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Re: Is Bigfoot haning out in Oregon and Utah, ecent sightings say yes.

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
at any idiot thinking that's a bear and whichever imbecile who said they know a bear because they saw one in a zoo. again.

If people can't see this is fake, or even tell that the video is clearly someone dressed up and NOT A FUCKING BEAR, not even counting the obvious set-up of glimpsing it and then the camera shot seeing nothing but panic and the floor as they run, then you're all really fucking stupid I will not apologise for not just thinking this, but absolutely fucking knowing it.

Oh my gosh. Oh my fucking gosh.
My god, still butthurt? Man oh man.

I didn't say I knew a bear because I saw one at the zoo. I said that the bear there stood up like that. The zoo was not the first time I have seen a bear but apparently people have never seen a bear stand up before.

Get over the rant, man, it was months ago.

Sure, it could very well be a dude in a suit, absolutely. Not something I would rule out at all. In the same case, a bear can stand up like that. It could be either or.

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