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Re: Champions League Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
you weren't pushing anything, you were letting it happen. there's a difference, if scum sees a chance of a mislynch(or in this case a lynch on someone not on their team since there are two scum groups) they'll obviously let it happen if they don't look bad in the process, which no one on here would because all the blame would be put on pez.

what made you think she was scummy?

lol why? stop being humble you faggot, you're the second best town player in the section even when all the better players are playing, only being behind FARADAY so obviously I'm going to say you should be getting more things right and one bad game doesn't change that(fallout). Have you actually done anything protown this game to make me change my opinion of you? have you done anything that should make me think you're town? if not then I don't see why I shouldn't be suss of you since we are on day 4 and you not having done anything overly townish(yes i realize there was confirmed scum the last two days which makes it harder to make an impact).
i placed my vote, im not gonna run around screaming lynch her lynch her when the wagon is happening anyway. if something is occuring which is in line with my interests im obviously going to let it happen.

her day 1 felt off completely and i feel like every time she shows up it seems convenient and she isn't adding a lot. plus the only rebuttal she offered me on day 1 was her scum game was changed and i can't read her anymore.

you're a better town player than me and you know it. i havent played well in a while and if you look at a lot of my town games in the summer i'd actually get wagonned early very often for not doing anything and then id be dead. i havent played a good game in a long time and i think you just like to laud my ability so that im placed above you in the thoughts on scum. not that i mind that much.

i haven't been overly town. i dont mind admitting that because i haven't had to do much. ive either slept through the important things or it's been done for me. my day 1 was fairly active and probably what i consider my most town part of the game.

while this chit chat is delightful im going to probably piss you off considerably by the fact im going to go watch the football and then go to bed. also the fact im in uni all day tomorrow and want to watch the rumble spoiler free means you probably won't be seeing me for a while. im aware you're going to have a field day with this but frankly i dont really mind, it's not exactly my fault.

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