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Re: Is Bigfoot haning out in Oregon and Utah, ecent sightings say yes.

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
Lol, that was you? Why is it so important to you that users on here are bitter about your rants on them? Your rant was a load of shit built on a foundation of nonsense and nobody backed you up. Go re-read your castration. Your e-balls got sliced the fuck off and you haven't been the same since.

All I actually notice you do these days is post aggressive GET OUT OF MY YARD posts to any female who posts on here.

Oh, and there was that pathetic attempt to get everyone to tell you how much you look like Amy Winehouse by posting a picture of you wearing your hair likes hers.

Shit, sweetheart, I used to have a mohawk, doesn't mean I look like B.A. Baracus.

And also at you for not even being able to see that video is a fake and actually using your visits to a fucking zoo to justify it.

lol, I don't say that to girls who post here. I am one of the few who never has. I don't judge people on what is between there legs, lmao. I couldn't give two shits if a girl signs up here. I am not the only girl allowed in a forum. Any girl who gets jealous because another chick joins is an absolute fucking loser XD

ahaha, that picture is from 2011. It wasn't taken to look like Amy at all, on the contrary. I look the same as I have always looked, I don't try to look like anyone. I like her but I don't really go around hoping to be called Amy Winehouse. I am not her, I am not trying to be her, I just happen to have dark hair and wing tips, wear bows and flowers in my hair, just like a million other people, but, because one of those million people got famous, everyone assumes one is trying to be them/look like them. Let's not forget that this has nothing to do with the thread at all.

I don't know why you are so angry at a zoo comment. I was just saying that the bear stood up in the same fashion. And?

I can't believe you are arguing over a comment about a bear at a zoo, lmao. It's the weakest thing in this thread to try to attack. It could be a bear, it could be some dude in a fucking suit. Either answer is acceptable.

Just get over it, this isn't rants. I have been exactly the same. You, on the other hand, have been walking around with a funny walk holding your ass. Seriously, just get over it. You can't even have a conversation outside of rants without having to bring out your anger. That speaks volumes when one of us can have a civil conversation and the other can't.

Let it go.

~Hey, bub, I'm not finished with you yet.~

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