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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'm a mark for 2008 PPV's overall - as a matter of fact, I'll resume my thoughts on them like someone already did with 2011:

Royal Rumble - Poor 1st two matches but it picks up with Edge/Rey and Orton/Jeff delievering. And the RR Match itself was quite good as well. MSG crowds always bring something to the show.

No Way Out - Decent undercard, shockingly good SD Chamber, very good Orton/Cena match, amazing Raw Chamber. Solid overall, nothing much else. Oh, and the Floyd/Show segment kicked ass.

WrestleMania 24 - What can I say? Finlay/JBL, MITB, Flair/HBK, Edge/Taker, Floyd/Show, Cena/HHH/Orton... one of the GOAT WM's IMO.

Backlash - The three Main Events (HBK/Batista, Taker/Edge, Fatal 4 Way) all were very good, and the rest of the undercard was solid as well. Show/Khali might be the most shockingly not bad match ever.

Judgment Day - Awful opener aside, another PPV with good Main Events and solid undercard. Edge/Taker and HBK/Jericho were terrific. And the HHH/Orton Cage Match is pretty decent too.

One Night Stand - As the 1st TV-14 PPV, it was pretty good. Cena/JBL was awful again, but with Jeff/Umaga, HBK/Batista, Beth/Melina, Singapore Cane Match and the Taker/Edge TLC rounding it off, I forgot that match even happened.

Night Of Champions - HHH/Cena was a great Main Event, Edge/Batista was very good too, and everything else ranged from solid to watchable. Much, much better than Vengeance 07 IMO.

The Great American Bash - This time its midcard wasn't that great but it still had another amazing HBK/Jericho match. Plus a bunch of underrated contests in HHH/Edge, Punk/Batista, Matt/Shelton and that sick Parking Lot Brawl.

SummerSlam - Meh undercard, though Jeff/MVP and Punk/JBL were OK. The double Main Event (Cena/Batista and Taker/Edge) turn it into great levels.

Unforgiven - The Raw Scramble was overwhelmigly dissapointing, but the other two Scrambles ruled. Throw in two average title matches and another great HBK/Jericho match and you got another fun show here.

No Mercy - Batista/JBL, for a squash, wasn't terrible. Beth/Candice, for a supposed terrible match, wasn't it either. The supposed average midcard matches were solid. Taker/Show was a great superheavyweight brawl. And the two title matches are fucking amazing. One of the greatest B-level PPV's ever IMO.

Cyber Sunday - Already reviewed it, fun show with Taker/Show and HHH/Jeff stealing the scene. Props to Matt/Bourne and Jericho/Batista as well. Nothing terrible here.

Survivor Series - This is the dark horse, the bad repped, the ugly duckling of the group. To be fair, 1991 and 2006 were FAR, FAR worse. Cena/Jericho and Team Orton/Team Batista save this one.

Armageddon - One of the better shows of the year tops it off. Again, nothing terrible here - and with Punk/Rey, Cena/Jericho and Edge/Jeff/HHH pushing it around, it's pretty great.

That's how much 08 ruled for me

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