Thought Jacobs was immaculate as the tough SOB babyface who will have to be killed to lose this match and thought the way they built his resilience made for a great babyface comeback since you just knew Whitmer didn't want to win as badly as Jacobs. Loved all the torture spots and extended beating Jacobs took, each cane shot was spaced out perfectly to feel significant and terrifying and Whitmer's eventual flurry of shots felt like the perfect answer to Jacobs not going down: like he gave up slowly torturing the man and just resorted to taking out his frustration with rapid shots instead.

Absolutely loved the over the top rope bump both men took when Whitmer countered the guillotine, felt eerily similar to Estrada/La Fiera in terms of how Whitmer looking groggy and almost staggering inadvertantly into the ropes with no real thought process added to the authenticity of the bump and made it look less staged. Jacobs's bumps into the ring post were hideous and the extended figure four sequence with Whitmer further brutalising Jacobs with cane shots until his entire face was bloody was a tremendous nearfall that made you believe the match could be stopped. Echo Seabs' statement that Jacobs sells the figure four tremendously, in fact he sold the early torture sequence brilliantly when he finally got free from the duck tape, staggering about whilst coming across like a maniac scrambling to keep Whitmer at bay. Rail road spike was timed perfectly as the great equaliser to Whitmer's onslaught and I dug the western esque standoff before both men hit dueling spike shots, felt like a believeable way for both men to signal their intention and commitment to winning the match. Finish as both seabs and sterling said is about as convincing and violent as you could ever hope a finish to be.

Whitmer's limp and lifeless body immediately afterwards sold the war. Paced immaculately, no reliance on elaborate spots and a great build to the bigger moments whilst keeping enough detail and structure in between to keep the match ticking effortlessly and ensuring there was no dull spots where the heat dropped.
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