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Re: Why are chicks getting tired of dicks? Well real ones anyway...

Originally Posted by shutupchico View Post
so i just got fired yesterday...y? well i was taking in the warehouse truck at walgreens like i have every other truck for the past 2 years and the driver had to make a conference call. i was starving so i ran next door to a sub shop to pick up a chicken finger sub lettuce tomato mayo and xtra chicken. anyway i was gone for 2 minutes but apparently the call lasted less because when i got back my manager was back there wondering where i was and sent me home. thing is i got back in time anyway cuz the unloading hadn't resumed. so he should've been thanking me for havin good timing, fukkin bitch. the ...... said come back tomorrow and tell me why u should still have a job. well i went back yesterday and he fires me before i could say anything. this fuckin .........i been there 2 years and he screws me over like that? well i was 10 minutes late everyday but why the fuck should it matter since i wasn't on the register. i never called out either, i'm loyal...plus i had to pick up the slack for all the lazy assistant managers we been gettin lately, not sayin i'm not lazy but i get my shit done, just fukkin pay me. but this dude has a huge fuckin ego and prolly a little dick since his girlfriend was on mine while she was workin there as an assistant before this ...... showed up. ...... has serious anger issues, always talkin about stabbin people an shiit and some might think he looks intimidating but i know he's a true, back stabbin cold hearted fake bitch and i've still dealt with him the whole time. he thinks i'm disrespectful cuz i don't have a kiss ass attitude although he always tries to act like my friend so wtf. basically i want to fuckin beat the shiit out've this dude now which is why i'm postin this mediocre rant. how do you fire someone before u give them an official warning? this is bs, i got fukkin played.

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