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Default Re: The what did you dream about thread?

I recently had a strange pleasant dream.

I was at a store and with me was a Philipino girl.She wasn't like your average Philipino nasty slut with horribly shaped teeth she was actually beautiful,I didn't feel just lust towards her beauty I felt like wanting to just make her happy and cuddle her.Anyway we were looking for drinks and she found some "Peas" juice and told me to try it,I told her I didn't want to and she kept giving me puppy eyes and going "Oh please,For me?".So I got to drink the peas juice and it tasted like milk mixed with orange juice which somehow was delicious.She then started talking to the shop owner in Spanish,I asked her how she was so fluent in Spanish she told me she was half Spanish.Suddenly she grabbed my arm and told me never to leave her and that she's madly in love with me,We made out for awhile.

Then I woke up.
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