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Re: Official Puro Results/Spoilers Discussion Thread (BEWARE OF THE SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Caponex75 View Post

This could be the first reign in a while that actually breaks the mold for them. It's a fresh and new Champion that seems like he can actually lose. Don't book KENTA in matches he obviously going to win. Make it look hard. No one gives a fuck about Saito and Yone. The Fuji matches have been played out. Book him against Kensuke. There may actually be lots of money in a KENTA/Maybach feud. Outsiders like the Laughter7 and if they could get it, Nakamura match would be hot. Not saying the sky is the limit...just that this could be the break NOAH needs if they actually handle it right. They finally have a guy the crowd legitmately cares about (Morishima was really grasping for straws but emotional connection just wasn't there) and he is in a scenerio that peaks interest. I really hope they don't mess this up.

Lol at thinking Kensuke will acept the job to a Jr. he is still a freelancer so he decide if he want to lose or not, he didn't want to lose to Go and will want to lose to KENTA? yeah, right...

The reality is, KENTA still have the body and the high of a Jr. he's like Liger too small to look credible like a heavyeight even if he bulk up.

Did you know that the main event between KENTA and Maru for the belt in 2006 was the lowest attendance for a NOAH main event at that time? the reality is, in Japan you respect the division limits, so is highly difficult that a Jr it's able to do a credible reign for a heavyweight belt, unless he really bulk up for good. The only reason for KENTA and Maru to turn into heavy is that the NOAH roster is to fuckin thin, they make absolute no difference. So yes, KENTA with the shape of the company is destiny to failure.

And yes, look how many people is interested in the "hottest" act in the company


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