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Default Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw review:

Peep show: Great segment to start off the show, liking the 2 matches announced for unforgiven.

Jericho promo: Another great promo, very well written and in character

Styles vs Davari: An obvious win for AJ, but a good way to continue the IC title situation, however i thought Masters should have done a bit more when he came out.

RVD interview: Again another good promo, his match with Angle should be good.

Haas vs Conway: Personally i love that your using the RTC, I dont remember hating anyone more (i mean hating as in the way your meant to hate a heel ). Anyway it was an ok match, this Haas, Benjamin storyline, continues to get intresting.

Christian promo: Great promo here.. probably not neccesary but it was good.

Nitro vs Punk: This could be a good tag team rivalry, it was also a good match however there seems to be a lot of cheating and attacking after matches tonight lol. I love tag wrestling so its good to see you making good use of yours.

Trish Stratus vs Victoria: I take it we were meant to be more bothered about the aftermatch.. RTC appear again which is fine by me .

Shelton, Charlie segment: Again this storyline continues to be intresting.

Masters interview: Great promo, Maria was funny.. however i dont think the brawl was neccesary.

Flair and Van Dam vs HHH and Angle:
Possibly the best match of the night, glad to see some action in the HHH, Flair feud.

Matt Hardy segment: I loved this, first of all its good to see you bringing back the hardcore title, again it was very well written and in character, i am so intrested in how the hardy, edge storyline turns out now.

Handicap match: A good way to finish the show with the challenger pinning the champion before the big match.. its a much used storyline but always seems to work.

Overall: A great show, if you hadn't guessed i loved your promos, every line is always in character

Rating 9/10
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