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Re: Champions League Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
I want to hear what Pez's information is. Also Magic you're not considering the fact that Pez is scum and Titania is as well. Yeah all the town roles that would catch someone 100% are gone but scum might have something. Whether it be that they failed to kill Tat and thinks she's the GF or role copped her, or did something that makes them know she's scum. I really want to hear what Pez has to say.

I also don't like that you gave him a cop out by suggesting that he was faking. In fact for doing something that we all know you absolutely hate you don't even seem slightly annoyed that he faked info. You seem really defensive of Pez overall really which I really don't like at all.

That being said I also see your points about Shep. I was expecting a lot more from him this game and he hasn't been particularly helpful. I could even say coasting.

Oh and I'm done laying low now that I'm confirmed town and I used my role. I REALLY don't like that I was a night 1 cop target but at least I was town.

Basically I would really like to see a flip from 1 of Magic, Pez, or Titania and that would really make things a lot easier. I would love to lynch Pez and see him come up as role cop so we would get a two for one on his lynch.
maybe he's not faking info, but sure the hell seemed like he did so I made an assumption. considering the fact he claimed he was invincible, I highly doubt he has any info role and I don't think he's scum.

also I do hate when people fake info, but NEVER have I EVER even REMOTELY stated that someone that fakes info is scum. I have stated the opposite MULTIPLE times though in games in which people have faked info against me. it's just not something that scum usually does because of the backlash of it all if the person flips town.

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