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Re: Stupid Posts Thread

Originally Posted by Stuart82 View Post
And the winner is dual shock
It seems like yesterday that I was bored and searched for funny WWE pictures on the internet and found randomly this site thanks to the funny wrestling pictures thread. This thread was so funny and great that I didn't bothered to read other threads and only visited this thread for weeks without registering in this forum.
After a while I realized how big this forum is, how many members, threads and posts exist here and registered.
I posted for a while in the WWE section and decided to visit the rants. For some funny reason the first comment I read was of a moderator posting "some people post in rants but they don't get how rants work". I laughed at that comment because the rant was at the beginning for me nothing else than a place where you can act gangsta on the internet and post random insults. Boy was I wrong.
My biggest mistake was that I posted in rants only weeks after I registered without experience. I was like a virgin who decided to participate in a gangbang. I posted random nonsense, every little thing insulted me, my skin was not thick enough at this time to be in the rants section but this only helped me to be a better user. I posted crap at the beginning but not because I was a troll, it was because I needed to find myself.

Ironically the most notorious section in this forum was a section where I found great people where I can discuss wrestling or non-wrestling related.
Great people like Sheamus, RevolverSnake, BULLY, Zankman Jack, Froot, Choke2Death, andersonasshole, Cat, NoyK, El Chapo, Waratah, KO Bossy and many others.
But there are some people I would like to adress here

Rock316AE: My favourite user here. I almost always agree with him and he has great knowledge to back it up here!

Cat: I know there was some heat between us. I am not a pussy and I admit that I made some mistakes therefore I apologize for mistaking you for some other losers here and that was a period where I tried to find myself. You go girl!

Zankman Jack: Great user and is always great to see someone from former Yugoslavia. NEDAJ SE BRATE!

JoseDRiveraTCR7. red reps me constantly for months and simply the fact that I never mentioned it and that I would never mention it if it wasn't for this thread shows how much fuck I give about it.
You posted once that if you had something to say here you would ban me on the spot. Guess what, the person who is most responsible why I am still here is none other than you. You see at the beginning I thought about it to leave this forum because I was bored, but you constantly mentioning how much you dislike me was the reason to visit this forum at least once in a week just to make you mad and to upset you but with the time I really started to like this forum and stayed thanks to you.
So if you want to hate someone why I am still here hate yourself. You are nothing but a punk who registered here 2 weeks before 2011 and now you think you are some kind of veteran here but you are nothing else than a poor man's scrilla with the 11ers and 12ers references and you think you can now break my spirit with your ridiculous red rep and making me leave this forum or creating a second account because I am scared of you and to be banned because of that.
Only because you made maybe a little John Cena fan cry and leave this forum you think you can do it with me. I know you hate that I am still here with my Russo avatar and it pisses you off.
Guess what, I am here to stay just like my Russo avatar and whenever you log in here you will see my username and my Russo avatar watching you masturbate and I beg you to continue to red rep me in the next weeks and months just in case if I ever think about to leave this wonderful forum
I have one last simple question for you

But the point is that I just wanted to say thank you to this forum. Thank you for giving me a second chance after I acted like a jerk because now I am a new, changed and improved DualShock.
Maybe you are disappointed that this is not a classical rant or call me a phaggot for being so emotional but this is something I wanted to get off my chest for a long time. I am just glad that I found the greatest forum in the world and I am here to stay.
One of the best threads I ever made. Thanks for bringing it up so the people I mentioned can read it again that I appreciate them and their comments here. I would now put some names here from people who posted in the jobbers thread because this thread was made before the jobbers thread.

Nice to see that I made you cry and rustled your jimmies by quoting your catchphrase comments so you clicked on my profile on the spot to find that thread. You're an easier target than I thought
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