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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Peep Show is a great way to kick things off. Awesome announcement from the duelling General Managers trying to one up. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the Co-GM situation is working a treat. Big announcements for Unforgiven, although I'm more interested in HBK vs Christian then the main event. Cena vs Jericho might need a gimmick onto it.

Excellent Jericho interview, at his cocky best. This seemed like the old Jericho, that was fresh. Lovely interview, one of the strongest promo's actually I've read in quite a while.

Styles was the much better choice to win between him and Daivari. Nice to see Daivari to actually be wrestling. Masters watching AJ take a beating after further sows the seed for a triple threat at Unforgiven, or possibly, or a non title match between Styles and Masters. Hard to tell.

Another excellent promo, this time with RVD. Loving the quality of promo's on this show.

Haas and Benjamin are just primed for a split, and Unforgiven will be the stage for it to take place. I'd be shocked if it happened any sooner or later.

Not sure what it is, but I'm not really into the Kash/Punk team. Why are they even together?? On a positive note, they'd have some great matches, with a pretty talented team like MNM.

Trish retaining isnt anything newsworthy, although it's hard to see where the womens division is going.

Nice to see some Maria based comedy with Masters. I could've done without the brawl though, and saved it for the following week.

What a tag match. This should;ve been the main event, ahead of the 3 on 2 Handicap Match. Awesome tagmatch to build up two singles match at Unforgiven. Smart booking, and I think a long term alliance between Angle and Trips would be a heck of a way to go.

Nice stipulation for the Hardcore Title situation at Unforgiven. That'll be carnage, no doubt. Hopefully you can make it good, and not messy though.

Why arent the police after Matt Hardy for abducting Edge and Lita Will be awesome to see this whole thing come together next week though.

Nice main event, with the faces going over. Pretty good booking for these matches. Strong booking of the matches in general lately.

The show did it's job to put Unforgiven over, with a heck of a lot of build up stemming to the big show in a few weeks. I still would say Raw is edging out SD in last few weeks, with the GM situation a personal favourite.
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