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Re: Tell me, does anyone here really want to see Rock vs Cena again?

Originally Posted by Evil Peter View Post
The issue isn't that Jericho didn't win cleanly (that's completely insignificant compared to what he won), it's that he was given one of those huge moments despite that he was a lesser star. The big point was of course that they could make Jericho much bigger while guys like Rock and Austin didn't need it (that they screwed it up by writing his story very poorly afterwards is another matter).

Becoming the first undisputed champ is just one of those things that, in line with your reasoning, would be "Cena's moment".

Cena just doesn't need to beat the Rock. He'll not get much more out of that as he's already had a huge moment fighting The Rock in the WM main event. He might even gain less from that than losing to The Rock since the full time top face will likely get booed out of the building when he wins. This match is just one example though as the point is a general one.
That statement is completely wrong on so many levels. Comparing a Survivor Series match to headlining WrestleMania against an icon. Please. No, I don't think that would be one of Cena's moments. World Championship was a glorified mid card belt in the WWF at the time. It was a great way to elevate Jericho, but don't get carried away.

It doesn't matter how much he gets out of it short term. Guess what Rock got nothing from beating Hogan too. His popularity dipped.
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