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Re: Sheamus and his gay humour/good guy character!

I do think the guy needs to be more of an anti-hero, not shake hands and compliment all the time. Why Randy Orton is the only anti-hero today is beyond me. I'm still a big Sheamus fan, but if he's not ARROGANT then he's worthless. Wrestlers are just like politicians; if you don't say "I'm the only one right for the job; everyone else SUCKS," then you're just not going to convince ppl. Its not that thats logical, its that such extreme confidence is necessary to sell yourself. Anyone remember Jericho's ridiculous arrogance?

If Sheamus acts humble and says he'll prepare for the next fight, like after the Big Show losses, then he's just as interesting as a UFC post-fight interview. Fake wrestling is about MORE than reality, it has to be outlandish and fun. He needs to jump Big Show backstage. The only catch is that in order for WWE to still treat him as a face and a good role model, Big Show needs to sufficiently provoke him. Big Show needs to first jump some other wrestler, and Sheamus comes to his aid. Or Big Show attacks someone in the ring, so Sheamus comes in and just destroys him. Or even have Sheamus start the fight altogether, look like he's really snapped, and then give a goofy interview saying he lost his temper and the kids shouldn't do it at home(and have commentators say the same constantly). If our first image of Sheamus after the loss isn't angrily kicking Big Show's ass, then the character is just... whatever, dull. He'll never be the anti-hero that Rock or Austin was, but you still have to be angry and with a chip on your shoulder like that constantly. And its not just Sheamus, its Del Rio, its Miz now, and so on. Playing friendly with legends is all nice, BUT HUMILITY IS BAD for so many characters. Sheamus' selling pt is his big g-d damn look, so imagine if that were just an unstoppable monster, if they actually showed him having snapped and just destroying a guy.

The only character who should be allowed to be a truly CLEAN face is John Cena, because he's soooo over, and maybe some other guys cuz different characters for different ppl. Hell, extremely clean good guys make the edgy good guys look edgy, so John Cena HELPS Randy Orton and any other anti-hero.

Oh, and to the OP, stop using "gay" to describe shit you don't like, or to describe being nice or w/e. It demonstrates the intelligence of a ten yr old. On top of that, you're a pro wrestling fan. Stop calling other ppl gay. Sheamus gets paid to dance and smile half-naked, you're the one paying him to do it.

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